Samragni-the empress (episode 22)


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Epi 22:

Ragini while reaching the south kingdom in palanquin, all the kingdom people welcome her very grandly. All the way they shower flowers on her. Samragni coming means, that much happiness is indeed..! And she has been married to their beloved king Laksh. How couldn’t they be happy? Ragini feels extremely happy with their warm welcome.
She gets down the palanquin a small girl decorates garland in her neck. Ragini hugs that girl and kiss her cheek. Laksh holds his cheek feeing that for him..!

At the entrance of the palace gates,
Ram and his three sons stood with aarathi plate to welcome her. Ragini smiles widely. Laksh was standing behind her.

They sing giving aarathi to her,

“The queen of happiness…
We welcome you in..!

The princess of fortune…
Please come in….

You are the light to palace…
You are the goddess..!

Our prince’s wife….
Stay happy always..!!”

Ram holds Ragini’s hand and takes her inside and sings,
“You have brought, new bright here…
My daughter is the diwali light…

You are mahalaxmi here….
Shower the happiness around…!”

His brothers continue,

“Samragni has come as bhabhi ji,
Welcome to our mother…
Our brother’s wife…!
You are the mother to us now..!

Laksh and Ragini together,
Is Lakshini..!
It’s the adorable pair..!!”

Ragini laughs and goes into the royal kitchen.

Chandra: bhabhi ji, why are you cooking? Servants will do it…

Ragini: don’t you want to eat food which your mother cooks??

Chandra smiles. After sometime she brings dishes to the dinning with maid’s help.

The four brothers and Ram keep a piece in their mouth and looks at Ragini.

Ragini looks tensed at them.
They all smile and appreciate her dishes.

Laksh: I never knew that you know cooking..!

Ragini: Ragini knows everything..! I’m sakala vidya….

All the three brothers clap their hands. But Ram cries.

Ajay: pitasri…! What happened??

Ram: my mother also used to cook same like this..! I remembered her…

Laksh: pitasri plz….

Later, they take her to the place where they practice sword fight etc…

Ragini teaches those three brothers some of the techniques in war. Then, a letter comes to Laksh brought by dove. He reads it and hides it.

Ragini comes near Laksh.

Ragini: are you hiding anything from me??

Laksh: no…nothing..!

Ragini: why are you lying??

She grabs letter from his hand. She reads it and smiles.

Laksh: that’s why, I have hidden it.

It is letter from Dp that he will be coming, and he will surprise Ragini.

Ajay vijay Chandra who were practicing comes near them.

Vijay: bhayya, we want to see yours and bhabhi’s sword fight…

Laksh: no..! I can’t fight with her..!!

Ajay: are you afraid of Samragni devi??

Ragini: no Ajay..! I’m afraid of your brother…!

Laksh: what..??

Ragini: I’m afraid that he might be defeated..! How can I see my husband losing??

The three brothers smile.

Laksh: oh…even I don’t like my wife to be defeated. So, this war never gonna happen..!

They will be talking like that….

Adarsh reaches the gadodiaya palace.

Dp: where were you all the night adarsh ji…?

Adarsh: I went out and saw all the spy’s whether they are working or not?

Dp: oh….

Adarsh: I think, you were going somewhere…

Dp: yes… to know who the spy’s are and who’s the culprits are..!

Adarsh looks on…

Dp: haha…adarsh ji, why are you tensed? I will go just for the visit of kingdom. Samragni is not there. So, who has to take care up till tomorrow??

Adarsh nods his head. Dp leaves.

Ragini and Laksh are standing near doves. Laksh is throwing them food seeds. Ragini throws as if she shoos away. The doves fly far…

Laksh: umm…why r u shooing them??

Ragini: I’m not shooing… I’m trying to put food.

Laksh laughs: don’t throw like that then..! it’s like you are hitting them. Just…gently throw like this….

Ragini sees how he is doing and she does same as him.
“wow…! I got it…”

Laksh smiles and says suddenly,
“I love you Ragini…!”

She becomes calm. He is looking her for answer. She puts bowl aside.

Ragini: however, you aren’t going to believe me whatever I say…
She is about to go Laksh holds her hand. She turns back.

Laksh: what are you going to say…plz tell me..!

Ragini calmly looks into his eyes and she turns other side again.

Rag: no..! you are making me weak..!

Lak: what??

Rag: yes..! I never turned back in any fight..! I was never afraid to any enemies. But yesterday, I was really amazed for myself..! how a great warrior like Ragini has become coward.

Laksh looks on…

Rag: that was all because of you..! your eyes are making me weak. Your love is making me coward.
She turns to Laksh in tears. He amazes. She holds his shoulders, “why did you come in my life?? Why did you come..??!!” she asks and hugs him.

Laksh doesn’t understand to feel happy or sad. He moves her back. He bends his head.

Lak: no Ragini. I never wanted to see you weak. You have to be strong always. Because, you are this empire’s strength. if my love is making you weak then….

He keeps going Ragini stops him.
Rag: I didn’t mean to hurt you Laksh..

Lak: my love is that much weak Ragini, it’s making you too weak. But, I always feel powerful when I love you. It’s strength to me. I’m amazed, does love make us weak??
He says and leaves. Ragini looks on…

Just then Dp comes. Ram hugs him and welcomes him warmly. Dp sees Ragini is sad.

Dp: Samragni is so sad…why??

Ragini: I want rest from this samragni post mamasri…
Dp amazes.

Rag: I can’t enjoy anything in my life bcz of it. I couldn’t even accept his love, it’s making me weak.
Ragini is upset. Dp smiles.

Dp: look at the sky Ragini.
She looks into sky.

Dp: that sky sometimes very bright with sun and sometimes dark with clouds. But actually, it’s not sky which is changing it’s only the changes of day and night.

Ragini looks at Dp.

Dp: we are also same. We think that love is making us weak or hatred is making us anger. But actually, we think that we are weak. That’s it. It is you who transforms you..! Not anything in world. How you decide you to be, you will be like that.

Ragini: so…

Dp: it’s not his love which is making you weak. It’s your own delusion…
Enjoy the love and enjoy the hatred. But, don’t make them rule over you..!

Ragini smiles and runs to Laksh. But Laksh is seriously talking with Ram and his brothers.

Laksh: how they would enter?
Ram: they entered from the forest area. No one is there for security.

Laksh: we have to take army and finish them.

Ragini: what happened?

Chandra: the cruel bandits has entered kingdom. We have to drive them away. So, we are planning to take the army.

Dp: no need of taking army…
All turns to Dp.

Dp: Laksh and Ragini and enough to finish them..!

Laksh: but…

Dp: laksh…you believe in her. And ragini, you believe in him. You both go alone and tackle them. I have belief on you..!

All agrees. Ragini wears warrior dress and leaves with Laksh.

Dp: I have sent her alone with Laksh to make her believe in his love. But, I’m concerned for her. Chandra, go with army. Help them when they are losing. If not, don’t disturb them.

Chandra nods his head and goes with army without knowing to them.

Raglak reaches the forest entrance.

Rag: where are they??

Lak: shh..!

They listen to some animals sounds. They understand that they aren’t animals but their signals.

Lak: be ready Samragni…

Ragini takes out her sword. then they see suddenly a arrow coming towards them, Ragini bends and takes her dagger out and throws it on tree killing a bandit on tree.

Then a shower of arrows will come, they keep shield as defense.
Lak: now, they wouldn’t have more arrows to shoot.

They see an army of about 50 are coming with big weapons. Both get off from horse and starts fight with them.

Chandra and his army are waiting aside.
Chan: dp ji said truth. They both are enough.

Laksh is killing whoever come in way. Ragini once gets charmed looking at him.
“look out ragini..!” he shouts.
She comes into senses and fights again.
They finish everyone. Chandra claps his hands. raglak are amazed to see him there with army.

Ragini looks at Laksh smiling. But, he is not looking at her. Her smile fades.

They reach back to palace. Ram Ajay vijay welcomes them happily.

Chandra: bhayya and bhabhi themselves completed the mission alone…
Ram: Lakshini can do anything..!!

Laksh silently goes inside, Ragini looks on.

Ram: ha Ragini beta, Dp ji has given this letter. He actually, came to tell you a news… but you already went off in mission. He said he need to go back soon.

Ragini takes the letter into her hands and goes into room. She is about open it, Laksh shouts in pain. He has a wound in leg. “Laksh…!” she shouts and runs to him.

Precap: Sanskar’s dark army and Raglak face to face.

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