Samragni-the empress (episode 21)


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Epi 21:

Sanskar is waked up by Karthick. And Kavitha is crying.

Karthick: you said that you will stop the marriage. We have trusted you..! but, you went and danced there….!!

Sanskar: I went to stop, but it was hard. Mahamantri durga Prasad ji got doubt on me I think. To escape, I have to dance like that. by the way, how did you know that I danced?

Karthick: I need not answer that. Now tell me what you will answer to my sister?
Kavitha is crying.

Sanskar: ok, I have a plan. Ragini devi will be going to sasural house today. We shall attack them and bring prince Laksh here.

Karthick: wah… two plans at a time. We can kill samragni and also we can get prince Laksh. Then, Sanskar you can be the emperor..!!

Sanskar smirks.

At palace…

Ragini is going through the corridor. She meets Durga Prasad in middle. Dp sees her in all jewelry as complete woman. He gets teary. He keeps hand on her head and blesses.

Dp: my dear, you have to be happy like this forever. You have to shine as soubhagyavathi forever…

Ragini smiles: mamasri, you always used to bless me, that I have to be a ferocious warrior and a clever ruler.

Dp smiles: but, you are also a girl Ragini. I have forbidden all the happiness which you have to get. Bcz, you had responsibility then. Yes, you have responsibility now also. But, you know very well how to take up all the things. You are no more a student. Now, you are free to enjoy anything.

Ragini smiles: mamasri, I’m always a student in your guidance. I don’t think I have grown up. This entire empire may praise me as a great ruler, but I’m still a simple student at your feet. You are not only my maama and guru, but also my mother and father.

Dp takes Ragini near with teary eyes. Laksh keeps looking at them smiling. Dp looks at Laksh and calls him near. Laksh comes. He keeps Ragini’s hands in his hands.

Dp: Laksh, she is a samragni, a ruler, a warrior. But still she is a small girl. She is innocent. She really needs a soul mate in her life. And she is very fortunate that she got you as her husband.

Ragini gets tears in her eyes.
Rag: mama, I’m very sorry. We have hidden an important thing from you…
Ragini looks around and confirms no one is there, and then she says the Swayamvara drama to Dp. Dp amazes.

Rag: we wanted to find out the culprit in this palace…. I’m feeling very bad, that I have hidden this from you…

Dp: I don’t have doubt on any one here. Because, no one is new here. All are there here from many years. Moreover, I appreciate your plan. Keep doing these things secretly. I’m really proud of you.

Ragini and Laksh smiles.

Dp: but Ragini beta, you just married Laksh on…
Laksh: yes papa ji, she just married to wipe my tears. She don’t love me..!

Ragini looks angrily at Laksh.

Dp holds Ragini’s and Laksh’s hands together.
Dp: on whatever conditions you were married, but you are wife and husband now. you have responsibility on each other. And, I know very well both together will do great things. I think, you both love each other secretly.

Ragini blushes in herself.

Dp: and, you both have an important work for this Royal throne.

They both looks at him.

Dp: giving the next heir..!

Ragini and Laksh both blushes and smiles.

Dp: both have to be ideal husband wife to all this empire…
He blesses.

Ragini sits in the palanquin. Laksh sits on a horse. Many soldiers and maids are ready to follow them.

Rag: chote papa, I’m going to return in one day. Why all these things??

Adarsh: arey, my sweet daughter is going to sasural first time. Why shouldn’t I send so many gifts?

Dp: yes beta.. take them.

Ragini smiles and sits. She waves the hand. Dp and Adarsh also waves their hands back. As soon as they leaves, Adarsh starts going somewhere,

Dp: where are you going Adarsh ji..?

Adarsh: nothing Dp ji. I will just visit kingdom and come.

Dp notices something weirdness in Adarsh. He remembers Ragini’s words, ‘someone is there in palace.’

In Palanquin, Ragini will be looking at Laksh from the slight opening of curtain. Suddenly he is invisible. He goes foreward. She removes curtain and looks front.

“Are you looking for me??” she hears Laksh’s voice.
Ragini trembles and looks aside. Laksh is there itself. She silently closes the curtain and keeps laughing in herself. And, Laksh looks her through the small opening and smiles. She understands that he is seeing and her cheeks turn further red.
Laksh shows mercy on her and turns away his eyes.
Ragini again raises her eyes and looks him. He was not seeing her. She feel slightly sad that he is not seeing. But, happy that she got chance of looking him. She keeps looking at him. And he suddenly sees her again. Both of their eyes gets arrested in each other’s, which creates an embarrassing moment. She closes her eyes and turns away her face smiling.
She completely forgets what she is..!!

Then their procession is stopped by some black army. The soldiers start fighting with them. Laksh also takes sword and fights with them. Ragini orders to put palanquin down. She comes out.

She doesn’t know why, she gets scared looking at all the fight. She takes sword into hand, but she is getting only Laksh in her mind. She holds the sword tightly.
Someone jumps on her to attack her. ragini scares and leaves the sword, and closes her face.

Then Laksh comes suddenly and attacks that man. Ragini opens her eyes and looks admiringly at him. Laksh keeps fighting with all of them and Ragini is simply looking at him enjoying his fight.

Rag: I used to fight always, but what is this feeling? When my hero is saving me… I feel…I don’t understand…. Hey, what did I say just now, “my hero?”

Ragini keeps looking at Laksh amazingly. The fight completes. Ragini is bending her head. Laksh comes near her.
Laksh: are you ok Ragini..?

Ragini simply hugs him. She was shivering. Laksh amazes.
Rag: I was scared Laksh…
Laksh rubs her head gently.

Later they lay tents to stay there for that night. Bcz, it was already late due to the fight.
Laksh informs this to Dp, by the letter.

Ragini was sitting in the tent and taking rest. She gets a dream.
‘someone is attacking Dp’
“mama..!” she shouts and wakes.

Laksh runs into tent listening to her voice. She was sweating and her hands are shivering. Laksh comes near her and holds her hands.

Laksh: nightmare??

Ragini: I get nightmares every day. They have increased a lot when I became Samragni. Suddenly pitasri shekar maharaj leaving this world and I’m becoming empress. And, many enemies…unknown enemies. These all come as nightmares for me every night. I have restless sleep always. But, this nightmare was dreadful than all…

Laksh: what is that one?

Ragini: I can’t take it if something happens to mamasri. He is only my strength and courage.
She was shivering while saying that. Laksh feels sad for her condition.

“What is this? She is bearing this much huge responsibility, but still she has fears. Yes, Dp ji said truth. She is innocent. And she has many restless nights…with unknown nightmares. But, still…she is with a smile in the court and solves every tough problem.” He thinks.

Laksh takes her face into his hands. She looks at him.
“But now Laksh is there with you Samragni. No nightmares can cross me to reach you. Sleep happily now. you shall be in my embrace now. no sadness can come to you.” He says.

She gently puts her head on his chest. He keeps rubbing her head.
“Sleep well empress. This knight will be guard for you.” He says and makes her sleep on bed and he holds her hand. She sleeps with a smile. Laksh keeps looking at her cute face. He remembers her warrior figure in the war time. He smiles.
‘Whoever you are, you are a little baby near me..!’ he says rubbing her palms. She sleeps with no worries.

Sanskar furiously goes near karthick and grabs his neck.
“why did you attack Samragni suddenly??” he asks with anger.

Karthick: what’s wrong with you? She is our enemy right..!

Sanskar: but, I’m your leader now. you can’t do anything without telling to me. That’s why, you came back with failure.

Karthick looks on.

Sanskar: I will tell a plan, we can go according to it.

Dp gets the letter from Laksh and shocks to hear the news. He gets worried about Ragini. While he was busy with letter, Adarsh slowly goes near the jail and frees Nikil.

Adarsh: this time, nothing should happen.

Nikil: my sister is dreaming for you. Why don’t you come once.

Adarsh smiles. He goes with Nikil.

Dp goes to Adarsh’s room to say this news and amazed to see that he is not present.

Adarsh and Nikil goes into a mansion. Parineetha is lighting up the lamps. Adarsh comes and back hugs her.

Adarsh: how are you darling??

Pari pushes his hands.
Adarsh: aarey, why angry on me? I’m doing everything for us..!

Pari: I have been living secretly like this. when will you make me your queen?

Adarsh: before that, I have to become emperor. For that, we are struggling. I have to kill Ragini for that…

Nikil: No jiju, you can’t kill Ragini. You become emperor and I will make Ragini as my slave. Let me get her.

Adarsh and Pari laughs.

Adarsh: we shall no more take the help of andha sena. (dark army).

Nikil: why? They can only help us.

Adarsh: you idiot. Raajat will help us.

Nikil: why he will help us?

Adarsh: then why did he do war every time with Gadodiaya empire? Bcz, I asked.
Pari and Nikil amazes.
Adarsh: Raajat is my friend. And the only enemy to Gadodiya…!

Next morning,
Ragini wakes and sees her hand in Laksh’s hand. She is about to remove her hand, laksh holds the grip tightly. She amazes.

Laksh: I will never leave your hand Ragini. In war or in dark. I will never leave…
He dreams.

Ragini smiles and looks at the monkey in tent. She tries to shoo it away Laksh is still holding her hand.
“Laksh..! leave my hand. Monkey has come..!!” she shouts.

“what? Monkey?” wakes and looks at monkey. He scares and jumps on bed and hides behind Ragini.

Laksh: ragini… something. I’m scared of monkeys.

That monkey simply goes away taking a banana. Later, Ragini laughs looking at Laksh.
“Great warrior Prince Laksh..scared of monkey??” she laughs.

But, Laksh just keeps looking at her. She becomes silent. A brief silence prevails. She gets off from bed about to go. He stops her holding her hand. She turns back.

Lak: Ragini…you are looking so….

Ragini comes near him. He smiles. She too smiles and punches him in face.
“ouch..!” he shouts and holds his nose.

“Samragni…is not easy..!!” she says smirking.

Precap: Ragini’s ruling in Maheswari palace. Few more secrets to unlock…

{Guys…! Yes, you all are right..! Adarsh is the main villain. I tried to show him as positive to change your focus. But, you all strongly believed. And yes, it’s true. It’s really hard to keep suspense from you all…! Hahaha….. thank you friends, for all your support.}

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