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Epi 20:

The next morning has started with full bliss. The entire kingdom was dipped in happiness and everyone has decorated their houses as if it’s their own daughter’s marriage. Samragni’s marriage means, it’s festival in that Gadodiya empire.

Laksh and his brothers, father reaches their palace. All welcome them wholeheartedly. Dp is very happy and Adarsh has no ends of happiness.

Then a small girl comes near Laksh and gives a letter.
“It’s emergency, please meet me on palace terrace. From Ragini.”

Laksh: I will come just now.
All nods their heads. Laksh goes to terrace. Ragini was standing at a pillar facing other side.
Laksh: Samragni, tell me what that emergency is??

Then Ragini turns back. Laksh amazes. Ragini was wearing the jewelry which was given by Laksh four years back. And some more extra to it also.

Ragini: how am I looking Prince Laksh?

Laksh: how can a normal guy like me explain your beauty Samragni? That God has to send a poet only just for you.

Ragini: you are that poet already. And, don’t call me samragni again.

Laksh: then you don’t call me prince.

Ragini: but prince, a wife is not supposed to call husband with name.

Laksh: ok, then I will call you samragni always.
Says Laksh and about to go.

Ragini: Laksh…Laksh..ok,..ok…

He smiles and turns back again. Both keep looking at each other. After a brief silence,

Ragini: actually, I thought, I’m very beautiful today. So, I just wanted to hear that from you…that’s why I have called you.

Laksh: when were you not beautiful Ragini? You were beautiful always, as a warrior or as a bride. I have adored you as samragni and as a normal girl too. Because, it’s not the appearance which made me to love you. I don’t know what it is. But, I always look directly into your eyes whenever I see you…

Ragini gets amazed with his words. And a huge smile appears on her lips. He too smiles and leaves.

Laksh sits on wedding planks. Ragini is brought there. The music is playing. On the auspicious muhurtha, Laksh ties mangal sutr to Ragini.
They both are married.

Then a man comes in middle and plays drum. Ragini raises her head and look. He is looking at the pair and happily playing the drum. Ragini and Laksh also smile looking at him.
He sings and dances happily dedicating for that Royal pair. Swara too joins with him and dances.

Adarsh keeps looking at that man and gets a doubt. That man gifts the pair something and leaves. Adarsh follows that man.

That man will be going away hurriedly. He reaches a lonely place.

Adarsh: Sanskar..!
That man turns back.

That man: I’m not Sanskar.

Adarsh keeps sword point at his neck.
Adarsh: I know, that’s you..!

Then Sanskar takes out his sword. They fights. Sanskar’s beard will fall.

Adarsh: why did you come in disguise? Did you want to kill samragni??

Sanskar: chote mama, let me go..! I don’t want to fight with you, because you are my elder.

But, Adarsh is about to arrest him, then a net falls on Adarsh. Sanskar looks at that side, it’s Laksh who threw it. laksh nods his head, Sanskar too nods and runs away.

Then Laksh removes the net from Adarsh.

Adarsh: prince laksh?? What r u doing here?? Who threw this net on me?

Laksh: I don’t know, I came following you…that you were going alone? What happened?

Adarsh: that man who danced is Sanskar..! why did he come here?
Laksh remains calm.

Adarsh: don’t say this to Ragini. She must be atleast happy on her marriage day…
Laksh nods his head.

Ragini is waiting in her room. The room is decorated with all flowers. Ragini is looking at those flowers and sweets. She takes a flower into her hand and smells it.
She feels mesmerized with that fragrance. Then she remembers the past,

In her childhood when she wanted to wear flowers, dp stops her.
“Princess, these are meant for attracting people. And in this age, you need only attention. And, you always remember, you are born to fight..!” he says.
But, during marriage, he only orders maids to decorate her room beautifully.

Ragini laughs.
“I can eat whatever I want now, and I can smell all these flowers..!” she thinks and eats those sweets happily and smells that flower.

Rag: what a smell is this..! This is very soothing. Is this is called what fragrance means?? Hmm…everyone says that flowers spread fragrance smell. But, I never knew that..! so, this is the fragrance…umm…it’s so awesome…
She says mesmerized.

Then she turns to door and shocks to see Laksh standing there. He closes door and comes inside. He listens whatever she said. He comes near her and takes flower in her hand. And he smells it.

Laksh: that’s amazing. You never knew flowers?
He is looking pity at her.

Ragini: no…but Laksh, where were you? I was waiting for you…

Laksh: why Samragni has to wait for this normal prince?

Ragini smile fades: Laksh, why are you talking like that? You are my husband…

Laksh: but, why did you marry me? Did you ever love me?

Ragini: of course I love you…

Laksh bends to her face and looks into her eyes.
“your eyes are lying. If you had really love on me, you would have got tears.”

Ragini: why would someone get tears if they love?

Laksh: you will never understand it Ragini. You were grown up like that. In rules and stubbornly.

Ragini: now, why are you saying like this? what happened to you suddenly??

Laksh: I realized. You have just married me taking pity on me right..! you just made me a fool by arranging that swayamvaram and to wash away your sin, you married me.

Ragini looks shocked at him.

Laksh: and that day, I felt happy that you came to clear my wounds. To see me, how I was feeling. But, you just came for my help..!

Ragini: I really came for you that day. I was really worried about you. If not, why would I apply medicine for you? Why would I felt shy seeing you…
She stops and closes her eyes and turns her face.

Ragini: actually, it’s you who don’t understand. Moreover, from childhood till now, I never had tears in my eyes. I never cried. Yes, you are right. I was grown up in strict environment. I never had time to think about emotions. That’s why I don’t know what the meaning of crying is!

Laksh feels sad with her words.
Laksh: sorry Ragini. I was just upset… I’m…

Ragini shows her hand, her eyes closed.
Rag: it’s late already. Go and sleep prince laksh.

Laksh silently moves to small bed place and sleeps on it separately. He goes into sleep looking at her. Ragini opens her eyes to revel rolling tears in her eyes.
Then she looks at the sword which is struck in wall. She reminds it when she stabbed it in wall to remind her aim and that she is Samragni..! (that was happened four year back)

“No, what these tears meant for? I’m a strong girl. And I will be. These dreams and emotions aren’t for me..!” She says and removes all her jewelry and keeps them in box and closes. She takes a deep breath.

Next morning,
Laksh awakes and looks for Ragini. She just took bath and came, she is wearing a creamy saree(in ancient style). She was standing before mirror and drying her hair.
Laksh feels mesmerized looking her like that. He goes near her and leans his head near her hair. She pushes him.

Rag: what are you doing??
Laksh in lost: oh my dear, I’m your husband…

He is about to come near, Ragini grabs her sword and threatens him.
Rag: but, I’m not your wife. Don’t come near me..!

Laksh: oh my…
She again points her sword.

Rag: I’m Samragni. Ragini devi. Don’t try to…

Laksh: you are looking so…..

Rag shouts: stop…!
And attacks him with sword. He runs to wall. She keeps attacking. Then he takes the sword which is struck in the wall. She amazes. Because, no one ever could remove it from that. Only he did that. and, that is the reminder for her always…that she is empress..!

He keeps that sword as defense. Ragini keeps looking at him.

Laksh: what dear, mesmerized with my charm??
Ragini gets angry and pushes him back. She pins him to wall with sword on his neck.

Ragini: don’t annoy me..! I will give you punishment.

Laksh: what punishment? A punishment of burying in ground of love? Or, a punishment of love hanging??

Ragini removes sword from his neck and moves back a little.
Rag: I will call soldiers right now and I will put you in jail…

Laksh keeps moving towards her.
“Do that. please do that soon. Arrest me in your heart jail…!”

Ragini keeps moving back, while he is coming front. She slips on a thing and about to fall, Laksh holds her soon by waist. Ragini shocks at once and leaves the sword in her hand. Both were lost in the eye lock.

After a while, she comes to world. she moves far from him and sits before mirror. She closes her eyes holding her hand tightly. Laksh smiles and goes near her. he slowly takes ear rings and make her wear.

She looks him through mirror and smiles unknowingly. Later he keeps tikka on her forehead. Bangles to her hands. and he makes her wear anklets.
She keeps looking at him. He bends his head to kiss those creamy milk feet, Ragini understands what he is going to do…she soon takes her feet back and runs from there.

Laksh smiles…

Precap: Ragini goes to Sasural. Few secrets will revel.

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