Samragni-the empress (episode 19)


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Epi 19:

Ragini’s cheeks turn red with his hug. She is about to close her eyes. ‘No Ragini, you are a ruler. Be balanced..!!’ she thinks and slowly breaks the hug.
Laksh keeps looking at her. She bends her head. Just then, Dp comes.
“Mamasri..” she says and about to go near him, but she is stopped by the bond tied between her and Laksh. Then she looks at him, he smiles and moves with her.

Ragini: mamasri, I’m sorry. You said me not to come here, but…

Dp: beta, i said that because they didn’t invite us..! But, I’m happy that you got what you wanted.

She smiles. She and Laksh takes blessings of Dp. Then Ram also gives ashirwad to them.

Dp: ok maharaj ram, we will arrange everything for marriage…

Ram: we will come by evening. Tomorrow morning is muhurtha.

Dp smiles and takes Ragini with him, but the bond stops her again. Laksh looks at it. Ragini turns back. He smiles painfully and removes the knot. Ragini leaves the place with Dp expression less.

They sit in chariot and keep going. Laksh in upset goes to the sword practicing place. He removes his top, and keeps practicing furiously. His brothers don’t understand his behaviour.

Chandra: he till now behaved as lover boy, what happened to him suddenly..? I never understand my brother..!!

Ram just comes and looks sadly at Laksh.

Ram: yes, you never understand him. I’m a father and I can understand. He did this all for Samragni devi. And, this all swayamvara is a drama..!!

His sons shock: what..???


There Ragini is going in chariot along with Dp. She is thinking, “I’m sorry Prince Laksh. This was all plan to catch the culprit. I have used you for that, and you patiently agreed to it. That was related to you. Only you could help me…!”

Dp is arranging umbrella for her without getting exposed to sunlight.

Ragini: mamasri, you used to tell me, that rulers has to face pain also. But now….

Dp: now you are a bride my Samragni..! So, you have to be careful and it’s me who has to take care of you.

Ragini looks at him sadly, “I’m sorry mamasri…I’m cheating you also..! But, no one should no this plan. Prince Laksh, that’s why for the prayaschit I will marry you, for the stupid thing I done to you..!” Thinks Ragini.


The veiled princess who was running is stopped by two persons. It’s Sanskar and Karthick. That princess removes her veil and she is revealed as Kavitha.

{Guys, guys, you all have expected her as Sanskar. But no..!! Her name is Sanskarini because, it’s a code for Laksh to identify her, that she is sent by Sanskar.
So, I will reveal the rest all plan later..! So, don’t panic… that veiled princess is not a man. She is Kavitha.}

Karthick: you have ruined the entire plan..!!

Kavitha: what should I do..? My veil was fell. If Laksh and Maharaj Ram identifies that I’m notorious thief Kavitha, they are going to hang me..!!

Sanskar: if you have married prince Laksh, then if you have removed your veil, nobody has right to hang you..! Bcz, legally you will be queen then. We planned like that…

Kavitha: yes, but suddenly that samragni has come. She ruined all the plan. But, I will not leave prince laksh… he is mine always. I will get him at any cost..!!

Sanskar looks on…


Laksh stops his fight and rests on knee on sword balance. His brothers keep looking at him.

Chandra upsets: bhayya..why you have to help that samragni..?? What would have happened if you have denied her help??

Laksh smiles: chandra, she is doing that for me…

Chandra: what….

Laksh: did you remember, one night samragni came to our fort… while I was wounded…

Now fb…………..

Ragini and Laksh goes out to talk something.

Laksh: so… samragni devi has come for me this time, and she has applied medicine,.. that means,

Ragini: prince laksh… i came to discuss a serious matter with you..!! No fun please..!

Laksh smile fades.

Then Ragini shows him his painting.

Ragini: this is painted by the prisoner in our jail. He said that you have helped Nikil to escape.

Laksh shocks: did you believe that Samragni..??

Ragini: no..!! That’s why, i have enquired that painter secretly. He said some veiled person has ordered him to paint Prince Laksh in culprit place.

Laksh shocks again: why me..?? And who is that veiled person..??

Ragini: He said that it’s a male. Bcz, he has male voice.

Laksh keeps thinking.

Ragini: that painter prisoner has seen a mark on his hand. And the mark is skull.

Now Laksh shocks.

Laksh: samragni, then I’m damn sure, it’s the notorious thief Kavitha.

Ragini amazed: how do you know laksh..?

Laksh: kavitha… she has a devilish wish to gain me. She used to torture me to marry her. And, then my father warned her that she will be hanged if she enters into our kingdom again. Now, why she is doing this again..??

Ragini: that’s what we have to find out laksh. So, she has the talent of changing voice also..!!! That prisoner has heard, that she wants to be emperor..and she is the one who has sent my raaja mudrika to Nikil..! He heard it while she is talking to Nikil.

{hope, I’m not confusing you guys…!}

Laksh: that means, someone is helping her who is in your palace..!!

Ragini: exactly Laksh..! We have to catch her to catch the main culprit. I mean, who is helping her..!! So, it’s better if I don’t discuss this with anyone in palace. So, i need your help.

Laksh: I understood… only I can bring Kavitha out to this world.

Ragini: for that, we shall plan your swayamvara. She will surely come to win you. Then we can catch her..!! And, for six months you will be calm. After six months, we shall apply this plan…

Fb over……………..

Chandra shocked: so…this was all drama to find her. Then did you find her..??

Laksh: yes…the girl who won, kalakseta princess.. sanskarini.

Chandra: bhayya, then why didn’t you catch her and arrest her..?? And, how do you know that she is Kavitha..??

Laksh: I have seen skull mark on her hand. If we catch, then the main culprit will get alert.

Ajay: but she ran away right…

Ram: don’t worry… there is a strong spy…!


Sanskar is walking behind Kavitha and Karthick.

Sanskar: so, this is same Kavitha who wants prince Laksh..!
he thinks.

Karthick shatters his thoughts: Sanskar, why did you want to send Kavitha for that Swayamvara?

Sanskar: bcz i wanted to kavitha to win Laksh. Then, Ragini would have surely depressed on losing him. But, she came on time..!! I never thought, Kavitha really loves Laksh and that’s why she was interested to go.

Kavitha: don’t worry Sanskar. I won’t let that marriage happened.

Sanskar: i will go to ruin the marriage..!

They both nods their heads.


Ragini and Dp reaches palace. Swara and Uttara welcomes her.

Swara: so, samragni has won her prince..!

Uttara: so her love story starts I think….

Ragini chases them as they are teasing her. They keep running from her. Dp and Adarsh smiles.

They go into her room. They both removes her armor and shield. And they both push her in pool of milk. (Swimming pool)

Ragini falls in that… and raises… she gets flashes of Laksh.

“Can anyone tell me…
What’s the name of new feeling..?”
She sings,

The maids listen to her smiling.
‘my heart runs as rabbit…
And my mind thinks nothing…
Only I can see him and feel him..!
His smiles have occupied my eyes..!’

Maids raise her from pool and give her bath with turmeric, sandal water…

‘the fragrance of sandal is melting the heart….’ She sings…

Swa sings: no, maybe it’s in thoughts of your prince..!

Ragini beats her. The bath completes.

She is brought before the mirror and she wears a beautiful red lehenga… maids are making her wear all jewelry. They are keeping her mehendi also.

Ragini imagines that Laksh has come and making her ready.

She imagines, that he is singing,

“Let me be the mang tikka on your forehead,
I will protect you forever…

“let me be the bangles on your hand…
I will make you happy always…

“let me be the anklets on your feet…
I will be your guide…

“let me be the mehendi..
I will never leave you..!”

“Samragni..! Samragni..!” with everyone’s calls then she comes out of imagination. She blushes and everyone laughs.

She is made as the complete bride. Ragini gets amazed looking at her like that. She has never been like that. She was always in the warrior attire. But, she is seemed to be as complete woman now. and, she never has the feeling of love and shy. Now, she is facing all that.

“it’s all because of you prince Laksh…” she says and blushes.

Laksh is getting ready seriously to marriage.

Ajay: bhayya, groom shouldn’t be serious like this.

Vijay: why you should marry her? the drama is over know..!

Laksh laughs. They looks him.

Laksh: my goddess herself has come and said that she will marry me. What’s your problem??

Ajay vijay confuses.

Laksh: and, why I will miss this chance? I have to say thanks to Kavitha…

Chandra: but samragni devi doesn’t love you know bhayya…

Laksh becomes calm again.

Precap: Raglak marriage. Sanskar dance… Adarsh fight with Sanskar. Few more secrets going to revel.

I know that I have confused you guys. But, after few episodes, you will know everything!

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