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Epi 18: Laksh Swayamvaram

Swara and Laksh are going through the forest.

Laksh: swara, tell me truth. You want to see Sanskar, that’s why you are coming right..!

Swara: hehehe, prince Laksh. You have expected correctly and I also want to help you…

Laksh: I don’t think Sanskar will help me.

They reach a place, which is surrounded by some black dress men. And a cave is present. Some arrows shoot them from trees. Swara shouts.

Laksh: don’t shout swara….
Says Laksh and he too shoot arrows and make people on tree fall down.
Then some men surround them.

Swara: hey, how dare you do surround us..! do you know who is he..? he is..!!!

Laksh: farmer..! and he is my brother…

One man: brother? Then why his voice is like woman?

Laksh: he is like that from childhood. Yes na brother…

Swara smiling: yes brother.

Man: why did you come here??

Sanskar just comes out.
San: what’s going on?? Who are they??
Swara runs and hugs Sanskar. Laksh shocks. Sanskar understands it’s Swara.

Laksh: bro…what happened to you?? Why are you hugging him??
He says and drags Swara back. Swara to cover situation,
Swara: he is looking as our brother-in-law. We love our brother-in-law right..!

Sanskar smiles in himself. But, he doesn’t understand that person beside her is prince Laksh. Laksh too hugs him, ‘yaa, brother-in-law’
He hugs and tells slowly in his ear, “Sanskar, prince Laksh’s swayamvaram is tomorrow. And, Samragni is not coming for that.”

Sanskar is amazed with his words. laksh moves back. Now, he identifies him as prince Laksh.

Karthick: who are they? Why did they come here??

Laksh: we were crossing kingdoms and just came missed. Bye..bye…
Says Laksh and drags Swara back. Swara keeps looking at Sanskar painfully. He too looks her.

They both go back.
Next morning,

The whole south kingdom is decorated. If it’s prince Laksh’s swayamvara, everyone has festive mood in their houses. All the princesses with their families are coming slowly. Kingdom people were looking at them amazingly. All the beautiful princesses are there only. Laksh’s elder brother Chandra is arranging them guest rooms.

2nd bro Vijay: I never thought these many princesses will come for bhayya..!

Laksh: what do you mean..??

Vijay: nothing bhayya, I’m feeling proud of you. You are so handsome, brave…

Vijay and Ajay are making Laksh ready. He is really looking handsome.

Ajay: wow bhayya, you are really handsome..!

Laksh: this handsomeness is only for my Ragini. I don’t feel happy whoever may praise me, I have to listen these words from her mouth….

Vijay: but, Ragini devi is not coming know…

Laksh: but Sanskar is going to ruin the show…

Vijay and Ajay: what..??

Just then Chandra comes.
Chandra: generally, princess will get ready like this. with sisters behind, making her ready. But, here…

Laksh: whatever, we should also look handsome right. We don’t have a girl in our house, so we are sisters for ourselves and brothers too…

Chandra: don’t you have any shame?? Basically, a girl will ask boy to come and get her married or take her away. What did you do yesterday..?? you went near Samragni and asked her to marry you and come to this swayamvara.

Laksh: it is our father who made me princess here..! I don’t have any choice then. Moreover, our Samragni thinks herself as a man. She never felt as woman till now. so, I have to be woman for her..!!

Chandra: oh my mahadeva… I never understand you bhayya..!!!

Ajay and Vijay: even we..!!!

Laksh: you are still kids. There is lot of time for you to fall in love and get married. So, don’t worry.

Chandra: I wonder, what competitions pitasri is going to keep for princess. Probably, there won’t be any fighting’s or war things.

Laksh: then..??

At sabha,

King Ram is looking after all arrangements.
Ram: today, my son is going to get married. And, he will become king also after getting married…
Tears roll in his eyes.

Laksh: pitasri, plz don’t cry like that. I’m not a girl and you are not sending me to sasural..!!

Ram keeps hand on his shoulder: putraa..! I don’t have any daughters. So, let me feel like this also sometime. You are also like my daughter..!

Laksh: cha.. pitasri has made me a girl today..! now, my lady hero has to save me..!!

In Ragini’s palace…
Ragini is getting ready somewhere.
Swara: are you going to swayamvara..??

Ragini: no..! I’m just going to visit the kingdom.

Swara: but prince laksh is….

Then Adarsh shouts in his room. Swara and Ragini runs there. He is holding his stomach and crying in pain.

Ragini: chote papa…what happened??

Adarsh: don’t know beta…

Ragini: who’s there..! call raja vaidy fast..!!

Ragini thinks, “oh no..! I can’t leave chote papa like this and go to swayamvara..!”
Actually, she is planning to go..but she says lies.

In Maheswari palace,

All the princesses will come and sit in their respective places. The sabha is shining with the reflection of diamonds and pearls.

King Ram announces…
“This might be new, but it’s historical. Today is Prince Laksh’s swayamvara, and I’m his father. Thanks for all the princesses who came here. Now, I present Prince Laksh before you..!! prince Laksh please come…”

The music of drums, ancient horn music instrument music follows.
‘the moon among stars…
The lion in forest…
The 1st son of king Ram…
The hero of heros…
Sri sri sri…
Rakumar Laksh is coming aahoooo..!!!”
Yells a man.

Then Laksh enters the Sabha. While he is coming, the maids are showering flower petals on him. Some princesses are looking at the handsome prince with eyes wide open and some other are bending their heads.
Laksh is looking straightly firmly with confidence showering in his eyes. He comes and sits in his aasana. All the princesses have veils.

‘did ragini come? Or Sanskar going to help? If any in one doesn’t happen…. Oh no.! it’s horrible to think..!’ he is thinking.

Then Ram announces.. ‘the competitions are playing veena, painting a nice art, and singing a song. We will select in three rounds. And final one winner is bride to Prince.’

Laksh: playing veena…painting…song…these are competition?? Why princess should get them? However, I don’t like music much…

Chandra: what else they can keep for a prince swayamvara bhayya..?
Laksh looks at him, he bends his head.

The competition starts. Each princess is coming and playing veena. Everyone have, no one can see their face. Laksh will be getting bored. But, Ram is enjoying music.

Laksh: Chandra… I’m sleepy… what is this torture to me??
Chandra laughs.

At last the first round completes. ‘thank god..!’ Laksh thinks.

Ram selects five princesses out of them. Those five have to paint a beautiful art. Laksh keeps roaming in corridor. His three brothers are roaming behind him.

Laksh: if she gets painting, will she become a perfect bride? I don’t now what pitasri want to do…! I don’t want a singer or painter as my wife. I want only Ragini.

His brothers keep looking at him.
Laksh: I can’t imagine other girl in my life..!

The second round also completes. Ram selects two princesses out of them.

Ajay: bhayya, bhabhi will be any in one of them..!

Laksh goes inside. “Both of them shouldn’t sing properly..!” he wishes.

But, both of them sing competitively with each other. Laksh shocks.

At last, one princess can’t catch other one. She is defeated and princess in pink veil wins.
Everyone cheers, ‘kalakshetra princess sanskarini… jai ho..!’

Laksh gets sad. Very sad, as if he never failed. He lost his life. Ram orders Laksh to come in front of that princess. He comes silently. His brothers are looking at him sadly.

The princess didn’t remove the veil yet. They both are given garlands.

Laksh closes his eyes.. “you have cheated me Ragini… and you also Sanskar..! hmm, there is none of your fault. She don’t love me and he doesn’t like me..!” he thinks.

That princess is about in place garland in Laksh’s neck, but suddenly, other garland falls in his neck. An arrow has carried that garland and that fell in Laksh’s neck.

All shock. Laksh too shocks and looks at that side.

Ragini is standing with the bow in her hand and she is looking passionately at Laksh.

Ajay: oh my mahadev..! samragni has come..! he jumps in happiness.

Chandra: ok, let’s create some drama…

He shouts: samragni devi, what is this??

Ragini keeps looking at Laksh: didn’t you understand? I have won your brother.
Laksh keeps looking at Ragini admiringly.
She comes forward to him. Laksh bends his head. ‘oh..what’s this? why I’m feeling shy? She has to feel shy..!’ he thinks.

Ram: samragni devi, but that princess has won competition.

Ragini: but I have wore the garland first..! means, he is mine..!

Chandra: but, there is a competition and there are rules..!

Ragini: I’m empress of this empire..! I’m the monarch..! I have rights on everything and everything is mine. Including prince Laksh. He is mine..! come prince, let’s go..!

She holds his hand. Laksh feels unexplainable happiest feeling with her touch.
Then that princess stops Ragini with sword.
She: I have won him kumari samragni. Leave him or fight with me..!

Ragini: I won’t leave him. But, I will fight with you..!
Ragini ties her hand with his hand with a small cloth. All courtiers and his family amazes. Laksh keeps looking at her amazingly.

That princess starts fight with Ragini. Ragini keeps fighting with single hand.

She: coming at last moment and robbing him is not fair Samragni…

Rag: everything is fair in love and war..!

They continue fight. Suddenly Ragini slips and falls, but Laksh holds her. they share a brief eye lock….

Then again fight continues.

Laksh: samragni, I think this bond is making you hard to fight. Shall I remove it?

Ragini: I tied it forever relation, not for breaking in middle.

He keeps looking at her surprised. And he thinks that it’s his dream or true??

While fight continues, the veil on that princess head falls and she turns away her face suddenly. She covers her face immediately and runs out of sabha. All get confused with her act.
“I’m gifting him to you..! take him away..!” she shouts while leaving.

Ragini shouts: hey..! What gifting?? I won him..!!! how proud she is..!!

But Laksh turns Ragini at him and suddenly hugs her shocking everyone. All close their eyes.
Ragini gets amazed. A huge flower petals shower falls on them and beautiful veena music follows……

Precap: Samragni and Prince Marriage..!!

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