Samragni-the empress (episode 17)


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Epi 17:

Sanskar sits on a rock remembering his relation with the fort.

Ragini song in her pov….
‘the time is cruel…
Separating relations….’

In sanskar’s pov…
‘Is the time cruel or..
Relations are weak..?’

‘when people are selfish…
What time can do..?’

‘when people misunderstand,
How relations bind?’

‘why friend…
Why did you change?’

‘why friend…
Why did you change?’

Ragini remembers the sword fighting between them. She remembers his words,
‘one day, I will defeat you…’

Rag: yes Sanskar..! you have defeated me today… not in sword fight, but our friendship…you have broke our friendship..!

Sanskar in that lonely area,
San: you are the reason for our new enemity Ragini. We have turned enemies just because of you..!

Ragini touching her wound on shoulder: I will never forget the betrayal you have done..! it’s not about the wound, but it’s hurting in heart.

Sanskar: after turning a ruler, the prideness is dancing on your head. I will get you down one day..!

Ragini: u can’t touch the throne until I’m alive…!

Sanskar: I’m Sanskar, the son of Durga Prasad…vow to defeat my enemy one day..!

Ragini: I’m Ragini, daughter of samraat Shekar, vow to protect the throne from enemies…!

Sanskar: and you are my enemy….

Ragini: you are my enemy..!!

Both of their eyes were red and showering anger. They are in separate places but they talked like that.

Then someone comes near Sanskar and keeps hand on his shoulder. He turns back.

Sanskar: who are you..??

Person: come with me..!!

Sanskar: tell me who are you first..!!

Person: u want to become samraat and I want my revenge. Our, aims are same. Defeating Samragni..!

Sanskar: I came out of palace that she is supporting a culprit. How would I support a person who destroys this kingdom…!

Person: I’m not the destroyer of this kingdom..! but, I’m the enemy of Ragini devi. Only her enemy, not this empire’s enemy. This empire doesn’t deserve her..! she is thinking that she is ruling well. But,
Says the person and takes Sanskar with him to a place. He shows some people who are suffering with hunger and poverty.

Person: this is not in this one place..! there are many places like this..!
Sanskar keeps looking at all in disbelief.

Sanskar: why do you need only my help?
Person: because, you are the only correct opponent to Samragni.

Sanskar: but tell me who are you..! show your face.

That person removes the mask and it’s Kavitha.

Sanskar amazes: u have even changed ur voice as man. I thought u are a man.

Kavitha in her own voice: we needed to change our identity and everything for this silent revolution. I’m not alone here..! there are many supporters with me..!

Kavitha shows her army. Sanskar is hell shocked looking at them. They are 500 in number… and they have many armors and weapons.

Sanskar in mind: this is not possible without help of any king. Someone is helping them…

Then one boy walks at him. He is karthick.

Karthick: welcome to our silent revolution army… ‘andha sena’(dark army)
And you are leader for us..!

Sanskar: why me the leader??

Karthick: bcz, ur the one best than us. U lead us to defeat samragni and we will support u as samraat.

Sanskar agrees. Karthick hugs him. All cheer to Sanskar.. “hail you nayaka..!!”

Next morning, Ragini opens her eyes after a nightmare.
Ragini: I never got any nightmares. But today…

She gets ready and comes to court. Unexpectedly, soldiers bring Nikil before Ragini. He falls on his knees before her.

Nikil: Samragni..plz excuse my sins. And let be live normally. I swear I will never ever turn against to you again..!

Ragini: who has helped you to escape from jail??

Adarsh: samragni, but it’s prince….

Ragini shouts on NIkil: who is it??

Nikil murmurs in himself. She loses her patience.
Ragini in anger: drag him into jail and give him whip beats until he says the name.

Adarsh: Ragini devi…

Ragini: enter the next culprit..!

Soldiers say some case on him, Ragini gives that person a big punishment. She does for other two also same.

After court, she sits upset at a pond. Swara comes near her.
Ragini: leave me alone swara…

Swara: but Ragini…

Rag in bit anger: leave me alone…

Swara goes away. Dp and Uttara are looking her from far.

Dp: she is in upset that Sanskar became her enemy. Anger is not good for the emperor. It’s a must to make her soft.

Uttara: now, who can sooth her mind pitasri??

In south kingdom, Laksh who was in dreams looking at Ragini painting.
Ram comes near him. He puts that painting aside and shows him 10 to 15 paintings of some girls.

Laksh: who are they??

Ram: different princess and minister’s daughters.

Laksh: why are their paintings here??

Ram: they are coming for swyamvaram tomorrow..

Laksh: swayamvaram? Whose swayamvaram??

Ram: my elder son Laksh’s Swayamvaram and it’s you..!

Laksh laughs: hehe, pitasri… swayamvaram will be generally for princess to select a prince. But, it’s reverse here. Stop this here itself and don’t make me a fun. Princes will go for a princess’s swayamvaram… why princesses will come for a prince?? It’s awkward…!

Ram: you didn’t give me other option son..! you never went to any princess swayamvaram competition. That’s why, I have only done this. and, shut up and get ready for it soon. It’s tomorrow..!!

Laksh: tomorrow?? Pitasri it’s not fair. Why didn’t you send invitation to samragni then?? She is not coming right..!! you know that I love Ragini…then why this Swyamvaram?? Hey mahadeva…what should I do now???

In her palace, Ragini is practicing arrow shoot.
Adarsh is talking with Dp.

Adarsh: what? Pricne laksh’s swayamvaram is fixed? And they didn’t invite us..!

Listening to it, Ragini shoots an arrow and it misses it’s goal.

Swara laughs: wow, after many years samragni has missed it first time..!
Uttara claps her hand. Ragini aims other arrow again.

Dp: so, prince Laksh is going to get married to a princess tomorrow. He is going to be king from tomorrow.

Ragini misses other arrow also listening to their convo.

Swara and Uttara clap their hands again. Ragini throws bow aside in upset and leaves. Dp looks at her smiling.

Ragini is going in the lonely corridor. Someone holds her hand and drags her aside.

Ragini: how dare you to hold Samragni’s hand..!!
Then he removes mask and it’s obviously Laksh.
Laksh: yes, who will dare to hold your hand except me..! I will kill anyone if tries to get you..!

Ragini: what are you doing here??

Laksh: empress, save me empress..! Tomorrow is my swayamvaram…

Ragini: yaa…just heard it. Congratulations….

Laksh: what?? You have to come and stop that thing.

Ragini: why should i??

Laksh: u love me right..

Ragini: never..! ever..!

Ragini pushes him out.
Rag: Laksh…my mind is not good now. Leave me alone. And I already said you, I don’t need a man in my life..!

Lak shouts: but I need you Ragini..! laksh is incomplete without Ragini. You may be samragni or anything else…but, Laksh needs you forever..!!!

Ragini keeps going away silently.
Lak: Ragini..! I will be waiting for you tomorrow. If you will not come,…see what I will do…!!!

Ragini goes into her room and close the doors. She is upset completely again.

Laksh is going away wiping his tears. Swara follows him.

Swara: prince Laksh, do you want Ragini??

Laksh: of course, I can’t live without her.

Swara: only one can help you now.

Laksh: who is it?

Swara: Sanskar..!

Laksh looks shocked at her.

Laksh: but…he? ohoo..! he has gone away just because of me right..! he is claiming that I’m the culprit who helped Nikil. Thank god, at least Ragini trusts me.

Swara: even I know that it’s not you prince Laksh…

Laksh looks at her.
Swara: Ragini said me everything.
Laksh smiles: but why Sanskar will help me??

Swara: we go near Sanskar in different disguise and ask him to spoil prince Laksh’s swayamvara.

Laksh: do you think he won’t identify us? And, what he will get if he spoils prince’s swayamvaram.

Swara: now he is anger on you and Ragini. He will do anything for his revenge. And, we shall use it for us.

Laksh: but…where is he??

Swara: he has sent me a letter that he is in the forest’s cave. I don’t know what he is doing there. But, I didn’t tell this to anyone as he trusted me, and loves me a lot. He has sent me letter on his well being, as I was worried about him.

Laksh: u are also doing many things without knowing to Ragini.

Swara: hello, he just gave me info where is he. That’s it. I’m helping so that you and Ragini becomes one.

Laksh nods his head.

Swara and Laksh go to meet Sanskar. But, they change their disguise.

Precap: Laksh’s Swayamvara….

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