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Epi 16

Ragini surprises to see the vast number of people came for her. everyone are cheering,
“Ragini devi, jai ho…”
She shows her hand and everyone will stop.

Ragini: I’m so thankful for the love you all are showing me. May this Samragni know the reason??

One man: maharani, Raajat was defeated just because of you. Our so many problems are solved now.
Other one: no one in Raajat army is dared to look at us again. We are doing our business happily.

Ragini: I know, some of the parts in our empire used be in his forced control. Now, they all are free. You need not fear for him anymore. If any problem comes, this Samragni will be before you..!

The people keep cheering her. Ragini looks at them smiling.

Ragini’s golden ruling will start. In the same way of her father, she also looks after the people as her own children. In the situation of justice, she gives equal judgment to everyone. People also praise her as the other form of Dharma.
As she wished, she opens new schools only for women where they are given all sorts of ancient education.
The neighboring empires never dare to attack the Gadodiya empire. They have to become friends or they have to remain idle just as Raajat. In her ruling, there is no rich or poor, lords or slaves. All people were living happily. The province kings have also been supporting her.
Dp and Adarsh used to amaze that their Ragini is ruling the empire wonderfully.
Ragini, for name she is Samragni. But, she is one among the people. She calls everyone with a relation. She treats everyone as her own brother and sisters. People forget telling her as samragni, and call her… ‘Our Ragini’
That much close she became to people. And Dp always wished Ragini should be like that. He felt happy that his student has become a complete Empress.

The people sing on her,

“where is the sun, which gives the shine…?
Where is the rain, which fertile the land..?
o..ho… they are always with the ruler…
the great ruler….
With the Samragni… Ragini devi…..!”

“Her smile is boon to the empire..
Kids and elders dance in joy..!
Her anger is curse to enemies..
They bend their heads become slaves..!

She is the form of Dharma…
She is the word for karuna…
Devi maa has come as Samragni…to look after us..!
This empire becomes swarga lok in her ruling..!

Let’s say….
Jai ho Samragni….Jai ho Samragni…
Ragini devi……
Our.. Ragini devi…”

People used to praise her and sing on her like that.

Like that six months passes……
Dp stands before sumi’s painting. Sumi is own sister to Dp.
Dp: behan, I have turned your daughter as a ruler on the promise given to you. My sister, if you would have been in this world…

He wipes his tears just then Sanskar comes near him.
Sanskar: Sumi mami is same as Ragini devi…
Dp: yes Sanskar…. And promise me, that you will be with Ragini always and help her.

Sanskar is about to promise him, then they hear a shout. It’s Swara. Sanskar runs out.

Swara is standing near Ragini. Ragini is holding a letter and a dove has brought it.

Swara: he is impossible Ragini. While whole kingdom treats you as a goddess, he treats you as his heart goddess.

Ragini: this prince Laksh is becoming mad day by day. He said me that we shall be ‘friends’

Swara: you know Ragini, men say that word for next step of becoming lover..!

Ragini fumes in anger. Sanskar comes and grabs letter from her hand.

Ragini: what is this mad act Sanskar..?? it’s my personal letter..!

Sanskar: you don’t love him, how can it be personal letter? Moreover, remember Ragini, he is the suspect in NIkil’s escape.

Ragini: Sanskar, you need not peep in every matter of mine.

Swara: oho..what has happened in between you both? In this six months all enemies of empress has become friends. But, you both best friends are fighting..!

Ragini: swara, he was my best friend. Not now..!

Sanskar: yes..! the care takers are always enemies to people.

Ragini: it’s not like care taking. Some insecurity feeling..! you are thinking I’m a woman, I can’t handle everything..! right..!

Sanskar: of course, women are woman always..! They are foolish by mind. Weak by heart..!

Ragini shouts Sanskar..! and points finger to him. He becomes calm.

Ragini: stop having men prideness..! Remember men are nothing without women.

Sanskar laughs. He is about to say something, he stops looking at Dp and goes away.

Swara: what happened to Sanskar..? why is he behaving like this?? and Ragini….

Ragini: don’t blame me. He has become proudish..!

Ragini is going in corridor alone. A servant gets bumped into her and tray falls from his hands.
Ragini: I’m sorry…

Servant: wah, empress is always a normal girl. She says sorry to servants also..!

Ragini feels it as known voice. She looks at him. He removes the cap. He is Laksh.

Ragini: Laksh…

Laksh: shh… don’t shout.

Ragini: why did you come here? Sanskar is anger on you..! I said know.

Laksh: it has been six months I have seen you…how can I be without seeing my friend??

Ragini: friend?? Then why did you write this letter..??

Laksh looks at letter confused. “I didn’t write it…”

Ragini shocked: what??

Laksh: trust me Ragini, I didn’t send.

Ragini: Laksh..go back to your kingdom soon…
Laksh: but…
Ragini: I said go….

Sanskar just comes and raises sword on Laksh. Ragini puts her sword as defense in middle.

Sanskar: how can you support him Ragini..?

Ragini: you don’t have right to harm prince Laksh…!

Sanskar: he is the culprit, he shouldn’t be left. Soldiers, arrest him..!

Ragini shouts: Sanskar..! I have said you already not to peep in my matters..!

Sanskar throws his sword angrily down and keeps going.

Ragini to Laksh: see, I have said you not to come and you..!

Laksh: sorry Ragini…

Ragini: go away fast..!

Laksh leaves.

Sanskar comes in front of Ragini.
“You are not fit for being empress..!”

Ragini: what..??

Sanskar: you couldn’t have supported him..! you are the other culprit.

Ragini raises her sword against him. He takes his sword and makes defense. He pushes her back.

All the courtiers, Adarsh and Dp come over there.

Dp: Sansakar..! Stop it..!

But, Ragini and Sanskar are not in the status of listening to anyone. Ragini hits him, he puts the sword against again. They keep fighting with the swords.

Adarsh: hehe, they are fighting for fun I think..!

But, a statue beside him breaks with their sword beats.
Everyone looks shocked as they are fighting for serious.

While fighting, Ragini’s sword falls down and accidentally, Sanskar’s sword tip touches her shoulder and a it makes a deep scratch in her shoulder.

Ragini falls on pillar. Everyone looks shocked. Sanskar stops fighting looking shocked at her.
Ragini was bending her head in disbelief. Swara and Uttara runs to her. Dp comes and slaps Sanskar.
He bends his head.

Dp: : get out of here Sanskar..!!
Sanskar moves away silently.

Ragini sits in her room, raaj vaidy ties her bandage. She is thinking something. Adarsh sits beside her. He tries to feed her something.

Ragini: I don’t want to eat anything chote papa…

Adarsh: Ragini….
Then she eats a piece when he feeds.

Swara is sitting with Sanskar.

Swara: what’s wrong with you Sanskar..??? how could you behave with Ragini like that..??
Sanskar: it was an accident, I didn’t mean to hurt her.
Swara: if you don’t want to hurt, then why did you raise swords on each other?

Sanskar: Ragini has changed a lot. She is believing the culprit Laksh, but not me. Why should I stay in this palace? Swara, come with me. Let’s go away.

Sanskar holds Swara’s hand tightly.

Swara: Sanskar…leave me.

Sanskar keeps taking away Swara with him forcedly.
Swara: Sanskar leave me please…

Then Ragini comes in front of them. Sanskar looks angrily at her.

Ragini: what’s going on here?

Sanskar: I’m supposed to not involve in your matters and you are also not..!!

Ragini: of course I will not. But, you are taking away someone who doesn’t like to come with you..!!

Sanskar: if she doesn’t like also..! she has to come..! and that’s my wish..!
Sanskar holds her hand strongly. Ragini keeps sword on his neck.

Ragini: leave her hand and you leave this fort Sanskar. This is Samragni’s order..!!

Sanskar leaves Swara’s hand.

Sanskar: Samragni devi, today you are ordering everyone that everything is your’s…! but, see..! one day, I will come against to you..! I will conquer your all this empire..! then, I will order everyone and you are at my feet..!

Adarsh shouts: Sanskar…!!!!

Sanskar shows hand at him.. “honewali samraat Sanskar…!!!”
Tell Sanskar and looks angrily at Ragini and leaves the fort. Ragini looks on…

Sanskar goes away. Swara and Uttara cries. Dp stands before Ap painting and shed tears. Ragini comes near him and keeps hand on his shoulder.

Dp: I don’t have son from today. Samragni, you are my son. And he is not…

Ragini: mama sri, time changes everything. Let’s hope Sanskar also changes.

Dp looks on….

Sanskar keeps going away alone on the dark streets and keeps remembering friendly moments with Ragini. (when he saved her several times…when he was protective towards her…and funny incidents…)

Ragini also keeps remembering…. (when she is supporting him in failures…when she is giving him advices…and playing with him)

Precap: can’t say….

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