Samragni-the empress (episode 15)


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Epi 15

Everyone is in shock to see prince Laksh in the painting. Ragini is silent.

Adarsh: I don’t want to believe…

Sanskar: even I don’t want to believe…

Durga Prasad: why don’t you want to believe? Any special reason??

Sanskar: pitasri…, bcz prince Laksh loves Ragini so much. How can he do that?

Dp and Adarsh are amazed with his statement.

Dp: what?? He loves our samragni..! but, how come do you know?? And why didn’t you tell us this before??

Sanskar: I thought you all know it.

Adarsh: we were not in confirm of it. you shouldn’t have kept it as secret. Bcz, it is something related to the empress of this kingdom.

Dp: yes Sanskar… and now I’m getting doubt… that’s why Laksh wants to trap Ragini??

Ragini silently moves away from there.

Swara: I think, she is hurt with the truth.

Ragini goes into her room. Changes her attire and gets ready in other disguise. She slowly steps out from palace. No one sees her, but Sanskar sees.

Ragini takes her horse. Sanskar follows her secretly. Ragini observes that Sanskar is following her. she turns to him.

Sanskar: samragni…

Ragini: Sanskar..! I’m going on my personal work. If you have any respect on me don’t follow me..!

Sanskar: but, I’m concerned for your safety…

Ragini: I know how to fight for myself. Plz, go back. And don’t dare to disobey me..!
Ragini tells those words with bit anger. Sanskar amazes as it is first time Ragini talking with him like that. He goes back.

Ragini continues going. She reaches Maheswaari kingdom. She reaches the palace of Laksh. She slowly goes inside the palace, with no one’s notice.

Laksh’s three brothers are with Laksh. He is on bed and his brothers are applying medicine for him. His 1st bro applies on wound. Laksh shouts in pain.

Ragini hears his voice and slowly stays at back of door.

Laksh: u my idiot brother, do it slowly.

1st brother continues his treatment.
1st bro: then, who asked you to see samragni while in war also?? If you have concentrated on your own war….

2nd bro: you couldn’t have got these many wounds.

3rd bro: this time, pitasri also not in this kingdom, otherwise he would have given big lesson to you..!

Laksh: more than him, you three are eating my brain..!

Ragini smiles silently.

Laksh: what you three know the value of her?? do you know why I kept looking her in the war… bcz, it is the only chance when I get to see her. I can see only her in court, and that too not every day. Moreover, I was concerned about her in the war.

1st bro keeps medicine strongly on his wound in anger. Laksh shouts again.

1st bro: then did she bother about you? You love her this much. But, she never cared about you.

Laksh remains silent.

1st bro: you are this much injured, did she come to see you? At least did she send any letter or any others to see you and come..! no… but you are still dreaming about her..!

Laksh: you go away from here. I don’t want your treatment. Why are you cursing my goddess like that??

1st bro: bhayya, I didn’t curse her. I’m just telling…

Laksh: hey…go away leave me alone.
1st bro: sorry bhayya…

Laksh: go away yar…I have to sleep.

The three brothers come out of room. Laksh sleeps upside down on bed. So, he couldn’t see anyone. Then Ragini slowly enters the room. She takes the medicine bowl.

Laksh: my bhai, thanks for coming. I said you to go, but I’m feeling really pain. Do something…

Ragini applies on the wound on his back gently. Her cheeks get red as she is seeing his bare top. Her hands shivers while she is applying medicine.

Laksh: yar…why are your hands so soft suddenly.

Ragini smiles.

Laksh: my brother, don’t ever talk about Ragini again like that. Whether she loves me or not I always love her. she is a great ruler of this empire, why she will come for this small king to see his well beings.

Ragini keeps listening to him silently.
Laksh: my legs are paining bro….

Then Ragini keeps pressing his legs.
Laksh: Chandra..(1st bro) is that you..? why are you not talking anything??

His brothers just come listening to his voice. They are amazed to see Ragini over there. Ragini gestures them to be calm.

Laksh: Chandra…speak something.

Chandra: yes bhayya…

Laksh: do you remember our mother..?

Chandra looks at the painting of their mother. Ragini also sees.

Chandra: why are you talking about mother now?

Laksh: you, vijay and ajay(other two brothers) always used to cry that you want mother. Then, I consoled you always.

Vijay: that was past..we were kids then….

Laksh: I want to give you mother love. That’s why I want to marry Ragini. Bhabhi is indirectly a mother right.

Ragini amazes with his words.

Chandra: but, why only Samragni..??

Laksh: I didn’t love her knowing her as Samragni. I loved her as normal girl. And, later I came to know about her. and I will marry none other than her.

Chandra: ok, you can talk about her later.

Laksh: arey, let me tell yar. When I’m telling about her I’m forgetting all the pains.

Vijay and Ajay: bhayya…

Ragini just keeps smiling.

Laksh continues: I have started loving her looking at her eyes… those eyes are…

All brothers: bhayya….

Laksh: what happened to you all? You know, I have seen your bhabhi 1st time four years back… she came out in a disguise. I never know then, that she is princess ragini herself. Hmmm…she is specialist in changing disguise.

Ajay: now also came in disguise.
Vijay closes his mouth.
“what??” Laksh amazes and turns back and shocked to see Ragini. She stands. He too stands.

Laksh: I’m sorry Ragini, I made you to press my legs.
Ragini bends her head seeing his bare front. He hurriedly covers his top with a cloth.

Ragini: actually prince Laksh, I want a small help from you.. but, I think I came at wrong time…

Laksh: no samragni, plz never think like that. I’m ready for your service always.

Ragini looks at him.

Next morning,

Swara and Uttara are searching for Ragini. She is nowhere.

Ragini enters into the kingdom just then, Laksh is beside her on the horse.

Ragini: thanks for the help prince.

Laksh: samragni, it’s very small help.

Ragini: but, I have risked you a lot. You were not well.

Laksh: hmmm, I don’t want these kinds of things between friendships.

Ragini smirks: ok my idiot Laksh, go and take rest.

Laksh laughs. He goes away.

Swara and Uttara are amazed to see Ragini is coming from outside.

Swara: Ragini, where were you all night??

Sanskar just comes there.
San: why are you asking her?? She is Ruler to this empire. She can do anything and everything..!

Ragini looks at him in anger.
Rag: exactly Sanskar..!

San: but I’m your mama’s son. I have right to know where you went.

Rag: just mama’s son. Not my husband..! to be authoritative on me..!!

Uttara: relax dears. Why are you fighting like this suddenly..!

Adarsh just comes.

Adarsh: Ragini beta, what happened to you??

Ragini: ask him to be in his limits chote papa..!

Sanskar: it’s better if you also know your limits Ragini. Being an empress to this empire, what is the need to roam at mid night out?? That too alone?? If something happens to you??

Ragini: ohh…are you worried about me? Or, you are doubting me??

Sanskar: seriously, what is the need for you to go out late??

Ragini shouts: Sanskar..!!!

Swara, Uttara and Adarsh are shocked. Dp just comes. Rag and San stops their fight. They both go away silently.

After sometime court starts. Laksh and Sanskar are not there in the court.

All other province kings are present.

Dp: Samragni, all the province kings are completely supporting now.

One king: yes empress, our doubts in the mind have gone. We thought a lady can’t rule. But, we are feeling ashamed to say like that.

Other king: not just this empire, but all others are also telling. You are the best empress… yesterday war has proved that you are perfect heir of Samraat Shekar..!

Everyone: Samragni Ragini devi ki… jai ho…

Ragini feels happy. Then she starts the general court.

Ragini: we have different conceptions on escape of Nikil.

Adarsh: ya… we have doubt on prince….
When he is about to continue Ragini cuts his dialogue.

Ragini: whoever it is, we are not going to leave him. And, he will be considered as the country’s best culprit.

Then a soldier comes.
“Samragni devi kaa jai ho.. so many people have come to talk to you…”

Ragini: ok, I will come before them.

Ragini comes out and surprises to see many people waiting for her out of palace.

Precap: People’s great applause to Ragini. Sanskar and Ragini turns enemies.

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