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Samragni epi 38

Ladoo: who are you all? What’s going on?

Swara: ladoo, don’t get scared. Do as we say… please help us. You have to act as Samragni..!
Ladoo shocks. mansi nods her head Ladoo to agree.

Ladoo is about to say something, Mansi interferes.

Mansi: swara didi, you please go and talk with Dida fisrt. I will talk with Ladoo.

Swara nods her head and goes.

Mansi: ladoo, silently come to fort. And do as I say. And, others shouldn’t know that I came near you yesterday… if you will not listen to me, your dida…

Ladoo: I will do as you say…..

Swara comes again.
Swara: ladoo, your dida has agreed. Come for Laksh at least…

Ladoo looks at Laksh. Laksh was already seeing her. ladoo gets teary.

Ladoo: but, when maharaj comes to know about me, he will be upset and angry.

Swara: we will take care of it. don’t worry…
Ladoo agrees.

Dida: oye chori, remember, this maharaj shouldn’t touch my ladoo.
Dida says silently to swara.

Swara nods her head.

At last, they take Ladoo to palace. Ladoo feels strange looking at palace. She is walking cowardly.
Dp amazes looking at her.
Sanskar comes near Dp.

Dp: who is she Sanskar?

Sanskar: is she is not like Samragni?

Dp: never..! Samragni will be as lioness while walking. And she is like a deer.

Then Sanskar narrates what happed to Dp.

Sanskar: did we do wrong pitasri?
Dp silently goes away.

Swara: maharaj Laksh, Ragini will be far from you for some days.

Laksh: why??

Swara: because…
Ladoo was bending her head behind Swara. But Laksh simply holds Ladoo’s hand and starts taking her.

Swara: maharaj, listen to me.

Laksh: swara, I have to talk with my wife for some time. So plz…

Laksh takes ladoo inside and closes the door. Swara feels tensed. Ladoo bends her head worried. Her hands are shivering.
Laksh keeps his hands on her shoulders, a long tear escapes from her eye. He makes her sit on bed.
Laksh raises her head holding chin.

Laksh: why are you feeling weak like this Ragini? Is anyone trying to threat you?
Ladoo is silent.
Laksh moves near her.
Ladoo trembling: maharaj, please…
She keeps hands in between them. Laksh amazes with her behavior. Laksh keeps his hand on her head. Ladoo amazingly looks at him.
Laksh: ok, you need not tell me. I will know on myself.

Laksh goes out. Ladoo remains calm. Swara runs near ladoo.

Swara: ladoo, I’m sorry. The thing is maharaj loves Samragni a lot.

Ladoo: maharaj, didn’t do anything..!
Swara takes her breath. A maid brings Chotu near Ladoo. Ladoo without anyone’s notice, she takes chotu into her hands and starts playing with him. Chotu is laughing in Ladoo’s hands. swara amazes.

Dp is taking with Sanskar and Swara.

Swara: papa, I have done this for chotu also. Did you see how chotu became sick, as he missed Ragini for two days. We are elders, we can tell ourselves that she can’t return. But, chotu…

Dp: I can understand this. but, I’m amazed… Laksh should identify her. he is still not identifying as different woman.

They are sitting on a terrace balcony… far to them there is other balcony where Ladoo is just standing.

Dp: in tomorrow’s court she is not supposed to sit on throne. It’s only Samragni’s simhaasan and later only heirs should sit.

Sanskar: it has been three days since court happened. And, Dasara is going to come in six days. Without Samragni’s rule…we can’t proceed to festival.

Dp: let’s make Samragni as throne and crone less rule for these 9days. After that, let’s announce the real news.

Swara: I’m afraid to see the later consequences.

Sanskar and Dp looks on….

So, Ladoo was standing in other far balcony right…

Suddenly Laksh comes near her and hugs her, then he kiss her cheek.
Dp, Sanskar and Swara shocks.

Laksh goes away breaking hug. Ladoo looks on shocked.

Swara: if we don’t do something, she will occupy all the places.


Ladoo was sitting in the room, reminding what Laksh did with her. she is not feeling awkward, but she is feeling shy. Her cheeks were turning red when she is remembering Laksh.

Ladoo: why am I thinking about him like this? am I loving him?

Just then, Mansi enters her room.
Mansi: are you trying to be far from Laksh?

Ladoo: yes. He is not my husband. How can I be close to him?

Mansi holds her shoulders: arey pagal..! just accept him. You can become Samragni.

Ladoo scares: no..! I can’t do that. how can I take samragni’s place? And if mahamantri ji knows this, they will not leave me..!!

Mansi: no one can do you anything after implementing our plan..!

Ladoo: plan? What plan..?

Mansi: this Samragni is not a woman..! not even a human being. She has killed my chote papa Raajat..! now, me and my dad are on revenge. We are taking help of Rakshasas(cruel tribes).

Ladoo shocks.

Mansi: now, you are going to leak army secrets to me knowing from Sanskar and Dp.

Ladoo: but, why they will tell me?

Mansi: only they know, that you are Ladoo. But, army chief doesn’t know. So, learn from army chief. Because, senapathi is Sanskar. We can’t even know from him.

Ladoo looks on.

Mansi forces Ladoo to go to soldier’s head quarters. Army chief greets looking at Ladoo.

Mansi stays out. Ladoo talks something with army chief.
Mansi: hmm…this girl acts pretty nice..!

Ladoo comes out with a plan. Mansi goes away with her silently.

As soon as they went away, dp comes out from secret room attached to head quarters.

Dp: so, did you give the plan I said?

Chief: yes mahamantri…

Dp thinks: so, there is plan behind everything and this ladoo too……..

Ladoo sits silently at’s night. She was looking at the same waterfalls.
Ladoo is thinking: Samragni is such a great woman. Everyone respects her. but, why only this Mansi hates her? she is cheating Samragni a lot. And where is Samragni??

Suddenly Ladoo feels someone tying a chain in her neck. It is the same chain which she threw yesterday in valley. She amazes and looks up. It’s Laksh.

Ladoo feels: so, is he the prince who came for me?

Laksh sits beside her.
Laksh: what are you thinking Samragni?

Ladoo: I’m not Samragni. I’m ladoo…

Laksh: haa, ladoo..!!!
He says and twists her cheeks. She bends her eyes.

Laksh: why are you looking at those waterfalls?

Ladoo smiles: I used to sit with my mother there in my childhood. She used to say that a prince comes for me from this palace..

Laksh: what? A prince comes for you from your palace? It’s strange…hahaha…

Ladoo: if she says that story only… I used to eat food.

Laksh: now, why are you suddenly reminding this incident?
Ladoo was just looking at waterfalls. Laksh turns her and finds tears in her eyes. He hugs her to heart.

Laksh: ragini, when I find these tears from your eyes.. of course, you never cry. But, you cry once a while and I take chance of consoling you… for that hugging you… hmm, I love that time. So, please cry like this everyday…so, I can hug you…!

Ladoo breaks hug.
Ladoo: maharaj, you are very naughty..!

She runs from there.

Sanskar goes to the forest side as directed by Dp to catch some of the rakshasas..
He finds the place of them. He was observing them from side.

Suddenly a rakshas catches Sanskar from back. He shouts. All others come. Sanskar fights with few of them. As they were many, he can’t stand. A rakshas suddenly about to hit Sanskar with huge gadha type weapon,
Suddenly an arrow comes from far and hits that rakshasa..! he falls down dead. Sanskar looks amazingly. Before all could get alert, arrow by arrow comes line by line and hits each rakshas one by one. About 10 of them fall dead. Rest all runs away leaving Sanskar.

Sanskar bends and takes one arrow in to his hands. he is amazed to see it.

‘Samragni’s arrow..!’ he shocks and looks at hill side.

A human form disappears on a horse with bow in hand…
Sanskar looks on….

Precap: waves of mystery….

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