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Samragni epi 37

“What?? Maharaj Laksh is not in his room?” Dp exclaims..!

“yes, pitasri. I was watiching him from front door, but he has escaped from window I think..!” Sanskar says.

“I don’t know what problems are going to come with Laksh’s blind love…” Dp thinks.

He sends soldiers to search Laksh.

Here Laksh gets tired searching for Ragini. He rests under a tree that night.

Next morning….

Mansi is going somewhere again.

Swara: where are you going Mansi?
Mansi tensed: I’m..i’m…
Swara: why are you tensed?
Mansi: I’m going to meet Chandra.
Swara looks out of fort wall… Chandra is really waiting for her on horse.
Swara smiles a little and nods her head. Mansi goes to meet Chandra.

Chandra: why did you ask me to come.
He got down from horse. Mansi bends to his feet and touches his feet.

Chandra: what are you doing?
Mansi: today is auspicious day in navaratri, so it is good to take husband’s blessings.
Chandra: but, we aren’t married.
Mansi: but, you are husband to me.
Chandra looks on and goes away silently. As soon as he goes away, she goes to meet her father Nayak.

Nayak and Mansi meet. They go to Ladoo’s place.

Ladoo is doing some work in house(it’s a hut)
She lives with her only dida…

Suddenly Nayak and Mansi enters their house.

Dida: who are you?

Mansi: do you know Samragni?

Dida: yes. We know. But, we never saw her.

Mansi looks at ladoo. Ladoo is looking at them innocently.
Mansi: we have work with your grand daughter…

Dida and Ladoo looks on…

Laksh wakes next morning who is suddenly surrounded by some forest tribes. Laksh fights with them. In them, one makes wound on his head and runs away.
Laksh thinks: how could Ragini be this stubborn? How can we survive among these cruel people?
‘Ragini..! Where are you?’ he shouts.
His voice echoes in whole forest. All the birds fly away with his voice.

“what? My ladoo has to act as Samragni..!” dida exclaims.

Mansi: yes..! and we will give you huge money.

Ladoo: for money, I can’t do this cheap works.

Dida scolding Ladoo: shut up you mad girl..! you don’t know anything. You are getting chance of living as empress..!

Mansi: yes Ladoo. And your dida also gets chance to stay in nice house instead of this small hut.
Dida nods her head in greed.

Ladoo: I won’t agree for this..!
Dida slaps Ladoo… Ladoo runs away from hut crying.
Dida: come here at this time tomorrow. I will make her agree.

Mansi and nayak nods their head and leaves.

Ladoo runs far from hut near waterfalls. It’s her favorite place. No one comes there.
Ladoo stands on her knees and cries.
She looks at Gadodiya palace from far.
She reminds her mom telling at her childhood. She used to sit in that place with her mom. Her mom face is shown blur, because she didn’t remember her mom’s face. She lost her mom at childhood. It was the place where she spent with her mom sometimes. That’s why it is Ladoo’s favorite place.

So, when she used to sit with her mom there, her mom used to tell,
‘Ladoo beta, see that beautiful palace. One day, a charming prince comes for you from that palace on a beautiful white horse. He will take you to that palace..!’
Then Ladoo smiles and eats what her mom keeps.

Ladoo comes out of her thoughts. She looks at her chain which she left yesterday night in water. It’s struck to a stone. Ladoo takes that chain into her hands.
‘no prince ever comes for me..! no..!!’ she shouts and throws that chain.

It falls from there into valley, in that valley Laksh is walking, that chain falls on his shoulder. Laksh takes the chain and looks at it amazingly.
Ladoo keeps her hands on her face and cries, ‘where are you prince?’

Laksh looks at the hill range. He doesn’t know why but his heart says to go to that place. He leaves his horse there and starts climbing the hill.

Sanskar with some army were searching for Laksh.
Sanskar: for this problem, Laksh is adding more problems. Already Samragni is not there, if Laksh is also missing empire becomes hell. Laksh..! where are you???

Dp was crying in palace.
Dp: this royal throne has become orphan now. there are no heirs left.
Dp is sobbing. Mansi looks this. she comes near him.

Mansi: what happened mahamantri ji?

Dp wipes his tears: nothing beta…

Mansi: where is Samragni devi? Is everything fine?

Dp: she will come today. Don’t worry.

Mansi in tears: how she will come mantri ji, she is dead know..!
Dp looks at her shocked.
Mansi: I listened to you just now. I’m such an inauspicious girl. As soon as I entered I have brought bad fortune.

Mansi is crying.

Dp: what can you beta? Don’t cry. But, don’t let anyone know about this..!
Mansi nods her head.
Dp goes away.

Mansi smirking: now that kind of Samragni enters this palace who is puppet in my hands…!
She looks with cunning smile.

Laksh keeps climbing the hill from those rocks.
‘am I crazy? If I search for her this much and if she isn’t there up there…?’
He thinks and looks into valley again.
‘it’s better to climb up rather than going down. After reaching up I can go back to palace from other way…’
He thinks and tries to climb again.
Then his horse hurriedly climbing the hill.
‘u stupid..! why are u climbing? U can’t climb. U r a horse… go down..!’ Laksh shouts.

That horse while climbing, a stone falls on Laksh and he falls down. Horse too comes down.

Laksh fells in water. His eyes were half closing and he can see the hill in blur…

‘why these hills and horses are separating us Ragini?’
That horse keeps it’s face in Laksh’s face to see him.

‘what are you seeing? You stupid…’ he is about to raise hand to beat it, but he falls unconscious.

This horse runs towards palace fastly to bring anyone for help.

Nayak meets dida out and gives her money.

Nayak: make your granddaughter agree in any way…
Dida: yes, I will do..!

That night, dida starts torturing Ladoo to listen to her words. torture means, torture with words.

Laksh wakes at night time. He was weak, but still he starts climbing hill again…

His horse brings sanskar’s army there.

Sanskar: probably, Laksh might have climbed the hill. We shall go there tomorrow morning in other way.

Next morning,

Laksh was unconscious under a tree. He climbed and got very tired. He has also wound on head. He was covered in leaves and twigs.

Then he hears a thin voice of a girl…

Laksh opens his eyes. Ladoo chain is in his hand.

He looks at the river…. A girl is wearing a white saree…
He clears his vision.

that girl shouts as the birds around, all the birds fly…
she laughs…her voice reciprocates in the valley.

No one are there and this girl can’t see Laksh. She dips herself in river to take bath…

Laksh turns away his face as he is not interested in other girls.

He was looking around not understanding where to go. He turns to river side again to see the way hoping he shouldn’t see the girl. (bcz, he respects girls)

But, that girl just then raises from the river Laksh shocks to see her. it’s Ladoo.
But he thinks, that it’s Ragini.

He starts walking near the river looking at her mesmerized.
Ladoo takes other dip in water and she raises again. She sees someone is coming near her and gets shocked. She turns back to go away.

But Laksh has come already and keeps his hand on her shoulder. Ladoo shocks. She holds a stone to beat him and escape. Laksh turns her back holding her waist. Ladoo gets angry but she gets mesmerized looking at handsome prince. She leaves stone from her hand looking at smiling face of Laksh.
He is about to move near her… Ladoo comes out of her thoughts, she pushes him and runs.

Laksh falls into river…
Ladoo starts running away….

‘Ragini..! please stop..!’ Laksh shouts and faints.

‘Ragini??’ Ladoo amazes and looks at him.
Laksh stands and starts running behind her. Ladoo runs to her hut. She locks the door from in. Dida is out…

Laksh starts knocking the door, ‘Ragini, come out. Why are you behaving like this?’

Ladoo changes her dress.

Dida is scolding Laksh who is he, why does he come? But, Laksh was just knocking the door calling name Ragini.

Sanskar with Swara and Mansi just comes there as direction of Laksh’s horse. Ladoo was silently crying inside being afraid of Laksh.

Mansi gestures something to Dida, dida stops Laksh and says,
‘Ladoo, he has gone away. Come out..’

Ladoo shouts: no dida.. you are lying..!

Dida: no Ladoo, come out…

Ladoo silently opens the door, soon Laksh hugs her. ladoo shocks.

Looking at her, even Swara and Sanskar shocks. mansi acts as if she has shocked.

Ladoo doesn’t understand why but she melts in Laksh’s hug. She feels only love but not any lust.

Sanskar slowly asks Dida, ‘who is she?’
Dida: she is my granddaughter, and why that man is hugging my Ladoo?

Dida about to stop him, but Swara stops her.

Swara: please, let him be like that. he doesn’t harm her. he is missing his wife a lot…

Sanskar: swara…

Swara: yes Sanskar.. let’s take this Ladoo in place of our Ragini some days. Then we can slowly say truth to everyone, after next heir is decided.

Sanskar looks on. Mansi feels happy as her plan is getting succeed.

Laksh was hugging Ladoo still. Then he cups her face, ‘why are you silent Ragini?’

Dida pushes Laksh. Swara and Mansi takes Ladoo aside. Sanskar holds Laksh.

Precap: Ladoo as Samragni?

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