samragni – the empress (36)



Samragni epi 36

In the Sabha,

Ragini is coming,

“Samragni devi is on way…!”
Hails the door keeper…

All courtiers stand.

Ragini enters into sabha, putting her one hand on sword tied in her waist. She walks as a lioness and reaches the throne.

She turns to everyone, she namaskars to all, everyone bend their head and namaskars her back. Later she sits and everyone will sit.

Laksh, Sanskar Swara Uttara and Dp are also in the court.

Ragini: I have send to collect information about Rakshasas. How far did it came?

Spy stands: Samragni, they are just traveling from this place to other. So, they left their stuff back.

Everyone take breath.

Ragini: it doesn’t mean, we have to take relief.

All looks at her.

Ragini in smile: from tomorrow navaratri starts, let’s begin all the arrangements.

Everyone cheer.

Ragini: every morning and evening durga maa puja will be done, mahamantri ji, you have to look after all those works.

Dp nods his head in smile.

Ragini: Senapati Sanskar, (he was appointed recently) all the temples in kingdom have to be decorated and all rituals has to begin with full fledge. You take care of it.

Sanskar nods his head.

Ragini: and, I would like to inform all the people, ‘start a mission which you want to get succeed tomorrow. Because, it’s going to be vijaya dasami after 9 days, everything pious work will be victorious..!

All courtiers cheer,
“Samaragni ka… jayam jayam…”

Ragini smiles looking determined.

Later everyone disperse. Laksh comes near Ragini. Ragini observes mansi going somewhere.
Laksh: ragini, I want to go to whole kingdom with you once. Let’s visit all the gardens.

Ragini: are you joking? How can we visit them in one day? Come on, you do one thing. Look after all the arrangements…

Laksh: ragini…

Ragini: go….

Ragini sends away Laksh and she follows mansi secretly.

Mansi comes near waterfalls. Nayak was already waiting there. Ragini stood behind a tree to listen.
Nayak: so, what’s the information?
Mansi: samragni’s vision diverted from rakshasas. Now, we can do our work easily.
Nayak: I will see rest all works. You be careful.

Nayak goes away. Mansi stays there looking at waterfalls remembering Chandra.
She turns back and shocked to see Ragini is standing before her.

Ragini keeps walking, and Mansi walks back being afraid of her.

Ragini: so, you r the culprit behind this. how blindly I have believed you. How can you cheat me Mansi??
With Ragini’s shout mansi trembles.

Ragini: if I inform this to everyone just imagine how your life will be..!
Mansi: Samragni, please don’t say to anyone. Chandra will hate me if he knows about me.

Ragini: I won’t leave you that easily Mansi..!!
Ragini is about to go, Mansi pulls Ragini back requesting her to stop. Ragini slips her leg and about to fall. She is at edge.
Mansi pushes her completely. Ragini shouts and falls into waterfalls.

Mansi crying: I’m sorry Samragni. I didn’t wanted to kill you. But, if Chandra knows truth…he will hate me..!!
Mansi runs away from there.

Ragini is fallen in waterfalls and not found anywhere.

Laksh was looking after all arrangements.

Laksh: hey Swara, pink lotus are suitable instead of white.

Swara: but maharaj, white look good here.

Laksh: the thing is Ragini likes pink…

Swara and Uttara smile.

Sanskar just comes hurriedly there. He calls Swara aside. He shows a cloth in which Ragini’s jewelry are present.

Swara looks confusedly at Sanskar and he has tears in his eyes. He says something to Swara. They both look at Laksh silently.

Laksh: arrange everything soon..! as soon as Samragni comes, she should get surprised looking at all things.

Sanskar: I will tell him.

Swara in tears shed: no..! he can’t bear it Sanskar. Let’s keep it as secret.

Sanskar: but, how long we can keep it as secret?

Swara: I don’t know..
Swara runs away in crying.

Laksh listens to her cry and turns back. Sanskar hides the jewelry.

Laksh: what happened Sanskar? Did you made her cry?

Sanskar: nothing like that prince.

Laksh keeps hand on him.
Laksh: bhai, one has to take care of wife. You should never hurt her..!
Sanskar tears fall out.
Sanskar: I will come right back…
Sanskar too goes away. Laksh confuses with their behavior.

Swara and Sanskar shows that cloth and jewelry to Dp. Dp shocks. he controls his tears in his eyes.

Dp: this news shouldn’t cross from us.

Swara: but how can we bear this pain papa?
Swara breaks down in tears. Sanskar holds her.

Sanskar: we have to bear swara. If empire knows Samragni is dead, then lots of problems will occur. Enemies will attack at any time. Province kings will announce freedom.

Swara: how long we should hold this?

Dp: till, we find a way…

They three look at the smiling painting of Ragini.

Mansi meets Nayak.
Nayak slaps her.

Nayak: how can you kill her like that?

Mansi: pitasri, she came to know everything.

Nayak: if she goes missing, everyone will doubt you first Mansi..!

Mansi shivering in fear: I’m not understanding what to do..!

Nayak: now go to palace soon. Before anyone doubt.

Then a man comes.
Man: nayak, milk has arrived. She is asking money.

Nayak: give money and send her away.

Man nods his head. Nayak is talking with Mansi. Then, they hear the voice of girl who brought milk. She comes inside. Nayak and Mansi shocks looking at her.

Girl: what is this? you are giving less money..!

Nayak and Mansi slowly: Samragni..!!

Yes, that girl is same as Ragini. She is like country girl, she has three dots on her chin. She is very normal.

Girl: vo bude man, you can’t cheat this ladoo haa..! give me correct amount..!
Nayak and Mansi looks on…


‘Why Ragini is not coming still?’ Laksh is thinking. It’s night already.

Sanskar and Dp comes near Laksh.
Dp: Laksh, Ragini has…

Laksh: haa papa, where is she? I’m getting mad…

Sanskar: laksh, cool down. We came to say that.

Dp: Ragini has went to a secret village for a mission.

Laksh: what heck is this? how can she go without informing me..!

Dp: Laksh, it was an urgent mission…

Laksh: may I know the village name?

Sanskar: even we don’t know the name. a spy has informed us.

Laksh starts going. Dp and Sanskar stops him.

Sanskar: laksh, don’t go anywhere.

Laksh: she said that she will go somewhere and you left it like that.

Dp and Sanskar looks at each other.

Laksh: I will go for her..!

Dp and Sanskar stands in front of him.

Laksh goes back.

Sanskar: I think Laksh won’t give up that easily.

Dp: keep an eye on him.

Laksh goes into his room and takes Chotu into his hands.
‘Ragini can’t leave chotu this easily. There is some secret in this. I will go for her..!’

Laksh gives chotu to a maid and asks her to give him to Swara.

Laksh silently goes out from window, whereas Sanskar is watching him from front door. Laksh silently goes out taking horse.

‘Ragini, my heart is telling that you are in some problem. I’m coming to help you. Hope, I won’t add extra problem for you..!’
Thinks Laksh and going on horse.

Here in a village,

The milk girl Ladoo(who is as Ragini) is keeping grass for cattle.

She looks at the Gadadiya palace in the moon light.
Ladoo thinks, ‘may a prince comes from that fort on a white horse, and take me away from here..!’

She rotates and looks at room, ‘may my dream come true one day…’ she says…

Her friends two girls come laughing.

Girl 1: your dream never comes true ladoo..
Girl 2: because there are only married men are there in palace.
Ladoo: really?
Girl 1: haa…
Girl 2 laughing: ayyo, laddo’s childhood dream has shattered…

Ladoo with pout scratches her head and looks at fort again.

Mansi and Nayak looks her from side.

Mansi: how can she look same as Samragni?

Nayak: even I’m not getting. But, that Ladoo is here from childhood it seems. She is born here. I enquired all village.

Mansi: so, let’s make our mission easy now.
Mansi and Nayak smirks.

Ladoo leaves a chain into the water sadly,
‘my dreams are shattered.’ She looks at the moon in water….

Precap: Laksh desperate search for Ragini which leads him to Ladoo…

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