Samjhota yah pyaar Swaragini episode 6 last episode

Hi guys!!! Thnx 4 ur support! I’m ending this here as its kinda boring and please do Read ” Swara Ragini Asha”.
Episode 6…
Ishita and Raman married each other… Laksh and Ragini’s plan worked in uniting Adarsh and swaadeenta, Rishi and Tanu… They made circumstances which made all these possible…
A year later…
Laksh and Ragini got married…
Adarsh and swaadeenta got a baby boy, Rishi and Tanu a girl…
But Swara still was single… She ran from herself… She didn’t want to hurt anyone… She marrying sanskar would really hurt Rishi and she didn’t want that to happen! She came to sanskar and…
Swara: sanskar !!
Sanskar: Swara! Please come!
Swara: I didn’t come here for accepting the request but to tell you that this marriage is not going to be my thing… Why don’t we be like what we were???
Sanskar: sure! Anything for you!
Swara is Still confused that she loves Rishi or sanskar…
Ishita too forgives Adarsh and accepts him as her friend!
Rishi forgives Swara and both become friends…
My story ends with Laksh Ragini Swara Adarsh ishita and Rishi posing for a selfie with props as they did 4 years back!!!
What do you think? Who does Swara love??? Rishi or sanskar???
What do you think Swara did? Samjhota yah pyaar??? Please let me know guys!!
Love you all

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  1. Princess…what was that? I did no understand if it was a happy ending or not…anyways…nice..Swara ne pyar toh shayad kiya hii nehi warns woh itna confused nehi hoti…maybe Samjhota..anyways..u should misunderstandings and probs getting cleared between friends…i like that…keep writing….come back with a new ff..??

    1. Sorry for disappointing you!!! But someone said that it was boring so I just stopped it. Did u see twilight movie? In that bella would love both Edward and Jacob so I thought like that!

      1. Yap I saw that movie but Bella and Edward they were the perfect ones….

  2. Too disappointed. ..didn’t think of an ending like this

  3. princess really it was shock that it is a last epi… bt anyways it ws good….. i thnk pyaaar…..

  4. Give an epilogue

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