Samjhota yah pyaar – Swaragini episode 2


Hey guys I hope you liked my first episode…
Ragini and Swara are not actually traditional types, both are like modern types…
Adarsh smiles seeing her… Ragini comes to Swara and…
Ragini: Swara? When is ishita di coming??
Swara: I think she is in her class.
Adarsh: ishita?? Oh ishita gadodia! She was in the office.
Swara: oh… Thanks Adarsh.
Ishita just then sees them and comes there…
Laksh: hey ishita!! How do u know these two???

Ishita: oh they are my cousins yaar!
They are gonna stay with me from now on.
Laksh: great!!!
They all go to their respective classes and after classes they meet at the parking lot….
Ishita, Swara and Ragini get in their car and they rush home… They plan to go out for dinner and they go… They go inside the restaurant… Ishita goes to Adarsh and hugs him and kisses his cheeks.
Swara: is he your…???

Ishita: yes of course!!!
Sanskar and Laksh also arrive there… They all sit together and have dinner…
Adarsh: actually Ragini you know what???
Ragini: hmmm
Adarsh: you look and behave like my mom…
Ragini: really???
Adarsh: hmm yup I miss her a lot she is not alive now…
Ragini: oh I’m sorry… Even our parents aren’t alive… They died in a plane crash 2 months back…
Ragini breaks down saying that … Laksh consoles her… Sanskar is still silent…
Swara: why is he always silent???
Laksh: he is a bookworm!!!
Sanskar: laksh??!!??

Swara liked sanskar from the start itself… They both spend much time together and Swara started making sanskar a cool and a stylish guy… Girls started falling for him… Sanskar helped Swara in her studies… Meanwhile…
Ragini and laksh started developing feelings towards each other…

********** the end ********

Thanks guys for giving ur time for reading my ff luv u all!!!

Credit to: Princess

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