Samjhota yah pyaar – Swaragini episode 1


SAMJHOTA YAH PYAAR??? Swaragini episode 1
Hey guys it’s me again princess! I guess no one is happy with the last one shot but I guess this would make better let’s see!! Please do comment!!!

1. Sanskar – sanskar
3. Laksh – Laksh
4. Swara – Swara
5. Ragini – Ragini
6. Adarsh – Adarsh from dehleez
7. Rishi – Rishi from kasam
8. Ishita – ishita from yhm

The story starts…
A guy is seen walking by the roadside…his lips are seen smiling… He thinks “how can I live without you Swara??”
2.5 years back…
The same guys is shown reading a book sitting near the fountain of a famous college in Kolkata… Yes guys it’s our sanskar… It was the Freshers day in their college… By his side were laksh, omi, Adarsh and Sanket. They were in the third year and they were waiting for their juniors to come… They rag many Freshers… Laksh and Sanskar see a beautiful girl at the same time… Laksh calls her… He asks her name…

Girl: I’m Swara… Swara gadodia.
Laksh: Swara? Nice name…
Swara: thanks…
She sees sanskar sitting and reading a book silently. She likes his silence…
Omi: so which class???
Swara:BBM 3rd year…
All together: 3RD YEAR??!!??
Sanskar smiles hearing that she is in his class.
Swara nods her head…
Laksh: why did you come to this college???
Swara: actually my sister joined here so…
The bell rings and all go to class…
While walking to the class sanskar keeps on staring at Swara… Swara notices this but doesn’t mind it…
They all sit together and listen the boring classes for 5 hours…
At lunch…
Swara: hey guys!! Can we join you???
Laksh: we???
Swara: Hmmmm. Ragini and me!
Laksh: oh!
Adarsh: ok where is she???
Swara points Ragini coming… Adarsh stares at her… Her beautiful face… Her beautiful eyes…

************ end of episode 1 ****

Please do comment guys I depend on your comments and do tell me to continue or not…
Love you all!!!❤️??

Credit to: Princess

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  1. When i saw the title….i thought its Eva…she said that she is going to start Samjhota 3 on 7th June..thought that she wanted to surprise us with this…koi nei…..nice intro….

    1. Srry I thought this was the correct title for my ff so I gave it…

  2. nice but ragini also lead na

    1. It’s about sanskar Swara and one more person but not Ragini sorry for hurting u I’ll write a new ff having Ragini the lead ok??? ???

  3. it was very short update yaar

  4. nyc.plz make it swasan

  5. Wow amazing… But where is Raman??

  6. Amazing intro . looking forward for 1 episode . Varsha is right . Where is Raman ????

  7. Sorry episode 2

  8. awesome but its short…..

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