Samjhota..Swaragini ka…Ek Naya Adhaye (Intezaar) Episode 5

Hello people…i plot is too confusing and kinda boring…..even this is going to me a 10 episode ff….so lets begin….
Its evening..Swara comes down and thinks of cooking something for Laksh……he is in the office….
Shee goes to the kitchen..
Swara:So…Mrs Swara Laksh Maheshwari…..get ready for mission Pacify Mr Laksh Maheshwari….Laksh’s fav no dessart…..actually let me cook kheer…he likes it……
Swara makes kheer..and keeps it the table..she is waiting for Laksh…its 12;30 am…..she sleeps keeping her head in the table….After half an hour…Laksh come from office….he is about to go to his room when he sees Swara sleeping….
Laksh:What is she doing here?
He sees 2 plates being covered..his hand touches a glass..and that makes a sound by which Swara wakes up…
Swara:Agaye tum…i was waiting for u….

Laksh:Did I ask u to wait for me? No na….and I had my dinner….
He turns back to go to his room..
Swara in mind:U couldn’t even see this much that I haven’t eaten anything…
Swara gets up from there and goes to her room…..she turns off the light and acts of sleeping….just then someone turns on the light….its Laksh…he has a plate in his hand…..
Laksh;Swara…see I know u r not sleeping….have your food…
Swara gets up….
Swara:I don’t want to eat and u don’t care about me na? Then why r u showing this fake concern?
Laksh:Yes u r correct…i don’t care about u but I do care about my child…..
Swara:Okay.. I will eat this..but I have a condition….
Laksh:What condition?
Swara:I made kheer for u..and I want u to eat it….
Laksh goes and brings kheer…
Laksh eats it..
Laksh:Ab khush?
Swara;No tell me how is it?

Swara is looking at him with so much curiosity to know his answer..
Laksh;Its good…
Swara;Hay? I made it with so much effort and u r just saying good?
Laksh:Its really tasty….now u eat your food…
She is about to eat but when looks at Laksh…
Swara:Nehi kha sakti..
Swara:Both my hands r burned
Laksh;How did u do that now?
Swara;Wohh…i was making kheer for u now..i touched the hot bowl of kheer…and…forget it..lets sleep..okay..?
She is about to lay down when Laksh stop her…
Laksh:u have to eat said that u should eat properly…
Swara:Patidev..i can’t eat..
Laksh:Fine..let me feed u okay?

Swara touches his forehead..
Laksh:What r u doing?
Swara:No I was seeing if u have fever or not…or if u r alright or not..cause…..u r…
Laksh:Just shut up and eat..
Swara makes a innocent face and eats from Laksh’s hand….and the Laksh goes to his couch…
Swara I a low voice:Laksh….i’m happy that u r changing….revenge won’t give anyone anything……if u take revenge then no one will be happy…..not u,or me or Ragini or Sanskar……i know Sanskar..if he would be here with u he wouldn’t had let u take any step for revenge….
Its morning…Laksh wakes up and see Swara missing from the bed…he goes and gets ready..and then comes down..he sees Swara standing a stool and taking out a jar from the shelf of the kitchen…..
Laksh;Yeh kabhi nehi sudregi….
He goes near her..
Laksh;Wht r u doing?
Swara:Playing cricket.wanna play?
Swara;I’m taking out that jar….but still my hand is not reaching it…
Laksh:U come down..I’ll get it…
Swara is about to jump..
Laksh:Pagal hogyi ho? U r planning of jumping?

Swara:Areh..i did it many my place…
Laksh:U weren’t pregnant then okay?
Swara:Bhul gayi..sorry….
She is getting down just then she slips but Laksh holds her…
Laksh:Why do u do this type of things? To annoy me na?
Swara:No…why would I do this intentionally?
Laksh:Agar mein nehi hota toh….
Swara:I know that u r with me…so I don’t need to take any tension…..
Swara gets down..Laksh is about to take the jar..just the Swara moves the stool a littleto scare Laksh..and the jar had flour in it…now both have become white as perfect ghost couple…

Laksh:Why did u move the stool?
Swara:I wanted to scare u…
Laksh:Now no need to scare me..cause we both r looking like ghosts….others would be scared of us….
They see each other..and starts laughing…
Swara’s pov..
I never saw him laughing…this is the first time I saw true happiness.and a innocent smile on his face….i know u r a nice human being…..but trying to hide your goodness from me…u r trying to hurt me..but u don’t let anyone else hurt me..u insult me but don’t let others insult me….u r really very different from what u r trying to show u r to me…Sanskar talked about u to me…..his Lucky is this..his Lucky is I understood that Laksh is Sanskar’s Lucky..but he said that ur really carefree, kinda flirt….who loves to live his life according to himself….who is very fun loving and talkative….but seems like u have changed…thats because u r unable to see your brother in that state…..he is in front of u bth doesn’t respond to u…he understands your loneliness..but can’t talk to u…..i understand your pain Laksh….and I promise both of u Sanskar and Laksh..that I will bring u both back…..

The scene shifts to Ragini….she takes out the photo..that photo is revealed to be Sanskar’s…
Rags;Were r u Sanskar? Why did u leave us? I don’t even know the reason..i could not even say this to that I love u……..I’m your best friend..and u left like this?
She cries holding his pic….
Scene: MM house…(After sometime)
Ragini enters MM house with her bag…….
Swara:U here?
Rgs:Yes..di jiju called me..he asked me to stay with u…unhone kaha ki app bohot ulte sidhe kaam karti ho unke absence me…so he asked me to stay here….

Swara in mind;Oh god…i have to keep Ragini and Laksh away..if anyone of them come to know the truth then…….

Precap:Not decided yet..

Credit to: Eva


      • Eva

        I believe u r an amazing writer…its easy to create swasan,swalak,ragsan or raglak ff..but very hard to create a ff with the main lead with someone else……and everyone liked it…..thats the best part…i loved Ragansh so much..and u know i was jumping in happiness when i saw your season 2….i always wanted to appreciate your writing…but never saw u replying to comments…so didn’t comment…so when got a chance..though of appreciating your writing….

  1. Fabulous as usual and ur story is not boring at all its so intetesting plz give atleast 25 eps plz i really loke ur ff its bot confusing also pls dont end with just 10 eps

  2. Wow its awesome..pls revel d truth nd if m nt wrong thn shanky n lucky both love swara na..ok nw waiting fr nxt part update soon

  3. Eva I like ur ffs….. I started to read it from former samjhota….. I knew u write ff on swasan swalak and ragsan…. Eventhough I am swasan fan I like each from your writings…. BT i think all ur swasan ff r short.. I have a reqst plzzz when u write another swasan ff make it long episodes.. I knw next u w’ll write a ragsan ff … Surely I w’ll also read it

    • Eva

      Most of my ffs r of 10 episodes…..and i promise..I’ll write long episodes when i write on swasan…….dr

  4. Another awesome episode, di you nailed it as always.I am Girl.My name is uma.I am using my brother id bcz he think I’m young for my own id.I am in 7th class.By the way, di you said that you are from Bangladesh, which city?.Bcz I am also Bangladeshi.I am from Sylhet . That’s good,now I can talk with you in Bengail also, can I? As usual waiting for nxt part.

  5. Eva .. It’s a very very cute update.. Wondering what’s gonna happen next.. I’ll sipport u and I wpildnt pressurise u to have more than 10 episodes.. It’s not at all confusy .. And and and nothing.. Just chillax and entertain us???

  6. And please I am just of 17 now so no need of di and all .. This is the first year of my college life .. M just 3 years elder to u so no formalities, di and all ..

  7. I am sure you must be thinking that how come so early I fubished my school life.. So I’ll tell u in India a chilis admitted in class 1 at 5 years of age.. Though now it ha been made a rule that children will go to class 1 from 6 years of age.. Last thing pls don’t call me Di otherwise otherwise otherwise otherwise I’ll stop reading ur ff..??

  8. pavani

    Nice one eva waiting that kam se kam ek ko tho patha chale(I mean for rag aur laksh) nd now I think laksh starts liking rag

  9. simran

    Cute episode…again amazing and able to guess what will happen next..but let it be a secret guess……all the best dear…loving it more and more…. 🙂 🙂

    • Eva

      Thank u Simran…and yes..about the guess….i love giving surprises..and i myself don’t know the future…..still lets see of your guess is correct or not…

  10. Anjali

    Awesome chapter eva….. loved it and eagerly waiting for sanskaar to get up….
    Sorry for the short comment but phy test tom Soo yeah….
    But can’t wait for next

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.