Samjhota..Swaragini ka…Ek Naya Adhaye (Intezaar) Episode 2

Hello people…i hope u liked the first episode of my ff… lets start the second episode…..
Its night….Swara gets ready in a silver colour saree….her hairs r open…she has put makeup inorde to hide the wound marks….she was looking really beautiful….
A car stops before MM residence…..
Swara goes near it and opens the door and sits in the front seat…
The man sitting on the driving seat:I don’t want u to create a scene there…its my business partner’s party..and its very important for me…understood?
Yes….its her cruel husband Laksh…
They reach the party venue….Laksh holds Swara tight…Laksh asked Swara to behave like a perfect that everyone thinks that they r a perfect couple…
Mr and Mrs Verma r the hosts of the party…they r business partners of Laksh…and today is their anniversary party…..

Mr Verma;Welcome Mr and Mrs Maheshwari…..
Laksh:Happy marriage anniversary Mr Verma and Mrs Verma…
Swara:Yes….Happy marriage Anniversary….
Mrs Verma:Thank u..btw..u got married recently right?
Laksh;Yes…..just a month before….
Mrs Verma:Whats your name?
Laksh:Her name is Swara…
Mrs;Let her answer Mr Maheshwari….
Laksh looks at Swara…
Mrs Verma:So….Swara…i hope u don’t mind me calling u Swara rather than Mrs Maheshwari….
Swara:I don’t mind….
Everyone is talking…Laksh is keeping Swara with himself….
Mrs Verma:Mr Maheshwarii..seems like u both love each other a lot…..thats why in the party even u both r always together…..god bless u both….Laksh looks at Swara angrily…
After sometime…all the couples r invited in the dance floor…..(as it’s an anniversary party)….

Ishq bulava song plays on…Mrs Verma asks them to dance as well…..Swalak unwillingly agree and go for dance….during this not even once Laksh looked at Swara….he was twirling Swara in a very harsh manner…she was about to fall when he held her by holding her waist…
Laksh:Don’t worry….tum meri izzat ho yaha..i won’t let u fall….i won’t let people taunt u… u r Mrs Laksh Maheshwari……your insult will be my insult…..
Just then Swara mistakenly steps on Laksh’s feet…
Laksh:What was that?
Swara:Sorry..Laksh..galti sehh hogaya…
Laksh:Ghar chalo..batata hu….
Swara gets more scared and steps on his another feet again…

Swara:Don’t scold me plz…..i get scared of u and step on your feet.,,,,,so if u don’t scold me then I will not be scared and I won’t step on your feet simple…
Swara in mind:Oh god….how come I talked to him like that? I’m scared on him right? How did I say all that so frankly? Now he will definitely slap me…
Laksh:Kitna bolti ho tum…just shut up..
Swara was actually surprised by his answer…..
The song ended….they were talking to everyone..actually only Laksh was….not Swara…just then he received a call and went out to talk….
2 guys see Swara alone..
Guy 1:Oh madam..u see to me alone……company chahiye?
Swara understands that they both r drunk..she is about to go when the other guy holds his hand….
Swara:Leave my hand….Swara is about to shout when she remembers Laksh saying not to create a scene….
Swara:I said leave my hand….
Just then someone comes and holds the guys hand who is holding Swara…..its Laksh…
Laksh:Leave her hand….
Guy 2:No I won’t…..whats your prob? Mind your own business…
Laksh;The girl whom u r misbehaving with is my wife…
Laksh gives a tight slap on that guy’s cheek….
Everyone turn to them….
Mr Verm:What happened Mr Maheshwari?

Laksh;He was misbehaving with my I slapped him…
Mr Verma;Oh who r u both and how did u enter this party..
Both the idiots r about to run when the watchmen catches them and after sometime police comes and takes them…
Swalak return home…..Swalak’s room
Swara;Thank u Laksh..for saving me…
Laksh;I don’t care about u okay? I only care about my reputation..and name which is now connected with u too…..
Swara:U r so selfish…..
He is about to slap her when she faints….
Laksh:Swara? U okay right?Swara

Precap:Not decided yet…..

People…about Swalak being the couple…..u never know…..the past may reveal many secrets which may change everyone’s life…..

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  1. Loving it….Eva plz keep it as swalak..

    1. Btw…. leaving pairs ….awesome …who cares about pairs…just keep doing well……

  2. Waiting for next episode yaar

  3. nyc episode

  4. After reading ur previous ff i actully dont care about pair i will read this ff chahe koi b couple ho… so plz keep posting

  5. What about Ragini??

  6. Nice pls reveal past soon

  7. awesome its good but next time onwards some more big ff plzzz

  8. nice epi n where is sanky n rags

  9. Nice Eva…this time I am gonna read ur ff in case of any pairs..I promise. If its swalak n ragsan, then it willbe my first off on those couples.. I give my words Eva,,I DONT CARE ABOUT COUPLE S ONLY IN UR FF..☺?

  10. Awww!! Awesome

  11. Awesome!!! I love it Eva, I also missed you, please continue, your stories are always amazing??

  12. Awesome?? your stories are mind blowing and epic, I loved it!?

  13. Wow its super..waiting fr nxt

  14. Awesome dear….

  15. Yea Eva.. I don’t intent to criticise u or something like that but one thing I wanna say that ur all stories are too God but when I read the viewers comment ,I feel bad for u because u always fall in trouble as u don’t tell the pairs… I still remember that in ur last ff first people thought that it’s swalak and they cheered for u and then when it took a turn and people considered swasan.. Swalakians sole bad about u and when u told that it would have both ragsan and swasan scenes then they declared that u do all this for gaining comment… At last when it eventually ended , u better know the results… Didn’t intend to make u feel bad … But a general suggestion from my side , do tell the pairs.. U must be thinking I am a despo or something like that but even in my school and college,, I am known as sensitive queen .. I can’t see anyone’s pain .. Most of the time I cried for others .. “Da!!! Really ” I am sure most of u would b thinking this but truth won’t change .. Coming back to the point I suggest u to tell the pairs otherwise u are an awesome super duper flawless writer and u will get loads and tons of comments from me if I get time… ONE MORE THING IF U R NOT THAT EVA SO I AM REALLY SORRY BECAUSE I GOT FLEW IN EMOTIONS OF SUGGESTIONS.. SO I HOPE U WILL REPLY WHATEVER THE CASE IS ..if u don’t want to tell , don’t tell .. No offence… It will be purely your and only your decision.. No criticisms you see.. All the best for next updates… May b I won’t comment later .
    Loads of best wishes from ur well wisher RIYA MALIK

    1. I’m that Eva..whom everyone criticised on her Samjhota Swaragini ka….many wrote that i played with their feelings and many said that i did everything for comments..but in my last episode…i answered each and everyone…i guess…because of that…people still remember my that ff…now they respect that ff…I’m glad that i changed many people’s view….now they read ffs for story and not couples….and about the results of that ff’s end….bashers were answered by my friends….my supporters….thank u so much for your suggestions….no hard feeling dear…I’m glad to find a well wisher like u….and about u being the known as the sensitive queen……thts a very virtue..that u can’t see anyone in pain…

  16. hey eva di…. i love ur ff’s they are so good… i love swalak…. am so mad about them… Plz make swalak realise their love… i want to see their love … plz

  17. ur wrong riya its good like this only it is mysterios u continue like this only eva
    i love ur ffs they are so good

  18. Its awsome….i loved it as always…guys a request don’t be a fan freak now….it creates boundaries for really hurts when people bash you again and again…so forget about the pairs..enjoy the story…..
    And Eva am eagerly waiting for next episode.. 🙂

  19. swaragini fan

    Really u r …………………….no words to describe you are the most favourite writer of maximum people. Eagerly waiting for nxt one.

  20. Fantastic……
    Again i would like 2 say love u n ur ff
    ur making me crazy yaar

  21. I lykd it…u r gr8.w8ng 4 more.

  22. Omg….
    I can’t wait…
    As I said it’s was the only swalak ff I’ve ever read… and so idc about the pairs in ur ff…
    I care more about ur plot and ur writing skills…btw I’ve answered ur an in the previous chapter….
    I really want you to write the whole story now and post it…bcos my tests continue from mom and I may not have time to keep checking…???
    Pls post asap

    1. I just realised I sounded like a 10 year old being an 18 year old…???
      Lol…remiss of me… but yeah… I meant all of the above said…
      And I meant btw I’ve answered your question in the prev episode…

  23. Hello Eva!! An awesome chapter again. U seriously rock!! Update asap

  24. Nyc..
    U r back Eva sis

  25. Eva! U made everyone care about the story not the pairs! From uhr previous ff, I just don’t care abt pair! Only the story line matters which is the best in uhr ff! Every time u come with amazing story line! Love uh fr that! 🙂

  26. Aww Eva that’s so so good and sweet of u .. And ha Eva count me in ur fav fans because if anyone dare to bash u , I am sure the person is going to be incredibly bashed by me for mistaking such a sweet personality.. Ans I am sure u gonna remember me too because of my long comment.. And I am sorry if I hurted u , as I said I never intend to do so
    Ur charming and charismatic personality has attracted me towards u and more will surely get attracted

    1. Awww..I’m very happy to get a friend and a supporter like u Riya…and yes..I will never forget u…..thats for sure..and yes..u r my well wisher….u did not hurt me by your comment…u thought about me…thats a lot dear…❤?? and yes…i like such people who think about others…so your personality is even very attractive…

  27. hi Eva.. i m new here..
    i didn’t understand 1 thing y lakshaya behave so rudely with her..?? n y swara saying that she want to meet sanskar one..??

  28. Hey EVA i m first time commenting on ur ff. I also read ur last ff but for that i was only silent reader but now i decide to comment. Nd abut story this story seems different nd interesting so gud luck for it

  29. People..I’m so happy that I could change your view…now u read for my story and not the couples…u have made my ff exceptional…thats an honor…love u all and thanks for the comments…so sorry could not reply to each and everyone….

  30. Amazing eva

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