Samjhota…..Swaragini ka….Episode 6


Hello people….I’m back with the 6th episode…..i hope u enjoy this…
The episode starts with Snskar returning to his room….he is thinking about what Uttara said….
San:Uttara toh kuch bhi keti hai….Sanskar forget what she said…
He reaches his room…and sees Swara sleeping peacefully and then again remembers what Uttara said……
San:u r my best friend……and now my wife too…i don’t know about love as a husband..but I really love my best friend…..
He goes to sleep…
Next morning….Swara thinks about taking to Sanskar and Ragini about them….she calls both of them to a café…
Rags:Y did u call us here? We could have talked at home…
Swara:No Ragini…we can’t talk about this at home….
Sanskar;So tell us what happened? Swara….
Swara:U both love each other?

Ragsan was shcked listening to a question..
Rags:Tum yeh ky akeherahi ho?
Swara:I know everything….u asked Sanskar to marry me..and now I want to move out between u…
Rags:No Swara…..
Swara:I don’t love Sanskar…..u do..and he too loves u..and I believe lover should always be together…
Sanskar:Will someone please listen to me? What do u sisters think of me? I mean….at first Ragini asked me to marry u and u……
Swara:But u love Ragini na?
Sanskar:I loved her…u see loved? But no I have no feelings for her..and Swara..i married u….u r my wife…my life partner….how can I leave u? Marriage is a sacred relation…..those 7 vows mean a lot to me in my life…so Mrs Swara and Ms Ragini….i will never leave Swara okay? Cause u r my wife…..

He leaves from there…
Swara;I’m sorry Ragini..but I know that he still loves u..and I will get u married to him…..
Sanskar is driving the car…
San:Why was I so angry when Swara asked me to leave her?
His inner voice:Cause she is your responsibility…
Another inner voice;No cause u love her…
Sanskar makes a hard brake listening to the word love…..

San:Love? Swara?No no….how can I love her? I mean yes I love her but only as a friend…and yes Sanskar…u can’t love her cause she only loves Laksh….
He reaches his office…..Swara calls him many times but he doesn’t take the call….At night he goes home……in his room….
Sanskar sees Swara sleeping….and then get a letter beside her pillow…
I have hurt u and I know that..but trust me I never wanted to hurt u…..U r my bestfriend…with whm I can share my feelings…who understands what I want without even saying..u r my fav person….being your bestfriend..i fnd it my responsibility to give u your happiness back….thats why I asked u to go back to Ragini….whom u love….i thought that I have come in between u bothand I can’t let lover to be separated…taht to because of me…..but I didn’t know that now this maariage is everything to u…so I’ll never bring this topic to u…i know I won’t be able to be awaken till u I’m writing this letter…sorry fr what happened today…
Sanskar smiles seeing this…

San:I’m sorry too Swara…I shouldn’t have spoken to u like that….
Its morning….
They all r done with their breakfast…
San:Swara….today I have an party…so will u accompany me?
Swara:Yeah….why not…..
San:I hope u don’t get bored there…
Swara:U r there with me na? So how will I be bored?
San:Fine Swara mate..
Swara goes to her room and sees a gift box..she opens it and sees a beautiful peach colour saree….and theres a note..
Swara…even I’m sorry…i shouldn’t had spoken to u like that….a small gift for my bestie…hope u like it….
Swara:Of course,…i liked it Sanskar……and I’m going to wear this saree at the party….
Its night…..Sanskar is waiting for Swara in the car….Swara comes there….and sits in the car….Sanskar is just seeing her.
Swara;Moti lagrahi hu na?
San:Swara…u r 7 and a half month how ccan u expect to be thin?
San:Btw…u r looking beautiful…

Swara;Thank u…
They reach the party venue….
They r welcomed by the hosts of that party…Mr and Mrs Raghuvanshi….they r enjoying the party….Sanskar goes to meet his office people and friends….
Swara actually starts feeling bored…..Sanskar is coming back to Swara when he sees some guys stairing Swara’s back…he sees that her blouse knot is opened……Sanskar gets angry and goes there and holds Swara from back…Swara is not understanding anything…
Mrs Raghuvanshi:Such a cute couple….
Swara give a fake smile as she doesn’t understand anything….Sanskar takes Swara to a room…
Swara:What happened? What were u doing there?
Sanskar turns her opposite the mirror and Swara sees her blouse’ knot is open in the mirror reflection….
Swara:Oh….thank u….
Swara tries to tie the knot..and she is unable…Sanskar helps her….when Sanskar was touching Swara’s back..she was feeling like and electric current passing through her…
Swara:Thanks once again…
San’s universal dialogue…:Dosti mein no sorry no thank u…….

Precap:Need to think…

People…u know me very well and my style too….i write for myself…to give my thoughts some words…i have never written for comments.There were days were I received only 3 comments…still I never gave up…..people r thinking that I’m playing with Swasan fans…if I would be actually then I wouldn’t have posted an entire episode with only swasan scenes… honest….do u want couple or their scenes? Swasan fans r going to enjoy it..and Laksh….his mystery will be solved…and about Ragsan….I’m being truthful….there will be Ragsan too maybe at the end part……and about Swalak..wohh..kahi na kahi toh milenge hi…..

Credit to: Eva

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  1. eva if its swasan then only i m going to read it…means they shud be united as a couple at last…they shud love each other,…

    1. 1 more thing even me too wrote lond episodes despite my hectic schedule when i got 2-3 comments…still i didnt gave up…n i completed that ff…i can understand…

  2. eva yaarrr plzzz make swalak na

  3. Loved it thank u

  4. Nice.. Dear Eva..u r really a very good writer..keep going..

  5. Amazing story Eva as i have already said that i sometimes also have to understand ur views and i respect ur views
    In short i just wanna say that i don’t want raglak as a couple soo plz don’t make raglak as couple and yaaa ur views are really nice .i m glad that u write for ur self not to get more and more comments
    im glad that ure not greedy for comment
    atlast it is amazing story

  6. I enjoyed the episode but in the end when read ur comments got disappointed. Marriage is a scared relation and should not be played as a game that’s what I can say..

    Anyways it js ur ff u know it better what is the story.. So will wait n watch.

  7. Hmm nt happy missing rag san but still reading with a hope that aaj nahi thoo kal thum unhe milavogii

  8. No plz no rags an & swalak only swasan plz try them once Eva…
    U didn’t try even once plz

  9. Its awesome dear…

  10. it is superb , you just don’t take some comments to heart u are an awesome writer just continue……..:-)

  11. stop this ragsan drama plz bcoz it just doesn’t suits the story …bring other guy for ragini n laksh let him go to hell

    1. nitya mind ur tongue

  12. LOVED IT…………..

  13. Wow nice epesode..i like swasan part

  14. No worries di….everyone have they will write comments..both good and bad….use the good ones as appreciation nd bad ones as strength…..I’m a swalak fan.still reading your ff…cause your story lines r always amazing…love u….

  15. The way you’re story is being told
    Swasan seems to be the pair that suits the plot more

  16. With your story’s plot Swasan seems to be a better fit than Ragsan or Swalak – just an opinion

  17. eva plz swasan shud be a pair at last pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i luv their pair

  18. How can sanky like both of them at the same time?

    1. U see Sanskar himself told that he loved Ragini…LOVED……

  19. i hatet it i want ragsan plz plz its ok i will not disturb u

  20. Apurva Desai

    plz yaar swasan I don’t like swalak…..

  21. Hey its awesome..jus luv it waiting fr nxt

  22. Make it swasan and ragini with some other guy
    And keep going

  23. I am really confused, how can sanskar love both of them,he said he loved ragini but he loves swara now then how come u make ragsan at last,? I’m really sorry if I hurt u but plz make it swasan at last,it suits to ur story .

  24. Eva dear plz if ur done with ragsan as leads then please don’t make swalak at last.

  25. Dear eva thanks for the lovely swasan part today being a swasan fan I just loved it.

  26. Eva I think I knw what u r doing. U r gonna make swasan fall in love but then laksh will come back and for ragini’s happiness swara will tell sanky to marry ragini and then both ragsan and swalak will be in leaving in samjhota as ur ff name. U r only gonna make ragsan together by marriage so u can make ragsan readers happy but ur not gonna make them together by heart. Sorry if I hurt u. But I think ur story is going to be like that.

  27. Dont be disappointed yar… Its jst Amazing.. Continue soon.. U go with your flow yar…
    But only want to see SwaSan as a couple…

  28. The turns in ur story will suit on swasan plzz try them as a couple…

  29. Swasan suits for ur story not ragsan or swalak. It may hurt some fans but it is truth.

  30. i know swara will give birth to a baby nd she will die…..then she will tell ragsan to get married….so at last this will be a ragsan story…..for that u can say it straightly as ragsan ff…..we need swasan as a couple not just their scenes…..its ur ff ur wish to write what u want bt pls b clr about ur pairs that it…..ragsan r swasan we need them as pairs not just scenes….now i m sure it will b ragsan ff…..thanks for hurting

    1. Such a couple freak u r…I mean…y r u so rude? For people like u couples only matter not stories….then why don’t u watch the serial only….stick to that story……thats happy with that…no need to read ff..cause ff’s stories r important and not there couples…..and its people like u who don’t see a writer’s hardwork and pass such comments….u hurt writers…and them….if u want to know about the couples….the continue reading….don’t force her to tell the couples….and yes…i read your comment on the previous episode…u said that ur not going to read it…then now y r u back? To bash the writers?

  31. Eva plzz do what u like. I will read ur ff

  32. There is one request if u want ragsan as couple u can make it but don’t make swalak as couple.

    1. It’s kk with us if u any couple we surely read but plzzz don’t choose swalak and raglak.

  33. Please make swasan onlyt till the last

  34. its really awesome, sanskar fell fr swara

  35. Plz.swasan as couple n some cute husband wife moments and care for baby n swara by sanskar

  36. Eva..i will read ur ff..this is bcoz the couples rnt d matter..we must b concerned with d story..i think d readers must think of d content frst..Why to always stick to a particular couple..yes..last time i had commentd as u hd askd bout d pairs dt swasan sud b united as they r in sacred bonding..but after all..its ur story..u only write d way u hv to write it..we the readers must also c d hard work c is doing to produce such a nice story..y bargain with her regarding couples?? Enjoy reading it or dont at all read it..readers must mk it a point..

  37. Nive stry…. Guys just enjoy stry y u bother about couple so much

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