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Samjhota…..Swaragini ka….Episode 5


Hello people….I know u all r super excited to know about the couples… I have this news for u…that as I have received very few comments on Raglak….i won’t be making their couple..and it also doesn’t look good cause Swara is pregnant with Laksh’s child….swasan,swalak and Ragsan…these three were majority’s demand and for the first time….swalak,swasan and ragsan got the same amount of votes…… I have planned my ff in such a way that there will be swalak,swasan as well as Ragsan…..i know u all r thinking how will I do that…but trust me..Ragsan, swalak and swasan fans…u r going to love it….and yes…its gonna be a 8-10 episode ff…

Swara is in her room…Its her 7th month…..she is having pokode and has kept the bowl in her tummy…..Sanskar comes there and starts laughing…
Swara;Aeee..y r u laughing?
Sanksar:See your tummy…its no less than a football….
Swara:Sanskar Maheshwari…..
Sanskar;Yes..Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari?
Swara felt surprised listening to this…..
Swara;How can u compare my tummy to a football? I’m pregnant..and in pregnancy all the women get fat okay?
Sanskar;I know that…
Swara:Tum kabhi pregnant nehi huye na…isiliye yeh kehrahe ho….
Sanskar;Oh come on can I be pregnant ever?
Swara:Oh ha….duq horaha hai?
Sanskar makes a funny face….
Swara:Wait a min…
San:What happened? U okay?
San:Wht baby?
Swa:It kicked…
San:What? kicked…..
San keeps his hand on her tummy….
San:Swara… kicked…..
Swara starts laughing seeing Sanskar’s expression….
Sanskar is mesmerized seeing her laughing….actually he never noticed that Swara’s smile is so beautiful…..

It’s the next day….
Its Pari and Adarsh’s wedding anniversary…so there’s a party at home…everyone’s enjoying the party when Uttara makes an announcement…
Uttara:I request all the couples to come to do a couple dance…
Evryone is dancing…..Isqh bulava song plays on….
Swara remembers all her moments with Laksh….she has some tears in her eyes ,Sanskar sees this…
San:May I please dance wth u?
Swara:No..I’m not feeling like to dance…
San:I’m your bestie…how can u say no to me?

They start dancing……….
Sanskar starts thinkin about his moments with Swara and Ragini..
Swara calls him..
Swra:Kaha khogaye?
Ragini sees their dance and comes out crying….
Sanskar sees this and follows her…
Sanskar;Ruko Ragini…
Rags:What happened Sanskar?
San:U tel me what happened?y u came here leaving the party?
Rags:Cause..i was feeling sick…
San:Of seeing me with Swara?
Rags:oFcourse not…
San;I don’t understand u….it was u who asked me to marry Swara.and now when I’m trying to accept her u r doing this…
Rags:What am I doing?
Rags:No…I’m not crying
San:Do whatever u want…i don’t care
Swara sees them together from a window of their house nd gets very happy….as she can’t there their talk…she did not understand that they r fighting….
Swaa;My dear sis and friend….i won’t let u do such a big blunder by forgetting eachother….
Sanskar is in the terrace….Party is over….Uttara comes there…
Utt:Bhai…u here at this time?
San:Nind nehi arhi hai…
Utt:Any prob bhai?
San:No….Uttara..can u answer my question….i have a friend….he is in a big trouble….one side is his friendship and other side is love….who should he choose?
Utt:Bhai..I’m not that experienced….but I can say that its not your friends situation but yours…..
San:Nehi wohh…
Utt:Bhai…u yourself told me that u love Ragini..and u got married to Swara Bhabhi……now Swara bhabi is your best friend and Ragini is your love…..but this time answer my question….bhai…u always said that u love Ragini….Swara is your best friend..but u never said this to her…why? Whnever Swara used to talk about Laksh bhai and her love story..u used to get angry..i clearly remember their wedding day….u were not there…..maybe because u couldn’t see Swara bhabi’s marriage….u always liked Ragini..because she was cool,free minded,a girl of your type modern… tell me….kabhi kabhi toh mujhe yeh lagta hai ki ap Swara bhabi seh hi pyar krte ho…..(Sarcastically)

Precap:More Ragsan and Swasan scenes…..

Credit to: Eva

  1. swalak and ragsan

  2. ragsan plz there is many ff of swasan plz make it ragsan

  3. i am silent reader today i am commenting because i want ragsan plz plz

  4. it is boring to read swasan lz make ragsan

  5. i want swalak and ragsan plz eve plz plz

  6. till yet i ‘m silent reader.. whenever i see voting in ff i really felt hurt.. its ur ff and ur idea so pls decide pair by urself.. if u do so then thr ‘l be no hurtings.. its my humble request to all ff writers.. i ‘m sry if my words hurt anyone..

    1. Exactly, voting is not a good option to select affects the readers a lot…

  7. eva plz make ragsan as the pair plz plz. i’m big fan of ur ff and i’m sad for ragini ragini is my favourate if u didnt make ragsan as pair but dont do raglak as pair. bcz i hate laksh now a days and plz make a new entry for ragini. i think u are going to do swasan as a pair according to uttaras and sanskar conversation. thats why i said that make a new entry

  8. plzz………….make it ragsan and unite swalak

  9. damn it…pls tell d pair so dat we can leave dis ff…nw its clear dat its ragini sanskar which i hate most….nd pls stop playing with readers….blo*dy hell……u want comments na den i commented tell d pairs……or continue to play with readers emotios till end of ur ragini nd sanskars ff………..bye

    1. Piya that’s too rude of u it’s ur choice u read it or not ….but writing such things shows ur mentality

  10. its so confusing …the story suit much for swasan …so u can’t make it for all pairs …swasan are awesome

  11. Plss sansan na btw great epi thank u

  12. How it is possible sanskar loves ragini nd than care towards swara nd how can sqara fall in love with sanskar

  13. i hate u eva if it swasan ok u continue i will not read ur ff
    i want ragsan
    srry to hurt u eva

  14. Hey eva ur story is really good i love it allur ff .i hate u too swaraginithi ki kahani and this one all are awesome..dear please continue the way u have planned yyour way…u are a awesome writer…whatever may be the pair .i love ur ff a lot…

  15. Eva ú r awesome writer don’t listen to the ones who criticize u….let them do we can’t change someone’s thinking….we all who have read all ur ffs know we’ll about u that u r not going to do cheating at least not for comments.u just keep ur good work…and never worry about others…if u make it swalak and ragsan or u make swasan I’m never going to leave ur ur 1 comment and 1 fan for every episode is fixed and no one can change it…..

    1. Shloka…I am also feeling same yaar…like everyone I also have my own favorite pairs… But more than pairs I loved Eva’s ff..her story lines… Plz guys.. Plz try to understand…
      So Eva…don’t worry.. I am also here to support u…dear..

  16. I just want to say one thing..marriage is a sacred relationship…please don’t make fun of it by separating swasan…a humble request..if you had shown ragsan as married couple, i would’ve said the same..i feel genuinity in ur ff n i’m a big fan of i hate u too…but decision is yours..afterall it’s your ff…sorry if i offended you…

  17. Plz make it swasan

  18. Please make it ragsan an me Swalak and I honestly don’t want sanskar to fall in love with Swara because he loves ragini and how can he love two girls at a time. Swara is pregenet with Lakshya child and Swara still loves lucky and she wants to unite ragsan so please make it ragsan and Swalak

  19. ya swalak and ragsan please

  20. Ab shadi ho gai he to swasan hi rakho n ragini k liye new entry pls pls pls

  21. eva i dont care pairs i like ur stry so much ur 2ff n this one
    one request dont make swalak as laksh left her when she needs him.. ragsan or swasan is ur choice

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