Samjhota…..Swaragini ka….Episode 4

Hello people..I’m so confused about the couples….now I’ll do voting..the couple who wins will be the shown in my ff…..please write your choice….and yes…
1)Swalak and Ragsan
2)Ragsan and Swara with some other guy….
3)Swasan and Raglak
4)Swasan and Ragini with some other guy….
So lets begin……and yes please don’t write against any that may hurt others….thats a request…
The episode starts with Swara making a plan to unite Ragini and Sanskar….she is at home….Swara calls Ragini…
Swara:Hello Ragini…will u accompany me for shopping?

Rags:U going alone?
Swara:No..Sanskar will be there…..
Rags:Then..I’m not coming as he is there to take care of u……
Swara:Ragini….u have to come for my sake……thats it…no further discussion….
Swara calls Sanskar and also persuades him to come…..
Swaragsan meet at the mall….
Sanskar;I know..u both have called me to carry your shopping bads….
Swaragini starts laughing…
Swara:well yeah….chalo kuli……
Swara starts seeing some sarees..but she doesn’t like any of them…
Swara:Oh…u both help me please….
Ragsan start seeing the sarees…and both coincidentally like one saree…
Swara:Awww..your choices r even similar…
Swara:Okay….u both go and pay the bill..I’ll wait here….
Rags:No…I’ll stay with u…
Swara:Ragini…we did a lot of shopping…and our kuli won’t be able to carry so many bags u go…

Sanskar makes a funny face….
Ragsan r in the cash counter….suddenly a man comes there…
Man:Hello Mr Sanskar Maheshwari……
San:Oh Mr Mehra..u here?
Mehra:Yes…with my wife….meet her my wife Meeta…
San:Hello Mrs Mehra…
Mita:Hello…so she is your wife?
Mehra:Of course..yehi hogi na…..u both r a wonderful couple…
Swara comes there…she is listening to all this from a distance and smiling….
Sanskar sees her…
Sanskar:No…she is not my wife Mr Mehra….thats my wife Swara Sanskar Maheshwari…..
Now Swara had to come…
Rags:And I’m Swara’s sister Ragini…
Mita:Sorry..we thought….
Swara:No prob…..

Mita sees Swara’s tummy:Congratulations Mrs Maheshwari….
Swara:Thank u….
Mita:U both look very good together…..such a cute family..i must say…
Ragini is kinda hurt by her words…
Rags;I’m leaving…I have some work Swara…
Swara understands that she is feeling jealous….
Swara:Yeah..u go….Sanskar is there with me…
Mita:Aww…u r going cause u want your sister and your jiju to spend sometime alone…thats so sweet….
Location:MM house…
Swara is going upstairs..but she slips…no worries cause Sanskar caught her at the right time….
Sanskar;Swara……dheyan kaha hai tumhara?
Sanskar:How can u be so careless?
Swara;Sorry na….
Swara is about to go when she stumbles….
Sans:U okay?

Swara:No..paro meh sujan agayi hai na…
Swara is about to go when Sanskar stops her and icks her in his arms…..

Precap:No precap….

People..just asking u one question…was my Swaraginiti ki kahani and I hate u too that bad that people find it hard to tolerate it? I read some comments in other ffs….they said that it was really hard to tolerate my ff……if that’s so then this will be my last ff….my decision depends on u all…if u like my stories..only then I’ll continue writing ffs….to be honest…i respect every couple..and all their fans sentiments…..

Credit to: Eva


  1. Dhara

    My choice is option 4. I liked it I hate u too n sorry can’t comment on swaraginito ki kahani as i didn’t read it.

  2. swasantha

    Hey dear… I read all ur ff and they are really good. So don’t worry.
    Ragsan and Swara with someone else is my suggestion…

  3. kriya

    i love ur ff its really interesting n ur other ff like swaragniti ki kahaani n i hate u too its awesome i cant describe it n plzzzzz make more ff u r a good writer n make pair as ragsan n swara with some other guy plzzzzz……..

  4. Hi chill they bith r good and do it swalak and ragsan
    Laksh should understand his mistake and come back to swara because of laksh here 3 people are suffereing thats not good

  5. Lila

    Ragsan and swalak. But eva i knw swasan fans are gonna win. And this will turn in to another swasan ff. I just wanted it to be ragsan cuz there are so less of ragsan ff and so many of swasan ff that pages are filled with their ff. All the best for ur story. I dont mean to be rude. But I still have this 5% of belief that u would do ragsan.

    • Lila

      Also eva ur other 2 ff were superb…amazing….awesome. plz dont be let down by one. People dont knw what they are saying. They are just jealous.

  6. sneha

    It is good but please make pair of swasan dont separate them. & make ragini’s pair with other one.

  7. rishita

    Eva don’t even think this….if some don’t like it .let it be who cares…u r the best writer no doubt.just continue your good work.
    If we won’t be liking then why will we be so anxious for ff.always waiting for it.
    So just chill.u r probably one of the best writers.
    And my vote goes to swalak and ragsan

  8. don’t tell like i just loved i hate you too really that was fab and even this …. coming to the pairs 1 or 2 because ragsan already love each other so it will be not good to separate them , if you choose between 1 and 2 , then you can justify to your track and by asking votes everyone will suggest their fav pairs but you shud choose them according to the story line and this is my opinion , i hope it didn’t hurt…. the decision is yours and don’t even think to quit writing , please ….. i just like your ff a lot so please…….:-)………….waiting for nextttttt

  9. Anu

    My vote on 4 swasan nd ràgini with some other guy
    Nd dear I have not read your other two ff one part mainly I have read because its of ragsan but your storyline is gud don’t stop because of some readers may be they have said it because they r swasan nd raglak fans so don’t feel sad

  10. shloka

    U know I have already told u that I’m mad about your ff.don’t worry about what others say.u r best.u r my inspiration for writing ff
    Bytheway my vote goes to options1 and 2

  11. Jhanvi

    Eva I love ur both the gf especially I hate u too so dont get sad plzz. And ya swalak and ragsan plzz. As ragsan love each other

  12. Reethi

    No yar don’t say that plz don’t close ur ff.I love ur ff.plz don’t do that. N nice episode

  13. Sweetie pie

    1) Swalak and ragsan . Please.
    There are many ff on Raglak and Swasan but very few on Swalak and ragsan

  14. abi

    i want swasan nd ragini with other guy…..option 4……when u will disclose ur pairs… i know ur ff will be ragsan….though i commented…..pls reveal d pairs…..if it s ragsan i wont read….bcoz i cant c dem as pairs…..i have not read any ragsan ff… i m not saying dis n ur ff alone nd i m not blackmailing also…..i know dis one comment alone will not hurt u…..

  15. Aeisha

    Hy …EVA…
    IM silent reader..but ur word made me 2 comment ..please dont hurt urself frm others words…
    u r doing a great job…
    It is not a easy tasks 2 write ff.., u r doing best.
    And please update i hate u too bez i love 2 read ur ff..
    and fr This ff pair i choose 3/4 …
    sorry fr mistake bez im not comfortable in typing…bez of my mobile…

  16. Make swasan nd new guy fr ragini..nd in swaras plan fr unite ragsan back fired on swara nd swara nd sanskar both fall fr each make nice pls

  17. S priya

    Hey no no eva I’m big fan of ur I hate u too…for t first time I’m commentin in fanfiction…so plz don’t think abt -ve cmnts…nd ya already swara carrying laksh baby so raglak won’t b gud…I want ragsan …bcoz I’m big fan of ragsan I nvr left ragsan ff…… But unfortunately. Swasan got married so make it swasan nd ragini wit some other guy…

  18. anu

    Eva … Plz make swasan & ragini with some other… Actually I’m a silent reader… Its my first comment for an off…. Plzz plzzz plzzz… I’m eagerly waiting for your ff of swasan… B’coz ur earlier is about swalak and ragsan.. Fingers crozzed… Plzzzz


  19. Swasan and raglak. Make laksh realise his mistake and fall for ragini . And also make swasan fall for each other pls eva its request. only love swasan . If u want you may start story of ragsan differently . Please only swasan and raglak

  20. Alisha

    Swasan yrr plzzzz…..Make it swasan n ragini wid sum other guy…..Make it luv aftr marriage n someone else enters ragini’s lyf n makes it happening n back to before….

  21. Venni

    Eva plz dnt do voting
    bcz swasan wn definitely
    there r less ragsan ffs
    plz make ragsan,swalak
    it is my humble request plz..nd i m sry

  22. panchi

    Plz swasan…. I love ur writing I want to read ur swasan concept…. u have earlier done ragsan plz this tym swasan

  23. No No Eva they must have said that ure a wonderful writer its hard ignore ur ff
    plzz don’t stop yrrr plzzzz don’t
    well as ur option i want swalak as couple but in btw swara wid another guy going to married chosen by her family but atlast lucky came and realaise his mistak and in end time swalalk get married
    i know its little bit confusing pr itna toh chlta hai na

    and yaaaaaa plzz don’t stop writing don’t break swalak hearts……..

  24. Tanvesha

    Swaragnithi ki kahani n I hate u too, both wer amazing..! N It shud b swasan n raglak ..keep writing, u write well.. 🙂 n update asap

  25. ur are an awsome writer,
    when i got to know u have other ff, i started reading them, they are awesome…..
    i dont care about ragsan or swasan but pls laksh doesn’t deserve any girl…

  26. Venni

    I hate u 2 s one of my fav ragsan ff i jst loved it,im also rd Swaraginiti ki kahani also
    dnt think dat u r bad..ur awesome writer

  27. Shirin

    I would love it if you will make it swalak and ragsan and eva can you tell me some ffs which are swalak and ragsan as i want to read them

  28. Janu

    Im silent reader of ur ffs
    i hate u too,Swaraginiti ki kahani r awesome
    this one also die hart fan of ragsan plz dnt separate them
    my vote ragsan swalak

  29. Anjali

    As I said before eva….the only swalak story I read was urs…I hate you too was simply amazing ..being so young, you managed to delight us with ur words….don’t worry about the comments…as long as ur happy with what you’ve written, it’ll be perfect….
    Coming to pairs, obviously ill choose swasan but i particularly want 4….but remember write what suits you…not what suits others.

  30. Anu

    SwaSan plsssss….. Ragini with some other guy or else laksh….

    If by chance u prefer ragsan then Swara with some other guy…

    But i prefer SwaSan to be together….

  31. sarah

    No dea ….ua both ff r very nce….dnt wry. abt others….it’s ua choice to decide abt pair….I thnk many of thm liked it…so chilll….am fan of ragsan bt in this ff….swarasan got mrd so let it be….nd bring sme on for rag …

  32. Pranami

    First of all, i want to say that i’m a big fan of i hate u too..?? and In this ff, I would go for No. 3…because swasan are already married and it won’t be nice to seperate a married now, developing love between them would be interesting and i wish if you can do some magic between raglak..??

  33. Joona

    I just loved ur all me..I really mean it.. So don’t ever stop writing.. Today’s episode was good…
    My vote is for option 2…
    Please make ragsan and swara with someone…

  34. sanya

    Plzzzzz make IT swasan bec. They Are maried now and raglak and make laksh mamory loss and make hin responsibel

  35. ujjyaini

    Hey Eva I am a silent reader commenting for the first time . . and I think u should make swasan and ragini with some other person .. Coz u have already shown swasan as a married couple and marriage is a very sacred relation and swara needs someone to support and swara forgiving laksh or ragini falling for laksh both a not good .. And people do forget their love and fall for their partners after marriage and u said swasan are bffs so it won’t be tough to make them fall in love and ragini can move on if she gets someone good it would be hard but not impossible. So u can go with the 4 option and then again ur other ffs were on ragsan and swalak so u should try something new …. It was just an opinion …

  36. anu4875

    3 or 4 okk……..i lyk i hate you too …….its nice yaar….it s one of my fav ff……..but dont know about swaraginiti ki kahani………….i am d 53 rd one 2 comment here………i dont think u r a bad writer……if u r bad writer u wont get 50+ replies…… keep writing…..

  37. sugni

    Hi Eva,

    I am a silent reader and this is the first time am commenting. You are a fab writer and yeah there will always be positive as well as negative as each and everyone has their own point of view but that doesn’t mean you should change for others ? soo Pls continue as u wish…. Also I just loved your swaraginiti and I hate u too…. I was always a fan of ragsan and u made me love them even more?? atlast the decision is in ur hands?

  38. atiya

    hey eva i read all ur ff’s plzzzz make swalal not like a boring saas bahu serials i want u to make laksh realize his mistake and come back to swara i jst hate d thing which separate two lovers plzzz swalak and ragsan and dnt decide d paors by voting plzzz make swalak

  39. Swasan n ragini with some other boy,please make like this coz I’m a die hard fan of swasan I can’t imagine swara without sanskar.

  40. priyanka

    No ragsan….pls swasan and other guy for ragini….pls swasan as sanky has supported her in her bad times….pls swasan …swasan…swasan

  41. K

    Who the hell said that I m a big fan of your ffs u write ragsan so well I specially wait for it ff those who say this don’t have a good taste u dare not stop writing okay I always wait for it ffs u r so creative so unique ideas I m in love with it ffs

  42. Lila

    I am do happy to see so many ragsan fans. I thot therewere less but after reading the comments I am soooo happy. I hope ragsan and swalak win

  43. I was a silent reader of ur ff…First time iam commenting..That too for my fav ragsan and swalak.pls ragsan swalak pls

  44. Iam a swasan fan…still I vote for ragsan swalak..
    Because swara is having laksh’s baby pls make laksh good and everythingswaraa misunderstanding. .Just a suggestion.

  45. Eva…you all the ffs were wonderful..I was a silent reader of I hate u too and swaraginiti ki kahani.Me too read the comment written by someone (negative comment).I think it was in ff life full of love.Anyway i wanna say you that your staries are wonderful and one more thing that person said like that because both were ragsan,swalak ff.And that person was a swasan fan.Thats why she told like that.Iam a ragsan swalak fan and my vote goes for them.But even if you make swasan also i will read the ff.And lastly,if you stop your ff…i will come to the place where you are and will kill you,…got it!?so don’t ever say like that.

  46. Today only i start reading your ff.Its wonderful.I actually checked the ff by seeing above 100 comments.So its voting for pairs.After reading i think ragini n sanskar
    and swara and laksh should be together.

  47. meghs

    eva how can u say ur ff bad.
    am fan of swasan but i really enjoyed ur both ff swala n ragsan pair… u know for me pairs never matters i like ur stry so i read whatever couple may be…

  48. preethi

    swalak n ragsan plz . u know i am great fan of ur ff’s really i love ragsan so i love both the ff’s n now this one also .

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