Samjhota Swara aur Sanskaar Ka (Hisaab Barabar) Episode 5


Hello everyone…..i’m back with another new chapter of Samjhota season 3………..this is the 5th chapter..i have no guess ki Telly updates kya kar rahi previous chapter was chapter this is chapter 5

Recap:Sanskar gets to know that Swara is pregnant..and also a widow…
Swara is in her room….she looks at Laksh’s asthi kalash….and holds it…
Swara;Laksh….till now i have been handling Khanna group of Industries only(Swara’s own company)….that was my bade papa has given me the responsibility of Maheshwari company’s project..i’m trying my best to fulfil your responsibilities too….
She receives DP calls…
Swara:Bade papa…i made a presentation….and i have mailed it to u…please check it..i’m going to present it only if u approve it…
DP:U made it na?So i’m sure..that the clients will like it…
Swara;Bade papa….this is my first work for Maheshwari company…that’s why….
DP:Beta…i have no doubt on your work….all the best..
Swara;Thank u Bade papa…
Dp:And yes…Adarsh,Pari Uttara r also coming to India….
Swara:Oh..thik hai bade papa…..bye…
Dp:Bye bête…
Swara:Parineeta bhabi?(She keeps her palm on her forehead)Uttara di is also coming..she will save me… now i’m free…and feeling bored too…toh kya karu??Haaa…..baccho seh jakee mil leti hu..

Swara leaves for the orphanage….but is quite surprised seeing the quietness there……as “KIDS” live there…it’s hard to find that place quiet…a lady was passing by….Swara calls “Champa aunty”(She is one of the staff of the orphanage)
Champa:Haji beta boliye..
Swara:Where r all the kids?No one is in the garden too…
Champa:Beta….chote malik ke saath hai sab..(everyone’s with chote malik….)Yesterday he got ill as he drenched in rain…that too for hours…patanehi aisa kya huya ki woh itni baar barish mein khade rahe…
Swara remembers her conversation with Sanskar..and looks on confused…
Scene:A room in the orphanage….
All the kids have surrounded Sanskar’s bed…Swara comes there…Champa asks all the kids to come for lunch….the kids leave…there is just 3 things in that room..Swara,Sanskar and silence..Sanskar tries to take the jug of water,just then Swara comes there and gives him water…
Swara:If u ask me for water then i won’t say a NO…
Sanskar drinks water….and looks at Swara innocently..
Swara;Why r u looking at me?Barish mein ghante bhar kyu rahe?
Sanskar:Wohh..umm…i was just enjoying….
Swara:Abhitak enjoy kar rahe ho…i can see that..
Sanskar starts sneezing…Swara places her palm on his forehead…to check if he has fever or not…
She brings a bowl of water and then took her handkerchief from her bag….She was dipping it and placed it on his forehead….and Sanskar..he was continuously looking at Swara…
Sanskar: Do u believe in first love being the last love?
Swara looks at him giving a look of u-r-impossible look..
Swara:U r having fever..and u r talking about love?
Sanskar:Plz bolo…answer my question..
Swara:i believe in true love being the last love..khush?
Sanskar:Now…will u ever move on n your life?
Swara:That’s none of your concern…mind your own business…
Sanskar: Your husband was your first love….now do u think u won’t be able to love anyone else?
Swara:I’m leaving…
Sanskar holds her hand…

Sanskar:Do u believe in fate?
Swara:Leave my hand Sanskar..
Sanskar leaves her hand and smiles at her..Swara is leaving…
Sanskar:That means u believe in fate….last thing…tell me this much…ki do u believe in love?
Swara:Love is the most powerful thing in this world….and i believe it..just because i don’t have the love of my life beside me doesn;t mean that i lost trust from the word called love….i have my family members..i parents..who i love….so yes..i still believe in love…
Swara leaves..
Sanskar:U believe in fate….that means…even now u have hope in your life…u believe in love..that means u can love someone again…ok ok i’m not sure par hope toh hai……yayyyyy….weise bhi…meeting u was my fate,becoming your friend was my choice but falling in love with u was beyond my control…
Sanskar stand on the bed….and starts jumping…..and suddenly holds his head…
Sanskar:Calm down Mr Sanskar Maheshwari….u got some hope only…u r not sure about anything….koi nehi pyar kiya hai toh sabkuch samhal pa toh padegahi..yess……i love u miss latterpatter…after Swara left.. even i thought that i won’t be able to love anyone…..but i found u…fate doesn’t care about your plans….aj samajaya iska matlab,….
Its evening…Sanskar sees Swara looking that the sunset..
Sanskar;Admiring the beauty of nature huh?
Swara looks at him and then turns her face..meaning she is trying to ignore him..
Sanskar:Gussah ho?
Swara is about to leave when she hears “Rukiye plz….aur maaf kardije haame” Swara turns back…she doesn’t find him…
Sanskar;Haam yaha haii…
Swara looks down…
Sanskar is sitting on his knees holding his ears…
Sanskar:Pehle kaho that u have forgiven me..
Swara;Haha….i have forgiven u…utho abb…
Sanskar:Kya app hamseh dosti karoge?
Swara:Pehle utho..
Sanskar gets up…
Sanskar:Boliye na…
Sanskar forwards his hand:Plz accept my friendship
Swara smiles and shakes her hand with his….
Swara:Friendship proposal accepted….
Swara is about to leave…..just then Sanskar shouts:Dst..apna naam toh batate jaiye…
Swara turns saying Miss Latterpatter…and smiles..and again starts leaving…
Sanskar:Nehi yeh toh janti hu…asli wala bataiye….
Swara:Latterpatter hi bulaiye….

Precap:Swara VS Pari..

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  1. Sree

    Awesome ep???. Sanskar loves Swara??? wah ..
    Precap bohot accha hai.???
    Nxt kab post karogi????
    Busy ho kya aaj kal itnaa late ho rahi ho????
    I am Waiting for nxt?
    Love u wifey???

    1. Eva

      Hayy hubby…saachi mein bhutt busy hu..I’ll try my best to update regularly..thank u. episode is going to be super funny…yehi kehsaktihu…live u too ? ?

  2. Divyanshri

    eva is back……. awsome episode…….. why Pari Vs swara….. is Pari -ve in ur ff also…..

    1. Eva

      Thank u dear…and Pari is-ve here…good vs evil..matlab Swara vs Pari?

  3. Purvi

    Awesome…….. Continue soon……

    1. Eva

      Thank u Purvi?

  4. little princess

    Vow!!! U r back with a fabulous episode… Thanks yaar…was waiting for u…y r u being late in updating ur ff…i know that u may be busy with ur still if u dont mind try to update it regularly if u can…finally sanskar fall in love with his latterpatter…it was something which i was waiting for…”meeting u was my fate,becoming ur frnd was my choice but falling in love with u was beyond my control” i really liked his this words…anyway this part was also awesome as always..loved it so much…eagerly waiting for the mysteries of laksh, sanskar n swara to unfold…next episode will be showing that vamp pari..omg cant tolerate her such avatar in serial as well as ff..she is disguisting…wish to see strong swara who handels her company as well as laksh’s company and swasan scenes…update it soon…

    1. Eva

      Haaa Swara will become strong..she has to handle Pari na…strong toh banna hii padrga…Pari is really disgusting…CVs has destroyed her sweet character…every character in this story has negative shade…now Sumi too..only Swara is the positive devi…that line is a quote…and I read it somewhere..I’ll try my best to be regular…thank u???


    1. Mugdha

      Beta..tu kiski beti hai?Aur meri bahu ko kyu apni badi mom bol rahi hai?

      1. Eva

        Awww..thank u sweetheart…tera naam mein rakti u r Anjali and Sanskar’s daughter..your name is Sanjali…how creative am and dear I’m your choti mom….see your dadi has posted the family members name below….your badi mom is Meher..and change your name to Sanjali…..??? ? and keep smiling ?

      2. Anjali30

        Mummyji… .apparently she’s my daughter… mujhe bhi nhi pata tha…?????

      3. Mugdha

        Hein?Yeh kese?

    1. Eva

      TQ dear

  6. Mugdha

    Suno sabb…i’m making a final list of all the family members….
    Mummy ji:Mugdha
    Bada beta:Sanskar(As i said ki jab Sanskar decide karlega ki uski first wife koon hai….i’ll make him the elder son again…)…so that’s chaitali
    Chota beta:Laksh………..Sree
    Badi bahu:Meher
    Badi bahu ki sautan:Anjali
    Choti bahu:Eva
    Meri betiyan:Riya and Uma
    Mere damaad:Nita..Uma ka tha..mujhe naam yaad nehi hai….chalo dusri shadi karwalenge…
    Aur ek bada surprise mere liye….meri poti…ha…Anjali ki beti yeh shona laado(Patanehi kya bulau useh)

    Thik hay na?

    1. Thik hai Riya ke Mumma.. I’ll tell it to her.. ???

      1. Sab thik hai par anjali bhabhi ki beti kab huyi.. I am guess when riya will come.. Riya toh confusion ke maare pagal hi ho jaayegi.. Family kitne Badi ho gayi hai uske

      2. Mugdha

        Tum hona useh samjhanekeliye….meri beti pagal nehi honi chahiye..

    2. Chaitali

      mummy ji..itne din kaha thi aap…i have decided my first wife long back..!

      Toh sun lo..pehli biwi meher hai..aur choti biwi anjali hai…cool na??

      aur sabse badi baat ye decide karne ke baad world war 3 bhi nehi hua!

      So ab toh mujhe bada beta bana do plzz *puppy face*

      1. Mugdha

        Bantohgaya tu bada beta…dekle…nautanki

    3. Bisha

      Mere pyare family walo. Tumlog apna apna rishte bhool jate ho kyun? Ye leke 3rd time hua hai shayad ki tumhare mummiji ko yaad karwame pad rahe hai. Bichari ko aur mat bolne do. Yaad rakhio. Aur betelog thoda kam dham kia karo din rat biwi k sath busy ho. Meri bahuein bohot bohot pyari hai. inko pyar do lekin humko bhool na jana. Humko fathers’ day pe eish bhi nahi kiya. 😛 😉 😀

      Welcome poti. Meri pyaari si golumolu. Cutiepie. Love you.

      Love you all n special love for my dear wifey! :-* ♥♥

      1. Eva

        Sorry papaji..chalo koi nehi..meinhi apko wish kardeti hu..happy fathers day papaji…bahu bhi toh beti jesi hii hoti hai..

        I’m so surprised ki world war 3 nehi huya..? u have peace loving wives jethji..? mummy ji Anji should be majli bahu..not badi bahu ji sautan…

    4. Anjali30

      When did we become jethanis again…??? Mummyji hum devrani banke khush the… hai na sautanji???

      Patidev, did you know we have a daughter?? ??

    5. Meher

      Mummy ji ne jo decide kia theek hai…

      N papaji aap online nhi the or else I would have wished u.. ..

      N sanjali… Welcome to family ?

      1. Bisha

        Sanjali?! Great name. But lets see is tgeir parents like it or not. Bata do Anji ye nam pasand hai ya phir kuch aur hai tumhare dimag me?

      2. Eva

        Papaji…she is the first child of this generation….so yeah welcome to our family Sanjali…Meher jethani ji Anji jethani ji second wife hoke bhi jethji ki first child ki mommy bangayi..dikh raha hai ki jethji kiseh zada pyar karte hai…

      3. Who is sanjali.. Koi batayege pls

      4. Mugdha

        Wow…Sanjali Sanskar Maheshwari..awesome…meri poti…

      5. Eva

        Sanjali is Anjali and Sanskar’s daughter…

    6. Sanskriti ?die hard fan of swasan?

      Mummyji can u pls give me role to in ur family pls

      1. Sree

        Arre bapre mein thode der keliye busy kya ho gaya apne toh mera post hi badal diya?. But mujhe ye bohot pasand hai.?. So mera bhai aur bhabhi ma baap ban gaya???. I am so happy for them. .???
        Mumiji phirse chota beta bannane ke liye tq.??
        Papaji uss din wish karna bhul gaya i??. Issiliye abhi wish kar raha hun. HAPPY FATHERS DAY??. Aur aap jo bhi kaam bolenge mein karunga??
        Bhabhijis hiiiii??
        Bhai apse toh daily baat karta hun so abhi ke liye kuch nahi hai??
        Wifey kaise ho?? ????
        And the new member of our family sanjali welcome dear?.

      2. Mugdha

        Ok…your role is u r our damadji..matlab ki Uma’s husband..and Uma is my daughter..

      3. Sanskriti ?die hard fan of swasan?

        Oh thank u so much sasuma I will play my role perfectly

      4. Mugdha

        Haaa…rukh tu..Laksh…tere liye bhi beti dhundh rahi Hu Mein..

      5. Eva

        Nehi mummy ji iski zarurat nehi hai…haamhi toh bacche hai Abhi…u enjoy with your other two grand daughters…

  7. Eva very well written dear., and I read the saying in author’s note.. Well said,, ??

    1. Eva

      I read that line somewhere…and I loved I wrote it here..thank u Shanaya?

      1. Your welcome Eva and itna formal nahi hone ka.. I am one of ur species only..

      2. Eva

        😀 ok aggee seh formal nehi hongi….

  8. I miss episode4 …plz send link of epi-4


    1. Eva

      Dear..chapter 4 was published as chapter 3…meaning 2 chapters were posted with chapter 3 title…so check it..and if u don’t find it then tell me…I’ll give you the link..?

  9. Superb dear

    1. Eva

      Thank u dear 😀

  10. Rey

    wow…. eva s back with one more fantastic episode … bt precap s soo confusing dear n ur ff pari positive r negative watever it s i’ll definetely luv it ….

    1. Rey

      bt i missed 4th episode ….. plz can u give the link of tat dear..

      1. Eva

        Rey…thank u..Pari is negative…and chapter 4 has be posted with chapter 3 as its title….meaning 2 different chapters has been posted with chapter 3 title…i guess that’s the confusion….if u don’t get it then i’ll post the link with my next chappy…

  11. Chaitali

    hii eva r u??talking to u after a long time!

    Ye kya kiya apne?mujhe sick bana diya??anyway..i love to walk in rain..what about u?

    aur haan..nice episode…i liked the part where sansker was saying about love fate choice..

    Pehle ek baar comment kiya…post nehi hua..iss baar agar aisa kuch hua na toh i will shoot TU

    1. Eva

      Jethji..i’m fine…ap toh next epi takh thik bhi hojaoge….apko sick banaya par mere pati ko toh mar hi diya..koi nehi u have 2 wives…they r there to take care of u don’t worry..anyways…thank u jethji…

  12. Beautiful eva… Well written dear.

    1. Eva

      Thank u Pramudi 😀

  13. Deeksha

    Nice… Update soon

    1. Eva

      Thank u Deeksha..and i’ll update soon 😀

  14. sanskriti ? die hard fan of swasan ?

    Awsm as usual can even I get a role on ur family pls and ya I loved miss latterpatter

    1. Eva

      Ha..u can get a role in our family….u ask mummyji about your role…she decides every role…:D thank u 😀

  15. Haha so swt..

    1. Eva

      Thank u Radhika 😀

  16. Wow what an amazing episode I just loved it out sanky is totally dramebazz

    1. Eva

      Ha..Sanky is a dramebazz here….thank u 😀

  17. awesome written… is this ff also have only 10 episodes???

    1. Eva

      Yes…Samjhotas r of 10 episodes…thank u 😀

  18. it was a superb part
    post next soon……wating for ur update

    1. Eva

      Thank u Sanji…and i’ll update soon… 😀

  19. Serena

    Wow what an epi…sanskaar was so cute.?? n swara was more that cute??

    1. Eva

      Thank u Serena….Swasan r cute…

  20. Soujanya


    1. Eva

      Thank u Soujanya 😀

  21. Wow superb duper epi…. Loved it….

    1. Eva

      Thank u Sethooty 😀

  22. Bisha

    Choti bahu! I am sooo proud of you. Actually of my whoe family. Bohot bohot bohot hi accha tha. Lekin tune ek jagah thik se nahi dekha. Swara ne Sanakar ko naam se pukara jabki wo janti tak nahi wo kaun hai. Janegi to uska sar na phod deti. Itni gussa thi.wo part thik karle baki sab to out of compliments hai.

    Anyways keep writing. U r doing something superb. M still waiting for the mystery to tighten. Its magic hasnt yet started properly. Onek onek bhalobasa. Bhalo thakis. ♥♥♥

    1. Eva

      Ha..papaji..i found that now…i wrote that in a hurry…thank u..and the mystery…..wait for it….i know..once i reveal the mystery…everything will be cleared…

  23. Awesome episode Eva dii . waiting for next part.

    1. Eva

      Thank u Menaz…

    1. Eva

      Thank u dear

  24. Hayy… Nearly missed it, I had a feeling so I thought into check and yeah it was there… Ab Epsiode Ka Kya kahun? It’s mind blowing and fantastic like always Eva… Tera episode to mere Chehre pe ek smile Bring karta hai… Kya kahun? Kuch words nikal hi Nahi rahein hai…? It’s awsome and lajawab… You keep rocking, love you ? And take care and keep smiling…? Ek Sawaal puchna tha… Do you like Ragsan??

    1. Eva

      Halima…thank u too….and keep smiling…ha Ragsan..i like Ragsan….actually i love them too…. 😀

      1. That’s good, it’s because I’m starting a FF based on them… It will be called ‘Meri Dastaan (RagSan)’ I hope you could read it if you have time, keep smiling and stay blessed ??

      2. Eva

        Ha..i’ll read it…if it would be Raglak..toh phir parne seh pehle sochti..but ragsan hai..toh i’ll read it..

      3. Halima…i read all your ffs..and I loved them…?

      4. Halima..won’t u continue heart connection?

      5. Eva

        Yes Halima plz continue heart connection..end it within a epi..but don’t leave it in the middle..

      6. I’m glad you like my FFs Miss V… ? Um, heart connection…? Um, okay Eva and Miss V, I will continue it and end it properly okay? ? And I hope you like my RagSan one, Mujhe Lagta hai Ke mein vo bhi fail kar jaongi, but Tum dono Ke liye Heart Connection properly end karongi, huh? ? Both keep smiling and take care ?

  25. Anjali30

    Am hereeeeeee!!! Finally samjhota came….

    Aalsi bhabhi… jaldi jaldi post karo plssssss…. u know how much I love this…

    Awesome epi…. swasan ?????

    1. Eva

      Oyee..i’m not your bhabi..i’m your sweet and cute devrani….ha ha jaldi post karne ki koshish karungi…

  26. Mugdha

    Eva…i forgot to say something…jo tunne likha hai….on your description..that’s mind blowing..only smarties can understand the real meaning…and also the ones for who this is written will understand….u embarrasses them…excellent job…

    1. Anjali30

      I know right mummyji…. I smiled when I saw that!!!

      1. Eva

        Thank u mummy u both..

    2. Mugdha

      Thats not who..its whom…and embarrassed….Anjali..u know i was laughing while reading that….what an answer to the bashers…if all the writer builds up such a mentality like Eva..then i’m sure that no one is going to be bashed ever…

      1. Eva

        Mummy ji…meine khub sochke hii yeh description diya hai….huna mein chalak???Aur samajdar?

      2. Bisha

        U r pretty right mugdha. Its really a very innovative answer to the bashers. Even i was smiling when I read that note. Aur Evu tu to samajhdar hai hi. Isme koi shak hai kya? Love ya ♥

      3. Mugdha

        Ha..bahu…tu bohot samajdar doubt on that..

  27. Eva rocks!!!!That’s what I can say…eagerly waiting for the mysteries to unfold…I’m sure ki bohot shocks milenge…awesome…?? love u???

    1. Eva

      Thank u Sahi..wait for the shocks.? love u too?

  28. Eva..I’m a silent reader of all the ffs..but i thought to comment today…Pari vs Swara….waiting for that mahabharat…and the family that has been made here is a cute one…Mrs Laksh Maheshwari..?? right???

    1. Mugdha

      Hein? Itna famous hogaya hamara parivaar?

      1. Eva

        Mrs Laksh Maheshwari…sounds cool….and I love this cute family..and I hope the mahabharat is liked by everyone…mummyji..our family is very famous..

  29. Awesome…samjhota queen..? but please give longer updates…

    1. Eva

      Thank u..and I will try to give longer updates..?


    1. Eva

      Choti mom?yeh kya mein hu?

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