Samjhota Swara aur Sanskaar Ka (Hisaab Barabar) Episode 4


Hello people….so sorry for this late update….but i’m kinda lazy…and don’t feel like writing chappies…..still writing for u all….
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So lets start…
The episode starts with a bright morning…..Sanskar is sleeping…..Sujata shouts from downstairs …asking him to get up…
Sanskar;Mom..plz stop shouting…..
Breakfast table
RP:U have spoilt him….he doesn’t want to come to office even….god knows whats gonna be his future…
Sujata:Ji….my son is a rockstar
RP:Hein..rockstar….and all……tell him that if he doesn’t join office then i’ll make him roadstar….
RP leaves…
Sujata(Shouts):Sanskar tu utha ki nahi?…..(U woke up or not?)
Sanskar gets ready and comes down….and is about to leave when Suju shouts “your breakfast”
Sanskar:Apne pati ko hii khila do….mein toh chala…
So..Sanskar Maheshwari doesn’t like to go to office..and he doesn’t have a good bonding with his father too…he is a rockstar…and has a huge fan following….but RP doesn’t like his occupation….he always asks him to join office……
He is returning from his studio..when he thought to meet orphanage kids..but when he enters the orphanage..he is shocked to see Swara there…laughing and gossiping with the kids….he is just staring at Swara’s smile…
There r many people in that orphanage…one of the man comes to Sanskar…
Man:Sir..she donated a huge amount for this orphanage…and the kids even know her…
Sanky goes there..

Sanky;Miss latterpatter app yaha?
Swara;Excuse me..i have a name ok?Don’t call me by that name…so weird…
Sanky:Kya weird hai ismein?U don’t talk…so i called u miss latterpatter…
Swara;So u talk a lot….i name u silence from today…
Sanky:Ha..uthke kuch bhi naam dedoh…
Swara:I should leave now…
Swara leaves..the kids asks Sanky to go with Swara and talk to her…..Sanky is then forced by the kids to go and talk to Swara….
The orphanage is quite near to Swara’s house….so she is walking to her house….
Sanky stops her..
Swara;Kya huya?U r u standing on my way?
Sanky:Woh…i wanted to talk to u..
Swara:Ha bolo…
Sanky:Woh..whats your name?
Swara;Hein?U came here following me..just to ask me what’s my name?
Sanky(in mind):Miss latterpatter….i don’t know why..but i feel like talking to u..i’m sure that i won’t be ever bored by your silence…..don’t know how i’m so sure about it…..still..hayyyy
Swara is leaving….

Sanskar;Naam bolte toh jao….
Swara turns and says “Miss Latterpatter”
Sanskar smiles at her…..just then Swara sees a car coming towards Sanskar..and that idiot is still smiling at Swara….without noticing the car…..
Just then Swara pulls Sanskar towards her and both fall on the road….and Swara becomes unconscious….
Sanskar:Hey miss latterpatter….
Sanskar takes her to the nearby hospital….the doctor checks her…
Swara hand is hurt too….
Dr comes after checking Swara….and scolds Sanskar..ab suno kya data parri bechareee ko..
Dr:Why don’t u take care of your wife?She is very weak and her case is complicated…and this accident…i should take care of her..(Pehla jhatka….he is being scolded for the reason he himself doesn’t know)
Sanky;Doctor..i have no idea about what u r saying..
Dr;Now don’t tell me that u don’t know about her pregnancy(Dusra jhatka…that she is pregnant…)
Sanky:No i didn’t…
Dr:What kind of husband r u?She is 1 and a half months pregnant…and there r so many complications…..(3rd jhatka….ek min mein husband bangaya aur dusrehi min peh burah husband bhi bangaya)
Sanky:Doctor i’m not..
Just then the nurse comes and says that the patient has regained her consciousness..
Sanky leaves from there….without meeting Swara…

The nurse informs Swara about the person who bought her here….Swara understands that its the same guy whom she has been colliding everyday…but she is annoyed as he left without meeting her…
Sanskar was in his room….he was somewhere disappointed by the fact that she is pregnant…..
Sanskar’s pov..
She is pregnant…that means she is also married……she has a family…..then why she is always sad?And why do i feel so connected to her?II don’t know…..anything about her…i don’t know her name even….but after knowing this why am i feeling that something precious is leaving me?Its just 3 day…she has been a part of my life….and abhi meri yeh halat hai..god..please don’t make us meet ever….i don’t know what happens to me whenever i meet her…so its better not to meet her ever….again…
Sanskar sleeps..
Its the next day……Swara is in her home now….still thinking about that person…
Swara’s pov..
I saved his life and he?He left without meeting me?No thank u or anything? Ehsanfaramosh kahika…let me go and meet the ashram kids…
She reaches the ashram….but stops seeing Sanskar there…but one of the kids saw her..and shouts “Didi agayi”
Sanskar turns and sees her…
Sanskar in mind:Pakka..god has some problem with bhi kehta hu ya chahta hu uska ulta hii kardete hai..
Swara looks at Sanskar angrily….and goes to the kids..
Swara;Accha baccho…if someone helps us then what should we say in return?
Kids shout;Thank u…
Swara:Ha..u all r smart kids….warna toh yaha yeh baat bade bade logo ko nehi pata…
Sanskar looks at her as he understood that Swara is saying all these pointing at him…
Sanskar;Mujhe suna rahi ho?
Swara:I did not take anyone’s name…now if u feel that i’m talking about u then not my concern…
Swara is about to leave when Sanskar pulls her and she gets imbalanced and is about to fall when Sanskar holds her by her waist…
Bolna song plays on and they share an eyelook….
They separate..they spend the day there..Swara goes to the garden and stares at the moon…
Sanskar comes there…..

Swara looks at him and again looks at the moon….yes she is ignoring him..
Sanskar;Accha sorry..i did not meet u….u saved my life so thank u..but i even took u to the hospital…so i’m taking back by thank u..simple..thank u thank u crossed out…
Swara:Its ok…
Sanskar;Ha toh ab?
Swara:Tomorrow is karva chauth..
Sanskar;U should not fast….
Swara gives him a confusing look..
Sanskar;Areh..u r pregnant…u must be having many medicines to take…and its not good to stay hungry….during pregnancy..
Swara:I would have kept it for sure…par kiske liye rakhu?Yeh vrath suhag ki lambi umar ke liye rakha jata hai…suhagane rakti hai yeh…par mein toh vidva hu..bhagwan ne toh pehle hi mera suhag chin liya….(Who should i keep this fast for? Women keep this fast for their husband’s long life..i’m a widow….god snatched my husband from me…)
Sanskar looks at her eyes…full of pain…..Swara leaves for her house….it starts raining….
He thinks about all the incidents that has taken place in his life in these 3 days….
His POV.
My pain is nothing compared to hers….i lost my Swara……and she lost her husband….i have hurt her unknowingly..i called her by different names…i used to disturb her..i thought that she must be struggling for happiness…but now i think that her life is full of struggle…i thought that maybe she is also like me…maybe she had some problem with her family or something…but…..she knew that her child is the last symbol of her husband…still she put hers and her child’s life at stake for my life..she saved my life…..this proves that she is such a selfless person..her life is full of pain…..but she never expressed it…miss latteraptter……………………….
He cries…………………

Precap;Sanskar ko hogaya bukar…….dekte hai Swara kya karti hai…

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        I told both of you went mummyji… Sautan ji hi pagal hho gyi h.. Kuch bhi bol rhi h.. Vaise, Papaji kahan h??

    2. Meher

      Mummy ji… If papaji is bzy in honeymoon then dusri mummy ji to aa gai hongi.. Ab devar ya nanand ji ki planning chlta rahi hogi ????????

  32. Omg!! Tune ya likha hai!!! Choti bahu ho to aisi talented!! Love you girl.

    Tune to kamaal kar di. Achha likha. Mujhe bahut accha laga. I am thinking wat will happen when SwaSan will get to know the truth. Anyways keep writing. You simply rock. Love ya tons

    1. Eva

      Hayyy…thank u papaji…but see apki baaki dono bahuein kese apka mazak urarahi hai..i did not say anything….mein acchi hu haina?

  33. Awesome ..

    1. Eva

      Thank u?

  34. badimom mera naam to aap mere mom dad se poochho mai unki beti hoo ( naam to door ki baat hai mere mom dad ko mere existence ke baare me tak nai pata) aapko naam jaana hai to pehle unhe mere baare batao plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mera to unse contact hi nai hora and tell me about my family members too and I’m maheshwari wowwww per abhi tak naam nai pata chala mom where are u look i am crying…:……………………………… Post soon waiting for nxt

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