Samjhota Swara aur Sanskaar Ka (Hisaab Barabar) Episode 2

Hello everyone….i’m back…now without any further delay lets go for this new chapter….trust me abhi mujhe yeh bhi nehi pata ki mein kya likhnewali hu..
The episode starts with….
Swara comes with her luggage…
Ap:Beta..r u sure that u will handle everything alone??
Swara:Badi ma….now i have to handle everything alone…..adaat dalni padegi…
Sumi smiles with tears in her eyes..and hugs her..
Swara:Mamma…ma kaha hai?
Uttara:Bhabi ma mandir gayi huyi hai…
Pari:Swara..wapas toh ayogi na?

Uttara:Ab toh Adarsh seh kehke tumhari naukri pakki karni paddegi..
Swara:Di….bhabi…i will come back….
She hugs everyone and leaves…
She is in the flight….she closes her eyes and remembers everything..
FB is shown……………………………….
Swara calls her husband…
Swara;I’ve a news for u…Laksh…
So yes….its Swara’s husband Laksh Maheshwari…
Laksh:Swara….yeah tell me..
Swara:Laksh come home…only then i’m gonna tell u the news…
Laksh:Yeah fine…
Just after an hour…police comes to MM house and tells them that Laksh Maheshwari met with an accident…..Swara could not believe her ears….she rushed to the hospital…
Laksh is in the OT…Doctor comes out..
Swara looks at him…
Swara:I’m…Swara…Laksh’s wife..
Dr:Then…u should go and meet him…
Swara:What do u mean?
Dr:He has less time….

Swara was broken from inside….but still she went inside…
Swara’s pov…
I saw him…lying in that bed….his head for covered with bandage..his eyes..where I used to see love for myself……now i’m seeing guilt….he knows….yes he knows that he won’t be there..he is guilty as he is going to leave me alone…his lips…r clearly saying that he wants to talk to me….but has no time for it….Laksh….i called…what he did was he just smiled at me…i went near him and placed my left hand on his hand and right hand on his forehead…..Laksh took off the oxygen mask…
Swara:Laksh…u always keep your promises..don’t u?Then why r u breaking your promise today??
Laksh:Bhagwan kea age kiski chalti hai Swara??
Swara:Laksh….mujhe chodke maat jao..
Laksh:Swara….i can never leave u…i won’t be alive physically but i’ll be alive in your heart….i love u a lot Swara…

Swara:I know….i love u too…
Laksh:I know…(He smiles with tears in his eyes..)Swara…..woh…..i have a diary…that’s at my Indian house…i used to write in that when i used to live there….please collect it….
Laksh:Swara please…..
Swara nods..Tears r rolling down her cheeks…. more thing..promise me that u will never hate me..
Swara:What kind of promise is this?I’ll die before hating u…
Laksh:No Swara….promise me that you’ll never hate me…
Swara:Laksh…..ok fine….i promise…
Laksh:And Swara….i’m sorry..and forget me not..
Swara:Sorry?Laksh i’m not understanding anything..Laksh…
Swara saw Laksh’s eyes…..they were still….his heart beat….it was a straight line…..Swara broke into tears….

Bhula dena mujhe
Hai alvida tujhe
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
Safar yeh tera, yeh raasta tera
Tujhe jeena hai.. mere bina
Ho teri saari shoharatein
Hai yeh duaa..
Tujhi pe saari rehamatein

Hai yeh duaa..
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
Bhula dena mujhe
Hai alvida tujhe
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
Tu hi hai kinaara tera
Tu hi to sahaara tera
Tu hi hai taraana kal ka
Tu hi to fasaana kal ka
Khud pe yaqeen tu karna tu apna khuda… (x2)
Khizaan ki shaam hoon main (khiza: Autumn)
Tu hai nayi subah
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
Khilengi jahaan.. bahaarein sabhi
Mujhe tu wahaan.. paayega
Rahengi jahaan.. humaari wafa
Mujhe tu wahaan.. paayega
Milunga main iss tarah, waada raha
Rahunga sang main sada, waada raha
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina!
Bhula dena mujhe
Hai alvida tujhe
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
Tujhe jeena hai, haan mere bina

Swara’s pov
His last words….I’M SORRY AND FORGET ME NOT……why did he say that?He asked me not to hate him……why did he say all that??I can get all my answers from that diary….
Swara’s flight lands on India…
Swara comes out of the airport…she is wearing a white churidhar…
Swara:9 years..after 9 years…i’ve come back to India….i’ve so many sweet memories here….and a bitter past too..
Swara has no tears in her eyes this time……
She leaves for Laksh’s house….only a care no one lives there…
CT:Malkin….u were coming so i cleaned the house and your room too..
Swara:Thank u….kaka
A maid also comes there..
Swara:Kaka yeh kon hai?
CT;Beta…i called her…u can;t leave alone..its badi malkin’s order…so..
Swara:Ok….Swara enters….the house….she sees everyone’s childhood pics there…she touches a pic….it is a pic of 4 kids…
She smiles looking at it..but just then her smile vanishes….she keeps the photo frame and goes to her room…..she tries to find the diary…and doesn;t find it….
She sleeps holding her,Ragini and Laksh’s childhood photo…
Its morning….DP calls Swara..
Swara:Namaste bade papa..

Dp:Swara beta..we have got a huge deal..but that’s in India…so…as u r already in India….can u handle it??
Swara:Sure bade papa..
Dp;Beta..for this u have to stay for India…can u…
Swara thinks for a while….
Swara:No problem bade papa…i’ll handle everything..u just mail me the details..i’ll study them…
Dp:Thank u bête..
Swara;Bade papa…mein apki beti hu haina??So don’t thank me…
Dp;Ok….take care…
Swara;Ok bade papa bye….
Swara is walking out side….just then she hears train’s whistle…and smiles…..its connected to her childhood……(People..its Kolkata..aur koi mujhe yeh kehke buddhu nehi banasakta ki Kolkata mein Train nehi hote hai…mein khud chari hu train mein)
She goes to the train station and enters a train….she smiles seeing everything…
Swara:Kuch bhi nehi badla yaha…..India is India……kabhi nehi badlega yeh….
The train starts….
Swara:Oh god….yeh train toh chalne lagi…..
Just then she sees the people gossiping…
Swara:Indians…..always there with each other..sharing their life stories with eachother..
Swara just find 2 seats…and she is about to sit there when a guy comes and sits there..Swara looks at him angrily and sits on the window seat…
He is sleeping wearing sunglasses….
Swara sees him with amusement…
Swara;Hein?Itni jaldi sohgaya? Woh bhi glasses pehenke?..Pagal kahika
The guy:Mene sunliya…

Guy:Madam….kisi sharif admi ko pagal nehi kehte..bad manner…
Swara:Sharif admi?Kafi sari galatfehmiya palrakkhi hai tumne…
Guy:Madam…dekho….aagar mein sharif admi nehi hota toh mein apko iss ladke ke saath bethne deta…(Pointing on the man sitting beside him,he is whispering)
Guy:Madam..yeh apko bohot der seh ghuree jaraha tha…i felt something i sat here…and u had to sit here….
Swara sees the other man still staring at her with a lustful smile..and feels disguted..
Just then the ticket collector comes there…
Swara:Heee bhagwan..
Guy:Kya huya?

Swara:I did not buy a ticket..
Guy:Le…itni si baat….why r u disturbing bhagwan for this small issue??Mene bhi nehi li…chinta maat karo…
Just then the TC comes there….The guy looks at Swara..and Swara is scared…he holds her hand and starts running….and TC behind them…
Swara is shocked….she is just going where the guy is taking her…
They reach and station and both jump into that station and starts running…..
After sometime…full tired…they r breathing heavily….Swara looks at that guy..and starts laughing….the guy keeps on staring at her…
Guy;U should keep smiling..cause your smile is a million dollar one…
Swara stops laughing..

Swara;I did not take the ticket as i never intended to travel…i mistakenly got into it…but why didn’t u buy the ticket?? maza bina ticket ki train mein charne ka hai woh TC ke anne par dorr lagane ka hai woh aur kisimein nehi….
Swara gives a hopeless look…
The guy is leaving….
Swara:Arehh..rukho..tumrahe sunglasses??
Still walking to the other direction guy:App raklo….ab toh ajnabi nehi hai ham..milte rahenge..return this to me in our next meeting…
Swara looks at the sunglasses….

Precap:That Mysterious identity revealed…

Credit to: Eva


  1. Shreya

    Shit.. I missed it again..
    Eva please post the previous chapter’s link.. Please..
    And this one was nice.. Houg I didn’t understand it fully as I haven’t yet read the previous chapter..
    Update soon..!

  2. Awsm,it’s so heart touching.Loved it. I think mystery man is sanky (finger crossed,you know my guessing skill, rip???). Babhi tussi cha gayi..Love you my mystery and dialogue queen.Waiting for nxt.

  3. Awsm,it’s so heart touching.Loved it. I think mystery man is sanky (finger crossed,you know my guessing skill, ri8???). Babhi tussi cha gayi..Love you my mystery and dialogue queen.Waiting for nxt.

    • Eva

      Thank u nanand ji….aur mere ff mein kisika guessing skill kaam nehi karta..mera khudka bhi nehi 😛

  4. Sahi

    Eva….tunne mujhe rulaa diya…i read that swalak part..i’m a swalak fan..and when i read that….i got emotional…u portrayed that situation so perfectly….i’m speechless now…

  5. Mugdha

    Hello bahu..sasuma here..i liked the last part….if its a swasan scene then i loved it 😛 …tum sab kitni jaldi famous hogaye..I believe that u,Meher,Anu,Sree Harini and Anjali r the 5 stars of TU…and i’m happy that 3 of the 5 stars r my bahus….u keep everyone’s heart by showing swalak and swasan both….that’s what i like about u the most…

      • Eva

        EEE…tu mujhe taunt mar rahi hai??Thik hai aglibar se tere patika hii baccha laungi…mene toh yeh notice bhi nehi kiya..its just that ki i don’t want to use other characters…additional ones…and keep them limited to swaragini actors and actresses…so i used Laksh..and my base is always swasan…yeh tu nehi samajnewali…bewakuv kahiki…

      • Mugdha

        Meher bahu…u can’t forget that these r different seasons of same story ‘SAMJHOTA’…so she has to show some common things…in samjhota everything can’t be entirely swalak or swasan…its eva wants swasan at last so chalta hai…i doubt Eva ne yeh notice nehi kiya….

      • Eva

        Btw Meher..tu kya tabh khush hogi jab mein asman seh ek character lakee Swara ke bacche ka baap banadungi useh???Soch le…agli bar mein Sanskar ko banaungi aur last mein swalak….phir dekhungi..tera reaction…

    • Anjali

      Aww nummyji…. when ur bahus have the best mil in the world… hope can we not be stars…????

      But same… if that was a swasan scene…. I’m gonna jump jump jump soooo high…. ?????????????????

      • Mugdha

        Eva…tu agli baar Sanskar ka baccha lanna….Meher is the first wife who wants someone else to get pregnant with her husband’s child lol…

      • Nhi mummy ji..?.. Galti se mistake ho gai… Esa na krwao…
        Evu ???my baby… ???
        Tera ff h tujhe jiska bachha banana hai bna… Mujhe koi b problem nhi hai sachhi

        *puppy face *

      • Eva

        Nehi…mammyji neh kaha..ab toh maan naa hi padega…Samjhota 4 will be Sanskar’s baccha..pakka…

  6. Sree

    Thanks for posting dear. Sochrahi hogi yeh thanks kyun bolrahi (or raha) hai. Thanks issiliye kyun ki mera mood off tha and i was not at all feeling good. So thanks gor this. The train part was very nice. So Swalak huh. U made Laksh as Swara’s husband but then ended it.
    Mujse ittna pyar karti ho ki mujhe kisi aur ke saath dek hi nahi payi. Issiliye mujhe mar dala???. Kalyug hai. Vaha Meher bhabhi mere bro ko pagal kar diya hai aur yaha tumne toh mujhe mat diya. Wah wifey wah. I can see ur love in this???
    Love u wifey????

    • Eva

      Patidev..haam Maheshwari bahuye..haihi aisi..kya kare???Yes i love u soo much..itna ki mein apko aur kisike saath nehi deksakti…btw why was your mood off?And ha..whats your FB id?Aagar hai toh boldo…add karlungi..

      • Eva

        Tunne kuch golmaal kiya hai kya Jo allowed nehi jai abb? U r 16…legally bhi fb banasakti hai..kya prob hai?

      • Sree

        Meri maa ko fb pasand nahi hai. Aur agar meine open kiya toh mere cousins batah denge meri mom ko. I have a bunch of cousins?????? 12th ke bad hi open kar sakti hun??.

      • Eva

        Oyee…don’t ever lie to your parents for FB’s sake…tabhi open karna jab permission milee….bunch of cousins hai toh u should be happy…pagal…khush hojaa…

  7. Riya Kapoor

    I don’t understand your problem.Why don’t u write on Raglak?They are the best couple.U keep on writing on that stupid swasan and swalak where love has no value,everyday love changes.Sanskar loved Kavita and then Swara.Swara loved Laksh and now Sanskar.U should write on Ragini.Swasan gets importance in serial also and in these bullshit ffs also.That Anjali even declared that she is not going to make Raglak.Meher even made raglak side characters in her ff.U three..ahhh..just change..that’s why i hate all your ffs..:( 🙁

    • Riya Kapoor

      And yeah…if u can’t write on Raglak then just stop writing and wasting everyone’s time..Swasan is boring..that’s a total time waste.

      • Anjali

        Lol…. if Eva stops writing…. there’ll be a huge number of ppl who will be disappointed…

        More than you and other eva bashers…. so why on earth will she listen to u??

      • Eva

        Bhaiiii tu mujhe kyu pareshaan kar rahi hai?I appreciate one thing…u didn’t say i hate u..u said i hate your ffs…that’s better…tu meri devranio ke bareme kuch nehi kahegi…this is my ff page….u have no right to come here and bash my friends…let the writers decide what they want to write on..if u r a raglak fan then write one on them…trust me though i hate Raglak more than u hate swasan or swalak..i won’t bash u..cause as a writer its gonna be your choice…mujhe samaj toh yeh nehi aata ki u like Raglak…whose relation is purely based on lie…but u hate swasan whose love is selfless…its a true love where both Swasan were ready to sacrifice anything for eachother’s happiness unlike Ragini who did this drama and nautanki and ruined everyone;s happiness..

      • Riya Kapoor

        Anjali,no need to say lol..that was for u too.and all of u here…r not Eva,Anjali or Meher’s fan…u r just crazy swasan freaks…

      • Rimi Eva’s dear friend Anjali..tell me why is your friend Eva bashed only?Eva hhii kyu??That’s because she can’t write……………………………just like u…Raglak is far better than swasan and swalak…and u both write on SWARA only….others have no importance…Riya i agree with u..chalo kisine toh sach kaha..

    • Anjali

      And I don’t understand YOUR problem…

      So what if she hates Raglak…. so what if I love swasan??

      And how can u tell us what to write?? Its our wish and our words…. if u love Raglak so much y did u even read my bullshit ff as u r telling??

      Srsly… don’t u understand that these are peoples words and their emotions that are written…. how can u bash the ff just because u don’t like the couple??

      Ragini may have been the only one to never fall in love twice… everyone else did… but so what?

      I’m not telling that ur opinion is wrong… I’m just telling u can’t talk like that to anyone..

      Swasan may get importance in the show.. that’s not out fault…. we or at least meher and I love them to infinity and that’s y we write ffs on them… Eva hates raglak… she’s entitled to her opinion.. u cant bash her for that…

      Hate our ffs if u want… we still have each others support and ppl who love our ffs… that’s all I can say

    • Payal Mehra

      If you can’t appreciate then no need to write a hate comment…Eva, Anjali and Meher are three of the writers whose ffs are just awesome…it’s their ff so it is their their choice to make…they choose the pair we choose which ff we want to read…

    • Jwala

      miss . Riya sorry I’m talking behalf of eva.. because I find you rude.. eva has right to choose couples. . you are no one to question her.. there are many raglak ff’s and you can read it . you can also write one.. why forcing others to write on them? may be raglak is precious for you.. but there are so many swasan fans as well as swalak fans who loves this couple madly.. your comment will hurt them. . you may think that raglak is best.. but I don’t think so.. it is only your opinion. . so many have different views. . so don’t use it as a statement. . who said to you first love is only true love? love can happen twice also.. I’m not saying anything on ragini’s love . I don’t want to hurt others like you. . but don’t repeat this please. . swasan is best for swasan fans and never try to hurt our feelings.. and rather than bashing the writers do some good work that will be beneficial for your future..

    • Jwala

      Miss.Riya kapoor one more thing. by your comment no one will hate eva. . at least no sane people will.. but all can understand that what type of narrow mind and disgusting thoughts you have.. by bashing her you are proving what type of person you are.. there are so many people who hates raglak.. what will you do? if you have any humanity you didn’t bash others. . this is the cheapest thing one can do.. so many people who read your comment will hate you.. and your this hatred and bashing will affect your future also.. you will not get any praceful life if you are being like this.. I felt pity on you

    • Look guys.. I understand u love raglak n itz fine… U don’t like our ffs that also fine… But why u waste ur precious time in commenting such things….

      I mean seriously if u don’t want to read swasan or swaLak don’t read… Forget that they even exist… Utilize ur time in reading raglak ffs…

      If Eva can’t write on raglak… U can rite on them na.. So please.. Show ur talent there….

      Eva n anjali are one of the best writers here… So Please don’t spread negativity…

    • @rimi
      Eva is bashed cz some people hv grown up physically bt not mentally… They hv forgotten that raglak swasan n all are fictional characters… N secondly there is a thing called personal choice… It depends upon individual whom the like…

      It seems u n riya hv planned to say idiotic things on Eva’s ff

      • Riya Kapoor

        Oh madam..please apna dimaag jo hai hi nehi, maat chalao….i just said the truth..and for that i don’t need any planning…

      • Sree

        I dont understand whats wrong with riya and rimi. U both r saying that u like ragini. Thats ur choice. Did we say to u not to like them?? Did anyone compel u to read eva’s ff. No na than why r u wasting ur time bashing her. I dont get it. Aaj Swaragini serial mein swasan aur raglak pair hai kal kisi aur serial mein kam karene ke time tushre kisi ke saath pair honge. So whats the problem in pairs. I have never said anything while someone bashes the writers . But this is ridiculous. If u dont like the pairs just imagine the pair u like. As simple as that. I have read many ffs and i just imagine the pair i like. So stop bashing.

      • Omg wow… I guess u hv something like x ray machine in ur eyes… That’s why u can see that I hvnt brain…

        U know itz clearly planning… Tabhi to jab tumhe pata hai eva raglak nhi likhti.. Fir b tum log uske ff page pe aa k bakwaas krte ho…

        U guys r just jealous of her…

        Or may be u want publicity.. Who knows…

      • Anjali

        How can you say that she has no brains?? This is just a fan fiction for gods sake… and ur talking about ur favourite pairs…

        Don’t YOU have any sense?? Talking about other ppl like that just bcos they’re not like you…







        Truth my foot, you’re just insecure about swasan fans…

      • Anjali let it be…. Marne de inhe. Don’t spoil ur mood…

        They are just attention seeker n we are actually helping them in seeking attention…

      • Eva

        Riya..tumhari baateh bohot chubrahe hai…please now stop this.Why r u killing the humanity inside yourselves?Everyone’s saying that u r doing this for attention…now let me tell u….getting bashed by people is not really an attention..everyone has his or her u like Raglak,i don’t like them,Meher and Anjali like swasan….see..we r different…please don’t be so rude…U r saying that u hate my ff…but as far as i know everyone knows that i write Samjhota only…so by seeing the name u should had understood that its Eva…and then why did u come here?To bash me?Ok…then bash me…but don’t drag my friends into this..your words r hurting everyone here..and our replies r hurting why to drag the matter??Sweety..calm down..don’t be so rude…no one likes a rude person..a rude person himself doesn’t like another rude person…please don’t drag this further…

      • Rimi

        I’m sorry Eva..really very sorry..I’m huge fan of Raglak that’s why said so..i saw people bashing u..but missed out the comments that were written in your favor…i should had realized what I was writing..if your writings would had been bad then u wouldn’t have so many supporters..sorry once again…sorry Anjali and Meher… was our mistake…we like raglak but we shouldn’t say such things…we r hurt when someone speaks against raglak…swasan fans even feel the same…so better to bury the hatchet and proceed…

      my dear… Do u know the meaning of ur name ??? If u know then also once I would like to remind u…. For Bengalis with the name Riya means beautiful girl … U r a kapoor so of course not a Bengali… In common Riya means beautiful and other name of goddess laxmi… True say , I don’t know much cause I follow Islam but I know much better than u for sure… Why are u dirtying ur name by talking these idiotic things… Riya’s are pretty but theta re more beautiful… Clean by heart and at least pure..but u r ruining the name…. Sharam karo yaar… What did u say ?? they should write on raglak… Why don’t u write and ur other friend reema said that only Eva is bashed … Pls go to a lil flashback… I remember Riya told me there was one writer with the Anne Sharon srivastava… She was bashed badly even though she was writing in ur raglak… And if u dorm like their writing then why look spoon fed babies u r coming them and bashing them to change their cast actors… Pehle khud dekho kya Bol rahi Ho and then speak for others… The fact is that u all are jealous that swasan Ffs are more better tan that of raglak’s… But y are u making it an issue … Can’t u guys understand that they are just fictional character which will end one day… For god’s sake stop all this nuisance… First ponder over urselves and then speak to others

    • stoneheart

      ms ria muze sirf ek chiz puchni hai…u said k eva acha nai likhti then how come u commented on her story?? jab k title mai eva ka naam bhi nai hai..or sirf uske regular fans ko pta hai k samjhota is her middle name..
      aur rahi baat anjali ki aur meher ki toh i think you should surely read them again..and i am damn sure you will love them like others do..
      and kisi ne compulsion thodi kia hain apko swasan padme k liye raglak k bahut story hai waha pado aur khush raho aur rehne do..!

  8. Evu I think u hv forgotten that swara is pregnant… ???

    Coming to the chappy…
    I guess that guy is sanskar… But kuch b hi sakta hai cz ye samjhota hai… Nxt tym post longer chappy?

    • Eva

      Sacchi bhul gayi thi..kya karu???U see samjhota mein kuch toh common rakhna padega..pehle wale plot mein eaisa nehi tha…jab change kiya toh yeh huya……swara ki pregnancy hii sabme common kardi mene….aur isseh longer chappy mein post nehi karsakti…

  9. Anjali

    Is the mystery man my sanskaar???

    I can’t wait to know laksh’s secret…. y will swara hate him??

    Uff… samjhota living up to its name…????

    Don’t worry about certain others… you know u have all of us!!! ???^O^

    • Eva

      Hosakte hai mere devarji..aur nehi bhi…wait karlo..and u all r with me that’s why i’m continuing ….

  10. Jyotii

    I was about to miss it again!!!
    But thank God I saw it!!!
    Train scenes were damn funny!!! 😀
    I am damn sure that the mystery man in our Sanskar!!! 🙂
    Love you! 🙂

    • Eva

      Jyotii…did not miss it right?So chill 😀 and lets see if that man is Sanskar or u too.. 😀

  11. anonymous

    It was me who asked u as y don’t raglak get importance in any of ur ff’s……this is not the 1st time i have asked u (i think i have asked on ur previous ff thrice the same question)but I got the answer on previous episode of this ff.I asked this bcz I am a huge raglak fan.But I don’t know that u hate raglak to the core.Well I don’t have anything to say against u as it is ur choice…Now I am not going to ask for raglak anymore………… thanks for replying in ur previous chapter

    • Eva sorry dear…i shouldn’t had said that..but i don’t know i can’t see Raglak together,…sorry…u r my ff reader…if u have a wish then u can wish for it….i’ll try my level best to write one…if my heart says so…

      • anonymous

        well no need to be sorry yar!!!!!! it’s ur choice…..but I felt disappointed as i can’t get raglak story from a good writer like u………no problem it’s ok.I am nobody to say as the story n decision regarding couples entirely relies on a’s up to the reader whether to read it or not ……….I have a request….at least don’t make the characters ragini n laksh as negative.well u can consider it only if ur heart says so(LOL)…………and if u don’t like raglak just say ”I don’t like them”.but don’t say” I hate them”‘byeeee take care

      • Eva

        So..Raglak fan huh? It’s k..i don’t dislike Raglak but just hate them…this is the truth.I can’t tolerate their scenes…and whenever its their scene I change the channel…and the reason of this hatred is..this relationship has no truth in it..only dishonesty,planning,plotting..dhoka and all..and my hatred increases when people compare swasan and Raglak..Raglak is no where around Swasan in any case…95% people r watching this of swasan..Raglak r not nominated even..supporting raglak is like supporting I don’t support them..

      • anonymous

        dear Eva,don’t u think that u have been a bit too rude… ur 2nd reply??It’s ok if u hate raglak but no need to show ur hatred which hurts other fans. Ur 2nd reply(especially ur last 2 lines) really disappointed me a lot….I didn’t even expect this from u……Let me tell u one thing.Raglak ‘s relation WAS based on a lie but not NOW.Everything has been changed….U might have not known this as u change ur channel whenever there is raglak scene……….raglak’s new journey was started recently……..during golden petal awards,raglak’s perfect jodi has not yet made by then so that’s y they weren’t nominated…………

      • Eva

        Truth is bitter dear..sorry if my words have hurt u..but everyone can bash me for writing on swasan..and i can’t even express my feeling…my hatred of Raglak?That’s not fair..however their relation is now..see its base…which can never change..questions for u..
        1.Did Laksh love Ragini….or he married her because Swara left him?
        2.Is snatching love correct?Is harming your own sister for doh diin ka pyar correct?
        3.Ragini made her in laws slave…and now everyone has accpeted Ragini like she never did anything.Is that fair?
        4.Ragini tried to kill Swara..and she was not punished even a bit for that..was that fair?

        Dear..u know what?I try my level best not to be rude…but when it comes to Raglak..i feel bad…people compare swasan with Raglak..swasan fans r bashed more….u r writing in each of your comment..that ur disappointed..but everyone here knows that i don’t like exressing opinions wrong??U like Raglak..i don’t…no big deal…disappointment word doesn’t come here…i’m more hurt then u r…u and everyone knows here..that i never write on raglak..still bashing me for Raglak…u said that u didn’t expect this from me..that means..u know me…quite well…then u should be knowing…that i never write on Raglak….people here r bashing swasan..and also the writers..who r writing on swasan…so i think my answer is quite justified…i just told my friends about Raglak..and the reasons for hating them…..Ragini’s love was never true..of it would be then Ragini wouldn’t have thought twice before backing out….true love demands sacrifice…so as Raglak was made because of Ragini’s crazy love..i don’t support them..i’m sure that i’m gonna be bashed for this reply too…but bashers..please do tell me..kya mene kuch bhi galat kaha?Plz bash me with facts only…

      • Kashish

        Dear anonymous…don’t u think that u r being even being rude?U asked her if she likes Raglak or not..she replied that she hates it..kahani khatam..why r u dragging this matter?I like swasan and raglak both..but i can’t deny the facts Eva has written…she said the truth only…now Raglak fans will be hurt…Eva dear..ignore everyone…and write what your heart says..see the way she has managed miss kapoor…her words have changed Rimi’s mind also…and u r calling her rude?Then who is sweet on this world?lol…Raglak can’t be a perfect jodi like swasan…people here bashed swasan..and she supported swasan…what’s wrong in that?

      • Mugdha

        Oyeee..bahuu…bilkul saahi kaha tunne….hey u anonymous….whats your problem ha?Even i hate Raglak…wanna know the reason…its not Ragini…reason hai Raglak fans ke tevar….yaar couple ko khuch khaq accha hai nehi aye badee tevar dikhane…Raglak fans bash swasan fans more…everyone has right to express his or her opinion….truth is bitter but that does not change the fact that its truth…u r a raglak fan..that’s why hurt..but that doesn’t mean that u will hurt others….

      • anonymous

        eva dear i think u guys have misunderstood me …….one more thing i didn’t bash u/swasan/ur ff’s ..I just said that u sounded a bit rude in one of ur comments.may b i was wrong.I am sorry..I was a bit exaggerated as u said that u hate raglak.I should have realised that everyone has their own right to express their views and u did that .But neither did I meant to hurt u nor bash u……am really sorry and plz don’t misunderstand me.I always liked ur stories and never ever said anything against u nor I will………Let’s just end it here…………………@2 more people who reacted ,plz don’t take me wrong i didn’t BASH swasan/EVA…hope this comment clears all the misunderstandings

      • Eva

        Anonymous…so sorry..i was feeling sooo guilty…when i was reading my reply…after posting it…unintentionally i bashed u…so sorry…i was rude..i agree…my mistake was i wrote this on your reply…this was a reply to everyone….i was so hurt seeing people fighting for swasan and raglak..and wrote all that bullshit..maaf karde…aur dosti karle….sorry…once again…

      • anonymous

        chal,ab dosthi karenge…….by the way i have seen in of the ff ‘s analysis……..u commented saying to the writer that u will write a OS on raglak as many people r requesting u( even she requested u)……..waiting for that……..than q

  12. sss

    wow the story just started already a lot of suspense what laksh secrate would be ?swalak scene were emotional bt u killed him i though i would get to see here swalak when he is already dead here hehehe truly in samjhotha anything can happen so i will just go with the story no more guess n u r always ready to give shock so it’s better not to think something..i think the mystery man is shanskar 60% n 40 % don’t know….waiting for next part update soon…
    one question are u from India?

    • Eva

      Oh swalak fan huh?Sorry to disappoint u….by killing Laksh then…i’ll update soon..glad to see evryone liking this story full of suspense…Laksh ka secret hai…jaldi samne ajayega…

  13. tani

    i also think he is sanskar….n I think laksh is.behind swara’s part…n dat past is related wid sanskar…. its just my thought….but whatever it is m loving it Eva…. n don’t bother to d words of miss kapoor

    • Eva

      Thank u Tani..and keep guessing..u never know..maybe your guess is right..or maybe wrong.. 😛

  14. Halima (SuNusZuRahLima❤️??) A.M

    Eva… It’s awesome, I missed you yar, wow… I seriously can’t wait till the next episode. I also nearly missed it, thank god I saw it… Sorry i couldn’t comment on the previous one but I read it and it’s awesome as always, seriously yar, I missed your SAMJOTHA, so glad you started it again… Take care and keep smiling?? I also think the mysterious man is Sanskaar… But just waiting for the secrets to unfold?

    • Eva

      Thank u Halima..i missed u too…aur apne naam ki kya halat kardi tumne….kya hai iska secret batao batao? 😛 u too take care…and secrets will unfold soon..

      • Halima (SuNusZuRahLima❤️??) A.M

        Vo…☺️☺️ Jo end pe A.M hai Na… Vo mere crush ke initials hai… Toh Isi liye meine Socha Ki kyu Nahi, sapno mein hi ban Jaon Mrs A.M? ? Aur jo brackets mein hai, it’s like a team name… But A.M❤️?? ??
        Can’t wait for secrets to unfold… Love you? Take care and stay blessed?

      • Eva

        Hayyyy…kitna pyar karti hai Tu apne crush seh..?? yeah right Mrs A.M…mujhe toh laga tha ki yeh time am and pm kebareme hai..???

      • Halima (SuNusZuRahLima❤️??) A.M

        ???, mera crush famous hai… Shayad tera bhi crush Ho… Pata Nahi, ya kisi aur Ka bhi Ho Lekin yes… I ❤️ my crush ??
        Lekin tu bata, how have you been?

        – Mrs Halima A.M ~ ?

      • Halima (SuNusZuRahLima❤️??) A.M

        Kya tu sachi mein jana chahti hai?? Lekin embarrassing Ho ga… But he’s famous aur Sab use jantay hai, aur vo Ek singer hai???? Mujhe uski awaaz se pyaar hoga ya hai aur usse bhi???? ?

      • Halima (SuNusZuRahLima❤️??) A.M

        Sorry… I like Armaan Malik ☺️ I love all his songs also. Lekin Ramadan Ki wajah se mein Nahi sun sakti ? He’s my #no1 favourite and Wajah Tum Ho is my all time favourite… ?

      • Halima (SuNusZuRahLima❤️??) A.M

        Thanks… Haa yahi hai ? A.M… But afsos hai is baat Ka Ki yeh sirf dream hai… Real nahi??

      • Eva

        Haam jo drama kar rahe hai woh bhi impossible hii hai…dream hai..Mrs Laksh Maheshwari and Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari and all…

      • Halima (SuNusZuRahLima❤️??) A.M

        Oh… Sometimes it’s better to live in the dreams? If you don’t mind me asking… Who is Mrs Laksh Maheshwari and Who is Mrs Sanskaar Maheshwari?

      • Eva

        Hayyyy..tujhe itna bhi nehi pata..I’m Mrs Laksh Maheshwari…Anjali and Meher r Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari….hamari yaha family bhi baangayi…aur Tu abb puchrahi hai..???

      • Halima (SuNusZuRahLima❤️??) A.M

        Oh…? Mujhe to pata hi Nahi tha… Oho Sanskaar ki 2, 2 wifes? Kaise Sambhalta hai vo un dono ko? ?? Lekin family ban bhi gayi aur Mujhe aaj pata chala Ajj… sach mein Nahi pata tha, shayad late aa gayi, anyways Mrs Laksh Maheshwari… Ohho??? How’s Jeju?? And ur Jet Ji?? sorry, Pehle pata hota Na toh….

  15. Mummy at last apki darshan mil gayi.Vese ek baat bataiye,ki apne sanky bro and lucky bro ki adla badli kyu ki.Basically bacche ki adla badli uski birth ke time hoti hain.But yaha toh apne bacche bade hone ke badh vo bhi dono married hain,tab app bacche adla badli karrhe.Kya mummy society kya kahegi.BTW hope ne new admission liya hain vo bhi baby ke post mein.So,vo kiska baccha hain,sanky bro ya lucky bro ki???Chalo jo bhi ho main Bua ban gayi, yapiee.Uski Maa kon he batah dena..You know mummy, hope milk bhi pitih hain.Kitni acchi baby hain.Diya leke search karnese bhi esi bacchi nehi milegi.

    • Mugdha

      Tu toh Sanlak ki badi behen hai patahai tujhe???Aur ha mene adla badli ki yeh sochke ki badi bahu honeke lalach mein yeh dono fight bandh kardegi…i said that if they stop fighting and decide who is Sanskar’s first wife,then i will make Sanskar my bada beta again…but meri chaal unsuccessful huyi..aur Hope kohii chunne doh ki woh kiski beti banna chahti hai..

      • Abdul hafiz(uma).

        Arre, main kab badi bani??.Mujhe toh yeh baat patai nehi chala.Kese hua aur kab hua, poor me.

      • Eva

        Oyee…mein bacche vacche nehi chahti…woh tumhari beti hai..better na?U r elder to my husband and devarji….

  16. I think the mystery man is sanskar …. but he may not be too….
    Btw….. even i noticed it today about swara’s pregnancy in all 3 seasons…lol….
    Great episode

    • Eva

      Sacchiii…meine yeh notice nehi kiya ki meine 3 times pregnancy dikha di 😛 ..anyways thanks.. 😀

    • Eva

      Ha…i never experienced it….but i think usmeh kafi maza aata hai..i would love to try this… 😀

  17. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Guys,kuch jalneki smell ahriye ??vo bhi 110%.Basically logh tabhi jalte hain jab unki bf ya gf kisi aur ke saath hote hain.Parr yaha writer ko dekke jalan horiye,great.Dude,agar tumhe itni pasand hain raglak then khud liklo na.BTW Eva,meher,anjali are ‘RISING SUN’.Jitni bhi badal kyu na ho vo unn sabko harah kar roshni jarur bikregi..So,bash karna bandh karo.Isshe tumari aur baki sabki time waste horiye.Yeh Eva ki story hain so usse decide karne do usse kya likna aur kya nehi.

      • Shipra

        What is your problem Miss Riya? Who are you to said any one pagal? Dont say anything bad about writers? If you dont like swasan then dont read it. Does anybody is forcing u to read it? No na then dont bash them .. Please

    • Eva

      Uma…thank u….for this support and understanding every writer’s hardwork..and Riya…don’t call anyone pagal…

    • Eva

      Everyone has his or her opinion…so i have nothing to say about your hatred for swalak..but i love swasan and swalak both.. 😀

  18. IREENA

    awesome☺…train scene was awesome I hope he was sanskar…but can’t say and guess anything in ur ff…Swara is pregnant na then also she was running?…waiting for their past revelation…Don’t know what laksh has done that he was so guilty?…post next one…love your all ff’s specially samjhota series?????

    • Eva

      Ireena..thank u…i forgot that Swara is pregnant while writing this epi.. 😛 i’ll post the part asap..

  19. Nivi

    Can u give the link of previous episode…unable to find it…

    I see the problem now(just my pov)…see l know u hate RagLak but then too don’t use the word ‘hate’…which is definitely hurting the pairs fans hence the bashing…likewise if someone says I hate Swasan or Swalak u ll feel hurt too…in d same way Raglak fans feel hurt too…m not bashing u for ur choice as u r entitled to it…only saying u to change the way of how u express ur likes and dislikes…then m sure u won’t get the comments of bashers…

    and before people start bashing me…sorry to say but m not at all a swaragini fan…stopped watching it after three episodes…I am just a fan of good stories and l stumbled upon urs by chance…so wanted to know if u have written any other ffs, can u tell the name would love to read it…
    Btw do u like Temish in real life or u hate them just like in the show??? I think by answering this u might be able to silence them…

    • Eva

      I’ll give the link for the previous episode on my next episode dear.i have nothing to do..i don’t like them…i don’t dislike them..but just hate them..see now i have tolerated many comments…were people r bashing swalak and swasan..even i was hurt…i always told my friends…”FRIENDS” only…that i hate Raglak….ok..about Temish….i’m a huge Swara fan….so i love HeVa and HeMish only..and also TeVar..and i don’t even think about TeMish…so neither i hate them nor i love them…but Raglak ke liye serf nafrat…because this show showed evil side’s victory…Rags’ pagal pyar won…their relationship is based on lie,dhoka and planning/plotting..and supporting them is like supporting the wrong side…

  20. Let it be.Inne jo kehna hain kehne do.No need to say thanks dear.There is a proverb says,A frnd in need is a frnd indeed.Koi tumhe bash karega, aur main chup rahungi, no way,sawali pehda nehi hoti.So, don’t care about them.

    • Eva

      Awww..Uma umahhhh?? love u dear….tum jess dst samko mile toh koi kisiko bash karnekebareme sochega bhi nehi…?

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