Samjhota Swara aur Sanskaar Ka (Hisaab Barabar) Episode 10


Hello everyone…Eva here…..people…plz do read my ff Aisi nafrat toh kaisa ishq……

Lets go for the last episode….
Janki:Swara…what r u planning to do now?
Swara:I have to find Sanskar..
Janki:Do u knw anything about him?
Swara:Ma…the person who used to meet u all as Randhir was Sanskar only…

Everyone looks at her with utter shock…..
Sumi:U r not going anywhere…..u just come with me…
Swara:Mamma plzzz…..
Swara runs out of MM house….
Swara;No where will i go?I knw nothing about him….orphanage…yes….orphanage…
Swara reaches the orphanage…..and asks the head caretaker about the ashram’s owner..
HC:Beta….this orphanage is owned by Ramprasad Agnigotri….
Swara:Ram uncle…matlab Sanskar’s dad….mam….can u plz tell me his address?
Swara:Mam…yeh zindegi aur mooth ka sawaal hai….
She gives her the address….and Swara reaches Sanskar’s house….but the door is opened by a servent….
Swara;Kaka….where r everyone?Matlb….Sanskar…Sujata aunty….Ram uncle…
Servent:They r in the hospital..Sanskar baba ko kuch hogaya hai… they all r in the hospital….
Swara:What happened to Sanskar?
Sevent:I don’t know…
Swara:Which hospital?
Servent:City hospital….

Swara is about to leave when she sees huge photo frame hung on the wall…with her picture in it……she cries seeing it…and leaves..
She reaches the hospital…..the scenario of that hospital….shocked her more…Sujata was crying hugging Ram…
Swara;Why r they crying?Sanskar thik toh haina?
Swara comes near Sujata…..
Swara:Aunty..kya huya hai?
Sujata wipes her tears…:Kuch nehi beta….we r all fine…just i had fever and we came here…..
Swara:Aunty..apko Sanskar ki kasam….bolo…
Sujata:Sanskar ki kasam ki wajahseh hii toh chup hu… batao..Sanskar ne mujhe kasam dihai…..apto useh batah sakteho…
Ram:Beta…..u r Swara na?
Ram:Beta…Sanskar……He.. He is suffering from….*he starts weeping*
Swara: Uncle, I’m getting scared now. Please tell fast.
Ram: Uske dil mein ched hai. Ventricular Septal defect.
*Scene freezes on Swara’s face*

Sujata shakes swara and says: Swara beta, control yourself, I know this is a big shock to you but you have to endure this pain. At least for Sanskar. He has only a few days left in this world with us. I’m his mother, I don’t know what to do in this terrible situation. For Sanskaar’s sake, get a grip on your emotions. He will break into fragments if he sees you like this, ‘cause seeing you cry would be the last thing he would ever want, you are part of him and he loves you deeply. Please… make these last few days special for him, make it worthy. So that he has no wishes left to be fulfilled when he takes his last breath.. *Starts weeping*
Swara: No.. no no.. Please… Sanksaar’s last days? What are you talking about? I wont let this happen. I want to talk to his doc, please take me to him.. please uncle….aunty?
Ram: If you want so, then I’ll take you to the doc, but promise me, you wont break down and would take care of yourself there.
Swara: I promise uncle. I promise…

*They go to the doctors cabin and Swara gets inside alone.*
Doc: So Mrs Agnihotri?
Swara: No, I’m Swara, Mrs Swara Maheshwari.
Doc: Oh, so what brings you here? I”m sorry please first have a seat.
Swara: I’m here to talk about Sanskaar. Isn’t there any wy through which we can save Sanskaar? Please tell me, I’m ready to do anything. Just save him.
*Swara and Doc talks and we can see the lipsing only, No sound at this moment*
Swara comes out of the doctors cabin.
Ram: Swara, what did he say?
Swara: Nothing can happen now, its all over, its all over uncle, I lost everything… *Starts weeping*
Nurse: Excuse me, doctor asked me to clear this place, please just one of you stay here with the patient and others leave. I believe you might like to have some rest. Please…
Swara: I’ll stay with him. Please you all should go and change. Have food and come back, ok?
Ram: Are you sure?
Swara: 100%. Now go, or else I’ll tell Sanskaar.

*Ram and Sujata reach Agnihotri Mansion. The land line starts ringing*
Sujata picks the call and listens.
Sujata: what? Are you saying… are you saying that sanskaar can live? Please I’m ready to give her as much money as she asks for, just save my son. I’ll take care of her family personally, just request her to save my son. ……*Listens to the other side* yes yes, we will never try to know who that doner is… Just save my son. Okay… okay, yes I’ll inform everyone. Thank you so much, you saved my life.
*keeps the phone*
Ram: Sujata, what happened?
Sujata: Ram, the doctor called, he said… he said they found a doner who willingly wants to give his heart to Sanskaar.
Ram: Oh my God, what are you talking about? Our son, he can live…
*They hug each other*
*******2months later******
*Sanskaar comes home drunk*
Sujata: Sanskaar what have you done of yourself? God has reincarnated you, has given you a new birth, why are you destroying your life?
Sanky: Maa, whats the use of living when my life already left me? I am just a walking dead. She went away and took away all my happiness with her. And …. and..,. left her daughter…. I hate could she leave her 5 days old daughter?And her masterpiece family……they left for UK saying Swara eloped ….her family left this kid to my orphanage..Laksh’s family hate Swara..and Swara’s family hate none of them wanted to keep this child..just because this is Laksh’s child..i took her home….but i hate Swara……
Sujata:Yes I know, I also hate her. She left you when you needed you the most. I don’t know where she is now, but surely that cheater is now wooing another rich guy. What else can she do?
Sanky: Please stop this maa, she has made a fool of us, I don’t know why I’m alive.
****Next Morning*****
A lawyer comes to Agnihotri Mansion.
Lawyer: Mr. Sanskaar Agnihotri, I’m Mrs Swara Maheshwari’s Lawyer.
Sanky: Oh finally the cheater has sent you. What does she want now? Oh, I see, You came to take this girl? I know.. Take her away, I’m glad finally she remembered that she has a daughter which she forgot to take.
Lawyer: Sir, I understand your anger, but….
Sanky: But what? I did not marry her, so there’s no way I would give her a single penny. I don’t care, even if she dies..*Closes his eyes*
Lawyer: Sir, I don’t know what you think of my client. But she had told me to give these documents to you on this day two months before.
Sanky: Oh so… So she planned all this from before?
Lawyer: I won’t talk in your personal matter but I’ll let you read whats in the papers.
*Lawyer hands him the envelope and leave*
*Sanskaar goes to his room and opens the documents within..He finds a stamp paper.*
Sanky: what? Swara named all her and Laksh’s property on my name? Why would she do that? Oh I guess thats because she found someone who has more money…

He is about to throw the paper when a letter falls from inside the stamp paper..
He reads the letter….
Dear Sanskaar,
I know you hate me a lot. I know if you see me now, you would kill me. But you don’t need to stain your hands. By the time this letter finds you, I will be gone, away from you, away from my daughter, away from everything that was most precious to me. But I had to do that. I had to save you under any circumstances.
I know I have been unjust, I know I have pained you a lot. If possible, try to forgive me. I… I cannot bear the pain to lose you. But I know you are a brave man, brave enough to bear the pain to lose me. That day when you were lying on that hospital bed, I got myself checked up, and fortunately my genes quite matched yours. So… I handed my heart to you. Please don’t ever blame yourself, You had nothing to do, I can give away anything for you.
You have done a lot for me, I have sinned to misunderstand you. I’m sorry, I’m sorry for everything. But.. I just want a promise from you, please raise my daughter to be a beautiful woman, Tell her about me, tell her about Laksh, tell her that mumma papa loves her a lot and will always be by her side as guardian angels. I’ll always be there, with you, with the every heart beat within you, with every breath you take, within my daughter. Never miss me. Never, I don’t deserve that.
Name my daughter Swalakshini, please never give her a chance to miss us, I know you will keep this promise.I trust u more then i trust my family… I want you to have her. And move on, or else my soul will never be at peace.
I will always be there, forever and always, and remember I blamed you, you did so much for me, and I repaid all your debts, so Hisaab barabar….
Yours, and only yours..
I love you

Sanskaar could not believe his eyes, The girl he hated so much, the girl whom he loved so much… She gave up the fight, she left because of him. And all these days he had been blaming her..
Sanky: I promise you Swara.. I promise.. Hisaab ki bohath pakki ho tum *he gives a vague smile*
Music plays in the background….
Betahasha dil ne
Tujhko hi chaaha hai
Har duaa mein maine
Tujhko hi maanga hai
Tera jaana jaise koi baddua
Tera jaana jaise koi baddua
Door jaaoge jo tum
Mar jaayenge hum
Sanam teri kasam o..
Sanam teri kasam o..
Sanam teri kasam..
Tumhe dekhte hi aankhen ho jaati namm
Sanam teri kasam o..
Sanam teri kasam o..
Sanam teri kasam..
Huaa ye kya hashar mera
Judaa huaa sabar mera
Main tere bin ek lamha
Kyun kabhi naa jiya
Raat bhar ashqo ne tujhko pukara hai
Har dua main maine tujhko hi maanga hai
Tera jaana jaise koi baddua
Door jaaoge jo tum
Mar jaayenge hum
Sanam teri kasam o..
Sanam teri kasam o..
Sanam teri kasam..

So…everyone…..that’s the end….every story doesn’t have a happy ending….and Samjhotas?They never have one… today..for the first time..i’m asking every reader of this ff….please tell me your views about this series of samjhota…silent readers…for today atleast…let me knw…that u read my ff…..comment….and tell me…..
My new ff….its name is Aisi Nafrat toh Kaisa Ishq….please read that too….i’m telling u from before hand…that i’m going to be very irregular…..
My facebook name is Janvi Bhattacharjee…..i stay disconnected from telly updates..and hardly reply to private messages here…so u all can stay in my contact… this facebook account…love u all….

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  1. Chaitali

    I can’t comment in any of ur ffs last episode…cause it makes me speechless…ab do din baad shock utar gya hai to toh comment kar rahi hu….

    Kyu???Bechara sansker…mujhe laga is baar wo mar jayega…par tune usse jinda Chhorke swara ko maar diya??Baas thori si heart attack aa gyi hai mujhe…

    U always make me breathless bhabi…kab mujhe shock se maar doge koi bharosha nehi.

    1. Eva

      U should be happy jethji…ki mene apko bachayeya…..and thodi si heart attack bhi kisiko ati hai bhala?chinta maat karo..mein apko nehi marsakti…apki dono biwi mujhe mardalegi phir agar mene aisa kuch kiya toh..? anyways..thank u..

  2. Deeksha

    wo…what an ending…..sorry dear…i am late to comment……..anyway loved ur ff

    1. Eva

      Thank u Deeksha…?

  3. Awesome ch dr.. My eyes filled wth tears aftr rdng dis..u rlly made me cry..i rlly loved it..its jst awesome…….

    1. Eva

      Thank u mahjabeen….sorry for making u cry..

  4. Mica

    i was crying hardly and bump…. i saw meher’s anger smiley and i can’t stop my self not to laughing with full tears in my eyes.

    1. Eva

      Meher toh hahi zalim….jethani banke mujhe daatti rehti hai..??

  5. I am so soooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllyyyyy for late comment…
    Oh God What to say about the chappy…
    I am just speechless…I have never in my dreams taught like that….You are anaesome writer Di…
    And I dont like series of Samjhota infactI loved the series…Waiting for next Samjhota season…Bye Di and I will not say more as I am speechless… Once again Bye and Take care….
    Come with a bang…
    Will surely read ur next fanfic…but not sure to comment….
    Love u choooooooo much Di…

  6. Sorry di for spelling mistake …You are aWesome writer





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