Samjhota (SwaLak) MAHAEPISODE (Episode 4)


Episode 4:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani ka Ek naya mor…. (Samjhota…Ayaan ke liye)
Hi everyone, it’s Halima with another boring FF…

I hope you all enjoy the boring and 4th episode of Samjhota.

My writing style changed as I got told by my sister that it’s easier to read and write like this.

Recap: Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

The episode continues from the flashback.


“Baba, don’t worry about me… You can go.” Swara says and stops crying.

“But beta.” Shekhar utters.

Swara: Baba… Your lives are more important for me, don’t worry about me.

Shekhar: How can I not worry about you? You’re my daughter.

Swara: Toh phir Baba, aapko is Beti ki Kasam, go with Daadi and don’t worry about me, I can’t let you all sacrifice yourself for me. I will come back and meet you.

Swara tries not to cry and Shekhar is shocked.

Swara: Bless me Baba…

Swara bends down and touches Shekhar’s feet, Shekhar blesses her with tears in his eyes, Swara closes her eyes and stands up. Swara then opens her eyes.

Swara: Bye Baba… When destiny wants us to meet, we will.

Swara turns around and leaves, she cries with walking away, Shekhar is stopped by Swara’s oath. Shekhar sees Swara walking away and angrily holds his fist.

“Maheshwari’s will never stay happy!” Shekhar angrily says.

Shekhar and Daadi then go back to the Baadi and tell them, Sumi cries.
A train is shown arriving at a station, the announcements are being made.

“The train has arrived to the destination, Kolkata.” – announcement.

Inside the train, a girl is shown sleeping but her face isn’t revealed yet. Her eyes are shown and she slowly opens them.

“Wah, Kolkata’s breeze is still the same.” The girl utters and sits up.

The girl then stretches, she is wearing a purple jumpsuit and has her hair out. The girl then looks around worriedly.

“Babu? Where is he?” The girl worriedly says and stands up.

The girl is revealed to be Swara, she gets scared and starts searching for Babu/Ayaan.

“Ayaan?… Dada, have you seen a small 3 year old boy?” Swara asks.

The man nods no and exists the train, Swara gets worried.

She then remembers.

“Arey Haa, he might be with Maa…” Swara says and relaxes.

“But where is Maa anyways?”
Swara adds and looks around.

A woman is shown buying water and snacks.

“Kya Dada, I came back after a month and the expenses are gone high?” The woman says.

Swara comes out of the train and sees her.

“Maa…?” Swara says.

The woman turns around and is revealed to be Sumi.

“Shona…? When did you wake up?” Sumi says.

“Just now Maa, have you seen Babu?” Swara says.

“Ayaan? Isn’t he with you?” Sumi says.

Swara gets worried and walks up to Sumi.

“Maa, he is with you isn’t he?” Swara asks.

“Arey Haa, he’s came out with me…” Sumi says.

“Where is he?” Swara asks.

“He’s here…” Sumi says and looks around.

“Ayaan?” Sumi adds worriedly.

Swara makes a tensed face while Sumi makes a worried face.

“He was here with me…” Sumi says in a worried tone.

“Maa, I’m getting worried, I hope nothing happened to him.” Swara says in a tensed tone.

“Nothing will happen Shona, let’s search for him.” Sumi says and starts looking.

Swara also starts looking.

Then a three year old Ayaan is shown walking.

“Maa!” Ayaan shouts.

“Dida!” Ayaan shouts again.

While walking, Ayaan bumps into a man.

“What the hell?!” The man says and picks his suitcase up.

The man then sees Ayaan and is surprised.

“He’s such a small baby, how can his parents be careless and let him free like this?” The man says to himself.

“Beta, where’s your Mamma Papa? Daada Daadi? Chacha Chachi? Bade Papa Badi Maa? Naana Naani? Mamu Mami? ?” The man says all in one go.

“Dida… Maa… Ice cream.” Ayaan says with a little bit of fear.

“Ice cream?” The man asks confusingly.

The man then stands up and dusts his jacket and jeans. He gets a phone call and picks it up.

“Hello?” The man says.

“Yeah, I’m officially back to Kolkata now.” The man adds.

“Okay Maa, see you in a bit.” The man says and disconnects the call.

The man looks down at Ayaan and then picks him up.

“Let me take you to your Maa and then go to my Maa.” The man says with a smile on his face.

He turns around with Ayaan and he is revealed to be Laksh in a plain black shirt with Maroon chinos and red bomber jacket. He is wearing white and black adidas fluxes.
Laksh starts walking with Ayaan, Swara reaches there and sees Ayaan in Laksh’s arms but Laksh’s back is facing Swara.

“Ayaan?” Swara says and runs to him.

Ayaan sees her and shouts “Maa!”

Laksh stops and turns around, and feels a slap, Swara slaps him across the face.
Laksh is shocked, Swara then takes Ayaan and hugs him tight.

“Babu… You don’t know how scared I got.” Swara says and pecks Ayaan’s cheeks.

Swara then angrily eyes Laksh.

“How dare you?! You tried to kidnap my son?!” Swara shouts.

Laksh is still in the shock of getting slapped by a girl.

“Shona!” Sumi shouts and walks up to him.

Laksh hears Sumi and looks at her.

“Shona, you found him… Thank god. I’m sorry Shona, I…” Sumi says.

“No Maa, you shouldn’t say sorry, this man was kidnapping Ayaan.” Swara says and gives Laksh the dirty look.

“I wasn’t kidnapping your son and I’m not fond of! How dare you slap me?!” Laksh says angrily.

“Why were you walking away with him?! If that isn’t called kidnapping then what is?! Oh hello Mister, you’re not an MLA’s son and even if you are then I’m not scared of you!” Swara says while glaring at Laksh and looking at Laksh with disgust.

“Yes, I’m not an MLA’s son but even the MLA bows down at us!” Laksh says angrily.

“You’re not MLA’s son and the MLA isn’t that Pagal neither he got bit by a mad dog that he will bow down in front of you!” Swara says.

“Shona, just leave it..” Sumi says.

“Maa, he was kidnapping Ayaan, my son and you’re saying leave it?” Swara asks Sumi.

Swara then looks at Laksh, both glare at each other.

“You’re the one who’s crazy here, I think you got bit by a mad dog, go get yourself treated!” Laksh says.

“I should get myself treated?” Swara asks and then sighs.

“I think you’re the one who’s the psycho here! Kidnapping other people’s son isn’t act of a psycho isn’t it?” Swara adds while pointing her index finger at him.

“Laksh Maheshwari se panga Lena, tumhe bhaari pare ga!” Laksh angrily huffs.

Swara and Sumi get shocked, Laksh takes his shoulder bag and suitcase and angrily storms off. Swara then hugs Ayaan tight, Sumi sees Swara’s fear. Sumi then keeps her hand on Swara’s head.

“Maa, Laksh…” Swara worriedly says.

“Nahi Shona, don’t worry, no one will separate you from your son, he won’t find out.” Sumi assures.

Swara then nods and wipes her tears. They collect their luggage and head out from the train station.

In the taxi:
Swara is sitting down near the window, Ayaan is sitting in the middle of Swara and Sumi, Swara is leaning on the window and is looking out.

“Laksh changed so much… I mean, I didn’t even recognise him.” Swara thinks.

Swara then remembers a 19 year old Laksh, who has braces which are visible when he smiles, he is wearing shorts and a shirt and glasses, he always had messy hair.

Her thoughts are broken by Sumi.

“It’s good you phoned us up Shona… But after 3 years? You told us that you’re in Mumbai so Shekhar sent me. But a month in Mumbai wasn’t enough for me.” Sumi says and hopes Swara forgets her worries.

“Haa Maa, we should’ve stayed for 5 months in Mumbai, Nai? Tab aap ko Khushi melegi…?” Swara says and smiles.

“5 months would’ve been too short, 8 months would be enough.” Sumi says with a smile on her face.

Both Swara and Sumi then laugh.

Swara and Sumi reach the Baadi, Swara gets out and looks at the Baadi emotionally. Sumi picks Ayaan up and hands him to Swara. Swara remembers her childhood moments.

(Swaragini…tune plays…)

Swara then remembers Daadi insulting her and Ayaan, Sumi takes the luggage out and pays the taxi driver. The taxi driver drives off.

Scene shifts to MM, Laksh enters angrily.

“Kaka!” Laksh shouts.

The servant comes out and rushes to Laksh.

“Ji…Ji Malik?” The servant says.

“Where’s Kaka?” Laksh asks.

“Kaka… Is on a leave.” The servant says.

Laksh then angrily looks away.

“Go and put my luggage in my room!” Laksh rudely says.

DP is shown coming downstairs while cleaning his glasses, he doesn’t notice Laksh in front of him.
Laksh moves forward to step down but while taking the luggage, the servant accidentally pushed DP and DP falls into Laksh and pushes him down the stairs.
But DP held the railing at the right time and controlled his balance.
Laksh fell frontwards and slides down.

“Aah!” Laksh shouts.

AP comes running out, DP puts his specs on and sees Laksh on the floor.

DP: Is this you Laksh?!

Laksh: Naa, it’s you!

Laksh is still in pain and moans.

DP: Agar tumhe letne ka itna hi Shaunk tha then you could’ve lied on a bed, why on the floor?!

DP shakes his head in a disagreement and walks down.
Laksh manages to stand up with difficulty and AP walks to him, Laksh turns to DP.

DP: What?!

Laksh: You pushed me down!

DP: I didn’t… You need reasons to blame me, listen Annapurna!

Laksh: Maa, I swear he pushed me down, look, I started bleeding.

Laksh touches his head and shows the blood, AP gets worried.

DP: He lied down himself and is blaming it on me! Useless!

Laksh: Dad, don’t change the topic! You’re the one who pushed me and now you’re saying you didn’t do anything?!

DP sighs and looks away.

Laksh: You really need to change your specs or the numbers because you can’t see anything!

DP: My specs are perfectly fine!

Laksh: Well no wonder you pushed me down Nai? I guess you were gone blind while walking down the stairs… Agar Mujhe kuch Ho jata Toh?

DP: Toh kuch hua Toh Nahi Na?! Unfortunately you survived!

Laksh: Look Maa, galti karte hai and upar se mujhko blame kar rahe hai.

AP: Laksh… Are you sure…?

Laksh: I’m not sure Maa, I 100% know he pushed me because there was no one else behind me! He’s finding reasons to party…

Laksh then glares at DP and DP glares at him.

DP: I guess by mistake he fell!

Laksh: By mistake? You must be feeling happy from the inside that I fell…?!

Laksh to himself: He does it on purpose and then says it’s a mistake.

Laksh makes a face and DP glares at him.

DP: I have better reasons to party on, but you ruined my chance!

DP says and walks up, DP is shown fully and he is wearing shorts with a vest.

Laksh then turns to AP.

Laksh: Itne Buddhe Ho Gaye hai and he doesn’t have shame, look at what he’s wearing and that too freely!

DP hears and angrily storms up.

AP: Jane bhi de, he’s your Dad, galti se Dhakka lag Gaya Ho ga… Come, let me do your first aid.

Laksh: Maa, Galti? You know Papa and you’re still saying this? He does everything perfectly and he must have planned my murder.

Laksh gets worried and gulps, AP then takes Laksh to his room and does his first aid.

AP: Laksh… Did anyone slap you?

Laksh then remembers Swara slapping him.

Laksh: Nahi Toh… Why? (Looks at AP and fake smiles)

AP (concerned): I can see the hand prints on your cheeks, beta tell the truth.

DP is walking past and stops after hearing AP and Laksh.

Laksh: Kuch Nahi Maa, a stupid psycho girl slapped me.

A little smile appears on DPs lips.

AP: What? Why?

Laksh: Mom, wait… Shut the doors and windows because if Papa hears then he would have better reasons to taunt me.

DP thinks: A girl slapped Laksh? I must say, daat deni paregi us ladki Ki… I need to meet her and give her a round of applauds.

AP: What’s her name?
Laksh tries to remember and remembers Shona.

Laksh: Shona…

AP: Shona…?

DP thinks: Shona?

Laksh: Uh Haa, she goes to my college… But forget her and tell me one thing Maa, how can you marry Dad? I mean did you see his face before marriage or were your eyes covered?

AP: Beta, you should respect him… Anyways why did Shona slap you?

DP huffs.

Laksh: Because she thought I was kidnapping her…

Laksh then stops and thinks.

Laksh thinks: No, if Papa really hears then he would take this opportunity and get me arrested.

AP looks at him along with DP.

AP: Kidnap?

Laksh: Kidnap Nahi… Steal… She thought I was stealing…

Laksh says with a fake smile.

AP: Oh… You take care.

AP then leaves and DP does too, Laksh then let’s out a breath of relief.

Daadi hears a knock on the door and goes to open it.

“Who’s here now?!” Daadi sighs while opening.

Daadi looks up and gets shocked.

Daadi: You?!

They are revealed to be Swara and Sumi.

Daadi: Who have you brought?!

Sumi: Maa, it’s Swara… Your granddaughter.

Daadi: Enough! Jis din she gave birth to her son, that day she died for us!

Both Sumi and Swara look on shocked.

Daadi looks down and sees Ayaan standing. She then ignores him and looks up at Swara.

Daadi: Go somewhere else and don’t make my pure house impure by bringing your and his (pointing and Ayaan) manoos Kadam in!

Sumi: But Maa…

Daadi: Chup reh! If you want to be in this house then stay away from her!

Sumi: Maa…

Daadi: You have to chose one between Us and Her!!

Swara and Sumi are shocked, Swara looks at Sumi while Sumi looks on stunned.

Swara: Maa… You go… I’ll be fine.

Daadi ignores Swara’s words.

Sumi: But Shona…

Swara: Please Maa… I don’t want you to sacrifice yourself for me.

Sumi: Shona, there’s nothing to sacrifice because…

Swara: Maa, aap ko Meri kasam… You would stay here and don’t worry about us.

“Shomi… Don’t worry about her, her Dida is still alive…!” A voice is heard.

Swara and Sumi turn around, Daadi glares at that person.
The person is revealed to be Dida.

Swara (emotional): Dida…?

Dida smiles and Swara and opens her arms. Swara runs and hugs her.

Swara: Dida… I’m sorry Dida… I missed you a lot.

Dida: I missed you too Shona… Where did you go? Didn’t you think about your Dida?!

Daadi rolls her eyes seeing their Drama, Sumi lets out a smile with tears in her eyes. Dida then looks at Sumi.

Dida: Shomi… You go in befikar, your Shona is with her Dida.

Sumi then nods and wipes her tears.

Daadi: If your drama is over then come inside Sharmishta and make sure you don’t let any of them in!

Daadi then angrily eyes everyone and leaves.

Dida and Swara break the hug, Dida wipes Swara’s tears.

Dida: Don’t cry Shona… Soon Parvati will also come to know the truth…

Swara lets out a smile through her tears and nods, Sumi looks on emotionally.

Dida then takes Ayaan and Laksh to her house, Sumi goes inside and tells Shekhar, Shekhar tries to make Daadi understand but Daadi didn’t want to listen to anyone and made Shekhar remember what DP says.

Laksh wakes up and gets ready, he then sees DP walking out of his room in his tracksuit with a hat.

Laksh: Oho… Subha Subha kaun si ladki ko dekhne jaa rahe hai?

Laksh then checks the time and it’s 8:45am.

DP then starts walking down, Laksh decides to follow him. After a while Laksh and DP reach in a park.

Laksh: Park? Why did I waste my time then?! Stupid Lucky, papa ke saath reh ke… You’re also going mad.

Laksh turns around to leave but clashes into somebody but holds her on time. They girl holds Laksh tight and has her eyes closed. She opens her eyes and both are shocked to see each other. The girl is revealed to be Swara.

Swara: Tum?!

Laksh: Tum?!

Swara stops holding onto Laksh and Laksh then let’s goes of Swara and Swara falls on to the floor.

Swara: Ouch!

Laksh looks up and ignores her, Swara looks up at him and angrily glares at him.

Swara: Ungrateful beast! You dropped me, how dare you?!

Laksh: Oh hello, why did you cling on me first?

Swara: I wasn’t fond of!

Laksh: Look at yourself and then talk! You haven’t even got the status to talk to me! You’re fallen, how much more would you?!

Swara then stands up and angrily glares at him.

Swara: Stupid tharki Sadu!

Laksh: Who are you calling a Sadu?

Swara: Oh, so you admit you’re a stupid tharki?!

Laksh: Shut up okay, you Diva.

Swara: Hmm… You couldn’t think of any other?! Well you’re a Sarahua Sadu!

Laksh: Whatever! You’re moti! Buk Buk!

Swara: Oh hello, why are you talking about yourself?

Laksh: Oh shut up! I’m getting late Ms Shona Kadoos Gabbar Singh!

Swara’s mouth drops and she glares at him.

Swara: Shona Kadoos Churail Gabbar Singh? Don’t call me Shona!

Laksh: Whatever KCGS!

Swara: KCGS?!

Laksh: Kadoos Churail Gabbar Singh! But you know what, you’re right, you should be called Lady Gabbar Singh!

Swara: That’s so mean! How would you feel if I call you Sadu Hitler?! Actually, not bad, from today you’re a Sarahua Sadu Hitler!

Swara and Laksh then glare at each other. Laksh gets a phone call and attends it.

Laksh: Haa Omi, I’m coming.

Laksh disconnects and turns to warn Swara but finds her missing. He was about to go but sees something on the floor and picks it up.

Laksh (while reading): Her card? Swara Gadodia? So Lady Gabbar Singh’s real name is Swara Gadodia aka Shona?

Laksh then walks away.

Swara walks while zipping her bag.

Swara: If Dida hadn’t forced me to got to college then I wouldn’t have met Sadu Hitler!

Swara then reaches the college and is waiting at the gates of the college in a queue/line.
Just then Laksh enters on his motorbike and parks.

Laksh: Line? Why is there a big line here?

He sees the girls looking at him and waving at him, one of the girl in front of Swara was looking back and smiling.

Swara to herself: What happened to the girl? Did they see some Bhoot?

Swara turns around and gets shocked to see Laksh approaching, Swara then quickly turns back.

Swara: Oh god, Sadu Hitler and here? He’s definitely a ghost! I don’t get what they see in him.

Just then Laksh’s friend Omi waves at him and Laksh sees him, as Laksh walks past, Swara hides her face but Laksh notices one girls not looking at him and that caught his attention. He turns to her while the rest of the girls smile.

Swara to herself: Oh god, why did he stop here?

Laksh thinks: How can this one girl not look at me?! It’s impossible for any girl to ignore Lucky but she seems recognisable.

Swara looks the other way hoping Laksh would go. Just then Omi shouts name and Laksh sees him.

Swara: Sarahua Sadu Hitler!

One of the girls hear her and repeat it.

Girl: Sarahua Sadu Hitler?

Laksh also hears and looks at the girl who repeated it. He then realised its Swara who has her back faced towards him. Swara ten bites her tongue.

Laksh: Swara, I know it’s you!

Swara makes a face and then turns to him.

Swara thinks: He already found out my name? He’s definitely a fast tharki! Chappell kahika!

Swara then receives a call and she picks it up.

Swara: Dida…?

Swara gets shocked and starts developing tears in her eyes.

Swara: Which hospital?!

Swara then disconnects the call and runs out of the line, she looks for the taxi but couldn’t find any. Laksh thinks to ask what happened but then decides to stay quiet.

Swara walks up to him.

Swara: Chappell… Please can I use your bike or car?

Laksh: Chappell? Now what does that mean and why?

Swara: It’s an emergency, please…

Laksh then takes his bikes keys out and looks at her.

Laksh: You’re not going unless you apologise.

Swara: Apologise? For what?

Laksh: For what you did! And what does Chappell even mean?

Swara then sighs and snatches his bike keys and runs. Laksh looks on and runs behind her.

One of the girl shouted “Chappell means Devil!”

Laksh is angry, shocked and worried.

Laksh: I won’t let you go alone on my bike Lady Gabbar…Mogambo!

Swara then manages to find his bike and starts it, he quickly sits down and looks at her.

Laksh: Are you crazy?!

Swara: Please… It’s the matter of my son?

Laksh then looks on and remembers Ayaan. He then nods and Swara sits behind him and he drives off.

City Hospital:
Swara rushes in with Laksh, Swara sees Dida and rushes there.

Swara: Dida… How’s Ayaan? What did the Dr say?

Dida (cried): The Dr said that if they don’t find blood at the right time then…

Swara is shocked, Laksh comes close.

Swara: How did the accident happen?

Dida: Ayaan was being stubborn and wanted to go to the park, I took him and he ran too fast and ahead and got hit by the car.

Dida cries along with Swara, Laksh looks on.

Dr comes while talking to the nurse.

Dr: If we don’t get the blood then the child could lose his life! Go look everywhere!

Swara gets more teary eyed after listening to that. Laksh feels bad and walks up to her.

Laksh: Don’t worry… Nothing will happen to him.

Dr: Who’s the mother and father of this child?

Swara: I’m the mother of this child.

Laksh: What’s his blood group Dr?

Dr: O negative.

Laksh: Mine is that too I think.

Dr: Could we check.

Laksh nods and they take Laksh inside. Laksh gives his blood and comes out.

After a while, the Dr comes out with the results.

Dr: The blood matched.

Swara, Dida and Laksh smile.

Swara thinks: It had to match… After all Ayaan has the blood of a Maheshwari running in his veins.

Laksh then gives blood for Ayaan, the Dr then transfuses the blood on Ayaan.

Dr: It’s a miracle, but what is surprising is that you’re not related to him but you got a perfect match… It’s like you’re one blood.

Laksh gets confused and looks at the Dr.

Laksh: What do you mean?

Dr: Ayaan is a Maheshwari…

Laksh is shocked.

Dr: But you said he’s not related to you so I don’t know but it’s weird.

The Dr leaves and Laksh looks on shocked. Laksh then remembers 3 years ago, DP called him and asked him if he got anyone pregnant and Laksh denied it. Laksh then remembers the name Swara and is shocked.

Laksh goes outside and sees Swara, he grabs her hand and takes her outside the hospital, Swara is shocked and confused.
Laksh then turns her towards him.

Laksh: Is Ayaan related to me?!

Swara is shocked and looks on.

Laksh: Is Ayaan a Maheshwari?! Is he my son?!

Swara: I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Swara turns to leave but Laksh grands her hand and pulls her towards him.

Laksh: Is he a Maheshwari or Not?!!

By saying that, Laksh squeezes her arm tighter.

Swara: It’s hurting Laksh, leave me…

Laksh then looks at her.

Laksh: How do you know my name Ms Swara Gadodia? Or should I say Chashmish?

Swara then looks at him with tears in her eyes.

Swara: I don’t know what you’re talking about…

Laksh: The Dr told me… Our blood is one, it matched so Ayaan ke ragon mein Maheshwari’s ka khoon dor raha hai! Is this true?!

Swara doesn’t say anything.

Laksh shouts: Is this true God Damn it?!!!

Swara then gets annoyed and shouts yes. Laksh is shocked.

Swara: Yes! Ayaan Ki ragon mein…

Swara stops and cries.

Swara: Ayaan is a Maheshwari!

Laksh is shook. Swara then hugs Laksh and cries.

Swara cries: Ayaan is a Maheshwari…!

(Hamdard tune plays….)

Laksh: B…but when?

Swara: Three years ago when…

Swara then tells Laksh and its muted, after listening to that Laksh is shocked and stunned… He is feeling mixed emotions and is numb.

Laksh: I…I don’t believe you.

Swara: You don’t have to believe me! Just say away from me and my son!

Swara then breaks the hug and glares at Laksh.

Swara: Just stay away from us.

Swara then leaves and Laksh is still shocked.

From the past 1 week Laksh couldn’t eat properly, sleep properly or think properly, DP thinks Laksh is gone mad.

Laksh then decided what he had to do.

Then the park scene… 1st episode…

End of flashback.

Precap: Jhatka… Are you guys ready for the Jhatka…? ??

Ayaan / Babu – Abram Khan
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