Samjhota (SwaLak) Episode 9


Episode 9:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani ka Ek naya mor…. (Samjhota…Ayaan ke liye)
Hi everyone, it’s Halima with another boring FF…

I hope you all enjoy the boring and 9th episode of Samjhota.

My writing style changed as I got told by my sister that it’s easier to read and write like this.

Sorry for any mistakes…

The episode starts with the bright sun rising, Swara wakes up and sees Laksh sleeping besides her. Swara then remembers the old and young Laksh.
A sudden laugh comes out.
Laksh gets disturbed and opens his eyes, she stops laughing and stands up.
Laksh sees her and stretches.

Laksh: What happened?

Swara: Nothing…

Laksh: Then why were you laughing?

Swara: I just remembered something.

Swara then takes her clothes out from the cupboard.

Laksh: Remembered what?

Swara with a smile: A 17 year old Laksh…

Swara then leaves, Laksh tries to remember but closes his eyes as he’s tired.

Swara comes out and sees him asleep, she shakes her head with a faint smile.

Swara: The whole world would change and reform but Laksh wouldn’t.

Swara then heads out, she gets a call and attends it.

Swara: Haa Maa?

AP: Beta, we are coming tomorrow…

Swara: Tomorrow? Did Ayaan trouble anyone?

AP: No… But he missed you and Haa, Ji is coming back today at 1-2pm

Swara: Okay Maa, you take care, I’ll take care here…

AP then disconnects the call and Swara smiles.

After a while Laksh wakes up, he sees the time and it’s 10:56am.
He hears some sounds and gets confused.

Laksh: Subha Subha Music Kaun sun raha Ho ga? Well it’s me and Swara who are in the house…

Laksh then stands up and walks out, he sees loads of woman in the hall and is stunned.
Some of them are dancing.
Swara also decides to join them.

They dance on London Thumakda… Laksh is shocked and confused.

Laksh to himself: Are you sure this is your house? Have you slept in the wrong house?

Tu Ho Gayi One To Two
Oh Kudiya What To Do
Oh Ho Gayi Munde Di

Swara dances with other girls.

Tutu Rutu Rutu Ru..

Laksh looks at her and shakes his head, he then smiles.

Patanga Vari Gi
Tu Awain Udd Di
Oh Ho Gayi Munde Di

Tutu Rutu Rutu Ru..

Laksh: The whole world will change or reform but Swara wouldn’t!

Hila De Chaldi
Tuk Tuk Tu Kardi
Make Up Tu Kardi Yaar

Swara enjoys herself and moves her hips.

Angrezi Padhdi
Ghit Pit Tu Kardi

Laksh then goes inside.

Jimme Queen Saadi Victoria
Tu Kanti Big Ban Di
Poora London Thumakda

The ladies clap.

Oh Jaddo Nachche Pehn Di
Poora London Thumakda


Latte Di Chadar
Utte Honeymoon Kar Maahiya
Aava Saamne, Aava Saamne
Tera Ki Size Hai Das Maahiya

Malmal Ka Kurda
Dikh Jaaye Sab Kuchh Clear Maahiya
Tere Saamne, Tere Saamne
Lagda Hai Chhota Palang Maahiya

Oh Siyapa..

Oye Hoye Hoye
Death Hi Ho Gayi..
Oye Geerator Chala Yaar
Oye Kamal Hi Karda Hai Tu..

Thumakda Thumakda
London Thumakda
Thumakda Thumakda

Swara stops and goes out, the rest continue.

Oye Wah Ji Wah..
Tunakda Tunakda

Thumba Tunakda
Tunakda Tunakda

Tu Kanti Big Ban Di
Poora London Thumakda
Oh Jaddo Nachche Pehn Di
Poora London Thumakda

Oye Oye Oye Oye
Oye Oye Oye Oye
Oye Balle..

Swara brings out snacks and gives it to the ladies.

They asks Swara to dance, Swara nods no but they force her.

Swara was about to dance when the lights go off, it points at the staircase, Laksh is shown, Swara looks on.

Swara smiles.

Swara: You’re not allowed…

Laksh: Why?

Lady: It’s all ladies function!

Laksh: Kis bat ka function?

Swara: Maa asked her friend to have her daughters sangeet here.

Laksh: Oh, so sangeet and that too without Laksh?.

Swara shakes her head negatively. Laksh talks to the ladies and impresses them, they let him stay.

The sangeet finished.

Lady: Beta, do come to her wedding…

Swara: Sure Aunty… We will definitely come.

Laksh: Aunty, yeh Kya? How can you think Lucky wouldn’t come?

The lady smiles and everyone start leaving one by one. DP also enters and sees the ladies leaving past him, there was a juice spilt on one of the step of the stair. DP walks forward, Swara and Laksh notice him, they notice the juice spillage also, Laksh then smirks.

DP was about to come down when Swara stops him.

Swara: No…!

Laksh then holds her mouth and pretends to dance with her by moving sideways. DP gets confused, Swara signals no with her eyes and him to look down, DP looks down and sees the spillage, Laksh lets go of Swara’s mouth ad makes a face.

Laksh: Lo, Phel Gaya raita!

DP: What do you think Laksh? I’m not that smart?! I guess you missed me but I didn’t! I as enjoying so much…! I didn’t feel like coming back!

Laksh: I didn’t even miss you! I’m not that crazy either to miss you! I also enjoyed a lot when you were gone!

Swara: Since you enjoyed, you must have took pictures?

DP: I must have? I did! And I filled my whole gallery with them!

Laksh: As if… Anyways there’s a mistake in the scoreboard, it should be Laksh 7 and you 6!

DP: Really?! Whatever! Anyways I’ll show you the pics.

Laksh sighs and DP takes his new iPhone 6 Plus out to show off In front of Laksh, Laksh looks on.

DP then shows Swara the selfies he took, Laksh wanted to laugh out loud but controlled it, but he turns around and starts giggling. DP continues showing.

DP: Someone’s getting jealous.

Laksh turns to him.

Laksh: Yeah Dad, don’t get jealous of me?

DP: Mere bure din Nahi aye that I will get jealous of you!

Laksh then sees DP in the swimming pool relaxing.

Laksh: Swara, call Maa quick!

Swara and DP get confused.

Swara: Why?

Laksh: So we can show her what Papa was doing in the name of meeting… Ghuchale uda rahe the!

DP then glares at Laksh.

Swara: Laksh…

Laksh: It’s true tho, who has meeting in a swimming pool? Dad, be honest, kahi kuch…

DP: Bas! I’m not cheap like you!

DP then leaves, Laksh shakes his head and Swara gives him a stern look.

DP comes out is a black suit, he sees Swara finishing cleaning.

DP: Beta, I’m going to a business party and will be back by 2am…

Swara then nods.

DP: Anyways where’s that useless boy?

Laksh them comes inside and stands near DP.

DP and Swara see him in a drunken state, DP angrily looks on.

Laksh: Are you sure you’re not going to do any other stuff?!

DP: Stay in limits Laksh! How can I forget the person who can’t stand on his feet properly won’t be able to think right! Who needs enemies when you have family?!

DP them storms out and Laksh starts laughing. Swara looks at him.

Swara: Laksh… Are you drunk?

Laksh: Me? Uh… Yes…

Laksh walks forward, he was about to fall but holds on to the railing, Swara runs to him.

Swara: Come…

Laksh: No, I can do it myself!

Swara: Stop being stubborn and come!

Swara then takes Laksh to the room, Laksh walks and falls on the bed.

Laksh: Swara… I need to tell you something…

Swara looks on.

Laksh: I still remember when I saw you… Your cute smile, bubbly attitude and dark brown eyes stole my heart.

Swara is shocked.

Laksh: Do you remember I used to call you chashmesh and look at the fate, later on I had to get glasses.

Swara then remembers in 11th standard.

Swara: You remember?

Laksh: How can I forget? And do you remember when I danced on besharmi ki heights at the last day at school.

Swara nods and sits behind him.

Swara: You were very happy then… After that I never seen you.

Laksh: I’m sorry Swara but I would like to make a confession…

Swara looks at him.

Laksh: I’m afraid to fall in love with you…

Swara: Why?

Laksh: Because I know you won’t…

Swara: You should’ve told me…

Laksh: We had done a Samjhota and Chaha Ke bhi Nahi karpaunga… You will reject.

Swara: Laksh…

Swara then hugs him.

Laksh hugs her back.

Laksh: Swara… I… Love You…

Swara hugs him tighter.

Swara: I love you too Buddhu but not today… When you were 17!

Laksh then hugs her tighter.

Laksh: I don’t want to lose you Swara…

Swara: You won’t…

Swara then realises he’s drunk and breaks the hug, she stands up and Laksh looks at her.

Swara: Laksh… You’re drunk.

Swara then turns to leave but Laksh holds her hand and pulls her closer to him, Swara closes her eyes and Laksh leans in, he pecks her cheeks, Swara feels something. He then makes Swara lie down, Swara was about to go when he stops her and starts pecking her forehead, eyes and cheeks. Slowly, they consummate their marriage.

Swara wakes up and sees Laksh missing, she worries… She gets changed and comes out, she sees DP sitting on the sofa and reading the newspaper. She walks down.

Swara: Uncle… Have you seen Laksh?

DP then throws the newspaper down,

DP: Call me Papa and don’t say that manoos’s name and ruin my morning.

Swara: Sorry uncle but…

DP: Papa!

Swara: Okay, sorry Papa but he’s not in the house.

Just then AP and Sujata come out, AP gives the tea to DP.

Swara: Maa? Where’s Ayaan?

AP: Laksh took him out.

Sujata: Anyways he wanted to spend time with his son… So he took him out.

Swara: Oh… Okay.

DP: I don’t feel like drinking…

Swara: Papa, how was your party yesterday?

DP: It was okay.

Sujata: Bhaisa, how was your trip to Pune?

DP: It was amazing, I enjoyed a lot.

Sujata: Oh, did you take photos?

DP: What about Hyderabad?

AP: Ji, it was okay.

Sujata: We didn’t have much fun but it was enjoyable.

Swara then moves away and phones Laksh, his phone is coming unreachable.

Swara: Phone unreachable?

After a while at 12:45pm, Laksh comes home with Ayaan, AP sees them.

AP: How was your day Laksh?

Laksh: It was amazing… This was the best day.

AP: That’s good… Ayaan? Did you enjoy it?

Ayaan nods yes, Swara comes out and sees Laksh. Laksh hands Ayaan to AP and heads up.

Swara comes to the room, Laksh looks inside the cupboard. Swara decides to break the silence.

Swara: So… How was your day out with Ayaan?

Laksh: Good.

Laksh then takes his clothes and towel and heads to the bathroom. Swara gets confused at Laksh’s behaviour.

Laksh is in the bathroom, he is standing underneath the shower.
Flashes of Swara run in his mind as he closes his eyes.

Swara comes downstairs while thinking, just then DP also comes.

DP: Annapurna!

Swara looks at him, Sujata and AP come out with Ayaan.

AP: What happened Ji?

DP: Get ready! Ask everyone to as well.!

Sujata: But Bhaisa… What happened?

DP: I can’t believe Laksh didn’t tell us! He got the invitation 2 days ago!

AP: Invitation? For what?

DP: For Sharad’s daughters wedding.

Swara then remembers.

Swara: Arey Haa… Sorry Papa… We forgot to tell you… Maa, your friends daughter.. Riddhima, it’s her wedding…

AP then remembers

AP: Haa…

DP: Don’t waste time and get dressed!

DP then heads up along with Swara.

All are ready for the wedding, including Laksh and Ayaan. DP comes down and looks at AP, Sujata, Swara and Ayaan. He then sees Laksh but quickly ignores him.

DP: Chalein?

Laksh turns around and sees him, all nod, Swara looks at Laksh and he looks at her, both smile at each other.

AP: Ji… Let’s go.

DP then heads out followed by AP, Sujata and Ayaan. Swara then heads out slowly while Laksh smiles.

Episode freezes on Laksh’s smiley face.

Precap: …Last Episode … Do read…

Ayaan / Babu – Abram Khan
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