Samjhota (SwaLak) Episode 7


Episode 7:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani ka Ek naya mor…. (Samjhota…Ayaan ke liye)
Hi everyone, it’s Halima with another boring FF…

I hope you all enjoy the boring and 7th episode of Samjhota.

My writing style changed as I got told by my sister that it’s easier to read and write like this.

Sorry for any mistakes…


The episode starts with the Sangeet finishing.

Laksh dressed in his sherwani, he takes deep breaths and thinks to talk to Swara.

Swara is dressed in a bridal attire, she is nervous and worried.

Swara: I need to talk to Laksh before… The wedding.

Swara looks on worried.

AP is shown getting Ayaan dressed, DP touches his back and walks in front of the mirror. AP smiles at Ayaan.

AP: He’s so cute…

DP: Who?!

AP: Ji.. Ayaan…

DP: Hm… I thought you were going to say Laksh!

DP then sprays the spray and deodorant on. Ayaan is ready in a black suit with a white shirt. DP turns around and looks at Ayaan.

DP: Hmm, Ayaan does look nice.

AP smiles.

Laksh then reaches outside the room Swara is in and knocks, Swara looks at the door.

Laksh: It’s me Lucky, open the door!

Swara: Laksh?

Swara then opens the door and sees Laksh. Laksh gets mesmerised seeing Swara, Swara signs what happened and he nods no.

Laksh: I need to talk to you Swara

Swara: Same here Laksh…

Both: I think we should tell them the truth.

Both nod and walk out, they reach DPs room and see DP and AP playing with Ayaan.

DP: This is what you call beauty, I don’t know what Laksh is on about!

DP was aiming that at Ayaan.

Laksh: Oho… Insult on my wedding day too?

Swara then turns around and walks away with tears in her eyes, Laksh follows her.

Laksh: Kya hua?

Swara: I didn’t have the courage to face them and tell them, you can go…

Laksh: I can’t… They look happy…

Swara: Then what should we do?

Laksh: Samjhota

Swara then stops and thinks.

After a while Laksh and Swara are seen sitting in the Mandap.

Pandit: Please apply the sindoor and mangalsutar.

Laksh takes the sindoor and looks at Swara.

Laksh: Ayaan Ke liye.

Swara then nods and says: Ayaan Ke liye.

Laksh puts the sindoor and mangalsutar on Sawar.

They stand up for the pehres… Ayaan and all throw flowers on them.
They finish the pehres.

Pandit: Now you two are officially Husband and Wife, congratulation.

Swara and Laksh fake smile.

Wedding is over
In Laksh’s Room:

Swara and Laksh are seen sitting down and thinking.

Laksh: This was only…

Swara: I know… Samjhota for Ayaan…

Laksh then nods, Swara goes to the bathroom and gets changed, she comes out and sees Laksh already changed. Swara lies in her half and Laksh lies in his half, both go to sleep after a while.

Swara and Laksh wake up, Swara then gets up and takes her clothes out with a towel, Laksh then hurriedly gets up and snatches the towel if Swara. Swara looks at him.

Laksh: I’m having a bath first!

Swara: What? I am.

Laksh then runs in the bathroom, Swara looks on, Laksh then locks the door and Swara huffs.

Swara: Idiot!

*After 30 minuets*

Laksh comes out and sees Swara sitting on the coach and lying down, Laksh takes his clothes and goes in, he gets changed and comes back out. He sees Swara and thinks to wake her up, he approaches her but stops seeing her innocence and beauty.

Laksh: Should I wake her up or not?

Swara then opens her eyes and sees Laksh, she gets up hurriedly.

Swara: Now you come out?! No no, take 1 year in there!

Swara then angrily goes inside and Laksh starts laughing.

After 20 minuets, Swara comes out, she sees Laksh missing. She decides to go out after she dries her hair.

Swara then hears Ayaan cry and rushes there. Swara reaches down and sees Ayaan sitting on the sofas and Laksh telling him something.

Swara: Laksh?!

Laksh sees Swara.

Laksh: What?

Swara walks up to them.

Swara: Why are you making Ayaan cry?

Laksh: I’m telling him not to cry.

Swara: Why? What happened?

DP comes down.

DP: He saw Laksh’s face in the morning, that’s why!

Laksh glares at DP. Swara sits on the other side of Ayaan.

Swara: What happened? Why are you crying Babu?

Ayaan: Mamma…

Laksh: Chachi shouted at him…

Swara: Why?

Laksh: Because he accidentally spelled his juice on her Saree.

Laksh comes down after Swara went to the bathroom, he then sees Sujata walking down, Ayaan was running around and accidentally clashes with Sujata, Sujata looks at him.

Sujata: Have I come to the wrong house?

AP then comes out and sees Sujata, Ayaan then spills juice of Sujata’s Saree.

Sujata: Hay! Jiji! My Saree, this boy! How dare you?!

AP: Sujata, calm down…

Sujata: How Jiji?!

Sujata then shouts at Ayaan, Ayaan doesn’t cry.

Sujata: Where is your mother?!

Ayaan the starts crying, Sujata then leaves.

End of flashback.

Swara looks on, Sujata then walks down in her new orange Saree.

Swara turns around and sees her, DP also looks at Sujata, Sujata smiles and walks down.

Sujata: Bhaisa…? How have you been?

DP: I have been fine… What about Ram?

Sujata: He’s been fine…

DP: Didn’t he come?

Sujata: Nahi, he had an important… Ke kente hai? Haa, meeting!

DP nods okay, Sujata then sees Swara.

Sujata: Oh, so this is Lakshs wife?

Swara smiles at her and Sujata forces a smile back.

Sujata: Jiji told me everything… This Chora, Ayaan is Lakshs chora…

Laksh: Chachi, where’s Bhai?

Sujata: He’s gone Canda…

Swara gets confused along with DP and AP.

Laksh: Chachi, it’s Canada, not Canda…

Sujata: Haa Haa Vahi!

Laksh then stands up,

Laksh: Before going… I want to say that… That wasn’t a good insult Dad because you know What! The nature has already insulted you!

DP is speechless and Laksh leaves with a victorious smirk and Sujata giggles, Swara and AP shake their head in a disagreement.

Laksh comes back home and see the house silent, Swara comes down and sees Laksh, Laksh also sees her.

Laksh: Why is the house silent?

Swara: Maa is gone to the temple with Chachi Ji and after the temple, they’re going to go to Chachi Ji’s friends house.

Laksh: Where’s Ayaan?

Swara: He’s gone with Maa… Your dad is gone to off…

Laksh: I didn’t ask about him.

Swara: You’re so rude to him!

Laksh walks down

Laksh: He’s rude to me… You see me but you don’t see him! Wait, come on, I’ll show you something.

Swara gets confused, Laksh grabs her hand and takes her upstairs to DPs room.

Swara: Why are we here?

Laksh then opens DPs cupboard and moves the clothes out of the way.

Laksh: Look…

Swara then walks forward and looks. She sees the scores and Lakshs picture with a cross.

Laksh: And I’m rude.

Swara: I can’t believe this…

Swara then laughs and Laksh looks on, Swara then receives a call and she attends it.

Swara: Haa Maa?

AP: Swara Beta, Laksh Ke Papa is gone Pune for meeting and we are in Hyderabad.

Swara: Hyderabad? Maa… Is everything okay?

AP: Haa everything is okay, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you while taking Ayaan… We travelled by Train… My sister fell ill so we went all of a sudden…

Swara: It’s okay Maa… When will you be back?

AP: In 2 or 3 days…

Swara: Okay Maa, don’t worry, I’ll handle it here.

AP: Thanks beta…

AP then disconnects the call and Swara looks at Laksh.

Laksh: What happened?

Swara: Hayy… Why do I have to always get punished? Maa is gone Hydreabad with Chachi Ji and Your Dads gone Pune… Now I have to stay with a Sadu Hitler!

Laksh glares at her.

Laksh: Sadu Hitler?

Swara nods yes, Laksh then comes close but she runs and Laksh chases her.

Precap: Laksh to develop feelings for Swara… Only Laksh and Swara’s day… How will Swara respond…?
Ayaan / Babu – Abram Khan
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