Samjhota (SwaLak) Episode 6


Episode 6:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani ka Ek naya mor…. (Samjhota…Ayaan ke liye)
Hi everyone, it’s Halima with another boring FF…

I hope you all enjoy the boring and 6th episode of Samjhota.

My writing style changed as I got told by my sister that it’s easier to read and write like this.

Sorry for any mistakes… Sorry for the earliness…


The episode starts with the flashback ending.

Laksh: Why did you bare so much insults… So much taunts for Ayaan? Ayaan isn’t even your son.

Swara: Ayaan is my son… I promised to take care of him, the day I accepted him… He became my son.

Laksh then puts the report in the cupboard, Swara looks at Ayaan who is asleep and a smile appears on her face. Swara then opens the room door and AP arrives.

AP: I was about to knock but…

Swara: What happened Maa… Do you need anything?

Laksh hears and looks there.

Laksh thinks to himself: Wah… From Aunty to Maa? That too in 1 day?

AP smiles.

AP: It’s nothing to worry about… Laksh’s Papa thought to get you and Laksh married again.

Swara and Laksh get shocked.

Swara: Sh…Shadi?

AP: Haa… Tonight… And your engagement is in the morning… The rest of the rituals would be in the evening.

Laksh walks up there.

Laksh: Maa, we got married once why again…?

AP: What do you mean again? Your first marriage was done without any rituals… Now we have a chance to do it again… So get ready.

AP then leaves while Swara and Laksh worry.

Swara and Laksh: Ab Kya???!

Then after a while, Maheshwari mansion is decorated… Swara comes down in a pink suit while Laksh comes down in a black sherwani coat. DP looks at them, the guests also start arriving. While walking down, Swara and Laksh are talking with a smile.

Laksh: This is all your fault.

Swara: My fault? It was you who wanted to do this Samjhota!

Laksh: But mine was different than this!

Finally Laksh and Swara reach in the hall. DP introduces Swara to the guests, Swara greets them… Then DP announces the engagement… Everyone clap.

Swara and Laksh then fake a smile and hold the rings in their hands and each other.

Swara: Ayaan Ke liye…

Swara then puts the ring on while AP and DP get confused along with the guest.

Laksh: Ayaan Ke liye!

Laksh puts the ring on, all clap but with a confused look on their faces.

Guest: Why don’t we see a dance from our couples?

Swara and Laksh look on.

DP: Laksh can’t dance… So there’s no chance.

Laksh then glares at DP.

Laksh: I can dance!

DP then shakes his head while looking the guest, Laksh then grabs Swara’s hand and takes her to the dance floor, the lights turn off and a song starts playing.

(Bolna… Kapoor and sons…)


Th lights shine on them… Laksh and Swara look at each other and Laksh pulls her closer by the waist. DP looks on.

Chhuteya na chhute mose
Rang tera dholna

They start dancing…

Ik tere baajo dooja
Mera koi mol na

He twirls her…

Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna

Laksh then brings her back to him…
Swara looks on nervously…

Hmm… aa…

Tere liye aaya main toh
Tere sang jaana

He picks her up and twirls her while looking at her…

Dholna ve tere naal
Jindri bitavaan

He slowly puts her down…

Kadi naiyo chhodna
Ishq di dor na

The rest of the couple join them…

Saare chhad jaayen maahi
Tu na chhodna

Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna

Laksh holds her waist and makes her hold his shoulder… Both slide side to side slowly… Swara and Laksh have an eye-lock.

Tere sang hasna main
Tere sang rona

He turns her and her back his facing towards him.

Tujhme hi rehna main
Tujhme hi khona

Dil mein chhupa ke tujhe

He twirls her back…

Dil naiyo kholna
Marke bhi maahi tosey
Munh na modna

He turns her towards him…

Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna

Chhuteya na chhoote mose
Rang tera dholna

Both look at each other…

Ik tere baajo dooja
Mera koi mol na
Bolna maahi bol na (bol na)
Bolna maahi bol na (mahi bol na)
Hmm… aa…

The song finishes and SwaLak are still looking at each other, everyone clap and lights come on, SwaLak the compose themselves. DP then sighs.

Guest: Wow…amazing… You two are cute together…

SwaLak let out a smile.

Swara is ready in a yellow plain Kurta Pajama for her mendhi/sangeet. AP bring her down, Swara lets out smile behind her worried and nervous face.

Laksh is in his room thinking.

Laksh: This time it’s a real wedding… I don’t think I want to make this commitment… I need to meet Swara now…

Swara’s sangeet/mendhi starts, Laksh comes and looks down, he then sees Swara getting her mendhi done but her back I faced towards him. Girls start dancing.

Baari Barsi Khatn Gaya Si Khat Ke Leyandi Tuggi
Golak Chhad Ke Groove Pakad Lai, Movat Phukki Phukki
Ke Mehfil Ta Sajjdi, Ke Mehfil Ta Sajjdi
Sab Karde Bukki Bukki, Ke Mehfil Ta Sajjdi
Aangan Mein Bukki Bukki, Ke Mehfil Ta Sajjdi…

Th girls are dancing to Bari Barsi…

Swara’s mendhi is done, Laksh walks down but AP sees him, she nods no and he stops.

Laksh mouths: Maa, I need to talk to Swara…

AP understands and nods no. Laksh then makes a face and goes up, on the way up he meets DP. DP and Laksh glare at each other. DP then walks past but slips, Laksh was about to catches him on time but decides not to and steps back, DP falls on the floor on his back.

DP: Ay… My Kamar!

Laksh chuckles, DP glares at him.

Laksh: Papa, aap gir Gaye?

DP: Nahi…mein Toh dance kar raha hoon… Nai?!

Laksh: Dance? Aise?

DP then glares at Laksh.

Laksh: You slipped? But do you know the best place you should actually slip into??

DP looks at him.

Laksh: Coma! Maa would even be happy.

DP angrily huffs.

AP: Laksh!

DP and Laksh look there and see AP heading towards him.

AP: He’s your Papa Laksh… Now help him up.

DP: Rehne do Annapurna… I don’t want to get myself dirty…!

Laksh: You’re already dirty…!

DP manages to stand up and touch his back.

DP: You said the best place for me to slip into is Coma? Well come, slip with me then your mother will party… Not over me, over you slipping!

Laksh glares at DP.

Laksh: Maa… I was thinking about something that has been bothering me for very long time now…

AP: What?

Laksh: Maa… When chachu is soo fair and dada dadi was soo fair then how did he turn out like a Sarah hua gulab jaman?

DP glares at Laksh while Laksh lets out a smile.

DP: Haa Toh Tu kaun sa London ka Gora hai?!

Laksh glares at him.

Laksh: When did I say I am? You’re just jealous Dad because you’re the only Sarahua Gulab Jaman here!
But let me guess… dada dadi saw you in the jungle and felt sorry for you…that’s why they adopted you!

DP: So…? I’m not Sarahua, I’m tanned… Many white and fair people pay thousands to get this tan but I’m naturally blessed with it! You’re not!!

DP then leaves with a tiny smirk on his face, Laksh is speechless and walks away angrily. AP shakes her head in a disagreement.

AP: When would these two change?!

AP also leaves.

Precap: SwaLak wedding… Will Laksh and Swara decide to tell the truth before the real wedding??
Ayaan / Babu – Abram Khan
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I will write a SwaSan FF after this FF.

I’ll maybe upload the next episode of this FF on the 18th July or earlier till then do comment, enjoy, take care, keep smiling and stay blessed?

Love you all?

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