Samjhota (SwaLak) Episode 5


Episode 5:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani ka Ek naya mor…. (Samjhota…Ayaan ke liye)
Hi everyone, it’s Halima with another boring FF…

I hope you all enjoy the boring and 5th episode of Samjhota.

My writing style changed as I got told by my sister that it’s easier to read and write like this.

Sorry for any mistakes…


The episode starts with the flashback ending and with Swara looking at Laksh.

Laksh: Galti was mine… Not Ayaan’s.

Laksh cries, Swara feels bad seeing Laksh cry.

Swara: Our fake marriage was for Ayaan and…

Just then the lights go off, Swara and Laksh look around, then someone knocks on their door.

Laksh manages to find his way to the door, Swara checks the time on her phone at its 8:10pm.

Swara thinks: Itni jaldi its 8?

Laksh opens the door and sees a person like AP, Swara puts the flash light on her phone and points it there, the person does turn out to be AP.

Laksh: Maa…?

AP: Something happened to the lights… Your Papa is gone but go help him.

Laksh: I’m not going.

AP: Beta… He’s alone there and…

Laksh: Like anything will happen to him…

Swara: Rehne do Aunty, you know he’s scared…

Laksh: Of what?

Swara: Of losing against his Dad.

Laksh: Oh hello, I’m not afraid of anything or losing okay!

Swara: Haa, I can see that clearly.

Laksh: Maa, stay here, I’ll be back.

Laksh then leaves and Swara smiles, AP also smiles and walks inside.

Laksh takes his phone out and turns the flashlight on via his phone. He walks down the stairs carefully and goes to the lighting room, he sees DP trying to fix it.

Laksh laughs and DP looks at him.

Laksh: You’re so old Dad, who uses lamps? Nowadays people use torch.

DP ignores Laksh.

Laksh: Oh yeah, I forgot you don’t have a modern phone because you’re too cheap… I mean too stingy and old zamane. Let Lucky handle this.

DP: Bas!

Laksh: You have been here for 10 minuets still you couldn’t turn the lights on. Dad, admit you’re gone old!

DP: Like you can do it!

Laksh comes forward.

Laksh: Dad, move back!

Laksh then walks forward and moves DPs lamp and puts it on the table, he then gives DP his phone to point the Flashlight there.

Laksh: Dad, be careful… If my phone pays then you’re paying for my new one.

DP: And when did you pay for your old one? It was brought with my money!

Laksh ignores DP, DP feels like smashing Laksh’s phone on the floor.

Laksh then looks and sees some switch, he pulls it down before DP could say no and now is suffering from a shock, a Jhatka!

DP: Lo… You were acting like you knew everything and what happened? BabaJi Ka Thullu! ?

DP wants to laugh as hard as he can but can’t and manages to control it but the Laddos are bursting inside DP. Laksh hears Dp and is still getting the Jhatkes.

Part of the song starts playing…

Zor Ka Jhatka Haye Zoron Se Laga, Haan Laga (x4)

Laksh then imagines DP dancing on Yeh Fizayein…

Ye Fizayein, Sun Lo Gayein
Zindagi Hai Hasin Aur Javaan

Har Lamha Hai Meharban, Har Pal Hai Khushi
Pa Hi Gaya Ye Carvan, Manzil Pyar Ki

DP doing slow dances and is very happy while Laksh is suffering from Jhatkes.

( Din Jo Suhane Hain, Do Dil Deewane Hain )…(3)
Ye Fizayein, Sun Lo Gayein

Then the song switches to Malhari…

Bajne de dhadak dhadak
Dhol taashe dhadak dhadak

DP dancing with passion in front of Laksh while glaring at him.

Bhandara chidak chidak malhari
Kadak tadak bhadak jhaali
Chatak matak vatak jhaali

DP does some moves and points at Laksh and enjoys.

Dushman ki dekho jo waat laavli
(x3) DP was getting happy and pointing at Laksh while Laksh was getting Jhatke.

Laksh’s imagination ends as he faints and falls onto the floor. DP then throws the stick which he had hit Laksh with to free him from the Jhatka.

The lights then automatically come on and Laksh is in a bad state, DP didn’t want to touch him as he thought he would get the Jhatka.

DP then kicked Laksh and turned him with his foot.
Laksh’s hair was messy and up, his face was half black, part of his shirt is ripped and a whole is on his jeans near the knee.

DP: Bada ban raha tha Na? Bechara, I don’t know when I will receive the time to throw a party!

DP then calls the servants and asks them to take Laksh to his room. AP and Swara get shocked seeing him.

DP is in his room and takes out his night suit, while taking out his night suit, he notices something and moves the rest of the closes out of the way. He then runs something and picks the pen up.

DP: 6 for DP and 1 for Laksh!

A stuck on board is shown where DP had drawn 1 side with his name and the other side with Laksh’s name and photo which has a cross over it.

DP: Laksh thinks he can beat my score? Well let me see him beat 6.

DP then hides the board with his clothes and heads to the bathroom.

Laksh comes out of the his bathroom and sees Swara talking with Ayaan, a smile appears on his face. But DP then flashes and his smile disappears.

Laksh thinks: He was there dancing while I was suffering… Well not dancing but still, he felt like doing that! I can’t believe him… I guess he must have took account of the scores he only received! And BabaJi Ka Thullu??

Laksh thought was broken by Swara.

Swara: How are you feeling now?

Laksh: Better!

Laksh then puts the towel away and is ready to sleep in his black night joggers with blue shirt.

Laksh lies down on one half of the bed and Swara on the other, Ayaan was in the middle. Swara makes Ayaan go to sleep and then falls asleep while Laksh is thinking about something.

Laksh wakes up and looks at the time, it’s 8:54pm, he hurriedly then gets up.

Laksh: The reports are coming at 9am… I need to get dressed.

Laksh then sees Swara coming out of the bathroom and is drying her hair. Laksh is mesmerised.

Swara then looks at Laksh.

Swara: Kya hua?

Laksh then comes back to his senses and nods no.

Swara: Laksh… I want to say sorry to you.

Laksh: Sorry to me?

Swara: Haa, for slapping you and accusing you.

Laksh then remembers the train scene.

Laksh: It’s okay, don’t worry.

Swara: You forgave me? (Acting surprised)

Laksh then looks at her confusingly.

Swara: The Laksh Maheshwari forgave me easily?! But then I think about it, you deserved it.

Swara then laughs and Laksh gives her the death glares. He stands up and walks toward her, Swara then slowly stops laughing as he approaches her.

Laksh: Continue laughing… Bahot Hasi aa rahi thi Na?

Swara: Haa aa rahi thi but abhi Nahi, you spoilt the mood.

Swara then turns to leave but slips, Laksh catches her on time.

Hamdard plays…

Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai

Both SwaLak share an eye-lock

Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai

Their moment was disturbed by a knock, Swara and Laksh composed themselves. Laksh then opens the door and sees the servant.

Servant: Sir… There’s a letter for you.

Laksh: Give it…

The servant hands Laksh the letter and leaves, Laksh closes the door and opens the letter. He slowly reads it and is stunned, tears escape his eyes but he quickly wipes them.

Swara: Kya hua?

Laksh: The DNA test matched, it came out positive.

Swara then takes the letter and reads it.

Laksh: If Dida didn’t tell me then I would’ve always thought it was you.

Swara then looks at Laksh.

After SwaLak (fake) marry, Swara and Laksh came to the Baadi, Dida opened the door and is stunned. Dida then takes them inside.

Dida: Shona… What is this?

Laksh: I wanted to talk to you so that’s why I brought her here.

Dida then looks at Laksh.

Laksh: Dida, is Ayaan…?

Dida: You must be Laksh? Laksh Maheshwari?

Laksh nods yes.

Dida: I guess Shona told you everything.

Laksh nods yes again.

Dida: But she didn’t tell you one thing…

Dida looks at Swara and Swara nods no.

Laksh (confused): What?

Dida: Swara isn’t Ayaan’s biological mother.

Laksh is shocked, just then Sumi comes in.

Sumi: Maa is right, Swara didn’t give birth to Ayaan.

Swara, Dida and Laksh look there.

Laksh: But…?

Sumi: Ayaan isn’t Swara’s son.

Sumi and Dida then tell him something which is muted. Laksh is stunned.

Laksh: Sh*t, this is all my fault.

Sumi, Swara and Dida look at him.

Dida: What do you mean?

Laksh: That day I mixed alcohol in the juice and…

Laksh starts telling and it’s also muted and then Sumi, Dida and Swara are stunned.

Laksh feels guilty and looks down, Dida and Sumi look on disgusted and shake their head in a disagreement with anger. Swara just gives him the disgusted look.


Precap: Don’t know…?

Ayaan / Babu – Abram Khan
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