Samjhota (SwaLak) Episode 3


Episode 3:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani ka Ek naya mor…. (Samjhota…Ayaan ke liye)
Hi everyone, it’s Halima with another boring FF…

I hope you all enjoy the boring and 3rd episode of Samjhota.

My writing style changed as I got told by my sister that it’s easier to read and write like this.

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Recap: Episode 1

Episode 2

The episode begins with DP and Laksh glaring at each other, DP then walks up and past Laksh,

DP hears some voices and gets happy from the inside.

“And Durgaprasad beat Laksh again! The King of insults, Durgaprasad ne phir se jeet Ke dikhaya!” The voice DP hears with crackers bursting and clapping, which gets him happy.

DP then leaves leaving Laksh to huff angrily.

AP: Laksh, I didn’t expect this from you…

Laksh: Mom, he started it…

AP: No, not that, this! (Pointing at Swara and Ayaan)

Laksh: Oh… Well… Maa, me and Swara loved each other and we waited for 3 years to get married, hai na Swara?

Swara fake smiles while looking at Laksh and nods, Swara then looks at AP.

Swara: Haa Aunty, hum dono Ek dure se bahot Pyaar karte hai. Hai na Lucky?

Laksh: Yes, Shona is right.

AP thinks,

AP: Isn’t she the same Shona who goes to your college? And who slapped you?

Swara then looks at Laksh and Laksh looks on.

Laksh: Uh Maa, we will talk to you later and we are tired at the moment but I will tell you everything soon… Promise.

AP then nods okay, Laksh takes Swara and Ayaan to his room.

Laksh’s room:
Swara sits down and takes the varmala off, she looks at Laksh who is standing with crossed arms and is looking outside.

Swara: So you told your Maa everything?

Laksh ignores her.

Swara: But your Papa was mind blowing! Arey… The way he speaks and disses… Wah! I think mein unki fan ban gayi.

Laksh gets annoyed.

Laksh: He’s not good, he steals my old disses and uses them!

Laksh then turns to Swara and Swara stands up.

Swara: Hmm… Excuses, just admit he’s better than you.

Laksh: Do you even know who he is? He is DurgaPrasad Maheshwari!

Swara then gets shocked.

Swara: H…he is DP?

Laksh then nods yes and Swara looks on shocked.

Laksh: Don’t act like you don’t know anything!

Swara: But it was your fault and this is your mistake! (Swara shouts and points at Ayaan who is shown playing with the varmala on the bed.)

Laksh looks at Ayaan emotionally and then at Swara angrily.

Laksh: Don’t you dare call Ayaan a mistake or blame Ayaan! I know it’s my fault and I made a mistake! (Laksh shouts back)

Swara looks on.

Kolkata’s famous bridge was shown at night, a girl with enters home with a child, the girl wears glasses and is wearing a skirt with a white shirt and a stitched on jacket cost. The girl is revealed to be Swara, a 17 years old Swara. She is in fear and is crying.

“Aa gayi hospital se?!” Daadi shouts angrily.

“Kiska paap le Ke aayi?!” Daadi angrily adds.

“Daadi… I…” Swara cries.

“Chup! Shekhar! Sharmishta! Ji! Come out, look what your daughter did! Look who’s najayaz and Gandha sin she gave birth to and brought home!” Daadi shouts around.

Shekhar, Sumi and Daadaji come out.

“Why didn’t I die before seeing this day?!” Daadi shouts and angrily cries.

Shekhar looks at Swara and the baby in her hands.

“What is this Swara? Who’s son did you bring?” Shekhar asks.

“Baba… H..he is son” Swara says while in tears.

Daadi continues shouting “Heyy Bhagwan! Why didn’t you take me before seeing this day?! Mooh Kala kar Ke nateeja ghar Ke andhar le Ke aa Gayi! She ruined my house with that ghanda paap!”

Swara cries, Sumi is also I’m tears and is shocked.

“Bol! Who did you blacken your face with?!” Daadi screams.

“D…Daadi, his d…dad l..left him.” Swara cries.

Daadi and all get shocked.

“Sun liya? Ke tum logon ne sun liya?! She’s saying that the child of this father ran away!” Daadi shouts and is in the state where she can faint anytime.

“I didn’t expect this from you Swara… Today you have ashamed me.” Shekhar says and looks away.

“I’m sorry Baba…” Swara says and tears roll down her eyes.

“Nothing will happen with a sorry! If you want to stay here then you have to get rid of this Gandha khoon!” Daadi angrily glares and shouts.

Swara gets shocked.

“But where will he go?” Swara asks.

“Where will HE go?” Daadi repeats.

“Toh you gave birth to a boy?! Then he’s never allowed in this house! He will turn out like his Father and why don’t you do one thing! Ja Ke Baap ko de de us ki najayaz aulaad!” Daadi angrily shouts.

“But Daadi, I…” Swara says but gets interrupted.

“Oh, so you don’t know where the Father went?!” Daadi shouts.

“What’s his name?” Shekhar asks while gulping.

“What’s his name?!” Shekhar shouts angrily.

Swara gets scared and moves back, the baby starts crying and Swara handles him.

“Chal! Tell us this Baby’s surname, kiska Gandha khoon hai yeh?!” Daadi huffs.

“He… He is a Maheshwari…” Swara says.

All are stunned, Daadi angrily shakes her head in a disagreement.

“Chi! She blackened her face with a Maheshwari?! The richest family in Kolkata?! Let me guess, it’s Laksh, their spoilt son!” Daadi angrily says.

Swara looks down and cries. Shekhar also shakes his head in a disagreement.

“How did the Father of this child run away?! Arey! He’s right here in Kolkata, living a lavish life!” Daadi huffs and eyes Swara angrily.

“Come with us, let’s get you your rights!” Shekhar says.

Swara looks up and sniff.

“But Baba… I…” Swara says but Daadi interrupts her again.

“Tu Chup reh! Now let us do something!” Daadi says.

Shekhar and Daadi go to MM with Swara and the baby (Ayaan) but the servant tells them that the Maheshwari family are gone to Paris for a year, Daadi and Shekhar get shocked, just before they leave, they notice DP, Daadi and Shekhar go up to him and talk to him but come back disappointed.

Daadi angrily glares at Swara and Swara looks on.

“She’s not staying with us! I care about our lives!” Daadi angrily says and walks away.

“He said if we value our lives and property then we shouldn’t speak and he said his son Laksh can never do this. He also phones Laksh and Laksh denied the fact and he said he does t know you.” Shekhar says and tears fall out of his eyes.

Swara also cries and is shocked.

The screen splits and episode ends on Swara, Daadi and Shekhar’s face.

Precap: Continuation of the past… What happened 3 years later… MAHAEPISODE…
Ayaan / Babu – Abram Khan
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