Samjhota (SwaLak) Episode 2

Episode 2
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani ka Ek naya mor…. (Samjhota…Ayaan ke liye)
Hi everyone, it’s Halima with another boring FF…

I hope you all enjoy the boring and 2nd episode.

My writing style changed as I got told by my sister that it’s easier to read and write like this.

Sorry for any mistakes.

Recap: Episode 1

The episode begins at MM, DP is shown drinking his cup of tea and reading the news papers in the hall on the sofa.

DP sighs and says: Now a days youngsters, chi chi chi! They celebrate their Suhagraat before marriage! Girls are getting the results at such a young age. In our times, we get married first!

DP continues reading and is stunned.
DP smacks the newspaper on the table and puts his tea down.

DP (angrily): I couldn’t even drink a cup of tea properly because of the news, first the news was about teen pregnancy and now… Chi! A son burns his father for the property!

DP then gets a glimpse of a news on the back page and picks it up.

DP: What?!

“Chi! An old man gets a young girl… Disgusting! And what is this? Children get married without the parents knowing? Well her father did right by disowning her!” DP angrily says while reading the newspaper and throws the newspaper on the sofa.

DP then shakes his head in a disagreement and stands up.

DP: Annapurna!

AP comes out and looks at DP.

AP: What happened Ji?

DP (strictly): Where is my suit?! And get my shoes ready.

DP is fully shown and he had been sitting on the sofa, drinking tea and reading the newspaper in his vest and dhoti with his glasses.

AP looks down and nods.

DP: Anyways Ram and Sujata are coming two weeks later!

AP: Ji… Sujata had called and said their coming next week.

DP with his head up sighs.

DP: Hum Nahane jaa rahe hai and make sure I don’t get disturbed!

DP then walks forward and looks up but is stunned and stops.

AP sees DP and also looks up, she looks on shockingly.

DP: Annapurna! Can you see what I can?!

AP: Laksh…?

Laksh is shown on top of the staircase with Swara and Ayaan. Swara has Sindoor and Mangalsutra adorned on and has Varmala around her neck.
Laksh has Varmala around his neck and tikka on his head. Laksh lets out a smile.

DP (strict tone): What is this Laksh?!

Laksh: Dad, I got married.

DP looks at Swara and then Ayaan comes at his sight, he is stunned.

DP: You got married today and a child?

Laksh: Dad, use some common sense, Ayaan is three and…

Before Laksh could complete his words, DP gasps.

DP: Ayaan? The child’s name is Ayaan and he’s 3 Years Old?! Now you’re 22 so you were 19 years old?!

Laksh: Yes Dad, I was 19 years old when he was born.

DP: What about the girl? How old is she?

Laksh: She’s…

DP: She has her own mouth!

Laksh: But you asked me!

DP: Well I’m asking her now! How old are you?! (To Swara.)

Laksh makes a face.

Swara: I..I’m 20 years old.

DP is taken back and AP is also shocked.

DP: 17 years old?

Swara nods: Yes uncle, I was 17 years old when Ayaan was born.

DP: You were so young…!

Laksh: Wasn’t I?

DP: For your self you’re young today too! So you have to be super young at the age of 19 don’t you? Buddha Ho ke bhi young bulata hai khud ko!

Laksh: Dad, before calling me a Buddha, you should see yourself, so do you want me to buy you a mirror?

DP: I’m fine, I don’t want your fake mirrors that lie! Like it did to you! Because you call yourself young!

Swara tries hard not to laugh so she smiles a little.

Laksh: Dad, you’re just jealous.

DP: Why do I need to be jealous of you? I have better things to get jealous of!

Laksh and DP glare at each other.
Swara couldn’t control and starts laughing. Laksh gets angry. Swara manages to be quiet.

Laksh: Dad please… Excuses!

DP: The mirrors crack seeing you every time, no wonder you buy fake mirrors!

DP says and looks at Laksh, he then looks at Swara.

DP: Did you know how many mirrors we have thrown? 6 and that too because of Laksh’s sarihui Shakal!

Laksh: Dad, I’m the hottest guy, I’m even hotter than you.

DP: Hmm, that’s why no mirrors survived Nai? Please do me a favour and stay away from my mirror!

Swara coughs and then laughs again but quietly.

DP: Beta, how can you even marry him? Did he force you?

Swara thinks: It’s a Samjhota uncle, Samjhota for Ayaan.

Laksh and DP glare at each other.

Precap: Flashback… 3 YEARS AGO…

Ayaan / Babu – Abram Khan
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I will write a SwaSan FF after this FF.

I’ll maybe upload the next episode of this FF on the 13th July or earlier till then do comment, enjoy, take care, keep smiling and stay blessed?

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  1. mahjabeen

    Hahaha vry funny part…rlly njyd a lot while rdng…its really awesome..cotinue nxt soon dear

  2. Angel

    I’m in love with this already I loved DPs and lakshs fight it was hillarious ??? can’t wait till the next part ?

  3. Zuha Fatima

    Zuha Fatima

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    Very nice Halima Api! Loved this FF of urs, just finished reading episode 1! Marvellous! Keep smiling and take care!
    Love ya!


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