Samjhota (SwaLak) Episode 10 *last episode*


Episode 10:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani ka Ek naya mor…. (Samjhota…Ayaan ke liye)
Hi everyone, it’s Halima with another boring FF…

I hope you all enjoy the boring and the last episode of Samjhota.

My writing style changed as I got told by my sister that it’s easier to read and write like this.

Sorry for any mistakes…

The episode starts with the Maheshwari family reaching the wedding venue. DP goes inside followed by AP, Sujata, Laksh, Swara and Ayaan.

Lady: It’s good you came, I thought you weren’t.

Laksh: Arey Aunty… Aap bulaein and I don’t come? Impossible!

The lady then laughs, DP thinks angrily.

DP (thinking): Khud aa jata but wouldn’t tell us! Selfish kahika!

DP then gets a call and he excuses himself and goes out to attend the call.

DP couldn’t hear so he moves forward each time, Laksh notices DP outside.

Laksh: What is he doing there? Hmm… Talking to his girlfriend?

Laksh then goes out and sees that DP is talking on the phone. Laksh was coming closer but stops when he hears some words.

DP: Ji Mr Singhania… We would do this deal with you but I need Ram here with me…

Laksh: Manoos business ke bare mein? Then I’m not staying here.

DP holds one of his ear and talks on the phone a bit loudly. Laksh turns around but hears the horns. He turns back and sees a Lorry approaching DP and is shocked.

Laksh: Papa!!

DP looks at Laksh and signs him to be quiet and continues talking. Laksh then sees the Lorry coming closer and panics.

DP then feels a push and falls down in slow motion… His phone also falls in slow motion, after falling, it goes back to normal and DP rolls down.

It was Laksh who pushed DP to save his life, Laksh was about to go but slips on the rock and gets hit by the Lorry and flies and falls on to the ground. He is covered with blood.

The Lorry driver panics, while rolling down, DP hits his head on the rock and faints.

Swara sees Laksh missing again and decides to search for him, she reaches outside and sees a crowd crowding around someone.

Swara: Arey… What must’ve happened there? But where is Laksh and Papa?

Swara then sees the ambulance approaching, she decides to go there and check. The ward boys bring out two stretcher, Swara manages to reach in front of the crowd. She looks down and is shocked, she is stunned to see Laksh covered in blood and lying unconscious on the floor.

The ward boys put him on the stretcher and take him in, DP is also brought, Swara is shocked to see him and tears roll down her cheeks.

Swara is still in that shock, she can’t move or speak and she faints.

After a while Swara opens her eyes, she finds herself lying on the hospital bed, she sits up and screams Laksh on top of her lungs.

The nurse comes in.

Nurse: Ma’am, calm down.

Swara: Sister… How’s Laksh?

Nurse: Laksh?

Swara: Who had an accident… My husband.

The nurse then looks down, Swara gets scared.

Swara: What happened? Tell me? Why have you gone quiet?!

Swara then stands up and runs out, the nurse tries to stop her but Swara sees AP and Sujata with Ayaan.

Swara: Maa?

AP sees Swara, tears develop in her eyes.

Swara runs there.

Swara: Maa, how is Laksh? And… Is Papa okay?

AP cries: Ji is okay… But Laksh… He’s in the OT…

Tears form in Swara’s eyes, Sujata also feels upset.

Sujata: I hope nothing happens to Laksh.

Swara sits down on the chairs and starts crying.

1 hr later:
The Dr comes out, Swara stands up and all look at him,

Sujata: Dr Saab, what happened? Is Laksh alright?

Dr: Yes, the operation was successful.

Swara, AP and Sujata get happy.

DP: Laksh?!

AP, Swara and Sujata turn around and see DP running there with bandage around his head.

DP: Annapurna! Where’s Laksh?

AP: Ji… The operation was successful.

DP relaxes.

Dr: But…

All look at him.

AP: But?

DP: But what Dr?

Dr: He has very less time… Please meet him.

All are shocked.

DP: What?! How?

Dr: Well… The patient had to die, either by accident or normal… His Dr would tell you all…

The Dr then leaves, Swara, AP, Sujata and DP look on.

Then DP, AP, Sujata and Swara enter the OT.

Nurse: I’m sorry but all of you aren’t allowed at the same time…

2nd Nurse: The Dr let them.

1st Nurse: Oh, okay, sorry.

DP walks up to Laksh and sees him with an oxygen Mask and bada he around his head, arm and hand.

DP: Laksh!

Laksh slowly opens his eyes, he sees DP and a faint smile appears on his face.

DP: Laksh! What is this?! Now what Drama are you doing?! Get up!

DP’s voice was cracking after the last line but DP controlled his tears.

Laksh: D..Dad…

DP: Shush! Don’t speak!

Laksh: You… ask q…questions y..yourself and…

DP: Laksh… What are these Drs saying?! I know you… You’re not going to leave me easily!

Laksh: Dad… Get ready to throw a grand party…

Laksh then takes the oxygen mask off.

AP: Laksh…!

Laksh then tries to sit up.

Nurse: Sir… You’re…

Laksh: Please…

Swara, AP and Sujata cry seeing Laksh’s condition.

DP: Laksh! Do you want to die?!

Laksh: Dad… It was written, I can’t change it… Start your preparations for the party.

Laksh then chuckles and DP looks on.

AP: What are you saying Laksh?!

DP: Annapurna, he won’t leave easily! He would be back to trouble me!

Just then a Dr comes in.

Dr: Mr Maheshwari?

The Dr sees Laksh and walks forward.

Dr: What is this Laksh?! I left my family picnic just for this! You promised Laksh!

DP: Dr… Is everything…

Dr: Laksh… Do you want to tell or should I?!

Laksh puts his head down.

Dr: I guess I have to… So Mr Laksh Maheshwari has cancer.

All are stunned.

Dr: His survival chances are less and he doesn’t have enough time.

All are shook.

Sujata: What are you saying Dr?!

Dr: It’s the truth… It’s been 7 months since he had this disease.

AP: 7 months?

After that Laksh feels a tight slap across his face, he looks up and sees angry Swara.

Swara: What do you think of yourself Laksh?! You didn’t tell us and had been suffering for 7 months?! We don’t have any importance in your life don’t we?!

Laksh: Sw…

Swara: Shut up! Aaj hum bolenge and you will listen!

DP: She’s right! You’re selfish… You saved my life so that’s a favour from you but don’t think I wouldn’t celebrate! I would and I would throw a grand party!

AP: You have been suffering from 7 months and didn’t bother to tell us?!

Sujata: Aur Nahi Toh Kya?! How can you do this chore?!

Swara: Why didn’t you tell us before?

Laksh: I was afraid because I knew I wouldn’t survive…

Laksh then looks at Ayaan and tears escape his eyes.

Laksh: I don’t have much time… Dad… Now that I will die… You can have my points… Maa… Take care of Swara and Ayaan…

Swara and AP cry.

Laksh: Don’t forget to party… Dad… Promise you won’t be mad at me or hate me…

Laksh’s breathing gets heavy.

DP: What is this Laksh!

Laksh: I’m sorry Dad… I guess this is the en…end of o…our Nokjhok! I’m sorry Maa… S..Swara…Chachi…

Laksh breathing gets heavy. All are worried.

DP: Nothing can happen to you Laksh! Who will fight with me?! I need some one! If anything happens to you then…

Finally DP had enough and starts crying, his voice also cracks.

DP: I’ll be alone… I won’t have anyone to tease…fight…compete against and win agains…

Laksh also develops tears, he then hugs DP and DP hugs him back.

Laksh looks at Swara and Swara looks away. AP notices, DP breaks the hug and cries, AP goes up to DP and takes him out, Sujata goes out with Ayaan, leaving Swara and Laksh alone, the Dr and Nurses also go out.

Laksh: Swara… I’m sorry…

Swara: Bas Laksh! You already played with my emotions! Now enough!

Laksh: That’s why I didn’t want to come close to you… I was scared, cause if you started loving me… Then I was to die… You would break after I leave.

Swara looks at him with tears in her eyes.

Laksh: I didn’t want to break you Swara…

Laksh and Swara both cry….

Paas aaye..

Dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa hui
Ek adhuri si hamari kahani rahi

Swara sits besides Laksh…

Aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi
Jaa mile.. jaa mile..
Ishq saccha wahi

Swara: I will always love you Laksh but don’t leave me… Please…

Jisko milti nahi manzilein.. manzilein..

Laksh breaths heavily: I’m…I’m…sor…sorry S..Swara! I…I love

Laksh then breaths his last, the machine make sounds, Swara is shocked.

Rang thhe, noor tha
Jab kareeb tu tha

Swara shouts: Laksh!!!!!!!!!

Ek jannat sa tha, yeh jahaan

She cries by placing her head on his chest, DP, AP and Sujata were watching and they also cry.

Waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa
Likh ke chhod gaya tu kahaan

Swara: Laksh… Wake up… Please Laksh! Your Swara is lonely!

Hamari adhuri kahani..
Hamari adhuri kahani.. (x2)

Swara is shown in a white Salwar suit, she is talking to a picture.

Swara: Laksh… Tumhe pata hai… I didn’t tell Papa the truth… Lagta hai I should because you’re not selfish Laksh… You’re not matlabi or self-centred… You left him that’s why he’s saying this…

Swara then quickly wipes her tears.

Swara: Laksh… I’m pregnant… Your Ansh is in my womb… You must be happy Na?

Swara then touches her stomach, she look like 8 months pregnant.

Swara: Tumhare Jane ke 1 month baad Mujhe pata chala that I’m pregnant… Ayaan also misses you loads… I wish you could come back Laksh…

Swara then hugs the photo frame and tears roll down.

Khushbuon se teri yunhi takra gaye
Chalte chalte dekho na hum kahaan aa gaye

Swara looks at Laksh’s photo and pecks it.

Jannatein agar yahin
Tu dikhe kyon nahin

She cries

Chaand suraj sabhi hai yahaan
Intezar tera sadiyon se kar raha
Pyaasi baithi hai kab se yahaan

Humari adhoori kahaani
Humari adhoori kahaani.. (x2)

Just then AP comes, She sees Swara and tears escape her eyes, she quickly wipes then and forces a smile out.

AP: Swara beta…?

Swara wipes her tears and looks there.

Swara: Here eat this… You haven’t ate anything.

Swara: Maa… I’m not hungry…

AP: But the baby must be Na…? The baby would be a Bhukad like Laksh.

AP and Swara then laugh.

Swara: Maa… Where is Papa?

AP: He’s in his room…

Swara: Oh… Okay.

AP: But first eat this and then meet him Haa?

Swara nods and AP places the food tray and leaves. Swara thinks and eats.

After a while Swara comes outside DP’s room. She sees DP sitting on the chair and thinking.

Swara knocks and says: Papa…?

DP (without looking): Come in!

Swara comes in.

Swara: Papa… I need to tell you something…

DP then turns to her.

DP: What? If you’re here to defend Laksh then I’m not in the mood.

Swara: But why do you hate him Papa?! You took a promise that you wouldn’t.

DP: I don’t hate him… I’m upset at him. I should’ve threw a party!

Swara: Papa… I have a confession to make…

DP: What?

Swara then shuts the door and windows and turns to DP.

Swara: Papa… Laksh isn’t selfish… Self-centred or Matlabi! Papa… Ayaan is… Is not my real son.

DP is shocked.

Swara: He isn’t Laksh’s either… But Lakhs gave him his name… He accepted Ayaan as his own son, he never let anyone find out that Ayaan isn’t his son! He’s your son!

DP widens his eyes and is shocked.

DP: Kya?!!

Swara: Haa Papa… Ayaan is your son.

DP: How? When?!!

Swara: Papa… First promise you wouldn’t hate Laksh…

DP: I already promised him.

Swara then faint smiles through her tears.

Swara starts telling.

1st – Hospital:
When Swara hugged Laksh at the time Ayaan had an accident… She told him that Ayaan is DP’s son. Laksh was shocked and shook.

Swara: Ayaan DP ka beta hai!

Laksh: I can’t believe that!

Swara: You don’t have to believe, but stay away from my son!

Swara then leaves.

2nd – Park…
Laksh comes to park and talks to Swara.

Laksh: Let’s do Samjhota for Ayaan… Me and you know that Ayaan is DP’s son but… I can give him my name… He won’t be called Najayaz or anything… I’ll accept him as my son… Ayaan shouldn’t get punished…

Swara thinks and then nods.

Swara: Samjhota Ayaan Ke Liye.

3rd – Baadi…
Sumi: Ayaan is not Swara’s son… He is my friend, Sureli’s son!

Sumi then tells how Sureli gave birth to Ayaan but dies. Before dying, she tells that he is DP’s son and that she made a mistake… Someone gave her money to ruin DP’s respect all all.

Laksh was shocked.

Laksh was telling Sumi, Swara and Dida what happened at that party.

Laksh: It’s all my fault… In the party… I got angry at Papa so I mixed alcohol in his drink but someone else took it. Then I made another glass for Dad and gave it to him… He drank it and was fully drunk as he had never had alcohol in his life… Then he went to his room and the lights went off… And…

Sumi, Swara and Dida were disgusted.

(Note – all these convo’s were muted in some of the episodes…)

4th – DNA report…

Laksh had took DP’s nail sample and Ayaan’s hair… The report came and the DNA matched.

Laksh: The DNA Matched…

Swara checked the report and is the DNA between Ayaan Maheshwari and DP Maheshwari came out positive.

5th – Hospital… 9 months ago..
Before dying, Laksh says something.

Laksh: Samjhota… Ayaan ke liye t…tha…

Swara cries and Laksh dies.

End of FB.

DP is shocked and drops down in shock.

Swara had brought the DNA test report.

Swara: Here you go papa, here’s the report…

DP then looks at the report and takes it. He reads it and tears develop in his eyes.

DP: Jate Jate ehsaan aur Meharbaani mujhpe kar gaya… I will never forget his favours…

DP cries and Swara looks on with teary eyes.

DP then looks at Laksh picture that was hanging on the wall.

DP: Laksh… No matter how much hatred you show for me but I know you still love me… You wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me… You saved me from everything… I will never forget your favours…

Swara also looks at Laksh’s photo.

DP: You two done Samjhota for Ayaan… I would do it too… Ayaan is my son and…

Swara: Laksh doesn’t want anyone to know… He doesn’t want your’s and Maa’s relationship to get spoilt… He wants Ayaan to remain Ayaan Laksh Maheshwari. He wants Ayaan to have his surname and don’t worry Papa… Whatever we had discussed would stay here… In these four walls. Only Me… You and Laksh know that Ayaan is your son.

Swara then turns around and opens the door.

DP (with tears): Thank you Laksh…

Swara hears and leaves with teary eyes.

Ayaan is seen playing down in the hall, Swara sees him and smiles.
She walks down, AP comes out and sees Swara, she also sees the oil that was spilt there.

AP: Swara…

Before AP could complete her sentence, Swara slips and falls down.

AP: Swara!!

DP, Sujata and RP come out.

Swara cries in pain. Then they rush her to the hospital. Sujata stays with Ayaan.

Swara is taken to the OT. The Drs are trying their best, AP, DP and RP worry, AP prays.

The Dr comes out and DP sees her.

DP: Dr? How is Swara and her child?

AP then opens her eyes and looks there.

Dr: Congratulation… She had a son… But we’re sorry, we couldn’t save her… She has less time… Meet her before.

The Dr then leaves and all get shocked. AP then rushes in while DP and RP also come but stand at the back. Swara is shown breathing heavily.

Swara: Maa…?

AP cries: First Laksh and now you?!

Swara: I’m sorry Maa… I had to give li…life to and l…Laksh’s… L..last s…symbol.

AP: Swara…

Swara: Maa… Take care of my sons… Promise me… T…that you would… Support them… T…take c…care of them…?

AP: Promise Beta…

Swara sees DP and RP.

Swara: Ayaan k…ka khayaal… Rakhna…

DP then nods with tears in his eyes.

Swara’s breathing gets heavy.

Swara the remembers Laksh and smiles.

Pyaas ka ye safar khatam ho jayega
Kuch adhura sa jo tha poora ho jayega

Swara: L…Laksh… Tumhari Swara… Tumhare pass… Aa rahi h…hai…

Jhuk gaya aasmaan
Mill gaye do jahaan
Har taraf hai milan ka samaa
Doliya hain saji, khushbuein har kahin

Swara then closes her eyes while Laksh’s images flashes… She smiles.

Padhne aaya Khuda khud yahaan..

The machines beep.

AP: Swara…!

Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani.. (x2)

DP is shown ready in a suit and is walking down, the MM is shown decorated.

AP is shown talking to the guests, she finally notices someone and a smile appears on her face.

AP: Ayaan?

A 6 year old Ayaan is shown standing in front of AP.

Ayaan: Daadi… Where’s Priyom?

AP: He’s coming… Anyways, have you got Swara’s photo?

Ayaan: Yes… I got Mamma and Papas photo ready.

AP smiles.

AP thinks: Lo Swara… I will tell your and Laksh’s stories to him… I will tell him about you and Laksh.

AP: Beta… Your Mamma loves you.

Ayaan smiles.

Ayaan: I love her too.

DP: And your Papa also loves you.

Ayaan turns around and sees DP.

Ayaan: I love him too.

Just then Sujata comes out with a three year old Priyom. Ayaan smiles at him.

Ayaan: I’m going to get late… I’ll be back soon.

Ayaan then leaves, the lights go off, the spotlight the shines on Ayaan, Ayaan is holding a microphone and is smiling.

Ayaan: Thank you and welcome to this party… I know we must have wasted your times by inviting you here but thank you for coming.

Ayaan then signals a man, the projector turns on and is pointing at projector board.

It says ‘Welcome’ it also has Swara and Laksh’s photo.

Ayaan: Today is my Mamma Papa’s wedding anniversary… And I would like to do something… For them. I would like to reveal their story…

Sumi and Dida are also there with Shekhar.

Sumi gets teary eyed.

The presentation shows the first slide, it had SwaLak’s pictures.

Ayaan: This is My Mamma, Swara… She is bold, caring and loving… But if anyone messes with her… Like my Papa did then hm…

All laugh.

Ayaan: This is my Papa… He is also the same but I heard he’s a flirt… He even got slapped by my Mamma and if anyone messes with him then…

All smile.

Ayaan: My Mamma and Papa hated each other… They used call each other names.

One of the college woman is there… Who was standing in the line.

Ayaan: My Mamma used to call my Papa… Chappell… Sadu Hitler…

All laugh.

Ayaan: And my Papa called her Lady Gabbar or Lady Mogambo… No one knew that they would fall in love… At the end… My Papa died… Then my Mamma did too.

All get sad.

Ayaan: But oh well… We got Priyom.

Each slide shows pictures of SwaLak and Ayaan explains.

Then the moon is shown and the starts twinkle while the song plays in the BG.

‘Har Kahani Ki happy ending hoti hai aur Kuch sad… Yaha Swara aur Laksh Ki Kahani end Ho Chuki hai… Samjhota tha… Lekin Pyaar bhi chupa tha… Akhir peh Ho Gaye Swara aur Laksh ek… Lekin is dunya se door…’ A voice describes.

Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani.. (x2)

So this was my end of Samjhota… Now hope to see you in my Intezaar… Thank you for the support… Love you all?

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Thank you for the support ?
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