samjhota pyaar ka (episode 4)

Sorry for delay actually not in good mood most of u must be knowing the reason I mean by matsh whatsapp group people must be knowing so here is next episode
Ishu was getting bore in her room she stood up and started moving to and fro thinking what to do then she went near a drawer and saw a photo of a man she saw him lovingly and his face is revealed its ranveer then suddenly she eyed him angrily and only his words were echoing in her ears that” excuse me when did I say I ever loved u I never ever loved u and now truth is revealed so stop this pati-patni ka drama”
Ishu pov

y ranveer y what I did to u y u betrayed me y ranveer y u left me alone u played with my feeling and now u left me alone I don’t know where r u how r u from past 9 months I have not seen u y u did this to me u are such a cheap character chiiiii
Pov ends
at 8:30 pm shikhar and saw ishani eating popcorn and the bowl was on her baby bump and she was laughing seeing Tom and Jerry
Shikhar: Tom and Jerry seriously I mean u r seeing kids show u r not a bachha
Ishu:I know I am not bachha but in my stomach bachha is there
Shikhar:ok chalo we need to go to a party so wear this saree and come
Ishu nods
Down shikhar saw Ishu he gives her a light smile

Ishu:I am looking fat na
Shikhar:no u r looking like a stick buddhu u r 9 months pregnant so u will be fat only waise bhi tomorrow I need to admit u in hospital as now any time delivery can happen so then after baby it’s born u will not look fat ok na
shikhar:BTW ur bump is so big I think in ur stomach pakka ten kids will be there
Ishu:ufff bad joke c’mon let’s go to party
Ishu sits in the car shikhar sees Trisha she was having tears in her eyes even shikhar had but he wiped it
at the party all greeted then all appreciated there jodi but both were uncomfortable
Ishu was getting bore as shikhar went to talk to his friends do she went to Terrace
She Saw the stars and went into her sweet memories
Flashback: Ishu eyes were covered by his lover hand and he opened her eyes
Ishu:y u bought me here
Rv: to show u these beautiful stars just like u

Ishu:oho but ya they r so beautiful I think u love to be under stars
Rv: yes I love and whenever u miss me na just come under stars u will feel my presence
Ishu<ok ok
Rv:BTW I am waiting for our kids
Rv: yes u know I want four kids
Ishu:omg 4?????
Rv: yes two girls teri boys
Ishu:I will die giving birth to baby only
Rv:hahaha but u will not die until I am here
Flashback ends
Ishu cane there and felt that his Rv was there

Precap:past revealed

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  1. Harisha

    Superb dhi waiting for the next

    1. Thank u

      1. Harisha

        It’s my pleasure dhi.
        Happy to call u dhi.
        Ursa the best always and forever

  2. Julina

    Hey really nice epi… but don’t know what happened…. really feeling sad for ishu as she need him this time…. but shikar is there…. eagerly waiting for next epi

    1. Hmmm Next episode u will be shocked

  3. Reena

    Awesome episode Shona dear! I loved it and cannot wait for the next one!!!

    1. Dear have patience even I don’t know what will happen next

  4. Very nice episode Anamika eagarly waiting for the past to be reveal ?

    1. Yes dear even I am waiting to know what will happen as I am also confused

  5. Sry dear for not commenting yesterday because I was little busy I loved your epi so much

    1. Thanks dear no need to be sorry

  6. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    very nice but wat happened to rv

    1. Thanks dear next episode u will hate RV but at next to next episode u will fall in love with him

  7. Al last i commented

    1. Ohhh sorry for forcing u u commented because of my lecture I did not needed this kind of comment sorry to hurt u


    Hey Ana sorry…..I’m really sorry for not commenting…..I don’t know what’s in my mind….!!!???? I’ll go mad….and so sorry actually I’m a short tempered girl…..and it was good episode

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