samjhota pyaar ka (episode 3)


Hey guys Anamika is back and u all can call me shona as its my nickname and this my mummy use to call but now my parents more that is why I live with tanvee and tanishqa ok sorry for short update hope this is long
Episode starts with ishani sweating heavily and then shikhar comes and understand the reason
Shikhar:ishani calm down this is not at all good for the baby’s health so please calm down Ishu
Ishu:hmmm voh…..actually…..mujhe….voh
Shikhar : when will u complete ur line say quickly don’t test my patience
Ishu closes her eyes and says in one breath I wanna eat gulab jamun( a type of sweet)
Shikhar:kya???? Who eats gulab jamun at night 11:47
Ishu:I eat due have any problem y I can’t eat at night
Shikhar:ok ok la raha hoon
Shikhar goes to wake up Trisha and tells her to make gulab jamun for her sister
Trisha makes and gives the bowl to shikhar
Ishu:hey give me my sweet and she eats cutely an unknown smile creeped on shikhar lips
Ishu completes it gave a mysterious smile to shikhar
Ishu:shekhu I want dairy milk chocolate please
Shikhar smirks and goes over there at kitchen he sees someone and shouts bhoot
Trisha: it’s me I applied face pack
Shikhar: he takes dairy milk and gives to Ishu she eats it happily and then she turns to shikhar
Shikhar:no I know and he gives her orange juice
Ishu:how u knew????
Shikhar:I know everything
Ishu: now I don’t want to drink u drink
Shikhar gives impossible look( BTW guys this scene at our home happen truly I was acting like shikhar and tanvee was ishani and tanishqa acted like Trisha )
In Trisha room Trisha had glances of tears in her eyes
At morning
Ishani gets ready and sees shikhar bringing breakfast for her she goes into flashback
A boy makes ishani sit on a chair and he serves her her favourite food stuff and Ishu smiles
Ishu: c’mon yar sit with me and have na font act like waiter
Boy:ok my love now ok na
Ishu:yaaa u r so sweet but promise me that u will not leave me
Boy: never
Flashback ends
Ishu had tears but she wipes it and now shikhar makes her sit and server ishani food and tells her some instructions

Precap:ishkar going to a party

Guys tani di is in Delhi so will not be able to post her ff should I post her ff also

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  1. Harisha

    Nice episode dhi

  2. Loved it keep it . it is your wish shona as we don’t want to force

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow nice episode anamika keep it up dear

  4. Reena

    Amazing episode Shona dear! Pls update soon!

  5. Wow nice episode Shona it was awesome waiting for the next ?

  6. it was very humorous episode according to me as who eats gulbjamun at 11:47pm and do tanvee eat things at 11:47 pm???

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