samjhota pyaar ka (episode 2)

Hey guys Anamika here thanks for ur support
Episode starts with
Trisha: hey y u made my sweetie cry hmmm I will kill u u know u r her husband and the father of the child
Shikhar: don’t irritate me Ishu stopped crying let me go and meet get ok bye
Trisha looks on

Ishani stopped crying and ons the tv and sees horror film and shikhar enters
Shikhar: hey don’t see horror film ourelse baby will look like bhoot hahaha
Ishu looks to him giving impossible look
Shikhar:ok ok sorry now take the medicine and take rest ok
Ishu gives a cute smile and nods
Shikhar goes out

Ishani takes the medicine but it falls down she bends down but shikhar comes from back and makes her stand and gives get medicine and makes her eat it ishani looks on and shikhar smiles and leave
Ishani lays her head on the pillow and closes her eyes and sees some flashes
A boy comes near the girl bends near her and says that I love u ishani
ishani:I love u 2

And suddenly she sees the same slapping get hardly and says I never loved u ishan
ishani comes out of thought and sweat heavily when shikhar comes and consoles her and makes her sleep


  1. Sumaiya Sumi

    Eagerly waiting to see wat happened. By the way I am going to be grade 13. A/Lz final year in Srilanka
    Ur writing skill is awesome

  2. duvaraksha

    Loved it shona keep rocking l want to know what happened so plz tell the before one also which happened in ishani’s life excited to read the next one

  3. Julina

    |Registered Member

    Hey shona dr…. its suuuuperb…. I love the episode…. but quite short… pls make it longer…. my request… waiting for next epi…


    Hey Ana….I don’t know what to tell you were fearing that we would scold you now…..but then also I loved it….I want to know the bitter past….and whose child it is ???? Is it of Shikhar or of Ranveer ???? But seriously fan episode…..

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