samjhota pyaar ka (episode 1)

I am Anamika and this is my first ff and I am tanvee cousin u all know that she uses my what’s app no. So guys please support but warning thus story is full of confusion between couples at last couple will be ISHVEER but at last not now this ff is short one I will end it soon and all the people who r best in bashing please don’t read my ff I am said so because tanvee has went through all the bashing comments so think before what u type it’s just a imaginary story so please read it like a story don’t say that I want this I want that u made him like this that nooo please read the story it will touch ur heart please

Ishani was reading book with her baby bump she was quietly reading but her eyes showed some pain some sadness suddenly her eyes become moist but before she cries a a hand cane in his shoulder she turned and saw someone
Ishu:u so fast home hmmm
Person:haa y can’t come and did u take medicines
Ishu:ohhhh shit I forgot(holding ears) sorry shikhar

Shikhar:ufff every time I need to say u that take medicine but no what will baby think that his chachu(fathers brother) is nit taking care of him
Listening the word chachu tears roll down her white cheek the tears of pain anger and sad (for what) shikhar knew the reason he wanted to stop her but he can’t
Then Trisha comes(played by sanaya irani)

Trisha:di don’t cry please it will affect baby’s health and ur duffer husband always makes u cry na idiot shikhar come with me I will teach u how to keep wife happy
Ishu listening the word husband and wife she cries more
Shikhar: Now who made her cry come I will teach u how to make sisters happy
Ishu:shut up u both go out and fight go
Shikha goes out (shikhar+Trisha=shikha)
Now confusing

Shikhar says he is chachu of ishani child but he is husband if ishani too and y did ishani cried listening those word

And bashers u all come I tanvee are there to handle u all

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  1. Awesome episode Anamika dhi!! It was good and different! I liked it! And if you need help with the bashers.. I will help also!!! I know karate sooo.. And can I be your sister dhi? And plsss update soon!!!

  2. Wow di super start. Smthng fully different from others. Loved it. I think bashers won’t be there bcs it’s such an amazing ff

  3. Very nice episode anamika dhi


    Hey ana….first of all its really a bitter start just like burnt coconut…..bitter from starting and sweet at ending…..and ya no one would bash your ff….because Tanu is with you ….!!”””

  5. Hey sorry for the super late reply awesome start yaar I see who dares to bash a sweet writer like u don’t worry forget about bashers and keep calm and keep on writing 🙂

  6. Awesome episode Anamika waiting for next

  7. Nice start anamika dhii!! Its a nice story.. N no bashers will bash u don’t worry..

  8. Julina

    Hey though it is a bitter start I like the story line….ur writing way is soo Gud… Waiting for next

  9. Awesome loved it keep it

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