Samaina’s lovely life! A small clarification….

Hello samaina fans. Thanks a ton for your kind support for my both the fan fictions. I am really very happy for your lovely response. You guys may think that this is the 1st episode but sorry guys, this is not a episode….

Before starting this ff, I wish to give a clarity to all the samaina fans and the persons who have commented on the introduction of this ff.

Firstly, this ff’s story is going to take place in the present time and not of 1990’s time….
Secondly, I didn’t mean to insult the show’s story or its writers for their story….
Thirdly, I didn’t mean to hurt any of the fans, followers and viewers of the show by changing the plot of the story.
I changed the plot of my imaginative story for samaina because just to show my love towards them. I can’t all the time express my love for them by posting pics, commenting on the pics. I thought I can show my love more positively and lovely by doing something. I have then decided to write a ff on them.

After starting a ff on them, I thought that as the show is already dealing with the love of samaina, I thought of writing something unique and different from the plot of show and then I thought of writing a ff on how samaina may be after their marriage and then executed it. My friends have all encouraged me to write this plot but there are some people who didn’t like it and they are thinking that I am insulting the show!!!

I am kindly telling to all of you that I don’t have any intention of doing so. I am writing the ffs on samaina to only show my love towards them. I love them so so much that I thought that writing ffs is the best way of expressing my love for them. Not only me, all the ff writers belonging to this show or any other show never ever insults any of the shows of television. We just write uniquely to entertain you guys and we feel very happy when you people like and comment on our ffs and only you are the people who encourage us to write more and more.

I am once again apologizing all the samaina fans if I had hurted anyone’s feeling by my ff but before starting this ff, I thought of clearing everyone doubts guys.

Thanks a lot guys and I am going to upload the 1st episode on the eve of new year!!! Stay tuned and enjoy reading….. and I wish everyone including the whole team of yudkbh and family of samaina fans and to all the ff writers of all the shows and non serial writers of TU advance happy new year!!! Thank you friends….

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  1. Aruna_cool_19

    Amazing one go ahead all the best……

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thanks dear. I will update as soon as I can….

  2. go ahead we will love to read ur ff and excited also

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thanks a lot dear. I will definitely update soon!!!

  3. Sanveer

    I love to read This! You are not insulting the show ur Making a ff and writers can always Make it unique with their ideas!!! And FF’s can be different then actual show!!!!! Happy new year to u!

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thanks a lot dear….. I will update soon dear and happy new year

  4. Aarti32

    You don’t hv to say’s d liberty of writers to write whatever they imagine.. nobody is getting insulted in it

    1. Ghvpriya

      I know that yar. But I got such comments from some people so I thought to clarify to them. That’s it and thanks for your lovely support guys. I will update soon!!!

  5. Waiting for your story excitingly??? update soon ? all the best?

    1. Thanks dear. I will update soon…

    2. Ghvpriya

      Thanks dear. I will update soon!!!

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