Samaina’s lovely life! Episode 2…..

Hello samaina fans…… I am really sorry for posting too late because I went on a tour with family so I couldn’t find time to write the story but I will definitely be regular this time….. I am very happy for the response I received for my first episode. Thanks a lot guys for all your lovely response, comments and suggestions given and thanks to the silent readers too. So, here it goes……

Recap: One of the chaser is telling the flashback to the unknown girl….

Flashback continues:

Sameer: Shall we have a fight???

Winner: No, leave it! You can’t handle me.

Sameer: You can’t estimate a person by his looks or his physical appearance! Think once again….

Winner: No no. It’s ok.

Sameer: (in a silly tone) Oh!!! It means you are afraid of losing with me na…. Then it’s ok, I will leave it….

Saying so, sameer turns to leave from there when suddenly he hears a voice.

“Hello excuse me mister!”

Sameer stops and turns back to see a beautiful girl waving her hands towards him. She starts coming towards sameer.

Girl: What are you saying? Do you think he (pointing towards the winner) is afraid of losing? Never! He is the strongest person here…. Don’t you know that!

Sameer: I know that dear. But he is really frightened to fight with me. Can’t you see that?

Winner: What? I am frightened of losing with you? If you think so, let’s have a fight but I can’t fight without a bet!

Sameer: Ok fine. If I lose, I will do whatever you want and the same rule applies to you! Fine with the bet? (forwards his hand towards the winner)

Winner: Fine.( and he shakes the hand with sameer)

Gym owner: Ok fine. The fight is exactly for 2 minutes. Let’s start the fight!

Saying so, he rings the bell….

Sameer and the winner bows down their heads and starts fighting…… The winner is giving very fast bows and

Sameer fells down by the knocks of that person. The girl comes towards sameer and says…

Girl: I already said to you that he is the strongest person here and you can’t defeat him. Now see your position….. So sad!

Saying so, she turns to go away when

Sameer: Excuse me dear!!!

She turns towards sameer.

Sameer: Till now, you have seen how the winner plays. Now see how this winner plays!????

He gets up and he is having just 1minute left to win the match. He starts playing with all the tricks he knew and at last,,,,,

He wins!!! ????

Gym owner: This is really an unexpected turn! Now, this match winner is sameer…..

Sameer feels great. The winner comes towards sameer and says

Winner: Congratulations sameer. You have done a fabulous job!

Sameer: Thanks a lot!

The girl comes towards sameer and says

Girl: Wow! To say frankly, I hadn’t expected this but really you did wonderfully….

Sameer: (with a small side smile) Thanks a lot.

Winner: Now tell me, what do you want from me?

Sameer: Will you give me anything?

Winner: Of course. A bet is a bet!

Sameer: Actually, I don’t want it from you….

He goes towards the girl

Sameer: I want you!!!

Girl: What??? What the hell are you talking?

Everyone in the gym gets shocked by sameer’s words….

Sameer: I mean I want to take you on a date. Will you come?

Winner: How dare you to ask my girl like that?

Sameer: Oh!!! Is she your daughter? Sorry, I didn’t know that. But you should be happy. Where would you get a person like me?

Girl: Just shut up! How dare you to ask me like that?

Sameer: What’s wrong in asking like that?

Winner: You!!! She is not my daughter….

Sameer: Oh! Your cousin sister aa…

Winner: She is my wife stupid!!!???

Sameer gets totally shocked…..?????

Sameer: What? Is she your wife???

Girl: You heard it right…. He is my husband!!!

Sameer: How did you marry such a old person???

Girl: Mind your words…. Ours is love marriage!

Sameer: I always heard that love makes people blind. I understood the true meaning now!!!

Winner: How dare you to say that!!!

Sameer starts running from there…..

Winner: Leave him. Let’s forget about this honey.

The girl goes to get their bag, gives a towel to his husband and then starts getting panicked looking for something in that bag!!!

Girl: Where it could have been?

Winner: What happened honey???

Girl: That card….

Winner: What card?

Girl: That card is missing dear!!!

Winner: What are you talking dear? Have you checked the bag properly?

Girl: Yes yes. I checked it thoroughly.

Unknown: That sameer is holding some card in his hand…..

Winner: Is it white in colour???

Unknown: Yes yes!!!

Winner: I will get that card for sure…. Come on, let’s go…..

Sameer is jogging slowly his way to home. He gets a call from his granny.

Sameer: Hello granny. Do you want anything from outside?

Granny: No No. I don’t want anything. By the way, where are you?

Sameer: I am coming home granny.

Granny: Ok. Come fast. You should take me to temple.

Sameer: Not again grandma….

Granny: Why so???

Sameer: What’s this grandma? I came to enjoy with you and here, you are taking me to temples everyday!!! This is not at fair…

Granny: You should not talk like that.

Sameer: Granny!!!

Granny: If you won’t come on time, I will not talk to you! That’s it!

Sameer: Granny, please listen to me once….

So sorry sameer!!! Granny has cut her call…..

Sameer: Now you should reach home early sameer or else granny won’t leave you.

He smiles to himself and starts jogging again when he hears something

“Hey you. Stop there”

Sameer turns back and sees some people running towards him. One of them is the winner….

Winner: Stop sameer!

Sameer: Why should i?

Winner: (angrily) How could you do this to me???

Sameer: It’s my hidden talent. What can I do?

(Confused aa??? I will explain. Actually the winner is talking about the card taken by sameer whereas sameer is thinking that he is asking about how he has won the match….. Understood guys!)

Winner: You can’t take away like that….

Sameer: I can take anything ???

Winner: Will you stop or not???

Sameer: See, I am having so much work at home. Please understand my problem!

Person running behind winner: See brother, he is saying that he will see about your card at his home.

Winner: No no. You can’t take it away. This is my prestige….

Sameer: (is he thinking that I am not having prestige?) No. I want it and I won it. What’s wrong in that???

Winner: Will you give it or not???

Sameer: (how can I return someone’s prestige) No, I can’t!

Winner: Then, I will see your end today!!!

Sameer: For winning a small match!!!

Sameer starts running from them…..

Flashback ends!!!

Unknown girl: What’s there in that stupid card that all of you are chasing him like that???

Chaser: That card value is 5 crores!!!

Unknown girl: What?

Chaser: Yes, that card has small diamond studded in it! That’s why we all are running like that. Understood???

The chaser goes away and the unknown girl stands shocked!

Unknown girl: 5 crores!!!

She faints….. Poor girl!!!

Sameer comes that way running from those people, sees that girl fainted and throws some water on her face…. unknown girl wakes up and sees sameer.

Unknown girl: Thanks for saving me once again!!!

Sameer sees those people coming again towards him…..

Sameer: See, because of you they are following me again. Mad girl!!!

He starts running again with those people running behind him….

That girl stands shocked by his words. “Mad girl”

Coming up: Sameer reaches home. His granny gets shocked by seeing his condition…

What would have happened to sameer? You guys can guess the answer by commenting below…

I hope you guys will enjoy my story. I will update the next one soon. Please be free to give your suggestions to me. It helps me in improving my story. Enjoy reading!!!

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  1. Awesome one ya really liked it plz update the next part eagerly waiting for it…. ????✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Superbbbbbbbb update????Loved it a lotttttt❤❤❤❤❤❤Can’t wait for the next part????Update ASAP?Love u????

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thanks a lot mansi ????. I am so glad that you liked it. I will definitely upload soon

    Dear priya
    it’s interesting episode??????
    T C A S S ?

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    Priya di, its awesome… I loved it a lot.. Waiting for the next chapter eagerly.. Update soon…??? well done?

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  6. It’s nice.♡♡
    But it could be more interesting .
    I hope u don’t mind saying that.
    But really good. ♥♥♥★★

    1. Ghvpriya

      No problem rashi. You can definitely give your views to me…. I will try to write more interesting next time. Thanks for your suggestion…?????

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