Samaina OS – Her prince charming

Twenty years old Naina stood in front of her chacha ji to speak.
” Naina beta do you want
anything? “asked her chacha ji lovingly looking at his niece .
” no chacha ji “answered Naina nervously.
Preeti looked irritated as Naina went to her room.
” Naina when are you planning to tell our family about sameer ? Let me guess after your marriage gets fixed with some else. From one week you are trying to tell but your getting nervous. Hadd hai yaar I have accepted sameer as my jija ji I am not going to change that ” said preeti.
” what to do? Everytime I want to tell to chacha ji I get nervous. What if they reject my choice . I can’t love anyone other than him ” said Naina
Preeti could only nod her head as she knew her sister was nervous. Never did she imagine that her sister would fall in love with anyone. It was at Twelve standard when she came to know about sameer as she noticed him going back of Naina for something and her sister ignoring him. How can she forget sameer’s sad face as Naina ignored him. Then after some days she was sure sameer liked Naina as she found him following her everywhere. Sometimes she had caught him near her locality looking at the balcony for Naina. She was surprised to find a boy who liked his sister. She confronted Naina about it and Naina was in tears revealing about her love story. She was angry with her for hiding it from her but she started hating sameer for breaking her sister’s heart . She had directly warned him to stay away from Naina but he was equally stubborn and till tried to make it up to Naina. He was ready to get slapped, hear anyone’s bitter words and do anything but not leave her sister alone. Finally she concluded that sameer was crazily and madly in love with Naina and so was she . She and Swathi both joined the team of sameer to pacify Naina later seeing sameer’s sincere effects. It was not easy to make Naina forgive him, sometimes she herself used to give up thinking Naina will never understand but to her surprise sameer was not ready to give up and kept trying. Her heart melted seeing his determination to win Naina back and she accepted him as her sister’s true partner. Finally after lot of effects Naina too melted and sameer had proposed her. Naina had accepted his proposal to everyone’s happiness but their relationship remained a secret as they were still studying in school. The board exams results were announced Naina stood second and sameer topped the class to everyone’s surprise. They both got admission to the same college and till continued their secret romance and she, Swathi, shefali, munna, pandit acted as mediators and kept their relationship secret safeguarded. Everything was fine till the final year of the degree when Naina’s marriage topic was discussed in the house and the search for the groom started. She and Naina was tensed. Finally sameer asked naina to disclose about their relationship to everyone. Naina agreed but still could not say the thing to anyone. She could only hope for the best .

“sameer I tried but I could not ” said Naina talking to him from the PCO near her locality.
” Naina are you ever planning to tell your family about me or not?. It has been one week you are still not able to tell them ” said sameer annoyed.
” I’m sorry ” she replied and ended the call.
She knew she was disappointing him from one week but still she could not muster the courage to tell her family about her love whom she wanted to marry. She knew she had to handle the matter fast before it gets worse. She has to speak .
The next day Naina went to college to pacify sameer but he behaved normal and did not seem hurt or disappointed. She wondered what had happened to him suddenly? He used to get mostly angry with her . Little did she knew that sameer had decided to handle the matter from his side Now as he could not afford to lose her.
That evening when he arrived home from the college, he found his nannu and mother waiting for him. His mother’s and his relationship had got mended all thanks to naina’s effects who had explained him to understand his mother. Though nothing could be done with his stepfather but he tried to behave well with him for his mother’s satisfaction.
” sameer what had happened suddenly that you have called me yesterday to come over here? “asked his mother.
Sameer revealed his mother and nannu about his and naina’s relationship and his decision to marry her . His nannu was happy and agreed the next moment. His mother was hesitant at first but finally agreed as she understood that the change in sameer was brought by Naina which as a mother she could never do. They decided to ask naina’s hand the next day. Sameer had informed about this to all people except Naina even preeti knew about it but kept quite as sameer wanted to surprise Naina.

Naina rehearsed the way she was going to tell about her relationship to her family. Preeti giggled as she saw her doing that. As she was going to talk to her chacha ji finally and everything was set up. Unexpectedly sameer’s nanu and his mother had arrived to her doorstep . Everyone in her family was surprised but they had welcomed them warmly. The whole family was gathered when sameer’s mom spoke
” actually we wanted to ask your daughter naina’s hand in marriage for my son sameer. It’s a request we would be honored if you accept our marriage proposal ”
Her chacha ji was genuinely happy but all others gasped hearing the proposal. Naina saw her brother gritting his teeth hearing the proposal.
Finally her tau ji spoke before anyone would speak
” we are very much honoured to receive the proposal from your house. But our status will differ in the society and we can’t afford dowry ”
” we don’t want any dowry. We just want Naina as our daughter in law and we don’t want any grand wedding ” said sameer’s mother firmly.
Naina’s face brightened hearing it. She hoped everyone agrees.
” I accept the proposal for my daughter ” said naina’s father to everyone’s shock.
Vishaka was thankful and gave Naina the family’s traditional bangles as token of gift for her future daughter in law. Naina hesitantly accepted it and took her blessing. She was given a warm hug by her future mother in law. Even sameer’s grandfather had praised her.
” you can call me nanu as sameer calls me beta ” he said to her.
They finally left the house after informing her family that they would fix the date of engagement date and call them.
Preeti was jumping in the house after they left and naina’s heart was filled with happiness as she would only hers sameer’s Now no one elses but her family were not convinced especially her tai ji.
” Tai ji could have got heart attack the moment the marriage proposal came to you . I could make out from her face. I still remember how she used to taunt you asking you not to ever dream about any prince for yourself. She would never imagine in her dreams that you will get more than you imagined ” said preeti pointing at her the diamond bangles which her mother in law had given her.
Naina smiled seeing it. It was like a dream for her. She did not care about the cost of the bangles but it was precious for her.
The elders were discussing about the sudden proposal that they have received but rakhesh was least bothered about it.
” something is wrong. How can Naina receive a marriage proposal from rich house who are beyond our status? I doubt why do they want our Naina? Are all rich girls dead in the society ” said tai ji glaring at Naina who gulped in fear.
” bhabhi ji please stop this. The proposal had arrived we have accepted it. Nothing can be
done now ” said rakhesh.
No one listened to tai ji though they were equally suspicious about the proposal but nothing could be done as the proposal was accepted already .

The phone rang twice in the house. Naina picked it up as she knew who was phoning and no one noticed her doing it as all were discussing about other things except preeti.
” hello Naina. How was my surprise ?”asked sameer from the other end .
” I can’t believe this is happening our marriage finally ” exclaimed Naina happily over the phone.
Sameer smiled imaging her face which could have been glowing with happiness .how he wished he could see her .
“achaa Naina I have done so much for us. So I deserve a gift right ” said sameer.
” what do you need? ” asked Naina curiously.
” a kiss on my cheek from my future wife ” demanded sameer smirking on the other end .
Her cheeks turned crimson red as she heard what he wanted . She wanted to shout on him for being shameless but she could not utter anything. She kept the phone without replying anything.
She ran to her room smiling shyly. Later preeti had teased her about sameer.
Her brother had come to her room to ask about the marriage proposal and was she happy with it? She answered affirmatively. Much to her relief her brother did not question her further.
She could not sleep that night and was pacing around her room. She was too excited that she wanted to scream to the whole world that she was getting married to her love. Suddenly she heard some sounds from her balcony and went there only to find him standing here. What was he doing here?. She looked down to see munna and pandit.
” sameer what are you doing here? ”
He came near her and spoke
” I wanted to see my future wife ”
Her face lit up with a smile as she heard him.
” sameer if anyone sees you here? ”
” then what? Anyway no one will see us here ” said sameer confidently.
They kept looking at each other for sometime silently.
” so when are you planning to give my kiss ” sameer flirted as naina’s eyes widened hearing it.
” how shameless are you? ” Naina said.
” I’m asking kiss from my future wife not from some stranger ” said sameer looking at her whereas she lowered her eyelashes shyly.
” Naina I’m not moving away from your balcony till you give my kiss. Choice is yours ” stated sameer.
Naina looked around and did not find anyone. Finally she leaned near him and kissed on his cheeks suddenly. Sameer was amused and grinned widely . He wanted more but she ran into her room before he could do anything.
He went back home with his friends with wide grin on his face.

The next day sameer’s mother had phoned the agrawals for informing the engagement day that was two days later. His step father had arrived with his brother but did nothing for his relief to spoil his engagement. His brother interacted with him and his friends friendly. The next two days Naina had not arrived to the college because of the engagement preparations and his phone call was ignored or picked up by the wrong person. Sameer had spent the next two days roaming around naina’s locality where Arjun had caught him once and naina’s father twice. He had given all invalid reasons after getting caught but he could not get one glance of her.

The day finally arrived he could finally see her after two days . He entered the house with his family , friends and took blessing of the elders. He waited for her and was growing restless.
” jija ji wait for sometime. We will bring your dulhaniya soon ” teased preeti to which sameer smiled widely.
Finally she came wearing a simple Saree but she still looked beautiful with the minimum makeup applied on her face. He kept staring at her till she sat next to him. She blushed seeing him and he slightly smiled looking at her. She had once dreamt about this but she never knew it would turn into reality. The rituals were completed as he slid the diamond ring on her finger.
The elders were talking something and the youngsters were busy discussing the other things. Sameer slowly holds her hands . Naina gasped at his audacity to do that but he did leave her hand though she tried to free it. He left her hand after he heard her tai ji coughing and she was left embarrassed in front of her tai ji.

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