Samaina OS – The game of jealousy

As sameer stood chatting with the bridegroom’s sister who was back of him in the wedding, Naina watched on burning with jealousy . She indicated him with her eyes angrily to move away from the girl but sameer stood helplessness as the girl was not ready to leave him alone.
” yeh madhumakhi mere sameer ko akeli kyun nahi chod rahi hai? ” thought Naina angrily as she looked at the girl trying to flirt with sameer. 
” Naina serve the guests with coffee or tea ” ordered her tai ji.
Naina went away to serve the guest with snacks and drinks.
Sameer finally was getting irritated with the girl. His patience level was getting low. He came to this boring wedding to see his Naina, though he was very happy seeing her jealous and enjoyed it for sometime but now he was fed up.
” sameer will you have anything ?”asked the girl sweetly.
“peace ” mumbled sameer in a low voice.
” what?!”
” actually I think my friends are looking for me. I will go now ” said sameer making an excuse and ran away from the girl.

” yaar you people saw Naina anywhere here? ” asked sameer to munna and pandit.
He had searched the whole wedding venue but could not find her. And every another second varun’s sister was back of him making him annoyed.
“you finally got tired of that neele madhumakhi Now. We warned you first it self but you were busy digging your own grave ” joked munna.
” what do you mean? ” asked sameer confused.
” that madhumakhi’s mother is eager to marry you with her and Naina bhabhi heard the whole thing. She was angry and upset but you did not look at her. No you were busy chatting with that madhumakhi . Then entered our second hero, naina’s childhood friend with whom she left for bringing some things from her house that too alone. Your pyaare sassurji did not raise any objections with this ” revealed munna to sameer who was shocked to hear the whole thing.
” there they are ” pointed pandit towards Naina and the boy.
Sameer turned towards them only to find Naina smiling and walking with some unknown boy carrying some things with her.
She giggled at the something which the boy said to her. Sameer gritted his teeth looking at Naina with someone else other than him and she was fully enjoying the company.
Before he could move towards Naina and warn her to be away from the unknown boy. He heard Bela chachi speaking in her low voice with anand chacha related to Naina. Since he was close by, he decided to eavesdrop their conversation anyway it was all about Naina, he had every right to know anything related to her.
” Naina and vikrant look so cute together. Look at our Naina, how happy she is with him.” said Bela chachi.
“obviously she would be happy with him he is her childhood best friend. Vikrant’s family was kind enough to accept our invitation and come to attend our daughter’s wedding from so far ” stated anand.
” ji I was thinking. Anyway we should start looking boys for Naina after two years. So why don’t think of vikrant and Naina? They are childhood best friends and vikrant’s family were our neighbors once. We have a very good relationship with them. We will just ask them once about this.” said Bela looking at her niece’s  happy face. Naina was not less than preeti and Pooja for her. If naina’s marriage happens in a good house, she would be the happiest one.
” Bela we will think about it. Let the marriage get  completed first. Later we will talk to rakhesh bhai Saab and then it will his final decision. I would be the happiest one if this marriage happens. Naina will be really happy with the family as they are both modern and traditional “replied anand.
Both of them left the topic and started discussing about the marriage arrangements unaware that they had lit up the fire of jealousy in the heart of sameer. Sameer had clenched his fists to control his anger hearing the talks of marriage of his Naina with anyone else than him.
Naina was only his. He will be the only one to marry her and no one else will get her.

He looked angrily as Naina was chatting with vikrant all happily even preeti had joined them now . How badly had he controlled his urge to drag her away from everyone else and take her somewhere else alone.
He had come here to spend time with her.
Munna and pandit felt bad for their friend who was burning in jealousy but what could they possibly do . They had warned him from starting of this wedding to stay away from the girl. He had called this upon himself.
” hi sameer what are you doing
here? Anyway come inside your from the groom’s side ” said varun’s sister.
” wrong timing ” murmured munna and pandit looking at the girl.
” I don’t want to come ” said sameer calmly controlling his anger on the girl. It all happened because of her nor she could be back of him nor could Naina feel ignored. Finally he could have never let vikrant talk to Naina and nor Bela chachi could get this marriage idea. Her family is all set to marry his Naina with that champu vikrant.
” sameer come ” said the girl pulling him.
” can’t you understand that I don’t want to come. What’s your problem? Why are you back of me?  I’m not interested in you . I already have some else in my life. ” shouted sameer angrily on the girl who ran away sacred for her life.
Munna and pandit could not stop giggling seeing the girl run away.
After all angry sameer maheshwari filled with jealousy was a wrong one to mess with.

Naina was happy as she met her childhood friend after a long time. Who said boys and girls can’t be friends?. She had almost forgotten about sameer and that madhumakhi after seeing vikrant for sometime.
She had chatted with him forgetting about the surrounding which could bring gossips about her. Vikrant was exactly like her nerdy but sweet.
” so I think you enjoyed the wedding. Obviously you would with your new company” she heard sameer whispering standing next to her with his husky voice.
” Even you did the same ” complained Naina.
” stay away from him ” he warned her looking at her intensely.
” sameer he is my childhood best friend not any stranger to stay
away ” replied Naina.
” best friend my foot. Your family is all ready to marry you with him. I’m not going to let that happen ” said sameer angrily.
Naina was surprised hearing it. She and vikrant together ? It was not possible as her father would never let that happen. Vikrant’s family was not at all liked by her father.
” so what? Even varun jiju’s mother was ready to marry her daughter to you and I guess you did not react. ” says Naina to sameer.
” you made me quite jealous sameer. Now it’s my turn ” thought Naina inwardly smiling.

” Naina” called Bela chachi. Naina was walking away while sameer holds her hands not letting her go. Naina gasps at his audacity to do this. She looks around to see if anyone has seen this and sighs softly not finding any of the guests there.
“sameer leave my hand ” demanded Naina.
” I’m not going to till you Promise me that you will stay away from that vikrant and one more thing your going to marry only me no one else. No other madhumakhi or champu between us ” said sameer.
” sameer ”
“promise ”
“fine I will try. Now leave my hand before any of the guest sees this ” pleaded Naina.
Sameer unwillingly left her hands which were felt so soft and warm.
” if my whole family wants me and vikrant to marry also the marriage will not take place ” said Naina making sameer anxious for the reason but happy with the fact that vikrant was away from his murder list.
” thanks to your sassur ji who hates vikrant’s family like anything ” added Naina further.
” chalo in his whole life my sasur ji being my enemy has at least done one favor on me ” said sameer whereas naina smiled.
” I have to leave now ” said Naina and walked away smilingly.
After all she had made the sameer maheshwari jealous which was not everyone’s cup of tea.

” Two years more I will be holding your hand in front of everyone and no one will any offence after all we could be married within that time ” said sameer grinning looking at his hand which had touched hers.
Thank god at least she let him touch her hand otherwise he could have heard lecture on her masoom pyaar.

” yaar sameer the marriage rituals have begin ” called munna.
Sameer had walked and stood next to Naina without letting anyone noticing it except the gang who knew about their love story.
” what have you done to that madhumakhi that she is not coming after you ?” asked Naina.
She was surprised that varun Jiju’s sister who was back of sameer before was standing away and not looking at him.
” woh I said her that a chudali loves me and would not spare the ones who would come after me. I think it worked as she was as scared as kamya was that night. ” grinned sameer making Naina smile remembering the time when she had sacred kamya deliberately in the mount abu trip because of her jealousy. Poor kamya could never understand why chudali had come only to her room out of all others.

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