Samaina – The blossoming love story (shot 2)

As her father left, Naina unpacked her belongings. She was much excited for her new phase of life.

It was going to be a new experience for her, being away from home and her family. She missed her Arjun bhaiyya And her sweet sister Preeti. After getting lost in thoughts about her memories of her family, a sudden voice of Swati brought back naina to her senses.
Swati smiled and forwarded her hand towards Naina. Swati was naina’s room mate. They both were talking for quite some time and later they left to school from hostel. By the time, Swati and Naina has started to like each other and they enjoyed each other’s company.

Sameer on the other side was having a chit chat with his friends Munna and pandit. Naina and Swati cross Sameer and they were walking towards their class. They are stopped by a set of boys. Swati and Naina look at each other. The set of senior boys ask them to dance for a song since they are new to the school . Swati and Naina reluctantly refuses. one of the senior guy tries to hold swati’s hand, Naina was indeed stunned by the behaviour of the senior boys. Swati forcefully pulls her hand and she began to run away from there. Naina also started to run behind her and she couldn’t see a stone in front of her, she slipped and was about to fall at that moment she felt a magical touch and a boy has holding her hand and they have a eye lock ❤. It’s none other than Sameer. Naina was mesmerized with his charm and couldn’t take her eyes off from him. Sameer’s voice brought her back to senses. He asked, hey are you okay ? She said yeah I am fine . Thank you for the timely help. Sameer says it’s okay. Be careful next time, bye. As he said and left with his Munna and pandit to class.
Naina was standing like a statue thinking about the moment she met Sameer. Later hearing the bell sound, she quickly left for the class.
Teacher hasn’t arrived yet and she went and sat near Swati. Are you fine Swati? Indeed you look sad and upset. Let us teach a lesson for that senior boys, please smile my dear said Naina to Swati. Thank you Naina for being there for me ❤ it was indeed a bad start of the day but I am happy that you are with me ❤ later the teacher entered the class and the classes begin …

Precap :
Sameer’s past memories haunts him with depression and he feels lonely.

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