Sam dam dand bhed, A Krishnadasi OS


Hi, well I started a AaRa ff. but honestly I don’t know how to proceed. I hate it when I don’t know about the faith of my story and anyway writing romance is never my cup of tea. I am so inexperience in it that I suck while writing it. Hopefully I will write that too if my mood permit it. Still then read something which I am good at and my style.
I was wondering what would happen if Aryan get to see kumudini in gulab bag and one thing lead to another and at last this one shot is the result. Enjoy and sorry for grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Sam dam dand bhed

Aryan came back late at night. His father saw him entering his house. Aryan’s head was bowed down. Shaswat could not understand why his son’s head was bowed. His head should have held high atleast for what he had done that day. Shaswat couldn’t be more proud of his son.
“Aryan, son, what happened” Shaswat asked in concern.
Aryan look at his father. He could feel his throat was as dry as wood. He tried to gulp but it was so painful. “i…ii.. I am fine. I am just tired.” His voice cracked. Shaswat could hear tears in his words. He was quite shocked to see his son in such dishevelled condition. He wanted to ask him what happen but thought otherwise . “ok, son you take rest..” Aryan closed his eyes and nodded and stared to walk off.
“Aryan” Shaswat called again. Aryan stop and stood still for sometime then turned around. “you made your father proud like anything today, son. I cannot ask for anything more to god. You may not like your father but he gave me the best gift. A perfect son… no not a perfect son.. a son who got sense of right or wrong even after being brought up in this dirt, who got strength in his hand to take responsibility for a better future. An imperfectly perfect son. I am so proud to be your father.” Aryan eyes filled with tears. His lips were quivering. He tried to steady his lips and tried very hard to keep his tears at bay but failed a tears rolled down his cheek. Shaswat was shocked at his reaction. He thought what he said gone wrong. “Aryan, son what happened?” Aryan shut his lips in a thin line and nodded his head slowly in negative and turned his back to shaswat. He ran up the stairs to his room and shut the door with a bang leaving a very astonished Shaswat.
Aryan slide down the door. A very powerful female voice buzzing in his ear “sam dam dand bhed, sam dam dand bhed, sam dam dand bhed, sam dam dand bhed……” Aryan closed his ears with his palms and shouted his heart out. He could not listen anymore. He kept chanting “no more, please no more….please no more.” And suddenly all was silent around him. Pin drop silence. He removed his hand from his ears and looked around. He found no one. He stood up and walked to bathroom. Opened his clothes and jumped into the shower. He closed his eyes and relived everything again.
Aryan could not believe that his Aba pushed a girl into danger. After lots of struggle he reached gulab baag. From top he saw those animals in disguise of human trapped Aradhya in a net and dragging her here and there mercilessly like some sacrificial animal. Something broke inside Aryan seeing aradhya in such condition. In the name of ritual and god they are doing such crimes, it left him to question about humanity to that god of Aradhya, her Krushna. To whom she bow her head for little peaceful shelter is actually the reason for her devastation.
Something caught Aryan’s eyes. He could not believe his own eyes. Aradhya’s aaji Krishnadasi kumudini was hiding behind a pillar and enjoying the view of her grandchild’s struggle and pain. He was shocked to see that fierce smirk in that face as if inviting and praying other to come and harm her own grandchild, to tear the very soul out of Aradhya. He got distracted by kumudini and when he returned his focus of Aradhya he saw the net was off of her and that sick perverted oldman proceeding to filled up her hairline with sindoor. He didn’t know what to do now. He had to stop this ritual at that moment. Out of panick he took off towards Aradhya by his foot struck with a rod. He hissed out in pain and picked up the rod. He prayed to Aradhya’s Krushna “ save her Krushna.” And threw it towards the old man. Unexpectedly it actually hit his arm and the oldman fell backward and all the focus turned towards him.
End of flashback

He opened his eyes than turned off the shower. He grabbed a towel dry himself off. He went straight to his bed. Covered himself up and tried to sleep in that damp condition. He tossed and turned for some time. Flashes of familiar people and things was coming in his mind continuously like some reel of film. His parent, Aba, kumudini, Aradhya, blood filled forehead, krushna, tulsi, a chess board then all of a sudden there was nothing. He was floating in dark abyss. He looked around but could not see anything. Then a bright light flashed in his eyes. He saw a silhouette of knight on a horse in that bright light. That knight was coming towards him in great speed. Some weapon in his hand. It was aiming towards him. He panicked and tried to flee off from there but realise he was stuck to ground, paralysed. Could not move his limbs. He saw he was standing in one of the box of the chess board. He heard horse’s voice/ looked above to see the knight looking at him from behind his armour with blood shorted eyes. A female voice surround him “sam dam dand bhed, everything is fair in love and war and this is war.” Her laughter chilled his bone to the core, he saw the knight threw the weapon straight through his heart and he woke up with a shout. He realise he cannot sleep in peace ever again.
Aryan somehow made Aradhya smile in front of the awaiting car. But his eyes continuously getting focus on that blood spread forehead. Continuously he was trying to assure himself and Aradhya that it was not the bond of treaty to endure lifetime. It was just an accident. It was defiantly not marriage but somewhere in his heart he knew he can’t run from it. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw Kumudini was trying to sneak pass them.
“A.. Aradhya I got to go.” Aryan said keeping his eyes at kumudini. “what? Where?” Aradhya looked at his eye. “hey, um.. I will be back soon. Don’t worry.” He caressed her cheek and rubbed off some tears. “sit in the car. Don’t go anywhere. I need to settle something.” Aryan said opening the door of the jeep for her. Aradhya hesitantly climbed up the car. Aryan shut it and said “call me if you feel something off, ok.” Aradhya nodded “good girl.” Aryan smiled and ran to catch kumudini.
“viswas, lets go fast.” Kumudini said to her servant.
“where are you going so fast, you still got lots of explanation to give.” Kumudini turned around and smirked to Aryan. “Aryan Pradyumna Vidyadhar Rao, what are you implying. Pray to speak clearly. Actually I can’t understand this multiple meaning words.” Kumudini said with moving her body in her style and then looked at her servent “Viswas leave. Comeback later.” Viswas made face and left the scene hesitantly.
“you understand very well. Ok let me straight it out. Why the hell were your standing there, smiling at your grandchild’s distress. What type of women are you? You were literally enjoying seeing Aradhya being devdasi forcefully.” Aryan said.
“Krishnadasi. She was being Krishnadasi. Not devdasi, she was marrying Krishna.” Kumudini smacked at him but Aryan didn’t buzz. He gritted his teeth “no not krishnadasi, not even devdasi, those animals were making her a thing to exploit. Just a body. But she didn’t have consent in it. A marriage without consent is not marriage at all even though it is with your that god. There was nothing pure in it. It was only a ticket to exploit her, to rape her. She could have been raped but I think you would still stand there and would smile to that.” He breathed out. “this ritual of which you are so proud of would ruined her.” Aryan closed her eyes.
Kumudini smiled “But if she was hurt that way. What would you do? It would change things, wouldn’t it, Aryan Vidyadhar Rao? Any terrible event changes people. But the ordeals we suffer do not destroy us, Aryan. They define us. You are youngster of new generation. Don’t believe in traditions but Say, Aryan Vidyadhar Rao, you don’t care if your future wife pure?”
Aryan was shocked by her words. He didn’t know why kumudini was bringing such nonsense.
“of course I care…..” Kumudini cut him off in middle. “ very good Aryan Vidyadhar Rao very good. I was expecting such double standard answer.”
“let me finish.” Aryan shouted. “Of course I care. I would want to know everything about her. And yes, there is some part of me – a selfish part, really – that desires to be her first, whom ever she be, but if I find that she has given that honour to someone else.. willingly, of course.. then I would not hold it against her. Its an important thing to me by itself, but when held up against my desire to have her in my life, it is a very trivial thing. And of course, if such a thing has been taken from her, unwillingly, I would make peace with that, as she no doubt would have made peace with it herself.” Aryan said.

“so Aradhya is your wife now. You filled her hairline with blood. You married her. I am very glad that my grandson in law possess such great thought. No. you are not like your grandfather. I am very happy that my grandchild is married to you Aryan Vidyadhar Rao.” Kumudini said nodding her head in her style.
“whatever happened, it was accident. There is nothing more between us other than friendship.” Aryan said.
“What are you talking? You filled her hairline with you blood as sindoor in front of deva Krushna now you are running from your responsibility.” Kumudini said.
“marriage can’t be happen like this…” kumudini cut it off. “it does. You came to save Aradhya right? You almost saved her till you apply your blood on her head with too much love. You sealed her faith with that blood of yours. Though unknowingly yet you completed the ritual and made her krishnadasi. Now you can’t be spared.” Kumudini smirked.
“ok…time will tell what will be mine and Aradhya’s faith. But you tell me first, why were you standing there and didn’t even move to help her. How could you do this? Any person with good intention will do it for humanity but you didn’t.. even though she is your blood.” Aryan was more surprised than anything else. “why?”
“No one can escape from him. It’s his doing. The things which happen with us are all his wish. If he wanted to save Aradhya he would without me interfering. It was her destiny. Like it was written in her destiny that you would be one to save her and marry her off.” Kumudini said.
“Don’t give me bullshit of destiny. I know women like you very well. Every move of yours got intention. You live for some purpose and in every passing time you move a step closer to your goal.” Aryan said pointing his fingers towards her.

“woah, very good. You know me so well after all have to see whose blood runs in your vein.” She chuckled and stopped suddenly. Her face turned serious “yes, you are right. You are right that I am such woman who will do anything to achieve her goal and my goal is to finish Rao clan and time will not tell what will be yours’ faith. I will tell. I will tell your past, present and future as I was the one who wrote both of yours faith with this hand 21 years ago.” Kumudini said.
Aryan was confused “what are you saying? What do you mean by all thing?”
“Played chess before. Chess.. such a powerful game. And this is game of chess. I am the king of my troop and Pradyumna Vidyadhar Rao is the king of my opposing troop. My goal is to destroy him. Now, like any game I have to sacrifice some pawns. Pawns of both side. Everything is fair in love and war and this is war. i have to shatter Pradyumna. Till now I walked in path leaded by my god once in lifetime. Applied every strategy. Sam dam dand bhed applied all. You know na who taught it? Chanakya’s neeti is this. I did everything. Sam- I adviced tulsi and aradhya to not to fight with destiny, to accept it. Dam- I manipulate them to walk with me. Dand- haha… I punished that proud Rao by smashing mud in his face. Remember na what happened with your gayu tai….. bhed- that is still incomplete. Some secrete still left to be exploited my dear child.” Kumudini smirked at Aryan’s condition. His eyes were filled with unshaded tears. Blood shorted eyes, lips quivering, ear turned hot red. “Awe how sorry I feel for you, but still now you don’t even know the main fact… Dand- its you. You and Aradhya. Both of you are my last card to play. Understand… 21 years ago I exchanged faith of two babies by my own hand and rewrote their destiny. They were you and Aradhya. Exchanging you was the part of my long running plan.” Aran was standing there as if about to faint. “Understand Aryan Vidyadhar Rao…. O.. no sorry… Aryan Tulsi, krishnadasi Tulsi’s son.” Kumudini smirked evilly.. “But still now we can’t say that right?… but with my this move Rao clan will be finish without anyone’s blood. There will be just tears. Check and mate. Hahaha… Now, what will happen to you Aryan beta? What will you do?” she laugh. Her laughter echoed in surround.
End of flashback
Aryan closed his eyes with his hands and pulled up his knees towards his chest. He sniffle a few times and tried not to break but failed. Dam broke inside him. He couldn’t control his tears anymore. He screamed and cried “really, what will he do now?”

The end

AN- I myself don’t what will he do now.. so leaving it for your imagination. Anyway longer FF loose it glory so I prefer One Shot. Hope you like it huh. It will be one piece only.

Credit to: Tanu

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