Our Salt & Sweet Love Story – Season 2 (Episode 5) (Ragsan, Abhigya)


Thnq sooooo much frnds. Saranya n silent writer sry for not replying to ur valuable cmnts. Again sry for not posting ff on Friday. Already I told u na I’m going to tour that was
preponed that’s y I’m unable to post ff.

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Episode 4

@ restaurant

Piya hugs a boy from back.
The boy turns and his face shown as saran.
Saran: oh god finally u came…..
Piya: sry dear. I tried my best to come earlier but I’m struck in coffee day with my frnd sriti.
Saran: ohh then sriti is more imp than me?

Piya: don’t compare urself with others…… u have unique place in my heart. U r my love. I cant live without u…….
Saran: ohh enough of emotional drama…. Now its time to romance….
Piya: I think today sir in full mood……
Saran: hey lets go…. Restaurant is boring. We will have fun in beach.
Piya; lets go….
Both goes to beach. Enjoys a lot. N dances a lot.

Nearly 9 o’ clock saran drops piya in gupta mansion n goes to choudhary nivas.
Piya enters into her house casually.
a voice: do u know what is the time?
Piya turns towards the voice. Vo… maa….
Another voice: suman…. Y r u scolding her now?
Suman: sahil I didn’t scold her just asked what is the time.
(yes suman from thapki n sahil from swaragini r the parents of piya)

Piya: u r the best dad in the world.
Suman: now daughter n dad r together….. b4 u both damaging me I’ll leave from here.
Sahil n piya laughs.
Sahil: did u had ur dinner?
Piya: yes dad. Hope u too had na….
Sahil: haan. What to do…. Its all my fate to eat the food which is made by ur mom.

Suman: really….. then don’t wry from tmrw I wont cook for u. eat by urself. Then only u’ll know abt my value. She left from there angrily.
Sahil: not like that sumo….
Sahil: beta…. Don’t come late ok…. This is not safe… hope u understand.
Piya: ok dad afterwards I’ll come earlier.
Sahil: ok beta u go n sleep I have to compromise ur mom…..
Piya: all the best dad.

@ 10pm

Appu: sara….. what is this?
Sara: I’m sry di…. I have to inform u b4 but in happy I forgot to inform u….
Appu: happy…… what is the news….. did u accepted krish’s proposal…..
In irked tone….sara: di….
Appu: sry tell me what happened?

Sara: I told u na… saran is alive. Today I met him. He is with diya aunty.
Appu: wow…. What a pleasant news.
Sara: yes… I went to their home n talked a lot.

A FB shown

Door bell rings.
Diya: opens the door. She felt this is known face but unable to recognise.
Sara: did u forgot me???
Diya recognised her voice….. sara……
Sara: yes its me…..

Gurmeet: yesterday only he told that just like u he saw a girl.
Sara: I met him today. He went for some other work. I thought to come here.
Trio talks a lot.
Nearly 9 pm saran comes there.

Saran: hey u….
Diya; a lil bit too she didn’t changed….. she is just like as b4. Fully talkative.
Gurmeet: u r absolutely ri8.
Diya: forgot to ask….. where r u living?
Sara is stunned: her pov: if I told that I’m with appu that’s not safe……

Sara: vo… I’m in flat with frnds.
Gurmeet: u too come n stay with us na….
Sara’s pov: I cant leave appu alone.
Sara: no…. I mean for now I’ll stay with them. after some day I’ll join with u. (pov hope soon everything will be alri8)
Diya: ya…. Give some time.
Saran drops sara at home.
Saran: wont u call me in…
Sara: in this time I cant take u in. some other day or morning u can come. bcoz its ladies room.
Saran: ok madam. He bits bye.
Fb ends

Appu: y didn’t u called him home? I too want to see him.
Sara with nervous: vo… he is in revenge mood.
Appu: what?
Sara: vo… he didn’t forgot the past. That incident affected him a lot.
Appu: simply…. He want to take revenge from mehra family…..
Sara nods yes.

Appu: I can understand…… but I’m happy that at least u only understood tahts just misunderstanding.
Sara: that is misunderstanding or intentional….. u was with me as my frnd, di, ma, papa. I cant give up u. she hugs her.
Appu: lets go to sleep.

Screen shifts to abhi.

He is laid down but not feeling sleepy. He lost himself by deep thoughts.
Abhi’s pov: till now I cant believe that just like my mom there is a girl in the world……. Maa in last birth which things u lost….. I’ll give u through this girl. I’ll keep that girl like princess. At the same time I will destroy RAGSAN DYNASTY (SARA, SARAN) AND APPU. I believe that they too will be alive any where in this broad world. Sure they will be exist bcoz they have to die by my hands. I’ll take revenge from them. they have to pay for their deeds. God never I believed in u….. for the 1st time I’m thanking u for sending that girl to tell that somebody is for me too.

On the other side
Appu too not feeling sleepy. She is really sad.
Appu pov: sara is soooo lucky….. her mom n dad came to them in second birth too. her bro is also with her. But for me….. no one. Till now I never felt loneliness. But now I’m really feeling alone.

Another side
Vivaan: I’m there for u appu. Till my last breath I like to be with u. really I love u. with smiling face he closes his eyes.
Appu comes to him. (saiyara plays in bg)


He wakes from his bed after seeing appu. He gives his hand to her.


She takes him to beautiful garden. In gesture she asks how is the place. In gesture he replies awsm….. just like u…..


Her face turns red bcoz of blush. They both dances romantically……


Both matches each others steps…..

Then he dances alone in home n realise that his illusion. He pats his head.

The next day

Abhi is waiting near sri’s clg.
Piya notices him. Her pov “ he is the same yesterday boy na….. while sri scold him he was laughing…. Now he is here means he fell for her……. So cute….”
Piya’s thoughts were disturbed by sriti.
Sri: what r u thinking? Lets get into clg….. piya nods.

Abhi comes near sri….. she recognise him.
Sri: u…..
Abhi: wow…. U remembered me…… that means u too just thought abt me only?
Sri: stop ur blabbering.

Abhi: u know yesterday whole ni8 I tried to sleep but I’m unable……. U only flashed on my mind.
Sri: don’t lie….. ur eyes looks like u drunk well n slept well.
Abhi: no….. ok leave it….. actually I want to say one thing personally…… piya understands n I’ll meet u later sri…..
Abhi; u have good understandable frnd…..
Sri: look mr. don’t irritate me…… I don’t like ur type boys….. ur appearce clearly shows that u r good for nothing so plz…. Just leave my way.

Abhi: look ……. (enna mari pasangala patha udane pidikadu paakka paakka dan pidikum)(meri jese ladko ko ek bar dekdhe nahi pasant dekdhe dekdhe pasant hojai ga) u ppl wont like my type boys at 1st meeting……. After many meetings only u’ll like us.
Sri: waste fellow. She leaves from there.
Abhi thinks how mom refused dad in starting days just like that she too try to escape from me. (in season 1 frnds.)

Screen freezes with lovely smiling face of abhi.

Precap: Ganesh chadurthi celebration.

Thnq sooooooo much frnds for ur continuous support.frnds I know in todays epi abhigya’s scenes r small more over that’s not cool too. but plz now tolerate me. in future u can see good abhigya scenes. By urs loving Aastha.

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  1. Superb dii this ep was marvellous. Update soon . ????? keep smiling and stay bleesed

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooo much for the cmnt dear. u too keep smiling n stay blessed. love u loads.

  2. DC1

    Again a great episode. Appu is so sweet, She is so understanding, she didn’t even felt bad angry or scared knowing that Saran wants to take revenge from her. Appu and Vivan’s dance was too romantic. I love this song.. Its one of my favourite. Abhi wants to destroy Ragsan’s dynasty that is sad…. Hope he will change soon. Sara’s talk with Gurmeet, Saran and diya was also a nice part. In short episode was rocking. And yes eagerly waiting for Ganesh Chaturthi part. Keep smiling my Astha… Love you loads. Tc

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooo much dear. i didnt thought many ppl like appu n vivaan. really happy for that. yaa abhi n saran both scaring persons. gurmeet ki bachi…… i too like saiyaara song. in kkb they used this song while abhigya romance….. i liked it n download it. u too keep smiling n rocking. love u loads. take care.

    1. Astha

      thnq soooo much ragz

    1. Astha

      thnq sooo much silent writer dear

  3. Oh god wt abhi is upto!!!!yaar m reallly scared!!!n i loved abhigya scene !!!!!!!! Awesome update dear….n waitng for nxt part???..loved gurmeet??????keep rockng n tay blessed doll????

    1. Astha

      thnq soooo much for the cmnt dear. meri gurmeet ki bachi….. happy that u liked the epi. u too keep rocking n smiling. love u. take care.

  4. AMkideewani

    superb dear, no words of mine could describe how mindblowing your story is, keep writing, keep smilling and stay happy;D

    1. Astha

      omg…… meri sam cmnted more than a line……. i cant believe my eyes…… loved ur cmnt a lot dear. thnq soooooooooooooo much for the cmnt. u too keep smiling n rocking. stay blessed. take care.

  5. romba romba nalla irunthuchu

    1. Astha

      mikka mikka nanri akka/anna. ennavida neenga periyavanganu previous epi la dan terinjadu…..

      1. I am a girl dear

    2. Astha

      Oh…ok unga name sonna indha doubt vandhirukadu…… At least yeadavadu fake or nick name vechikonga….. Overa vai pesuren la…… Nan konjam vayadi…..plz tolerate me ?

  6. Nice epi…padikkathavan film dialogue super….waiting for ragsan meet….pls update soon….

    1. Astha

      Wow….. Ni Tamil ah….. Nan expect pannave illa. Happy that u liked the epi. Thnq soooo much for the cmnt dear.

  7. Superb dear???
    Abhigya scene short..but super
    Abhi dialogue (enna mari pasangala patha udane pidikadu paakka paakka dan pidikum) so cute..☺
    Vivan appu scene so cute..

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooo much priyanka dear. In future u’ll see good abhigya scenes more. Happy that u liked vippu scenes. Ya padikadavan dialogue ah sutuyen….?

  8. Superb dear

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooo much ammy dear.

  9. Saranya24

    Awesome dear abhi was cool and superb loved it love u????

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooo much darlu….. Love u. Take care n keep smiling ?

  10. Akshata

    Awesome, Appu is such a sweetheart. so understanding and caring, i still dont understand what is wrong with Abhi?

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooo much for the cmnt dear. Soon u’ll know what’s happening with abhi. He has reason behind his doings. So stay tune on. Happy that u liked appu so much. Really she is such a sweet heart ♥

  11. Super episode…poor appu….Saran and piya scenes are super…. Abhigya scenes also interesting…. No ragsan scenes….plz include ragsan scenes…..piya parents characters are nice….but epi is too short…and make it long….waiting for ganesh chadhurthi celebration….. Update soon….

    1. Astha

      thnq soooooo much suhani dear. ya appu is pity. happy that u liked sariya n abhigya. dont wry in next epi u can see ragsan meet. next epi will be long dear. again thnq sooo much meri pyari choti.

  12. Superb…..amazing….such a cool episode i love Vipu (vivaan and Appu) dance….so cute and romantic?????update soon

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooo much sinzo di. what……. romantic……… happy. u only appreciated me for romance…… in future u’ll see more di. happy that u liked vipu. again thnq di. love u loads.

  13. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Sorry for not commenting in previous chappy bcz of server problem.It was awesome di… Abhigya scenes are cute. Waiting for nxt. Keep it up.
    Take care
    Keep smiling

    1. Astha

      ya dear i too missed u in last epi. but i’m happy now after seeing ur cmnt. thnq sooooo much my dear choti. tera sacha naam uma hai kya? u too keep smiling n rocking dear.

      1. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

        Yeah my real name is Uma

  14. Saiyaara song what’s the movie name….thank you for ur sweet replay….

    1. Astha

      Its Salman khan’s movie. Ek tha tiger. ?

  15. VarshaVenkat

    akka…….nice dialogue……ennama neenga ippadi pandreengale ma……kalakal…..super…no words to say…semma tymng to dat dialogue…….sry for late reply…jus now reading this part of urs…..lovely akkka

    1. Astha

      thnq so much for the cmnt varshu….. but ennama ippadi panringalema dialogue eludave illaye……? engaruku anda dialogue? thnq sooo much. keep smiling. love u loads.

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