Our Salt & Sweet Love Story – Season 2 (Episode 4) (Ragsan, Abhigya)


Thnq sooooo much frnds. i replied to all ur cmnts.

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Episode 3
Epi starts with pooja

Pooja: wow….. u r really best in world. As per ur word u gave me ice cream.
Appu: of course how can I deny…… its asked by my cutie pie na….
Pooja kisses appu on her cheeks n runs from there.
Appu tries to chase pooja but collides with vivaan.
Appu: arrey u r not well but always roaming here n there.

Viv: no I’m hungry …..thats y…..
Appu: oops sry…. Its my fault…..
Viv: its ok.
Appu: u wait here I’ll come with supper.
Appu comes with supper n tells sara to eat soon.
Appu: take the food. Oops how u’ll eat? (vivaan’s hand is injured) wait I’ll feed u. she feeds him. He caughs. What is this…… eat with patience….. she pats his head n makes him drink water. He stares her lovingly. After feeding she leaves from there but he continuously stares.

Pooja: she is soooo beautiful na…. vivaan nods yes.
Pooja: she is sooo caring na…. vivaan nods yes.
Pooja: u started to love her na…. vivaan nods yes then realise what she said.
Vivaan: chaitan ki bache…..

The next day evening

Abhi is drinking tea in road side shop which is opposite to a bus stop.
Sriti n piya comes towards the bus stop.
Piya: hey y r u taking so many leave.
Sri: what to do….. my uncle is not well. Do u know? My bro didn’t came yesterday ni8 to home. neighbours told this.
Piya: hey…. Its common with boys na…..

Sri: that’s common but my niece is with him.
Piya: omg…. Is he came to home or not…… u can call na….
Sri: ya…. I called him. He met with an accident so he is with his saviour.
Piya: ohh…. Then vivaan n pooja r safe.
Sri: mmm ya. Ok piya…. What a miracle today u accepted to come to coffee shop with me?

Piya: from how many days u r asking me to come with u…… I have to fulfil na…..
Sri: that’s so sweet of u.
Both came to bus stop. There a boy is asking a girl to listen. All looks them.
Boy: plz listen to me….
Girl: cant u hear? Get lost…..

Boy: politely I’m saying but u raising ur voice…. He holds her hand tightly.
Abhi gets angry goes near to that boy n holds the boy’s shirt.
Abhi: how dare u?
Boy: don’t interfere in our personals ok……
Abhi: what? He laughs. Personal….. then y r u doing this all in public…?

Piya pov: ok….. again today sriti going to faint…..

Abhi n the boy both fights lightly.
Sriti gets angry….. pointing abhi… is he man or animal….. cruel….. bl**dy.
Abhi is abt to slap the boy. Sriti makes abhi turn. He turns with his raised hand n shocked to see sriti….
Sri: what the hell u r doing? What do u know abt them? they r lovers. Rift btw lovers r common so just stay away….. she is talking in full range but abhi is still shock.

Sri: did u get anything? He stares her without blinking eyes. Impossible. To that boy take her from here. She left from there.
Piya: u too get angry….. I thought I r going to faint but u fought with him.
Sri: when I saw like this rowdy I’m getting angry automatically. Just disgusting….. I know he thought that boy is troubling her so he came to save her. But still don’t know y I fought with him? It seems I born to fight with him.
Piya in low tone: then in this story 3 pairs of fighter cocks and two pairs of love birds.
Sri: did u said something?

Piya: nothing….. just then she gets a call.
Caller: where r u? do u remember abt our dating?
Piya: oops… I’m sry dear….. I forgot….
Caller: what???? So easily u forgot me?
Piya: I’ll reach u on time.

Screen shifts to sara’s clg.

At principle room

Princy: sir….. we r going to celebrate our clg’s silver jubilee. If u sponsored then we will be happy.
Saran: sir…. For this u hesitated this much? In this clg I’m sponsoring many students. Along with that I’m going to be sponsor this function too. don’t wry abt the arrangements. Now its all my responsibility.
Princy: thnq soooo much sir. For ur help keep our clg chairman with u. he calls sara who is in canteen.
Sara: may I come in sir?
Sara n saran are shocked to see each other. As well as happy. Pricy gets call n left from there.

Sara n saran comes to garden.
Saran: really I cant believe that u r alive.
Sara: I too. I’m very happy. She hugs him.
Sara: for these yrs where r u?
Saran: I’m with diya maa only…..

Sara: diya aunty…?
Saran: haan she adopted me….
Sara: u n me are alive like that if everybody alive then how it will be…. So nyz na…
Saran: ya it will be so nyz…. I’ll kill them as per my wish….. that bomb blast flashes on his mind. The picture is not clear. His eyes turns red. All that happened bcoz of Mehra family…..

Sara feels something wrong: what r u saying?
Saran: did u forgot what happened in past? Did u forgot that Abhishek mehra how insulted maa n papa? If that abhishek mehra n his family alive then sure I’ll kill them ruthlessly.
Sara is shocked….. pov: saran turned this much bad bcoz of that incident?
Sara: if u done like this will diya maa feel happy?
Saran: she don’t know abt this. U too don’t try to tell abt this. Ok.

Sara pov: if he came to know that appu is alive then he will try to harm her. Bcoz she too part of mehra family na…. I’ll hide it now.
Saran: wont u tell this to maa na….
Sara: haan I wont.
Saran: hey I too forgot to say abt this. There is a girl just like maa.

Sara with surprise: maa too born second time?
Saran: maa too means…
Sara: do u know abt rock star varun?
Saran: I heard abt him but never seen him.
Sara: he is just like dad. So loving caring…..

Saran: really… that’s so sweet. Idea…
Sara: what?
Saran raises his eye brow….. sara nods yes. Ok ok.
Saran: ok I want to go now….. be in touch…. Want to talk more…
Sara: I know… u want to talk more but now u have important work ri8? Bye…

@ orphanage home.

Appu: where r u going?
Viv: thnq soooo much for the care. Now my family is back to home. so I have to go…. Don’t wry they will take me good care.
Appu: oh…. Ok. Take care. Pooja….. if u r free come n play with me ok?
Pooja: pakka…. She kisses her cheeks.
Appu feels some hard in her heart. N bids bye to them……
Viv n pooja leaves from there. I know I’ll miss me. don’t wry I’ll back.

After some time, at restaurant.
Piya comes there n hugs a boy from his back.

Screen freezes with piya’s hugging positon.

To be continued…………

I’m really sry if I bored u……. tolerate me in next epi I’ll try to entertain u. if u feeling bore then plzzz tell me. if u want any kind of scenes just tell me. I’ll consider ur suggestion. Once again thnq soooo much for ur support. by urs loving Aastha

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  1. Appu & vivaan scenes are nice

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooo much ammy dear.

  2. AMkideewani

    Awesome dear

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooo much grazy dear

  3. Its amaznglyyy awesomeeee dear!!!! Abhi n sri part ws awesome wesome awesome…n loveddd saran!!!???? …n doll u always entertain us yaaar so plz dnt say dat u bored us…?? keep smiling n rockng dear….love u lotzzzz vala???? take care?????????????

    1. Astha

      i’m really happy that i didnt bored u……. u r enjoying my ff. thnq sooooooo much dear. happy that u like sribhi scenes. ya saran is cute…. u too keep smiling n rocking…… take care n stay blessed dear……

  4. Nice epi…sara and saran are so cute…waiting for ragsan( tejvarun )meet….

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooo mch dear. soon u’ll see tevar meet.

  5. Its superb dear..
    Not at all boring…
    All scene are awesome…waiting for varun teju meeting…

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooo much priyanka dear….. i’m happy that u r not feeling bored. soon u’ll see tevar meeting.

    1. Astha

      mikka nandri j chellame.

  6. please give abhigya sceane

    1. Astha

      oh….. 🙁 ok bro i’ll try my best to give importance to them. anyway thnq sooooo much bro for the cmnt.

  7. Di you again again rock. It was awesome . . Today I am so happy to see your ff and I am very excited to see eclipse which will start in a few second .I am from Mauritius . Update soon can’t wait . Di if you don’t mind can you tell me In which state you are.

    1. Astha

      hi dear….. i’m from tamil nadu dear. u r this much happy to se my ff…… sooooo sweet. dont wry u can see my next epi in mid ni8 or early morning. thnq soooo much for the cmnt. keep smiling n take care.

      1. It’s me anjali your choti I don’t know how my logo changed

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      ur logo is brown colour na…. in my lap ur logo is showing crtly but in my phone its showing some other…… meri pyari choti tabeth aur padai ka dyaan rakna beta….. ok…. love u.

      1. I didn’t understand the last sentence tabeth aur padai .

      2. Astha

        take care of ur health n studies….. 🙂

  8. Super episode…appu and vivaan scenes also super….plz include ragsan scenes….Sara and Saran scenes also super….waiting for next update….

    1. Astha

      u’ll see ragsan meet on ganesh chaturthi dear. happy that u liked appu n vivaan. u can see my next epi on mid ni8 or early morning dear. take care. keep smiling. thnq sooo much for the cmnt.

  9. DC1

    Boring??… From which angle?? It is amazing. Sara and Saran met, that is so good to read. Hope Saran won’t do anything to Appu. Also Abhi and Sri scenes were too good. Fighter cock award goes to them. I know that in future, Ragsan will take that award… Waiting for their scenes eagerly. Pooja is cute and when she said that you are in love and Vivan nodded, that was too cute. Loved it. Keep smiling and take care. Love you.

    1. Astha

      boring…. in my angle….. but i’m damn sure my next epi will be bore. wait n watch what happens with saran n appu….. ya sure on ganesh chaturthi ragsan will get award. n i too get award for handling many characters. ya pooja is really cute. i too smiled in that scene. u too keep smiling n rocking dear. tc. love u.

  10. Akshata

    awesome, loved abhi and sri part

    1. Astha

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  11. Its not boring dear …..its awesome……amazing episode….keep rocking always….and update soon…i’ll be waiting?

    1. Astha

      thnq soooo much di. happy that u r not feeling bored. dont wry i’ll update soon. in mid ni8 u can see my epi 5.

  12. hi..I hadn’t read the first season..is that possible fr u to give me the link fr those season..

    1. Astha

      sure y not…..
      in this link there is all epi. if u want separate link tell me i’ll send u.

  13. Saranya24

    Lovely da darlu appu vivan scenes r cute but waiting fr abhigya????

  14. Silent_writer

    Its suprb

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