Our Salt & Sweet Love Story – Season 2 (Episode 2) (Ragsan, Abhigya)

Thnq soooooooo much frnds. I didn’t expect this much response from u. I thought u wont accept abhi in grey shed but u all accepted. I’m feeling happy.

Many of u have some confusions I’ll clarify it now.

1st of all saran and sara’s biological parents are ragsan. (hope u remember that name ceremony. Saran and sara from ragini and kishan’s name.)
Appu / abarna is daughter of rabul.
Abhimanyu aka abhi is son of abhigya.
Saran is adopted by diya n gurmeet.
Appu n sara livestogether.
They all don’t know that others r alive.
Ragsan, abhigya, swalak, Meghan and rabul all the pairs r died in BOMB BLAST.
Hope now u all clear. Still if u have any confusion without hesitation ask me.

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Episode 1

Epi starts with sara

Sara comes to clg.as usual krish blocks her way.
Sara: wont u leave me in peace? Plz……. Leave me.
Krish: ohh my baby…… I love u …… I cant live without u.
Sara’s pov: god plz…. Help me to escape from this idiot.

A girl: sara princy is calling u.
Sara: thank god u r really faast. Love u god.
Krish: now can be escape not all the time.
She grits him.
Sara pov: I escaped from that idiot but don’t know y princy called me? with confusing face she enters principal’s room.

Screen shifts to saran’s office

Saran: ria…. What abt today’s conference party…..?
Ria: sir, everything is in process. I hand over it to concern organizer. She is handling everything perfectly.
Saran: isn’t it? lets go I’ll check.

Again scene shifts to clg.

Princy: come in saraa….. do u remember that u r chairman of this clg?
Sara: ya sir I remember….
Princy: then what abt our clg’s silver jubilee?
Sara: vo… sir….
Princy: its our 25th annual day so it have to reach nuke and corner. If Rock start came to our function it will bcome true. U have to convince him. Its ur duty. Now u may go.
With full shock sara came out n hugged krish. Then she realised the hug told abt chief guest. After few seconds a broad smile appears on sarish’s face. (sarish – sara , krish)

Krish: lets go…. I’ll give company u….
Both goes to rock stars office.
(Note: sara is very big fan of rock star but didn’t see him in photo too…. I know its illogical but sometimes this happens. The rock star is highly famed in this short period of three months.)

@ saran’s office

Ria: sir, she is the organiser. (she points out a girl)
Saran looks her.
A girl is ordering the workers to set all the things properly.
The girl: bhaiya….. this colour is not suitable…. Plz…. Change it. ohhh food ready hagayi….
A man: haan beti.
The girl: ok I’ll check. She tasted the food. Her rosy lips shown. Then her blinking eyes shown. Mmmmm yammy….. she turn towards saran.
Saran is dazed to see her face. (till now he saw her back pose only.)

@ rock star’s office

Sara: mam I’m from…… blab la….. I want to meet rock star.
P.A: mam he is in meeting it will be end in 2 mins so till then plz wait mam.
Sara n krish waits for rock star.
P.A: mam now u can go.
Both gets in. sara is dazed to see the rock star. She stood there with her wide opened eyes n mouth.

Krish is full happy to see the rock star he went near n touched him.
Krish: sir…. I’m really very very happy sir. I cant believe that I’m seeing rock star in live. Plz…pinch me sir.
Rock stars cute smile shown. He sweetly pinches him.

Slowly rock stars face shown as VARUN.
On the other side saran is dazed to see the girl as TEJASWINI.

Sarn pov……: maa…
Sara’s pov: dad……
tej: y r u staring me like this?
Saran: nothing…..
Tej: sir almost I completed all works so don’t wry.
Saran: no need to sir. U can call me as saran.

Tej: nyz to meet u Mr. saran.
Saran: thank god…. U pronounced my name correctly. Mostly ppl wont do it crtly. They will call me as charan.
Tej: ya…. Charan is cute but y u expect them to pronounce saran?
Saran: bcos this name is kept by u…..
Tej: what?
Saran: I mean its kept by my parents. Its letters of their names.

Tej: that’s nyz….. ok I’ve some more work meet u later. She left from there but saran continuously stares her.
Ria: sir…. Till now I didn’t see u like this.
Saran: nothing….. u cant understand this. Go ……
Tej goes n feels something towards saran. Turns n finds he too staring her. She smiles n goes.

Screen shifts to rock star

Var: hey…. Y r staring me like this?
Sara: oops sry…. I ‘m very happy to see u that’s y……
Var: that’s ok….. b4 we met somewhere?
Sara: mmmm 1st she nods yes then nods no nooo
Var: I’m feeling some strange connection with u that’s y I asked……by the way on which purpose u came here?
Krish: vo sir…… we came to invite u to…… attend our clg’s silver jubilee…….

Var: on which hope u both came here.
Smile on krish face fades.
Sara with smile: I believe that u wont break anyone heart. In that hope we came here.
Var: nyz….. we r talking very cutely…… how can I say no to this cute princess?
Tears escapes from sara’s eyes.

Var: hey what happened?
Sara: nothing…. my dad also calls me as princess….. krish signs he is no more.
Var: then ok here after u can call me as dad.
Krish: sir u r too young. Fame too. in front of ppl she called u as dad then what they will think abt u?

Var: I don’t care abt others. If my princess is happy then I’ll do what ever. Sara runs n hugs varun. He caresses her hair. I don’t know y……. but u got special place in my heart at
1st meeting. God bless u my child. Don’t wry I’ll come to ur clg function just text me the date n time.
Sara: I love u papa.
Var: love u princess
After some chitchat sarish left from there.

In evening

Below scenes r mixture of saran, diya, gurmeet and sara, appu.

Saran: maa do u know whom I met today?
Appu: how can I know?
Saran: today I saw a girl just like ragini maa……
Dimeet (diya gurmeet): what????????

Sara: haan…… really…… if u have doubt just check rock star varun images.
Appu: I’ll she checks. Image shows. I cant believe it……… with broad smile……
Saran: but the sad is I didn’t talked very much to her.
Gurmeet: don’t wry another day u can. U have her details na…….

Diya: haan haan if u don’t have her details just ask ur father……. He’ll give u tips for following girls.
Saran: it means u collected news abt mom without her knowledge…….. isn’t it dad.
Gurmeet nods in yes.
Appu: sara….it means ragini maami also had born some where na????

Diya: saran …… it means kishan also born somewhere na…….
Sara: if it is true I’ll be the luckiest person in the world.
Saran: mom some new hope came to me…….
Gurmeet: tahts good. Ur wish will bcome true my dear son…….

Diya: saran…. If u met them wont u leave us na…….with teary eyes.
Sara: appu di….. what r u asking……. U r my di…… never I wont leave u. she hugs appu. Another side saran hugs dimeet.

The next day

Abc clg. (its another clg not same clg where sara studies)

A girl gets down from car. Her face is covered with her dark thick hair. She turns towards camera and her face shown clearly…….with cute smile. Her face is revealed as preetika rao aka aliya from beintehaa.

She sees another girl is sincerely reading under a tree. Her cute eyes and pretty lips and angelic face shown as pragya from kumkum bhagya.
The girl: hi ….. my dear ……. Y r u always reading……. I accept that u r coming clg to read but clg is as well as enjoy too.
the girl continuously reading.

The girl: hey sriti……. Sri…… stop reading ya….
Sri: y r u disturbing me piya?
Piya: do u know how much I missed u?
Sri: I told u na I’m going to my cousins marriage.
Piya: haan….. ok ok lets go to canteen

Sri: always canteen…… no….. I want to breath some cool n fresh air.
Piya with pout face: fine. She takes apple from her bag. She cuts it. sri sneezes. Bcos of that piya slipped the knife n it cut her finger.
Sri: omg…… blood.
Piya: its ok its small….. but sri looks it deeply n faints.

Piya: omg….with this girl…… she splash water on sri. Sriti opens eyes slowly.
Sri: r u ok????
Piya: actually I want to ask this….. I cant manage u….. for this small bleeding u fainted…… let see u will get hubby who always sees blood very commonly n who thought blood is just like water. U’ll marry a gangster…..
Sri: never…….. that wont happen. To live with a cruel person I’ll kill myself. With angry she left from there.

Just then sri comes back……
Piya: what?
Sri: u r cursing me na…… I wont show my paper…… I’ll see how u write todays test…..
Piya: omg………

Screen freezes with pout face of piya.

To be continued………………

Frnds sry…… in 1st epi I mentioned abhi n suraj meets at gupta industries but it was a typing mistake. They meets at rajvanshi industries. Not gupta…… sry …….

Hope u liked todays epi. Plz do cmnts……. By urs loving Aastha.

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    Amazing, mind-blowing super loved it. Eagerly waiting to see Varun’s rock star avatar. This concept is great and I am loving it. Waiting for Ragsan’s scenes. Sorry couldn’t sent you pm as I am not well right now. Just loved the part where Saran and Sara met Tejaswi and Varun… It was so good. Keep writing and smiling dear. Love you

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  3. mindblowngggg episode dear…loved it truely…!!!keep rockng sweety…waitng for ragsan moments.. 🙂 …take care 🙂 😉 🙂

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    1. Astha

      buddu……. diya epidi di (akka) aga mudium????? she treats laksh as bro….. then ava ragsan kum thangachi mari dana…… appo atha murai varum. akka illa. epdi irunda enna saran ah vida 15 yrs jasthi….. so they can be mom n son. she adopted him after rag’s death….. now he treats diya as mom. still if u have any confusion msg me dear. no prob. frank ah kekurade sondosama iruku. thnq dear….. ummaa………

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