Our Salt & Sweet Love Story – Season 2 (Episode 1) (Ragsan, Abhigya)

Thnq sooooo much for ur valuable cmnts. i replied to all ur cmnts. I don’t know I’m I able to satisfy all ur expectations…….. I’ll try to entertain u. if u felt bore then just tell me frankly I’ll end it soon

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One fine morning sun rays falls on a name board. Camera focus the name board that becomes clear from blur. It shown as Choudhary Nivas.
A lady is cooking in kitchen. Her face is not shown.

girl: suniye……. Ab tak kya dekrio ush news paper me? (what r u doing till now with that news paper?) get ready soon.

A person is shown in living room with news paper. (his face is not revealed, the news face is front of his face) for five mins wont u leave me?

The girl comes out with angry face her face is revealed as Diya (aastha from iss pyaar ko kya nam doon 2) : r u reading this news paper since 5 mins?
The person’s face revealed as Gurmeet. Vo….. vo….

Diya: kya vo..vo…? see the time…… time is 8:30….. I’m getting late to scl. What will students think abt me? head mistress is late then what’s our mistake in being late?
Gurmeet: haan haan I too saying the same. What students will think? Don’t waste ur precious time in arguing with me. make the food fast.
Diya says Impossible with disgusting look . She goes to kitchen.

A boy comes from upstairs with his black coat suit.
Boy: mom and dad… in this morning u both started ur fighting?
Diya is arranging food in dinning table. Nothing like that beta.
Gurmeet: ya u know abt ur mom na….. she is always behaves like mirchi only…..
Diya with raised voice: am I behaving like mirchi? Tell me am I like mirchi?

Gur: now see what r u doing n how r u behaving?
Diya makes pout face. Gurmeet comes near to her.
Gur: arey my darling dull ho gayi…… I know how to correct ur mood. He goes closer to her n jiggles her.
Diya: what r u doing in front of son? Gur looks at his son.
Boy: now only u remember that I’m here only…… (his face is revealed as harshad arora)

Diya: usko chode saran…… u come n sit. Eat breakfast.
Saran eats breakfast……… mmmmm yammy mom…..
Diya: really?
Gur: hey don’t tell like that. If u told its good then she will make this dish weekly 6 times.
Diya gives killer look.

Gur: I mean that ….. if u cooked tasty food then I’ll be fat sooooo easily….. nothing else.
Saran: dad how? U r really so cool. U r provoking her against u n u only compromise her…..
Diya: that’s life. Without our fights we r incomplete. If he went out of station I’ll feel bad. That’s not means I miss him. That means I miss his fighting.
Saran: soooo cool. Ok mom n dad. I’m getting late to office. R u not going to ur office?
Diya: that’s y only he tries to stop me from going to scl.
Saran: ok ok….. he gets in car.

A girl: aunty is he her son?
Neighbour: no no….. she is not that much lucky to gave a birth to child. He is adopted son. (diya felt bad n abt to cry)
Saran gets angry n gets down from car: hello its none of ur business. Don’t interfere in our personal matters. If I start to tell abt u ….u wont tolerate.
Neighbour: what will u tell?
Saran: ur son ran away from ur house. He don’t care abt his unmarried sis too. u don’t know to brought up ur son u r talking abt my mom…? She may be didn’t gave birth to me but she is my mother. She loves me a lot n cares me a lot. So just mind ur tongue. He wipes her tears. Mom u get in. He leaves from there.

Screen shifts to a flat.

Two girls are packing their stuffs. N walks here n there. (their back poses only shown)
Girl 1: di…. Where is my book?
Girl 2: where it will go? R u reading that book? No na….. then that will be where u kept.
Girl 1: di….. wont u get sleep without damaging me?
Girl 2: sara……(ya girl 1 is sara – peehu) already I’m in tension. I’m not in mood to argue with u. search it by urself. She murmurs don’t know where is the file?
Sara: appu di u r scolding me for not keeping a thing in respective place……. What is this? Ur file is in my clg bag?
Oops….sry…..(girl 2 face is shown as chakor)

Appu: ok ok take this lunch box. I too getting late.
Both gets ready. Sara locks the door while appu starts the scooty. Sara sits in back, appu wears helmet. (helmet is must while driving my dear frnds. U have to obey the rules.)

Appu drops sara in clg n she goes to a orphanage home which is named Happy home.

A old lady (shardha): beta what had u done? They came here to visit us but u came late…… (some foreigners came there for funding)
Appu: vo actually sry maa….. bcos of some silly things I came late….
shardha: ok ok u go n talk with them I’ll bring coffee to them.
Appu: hello sir. Hello ma’am
Sir: hello….miss. Abarna. U r maintaining this home very well.
Appu: thnq sir but I’m just managing accounts only. I’m not ordering them…..
Mam: that’s nyz…. U r providing pleasing environment. That’s really necessary for this children n

Screen shifts to clg

Sara is going towards her cls suddenly she collides with a boy. She was abt to fall as usual the boy holds her in his arms. (The boy’s face is revealed as Khush)They both shares a cute salt n sweet eye lock. In few mins sara comes to sense.
Sara: Krish……u??????
Krish: ya its me only…… with broad smile on his face.
Sara: I was really happy for these 2 days without u……
Krish: really??? But I heard that u missed me a lot.

Sara: which hell told like that???? Plz….. leave some way….
Intentionally he blocks her way she gives angry look.
Sara: what do u want?
Krish: don’t u know?… its ok…. I want ur love only.
Sara: don’t irritate me in morning. Clg bell rings. Thank god….
Krish: I’m coming there too…… sara gives irked reaction.

Again she shifts to home

shardha serves coffee to them. A small boy collides the mam n coffee splash on her.
Appu: chirag what had u done? Now see her dress got spoiled.
Mam: don’t scold him. Its common. Leave it by the way where is rest room? She shows direction.
A small girl is crying. shardha tells her try to adjust.
Girl: without colour pencils how can I draw dadi????
Shardha: beta I can understand but now financial status is not good. But don’t wry….. appu hai na….. she will make everything alri8 just like b4.

Girl: ok then I’ll colour by giving normal pencil shade. That will look impressive.
Shardha: that’s the spirit of naughty girl.
Mam watches this all then comes to where sir n appu talking.
Sir: I really liked this home very much…….. I’ll give fund to ur home.
Mam: ya I too thought the same. Here all r not behaving like orphans here all r like one family. I liked it very much. By the way what abt ur parents? What r they doing…….?
Appu: vo….. they r no more mam. They died in one BOMB BLAST.

Mam: I’m sry…..
Appu: its ok……
Sir: ok leave that…. Now Shall we sign for fund?
Appu: sure. They gave cheque for fund happily.

Screen shifts one road.

A man is running with his torn dress n bleeding wounds. Some goons chasing him. At one point that man hits by stone n falls down. The goons came near to him. He crawls n goes near to one man. He holds his leg n pleads to help him.

The man’s hand is shown with dark color beat bracelet. His ears shown with black stead. Finally his face is shown as ABHI (shabbir)….. (the man is holding abhi’s leg)

Abhi makes the man stand n asks what happened?
The man says, sir they r trying to kill me. sir plz save me…….
Abhi smiles at goons sarcastically
The man feels some relieved.
Abhi: r u going to kill him????
The goons steps backward.

Abhi: tell me…. r u going to kill him? I wont let him die by u…..
The man looks confusingly.
Abhi: I wont let him die by u….. while talking abhi took a pistol from his packet n shot him.
The man is troubling to breath……
Abhi: how dare u to go against my bhaiya…..
He pleaded to abhi but abhi shot again n he is dead.
Abhi: wash out him. Goons clear the body.
Abhi gets in car with stylish gangster look.

Abhi enters into house which is named GUPTA MANSION

A girl is serving food to a small boy.
Girl: accha…. Tum aagai. Abhimanyu First eat breakfast.
Abhi: u r not my bhabi….. u r just like my mom. How caring……
Girl face is shown as imli from udaan.
Imli: haan haan ok ok….. eat fast….. where u went? See urself? R u seeming like a decent boy? It shows with someone u fought.
Abhi coughs n splits the food.

Imli: what happened?
Abhi: nothing bhabi…..
A rough voice: whats going on here?
Abhi: vo…. Bhaiya….
A small cute voice: nothing papa…… chacha said food is tasty…… (his face is shown as karn from surya putra karn) (my dp boy)

Abhi: haan bhaiya…… arav n me liked the food very much
Imli: suraj…. How is the food? (ya its suraj from udaan)
Suraj: nyz…. Ok abhi soon come to office. Abhi nods.

At gupta industries

Suraj: abhi I heard u n ur bhabi’s convo….. since my marriage she don’t know that I’m doing underground dealership too. hope u’ll maintain this…..
Abhi: sry bhaiya….. afterwards I’ll be careful.
Suraj: that’s good.

Screen freezes with evil face of suraj.

To be continued…………

I know u all r angry on me bcos I didn’t showed pragya, ragsan…….. don’t wry soon they will give their entry. My next update will be on Wednesday…..

Note: in prologue I mentioned shabbir’s name (abhi) as roshik. But here I named him as abhimanyu. Bcos u all r feeling confused with new names so I named him abhimanyu. In short I’ll mention him as abhi. Then it will be easy to understand. Sriti , teju n varun is comfortable I think….. isn’t it?

If u don’t like the plot then frankly tell me I’ll quit the story.

By urs loving Aastha.

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  1. Priya15

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  2. Saranya24

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    1. Astha

      thnq soooo much my dear. i’ll clear in pm dear.

  3. Superbbb episode dear….so gurmeet n aastha r parent of saran.. 🙂 ..nyc dear…doll m veryy impressed by d way u managed soo many charecters dear,its really hard so a grand salute to u 🙂 well done!!…waitng for ragsan entry 🙂 🙂 🙂 …keep rockng sweety…take care love u 😉 😉 😉

    1. Astha

      fairy,…….. is gurmeet n astha r parents of saran???? then who is son of ragsan???? diya adopted saran. ya they r the parents. thnq sooo much my dear. ya its tough to manage many characters. soon ragsan will give their entry. tc. keep smiling dear.

  4. DC1

    Cool yaar… Abhi’s character shocked me a bit… Waiting for my Ragsan’s entry… And don’t quit it dear… Its amazing, I am eagerly waiting for other episodes as well, also I love Gurmeet and his wife name is Diya… Thank you thank you… I really loved it so please continue

    1. Astha

      ya abhi has grey shade. soon ragsan will give entry dear. ok i’ll continue….. ya dear gurmeet’s wife is diya… u r in cloud nine am i ri8??? thnq sooooooooooooooooo much dear.

  5. intresting…keep rocking dear..
    waiting for ragsan,pragya entry
    curious waiting 4r ur next epi dear

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooo much dear. soon they will give entry dear. wednesday i’ll post next epi dear.

    1. Astha

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  6. Akshata

    awesome, waiting for ragsan’s entry, but abhi killed that man???? so abhi’s character has a grey shed. update soon.

    1. Astha

      yes dear… abhi has grey shade. he killed that man for his bhai. thnq soooooo much my dear akshata.

  7. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Awsm di. Awww, abhi in grey shed, cool.You tried something new, good.Don’t quit it.Waiting for nxt. Keep it up.Love you.
    Take care
    Keep smiling

    1. Astha

      yes i tried to do something new……. tahts y i gave him grey shed. ok meri pyari choti…. i wont quit it. love u too. u too take care n keep smiling.

  8. nice start

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    Is this a new sequal

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      1. Pavani

        Yep iam fine now sanku darling

  12. Oh no….u r nt quitting ok…..episode is superb ,concept is awesome…..i love your ff sooo much dear….
    Keep writing and keep rocking dear?????

    1. Astha

      sure di…. i’ll continue it. thnq sooooooooooooo much di.

  13. Nice episode…but no ragsan scenes….plz include ragsan scenes and abhigya scene also…and why about swalak and Meghan …plz these pairs are also include in ur ff….waiting for next update…

    1. Astha

      u can see ragsan n abhigya but there is no space 4 swalak n meghan here is somether new pairs. u’ll enjoy with them. thnq sooooooo much suhani dear.

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  14. Superb Di…Amazing…Waiting for Next Part…Update soon..

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