Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 9) (KKB, Swaragini)


Hi frnds this is AASTHA back with next epi of salt & sweet love story. sry for being late…now lets go into story.

Previous part

Epi starts with sanky.
San: hi uttra what r u doing?
Utt: cant u see? Am writing my assignment
Just then sujatha shouts ….
San: maa what happened? Y r u shouting?
Suj: see all works r in bending…..maid didn’t came yet….
Parvathi dadi: jintha math kar…..ragini kaha hai…
just then rag passes on street dadi stops her n orders her to complete all works she nods in yes. San wonders to see this…
then all leaves..
san: what’s going on….
Utt gives unwilling expression.
Utt: our maid is rag’s masi (chitti) only.
San: toh….rag kam karnike kya zarorate? (what is the need to rag work)
Utt: her masi doing this intentionally
San: but y????
Utt: she is not her own masi……
San: that means….???

Screen shifts to park

Pra is on the way to park…..her pov……will he is waiting for me or will made me wait.
Pra sees abhi is already there a lil smile comes on her face but she didn’t showed.
Pra: nyz….r u keeping punctual always???
Abhi: what kind of ans u want?
Pra: frank ans
Abhi: mmm….ok….it according to matter if its necessity then I’ll be punctual or else I’ll be casual.
Pra: nyz…
Abhi: I don’t know to propose dramatically but I’ll try to do my best.
He kneels down by 1 leg n forwards a rose which he held in pant pocket. I LOVE U PRAGYA.
Pra: do u thought that I’ll accept this?
Abhi: what ever ur decision my decision will remains same that I LOVE U.

Screen shifted to utt’s home

utt: her dad married north Indian girl…..but his family is not interested n disowned them. When rag was 2 yrs old then she died in brain tumour. After that her dad married a girl just for rag’s sake….but god planned something else….she didn’t gave motherly love….later she gave birth to 2 girls n 1 boy named jothi, priya n naveen.
Note: urvashi masi belongs to tamil family as well as kishan’s family also tamil family. But ragini prefers marwadi rituals n exatra……
Utt: priya n naveen r very good but jothi is not like them. She is just like her mom urvashi. She always hates rag. When rag was 12 yrs old then her dad also died bcos illness. From starting rag pampered by all villagers. Bcos she is just like her mom, very king n helping nature. (ooroda chella ponnudan ragini)
Utt: her masi very feels bored then makes an excuse as ill n makes rag work….thats y I hate her.
San: so sad….I never see her dull face….she is always smiling
Utt: smiling persons has bitter story than us….they knows the pain….thats y they making others happy.
Sanky already fallen love with ragini but after hearing rag’s unconditional love to her step sister his respect towards her became more over.
San: hey she too have assignment na gave it to me…I’ll complete it
Utt: u? he gives a weak smile. No need she will manage. She will satisfy her own only.
San: when she will write tmrw have to submit na…
Utt: in mid ni8….dont wry I’m damn sure her assignment will be the best among all.

Scene shifts to park

Pra: look Mr……
Abhi: abhi…..Abhishek Mehra
Pra: look Mr. Abhi….. u seems good in physical n by heart too but I had my own decision that I want to become a good no no very good designer…..i want to achieve something in my life so I’m not interested to love. Bcos I have principle that DO 1 THING WITH FULL DEDICATION. Now I like to give dedication on my studies not in love so plz…..dont disturb me……hope u can understand…. She gives a cute smile. N leaves from there.
Abhi: just a minute pragya nyz decision. U told 1 thing….dedication…don’t disturb…but only one line is echoing in my mind that I’m in love with u…..
Prag gives impossible look to him n leaves from there. Abhi smiles at her.

Next day in clg

Swaragini uttra n pragya had some chitchat…then lak provides them snacks.
Swa: wow….so nyz veg roll…I liked it…
Rag: ya really its yammy.
Lak: thnq thnq I only made this all four splits it…
Pra: what ? u made it?
Lak: ya y? they gives some naughty look.
Lak: hello miss..hostel bachelors knows to cook better than u… how many of u knows to cook
Except ragini every1 gives oops reaction.
Rag: hey don’t tease them. I’ll teach them to cook b4 they enter their sasural ok? RAGINI IS HERE Y R U FEAR (pavani akka I theft ur dialogue)
All r laughing suddenly a boy disturbs their laughing by asking where is 3rd year maths class.
Swa: r y new to this clg?
Boy: s…
Swa: y u joined this much late? Its nearly one week.
Boy: vo..actually…
Lak: hey leave him…he tells where is their cls…ya he too joins their cls only. By the way ur name?
Boy: I’m Shahil… (he is shahil from swaragini)
Every1 introduce theirself.

Few days passed swalakhil bond becomes more close.

One day swa travelling in bus. Bus stops on one stop then some boys gets in n stands near swa. They started to misbehave with her but there is no one to help her. She went few steps back n closed her eyes n prays to god. When she opened her eyes then there is no one. She cant understand what happened in that 1 min. (actually a boy who already in that bus took them down. Swa is unaware abt this.)

Next day swa n pra on the way to clg….then prag notice abhi is following.

Pra: swa u go I’ll be in few mins.
Swa walks few steps then waits for prag. At that moment same grp of boys comes there. She fears n steps back.
Boy: no no don’t afraid of us. We r really sry…..we wont do this again to any girl. Sry sis. Plz inform him that we apologised to u.
Swa: to whom?
Boy: ur savior they leaved from there.
She remains in mess later gets who is that.

Pra: abhi….how many times I told u? y r u following me?
Abhi: I thought road is public property anyone can walk….isn’t it?
Pra: u…..talking with u is waste of time….
Abhi gives cute smile n continuously staring her. She leaves from there.
All reached to clg…rag n utt….hey come on we will chat on cls.
Swa: u all go…I have some work after finishing that I’ll come.
Prag: what work? That too personally? R u hiding something?
Swa: vo…she stammers…..not like that….
Rag: hey leave her.
Swa goes to canteen. She switched her data connection on phone n she browsed to telly update page. She typed private msg to named person HEART ROB.
Swa: hey heart rob…u only saved me from those boys na? I know…bcos u only asked now r u relieved? I didn’t told abt that incident. That means r u there in bus only…
HR (heart rob): how many qns will u ask….ya I was there only…now what?
Swa: u n me r good frnd talked a lot….u knows me….but I don’t know u…just say ur name at least….
HR: y?
Swa: bcos I want to see u n thank u
HR: u said thank na that’s enough. If there is any need sure then I’ll come. bye…now I have work.
Swa: he helps me a lot but dislikes publicity…..a broad smile comes on her face un knowingly.

Screen freezes with smiling face of swara.

am really sry saro, loli, arshi fan, adya,tina. I have heavy fever since one week so am not able to read n cmnt on ur ffs. Plz support me. by urs loving Aastha.

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  1. Honey

    Get well soon dear,& me too belongs to ur category only,I mean I’m also suffering frm fever ….let’s come to today’s epi is superb as usual

    1. Astha

      hey same pinch give the much…..its ok take care dear. thnx for cmnting in this situation too.

  2. rmba nalla irunthuchu mukkiyam ragsan scenes and IPA paravalaya fever sariya poiducha first take care dear

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      thnq for liking my ff. ippo konjam paravalla da. u too tc

    1. Astha

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  3. Pavani

    Naughty abhii I liked himm nd I think Laksh is swaras hr but she misunderstand him as sahil(just a guess) nd noo nedd of sorry it was not my dialogue tooo he he he

    1. Astha

      ya akka i too like abhi’s character…..in further epis u’ll like him more. ya akka ur guess is absolutely ri8. thnx for cmnt akka.

  4. Hey nice…. HEART ROB is interesting, waiting for the next part and you have put your profile cover of Allu Arjun and do you know what….. He is my favourite actor from South movies. And take care about your health as well. Love you

    1. Astha

      thnq so much for liking this dear. give me a hifi….i too likes allu a lot. do u saw my cmnt on ur two broken souls epi 9. u too tc dear. love u too.

  5. I think HB is laksh??
    Nice epi..plz update daily dear

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  6. I think HR is laksh??
    Nice epi..plz update daily dear

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