Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 8) (KKB, Swaragini)


Hi frnds this is AASTHA back with next epi of salt & sweet love story. thnq so much 4 ur support. Frnds from 2day’s epi I’m going to tell full FB bcos I don’t want to confuse u in present n past. Do u want present n past together? Tell me ur feed back. If u want then I’ll give u.

Previous part

Recap: abhigya rejects the marriage proposal. Ragsan 1st meet in temple. Swalak’s first meet.

Next day

Till now story revolve around Chennai from now story travels on Coimbatore district. Ragsan is in near by village of Coimbatore. Other 4 in city.

E pi 8

San stands in corridor. He sees rag comes towards his home. Uttra joins with her n goes to clg. He follows them.
Rag: hi prag how r u?
Pra: I’m fine dear.
Uttra: I cant believe it seems just now we joined in clg but now we r in final year.
Pra: ya u r ri8.
A girl: excuse me can u plz tell me where is 3rd year maths cls?
Rag: r u new to this clg?
The girl: ya…
Utt: whats ur name?
Girl: I’m swara…..
Prag: nyz name. lets frnds???she forwards her hand.
Swa smiles n shakes her hand with all. By the way u r also maths ah?
Prag: I’m fashion designing but these 2 r maths only….
They have some chitchat then they goes to their respective cls.

@ maths cls.

Lak casually enters into cls n gets shock to see swara there.
Rag: hey lucky…..he didn’t respond so she waves her hand in front of his face.
Lak comes to his sense…haan…what did u asked?
Utt: r u fine???
Lak: ya ya I’m fine.
Rag: actually I called u to introduce her. She our new frnd swara. From now she is also our team member.
Swa: hi…..how is ur bike now……
Utt: do u know him b4?
Swa: few mins ago I told abt only boy na…whose bike got punctured at ri8 time. That boy is he only.
The trio laughs.
Lak: ok ok enough. All sets in their places….cls starts.

@ outer gate
San searches where is rag while he collids with someone. He is none other than our abhi.
Sabhi in at a time: r u student of this clg?
Both smiles n says chorus NO.
Sabhi: y u asked?
Again they smiles.
Abhi: actually I saw a girl in mall. She looks like angel. Love at first sight so thought to get her no….by the way what abt u?
San: am also in same condition. Mine too love at first sight. She is my sis’s frnd only. By the way I’m Kishan.
Abhi: nyz to meet u…I’m abhi.
They both also have some chitchat then goes to their home

Note: swalak prag stays in hostel. Swapra r same room. Ragsan utt r dayscollar. Abhi has home in Coimbatore too. Kavitha also a student but she is studying in other clg.

Almost one week passed

In eve time after finishing clg pra swa rag utt r going to bus stop.
Utt: hey one boy is following us.
Rag sees the boy is our abhi only. hey he is so handsome
Swa: ya but he follows whom?
Pra very politely he follows me only.
Utt: hey I accept that u r also good looking like me but how could u say surely he follows u only.
They reached to bus stop. Many persons n students r standing there. Abhi parks his bike in front of the four in opposite road.
Pra: u all saw him 2day only but he follows us from nearly one week.
Swa: really? But how u……
U all went to beach 2days before na?
Rag: ya then too u came late.
Pra: ya u r absolutely ri8. He have to there in beach b4 me if he didn’t followed me….but he came there afterwards of me only that’s y I’m saying he is following me.
Utt: hey he is coming towards us.
Abhi: hi my dear…..i didn’t expect u knows abt me. i’m really happy that u knows abt me.
Other 3kept their mouth wide open bcos how he knows that prag knows abt him.
3: how u know?
Pra: nothing miracle in this. She point a boy nearby them. He is his frnd only. He called him n listen what we r talking. Thats it.
Abhi: I’m really happy that am going to marry a genius.
Pra: u loves me na?
Abhi: yes dear.
Pra: ok I want to talk to u..
Abhi: ya sure…what?
Pra: not here in nearby park that too tmrw only.
Abhi: its ok my angel…bye.
Swa: dear….angel….mmm….bale bale…..so easily u accepted.
Rag: u r new na u know abt her. Tmrw u will know who is she?
Swa: y??
Utt: patience is must in life maa…

@ ni8.
San thinks abt ragsan’s meet in garden then temple…..
Rag is closes her eyes to sleep suddenly san image flashes on her mind….she too thinks abt that temple meeting.
Swalak also remains their 1st meet n chitchat at clg
Abhi stares pragya’s pic lovingly which is in his cupboard in large size. Suddenly prag too losts in abhi’s thought.

(saiyare plays In bg for all leads.) (vizhligalil vizhligali vilunduvitai song from truvilaiyadal arambam)

Screen freezes with smiling face of all leads.

Precap: Abhigya meeting in park. A new entry in clg.

Frnds how is the epi? Plz do cmnts…..i know this is short update. SORRY now am lil busy I thought to not posting 2day but I’m not ready to make u all wait more. I have craft cls for 3 days I want to do bouquet, teddy, chick n heart. More strength in my cls so they teaching us very lately so I have to do it in home only. Sry……..by urs loving AASTHA.

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  4. DC1

    Amazing dear. Who is the new entry, excited to know. Also waiting for full flashbacks. Very nice continue soon. Love you.

    1. Astha

      thnq diya….after knowing the new entry….y she add this idiot in this ff…..he is -ve dear. againg thnq dear for sweet cmnt

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  6. Akka enaku oru doubt neenga kissan engira pera two years munnadiye decide pannitenu sonningala appudina neenga sanskar dharohan apnon ki endra seriala vara dhara (ragini) and her chote maalik (jai kissan vaishnav) base panni dhana indha name choose pannirukinga. Am I right? And more over neenga past complete pannitu present ku ponga akka it’s my suggestion

    1. Astha

      ur almost dear ri8 dear. actually enaku thungum podu anaki patha movie n serials review panra palakam iruku. anda time la inda scene ipdi irunda nallarukumnu thonum ada dan ff ah eluduren. nan krish apdingara name dan en dreams la use pannuven but inga hindi base pani eluduradala kishan nu change panten. sanskar serial pathapram dam hindila kishan na krish nu artham terinjikiten. ivlo periya cmnt ku sry dear. ni enkuda chat pannanum nu nenaicha login panni private msg la pesalam da.

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