Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 7) (KKB, Swaragini)

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Pragya goes to clg after one week only. prag comes to clg in car. Abhi drops her.
vinega : hi mam, hi sir.
prag : abhi this is vikram, this is neha , this is ganesh. Haan this is mohan.
Abhi : they r all ur students am I ri8
prag : ya.
ganesh : sir moh sir is our lecturer
abhi : Oh nice to meet u. sry that day i’m not able to spent times with u all. Now this is coffee time come on.
Every1 goes to coffee shop n drinks coffee.
moh : can I ask u something?
abhi : ya sure.
moh : 1 day I n rag went to coffee day then her sis called her so she went. At party the same girl calls u as bhaiya. U proposed prag. I cant understand the relations.
vikram : ya I also have a doubt she said she is Pragya arora but she goes to mehra mansion everyday.

Scene shifts to rag’s home.

Rag sets in sarees in cupboard. Then one album falls down. She sat on the cot n starts to see that pics. N remains her past life.

A fb shown

Suj: u r going to grand maa’s house.
San: what ? village? I cant maa.
Suj: I don’t know abt it. U r going that’s it.
After many force he goes to village. His family gives him a warm welcome. He gets into house but his eyes searching someone. A girl comes from upstairs n hugs him.
San: hey my choti…sweety…uttra….how r u?
Uttra: fab bhaiya. What abt u?
San: just see how cool am i.
Suj signals him to get ashirwad from elders.
San: he gets ashirwad frm parvathi dadi, janki chachi(uttra’s maa), parineetha(aunty of san), adharsh(uncle of san) they have a daughter but she will give her entry later. There r 2 more aunty uncles san gets ashirwad from them too.
That is most reputed family in village. Dadi, janki,3 aunties, 3 uncles, their small children. There is full enjoyment in the family now bcos san came there after 5 years. 2 days passed in moment.

One fine morning.

San not able to sleep bcos still atmosphere didnt suit up with him. He comes to the balcony(corridor). He enjoys the beauty of nature (garden). That is early morning 4 o’ clock so
soft snow wind hits his face. He enjoys the breeze. Then he felt someone is in garden. Finally he finds that is a girl but he is not able to see her face.
He admires her cute eyes. N thought brammah is really talented……how cute lips he gave to her. He admires her beauty part by part but he is eager to see her face.

She plucks a WHITE ROSE from plant n kisses on it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DARLING. U R ONLY FOR ME. I LOVE U.

He thought to go down n see her. (she likes white rose that’s y only yesterday I mentioned white rose.)
Rag’s thinking disturbed by babies crying sound. She went near to babies n feeds milk.

Scene shifts to beach

Swalak n diya went to beach. Swadiya plays with waves lak stares swa lovingly. Diya notice this. While swa sees some old frnd n goes to talk with her.
Diya goes near to lak.
Diya: anna enna ungaluku pidikadunu terium irundalum paravala….nan unkita onnu kekalama? (bro I know u dislikes me but its ok. Can I ask u something?)
Lak confusingly: tell what u want to ask?
Diya: wo…what is the relation btw u n swa miss?
Lak was stunned by her question. Y r u asking like that?
Diya: actually I thought u r lovers but on valentines day I heard swa miss said I love u to someother else that’s y?
Lak stammers : actually we r good frnds that’s it.
Diya: but I saw love for her in ur eyes…..
Lak: u think u r talking too much. U talking over of ur age. ( un vayasuku miruna pechu pesura)
Diya: its ok bro….ya I too accept….gaining someone trust is really a tough job.
Lak: hey its not like that….when MY SWARA forgave u then I too forgave u. I don’t know y till now I didn’t told this to anyone but I like to share this with u. lak becomes some emotional.

A FB shown.

A girl standing in bus stop n waits for bus. She wears a beautiful pure white colour salwar. Her silky hair dances in air. Then a boy raising his bike and comes fast. That girl closes her eye bcos in front of her there is water bcos of yesterday’s rain. The boy sees the girl n gets mesmerized by her beauty. When he came near to her suddenly his bike got punctured. (the boy is our laksh) That girl burst into laugh. (the girl is swara only)
swa’s pov: u shown over scene that’s y u got nose cut. (over scene udambuku aagadu)
lak’s pov: this idiotic bike got punctured in front of beautiful girl.
Then bus comes there swara goes from there. But still lak is in her thought. He forgot go from there too
Lak stops his FB by seeing swa’s coming.
Swa: hey shall we go? I’m very tired.
Lak: sure.

@ coffe shop

vik : ya I also have a doubt she said she is Pragya arora but she goes to mehra mansion.
prag : then u followed me?
Vinegar: gives a naughty smile.
abhi : ok I’ll clear ur doubts. 1st of all I’m abhishek Mehra. Uttra is my sis not pragya’s. they both like sis so she gave intro like that.
moh : y she is staying in ur house? Where is her parents?
Water drops comes out frm pragya’s eyes. Abhi consoles her.
moh : did I ask any thing wrong?
abhi : vo…pra goes frm there.
abhi : don’t wry I’ll tell u abt us n our relationship. But keep patience bcos this is not ri8 time to tell. I’ll meet u tmrw bye.

@ rag’s home.

Babies slept.rag is in kitchen Now san sees album . FB shown.
Then uttra comes to san’s room n wishes him.
Utt: bhaiya soon get ready we all r waiting.
Then a girl gets down from car. She happily enters into home n hugs dadi , parineetha then sujatha.
San comes there.
Girl: hi kishan….happy bday.
He smiles but thinks 1 min.
Girl: hey y r u looking like this? I’m KAVITHA. Ur uncle’s daughter.
San: sry…I saw u 5 yrs ago na…..now u changed so much I mean u looking light fashion.
Kav: anyway I’m the wish na?
Utt: really sry u r not 1st wish. (utt n kav r not attached…they r opposite directions)
San: 2day someone special wished me.
Suj to dadi: maa astrologer said on his bday he will meet his life partner I think kavya is the person.
San hears this n remembers morning girl.
Ok lets go to temple.
All went to temple. Everyone prayed in main god then went to worship other gods except san. ( he is not interested so much in god) he sees the architectures of temple. Suddenly he feels someone’s presence who is very close to his heart.
A girl is wearing white n sky blue colour half saree. She enters into temple. She worships god but our san staring her without blinking his eyes. He remains that lips eyes n matches this girl. 99.9% he feels that girl n this girl is same. After seeing a WHITE ROSE on her head he is damn sure. She opens her eyes. Her face is shown. Ya she is none other than our ragini.
Her pov: y he is staring me like this.
San: u love me this much??? She is shocked.
Rag: what??
San: u like kishan soooooo much na? he points out her dollar. (Krishnan dollar)
Rag: ya… san: that only I told ….i’m kishan that means u likes me sooo much na??
She irked by his dialogue.
Then utt comes there.
Utt: what r u doing bro? everyone r rounding temple u….hey ragini…..i didn’t noticed u sry dear.
San pov: wow ragini…how sweet name.
Rag: its ok….who is this idiot?
Utt: he is my bro…y ? what he done?
Rag: nothing just blabbering . its ok I’m getting late bye.

Utt bye. Y r u staring her like this? In teasing tone.
San: she is soo cute.
Utt: my bhai trying to flirt with girl? Omg I cant believe.
San: not like that. I don’t know something attracts me towards her.
Utt: ya I accept she is sooo cute. My bestie..
San: ohh ur bestie..then y she robed flower in ur house?
Utt: ohh actually that is planted by her. She likes white rose very much. But this…..kavitha…don’t allow her to pluck flowers. So she theft it. This is the 1st flower in that plant. Thats it.
San smiles after hearing abt her.
Rag: hey sanky what u too sunk in FB. (ya fb again interrupted)
San: ya…so sweet memories. Rag rests her head on sanky’s shoulder.

Next day

Mohan n vinegar comes to mehra mansion. Abhigya welcomes them.
On their room.
Moh : sry…i..
Pra: its ok actually I became lil emotion thats it.
Abhi: take this cookies.
Abhigya starts to narrate their story.
Mehra mansion
Sunaina: sunniye I selected my bahu. How sweet na. she saying this to ram. She holding pic in her hand.
Rajendar: u likes ur bahu that’s ok but what abt ur? He wont…
Sun: don’t say like that by ur dirty tongue.
Raje: look ur son came. U ask by ur own.
Abhi enters into home.
Abhi: hi maa…
Sun: beta…look this pic….she is very good girl…good fmly….
Abhi: oh ho maa….i want to enjoy my life.
Sun: y u can enjoy ur life after marriage na?
Abhi: dad can we go to 2nd show?
Sun gives dead glare to raje.
Abhi: see u cant take a single decision freely. Now I’m not ready. He plucks the pic n goes to his room. He never saw that pic he kept it in his draw.

On the other side , same Chennai but Arora Nivas

Here also same problem.
Sarala & mahesh: pragya y r u not interested in marriage?
Pra: maa papa how many times I will tell u? 1st I want to do something in my career. I want to achieve. Fashion designing is my passion. I’m sry…I cant..marry now. She too didn’t see the pic n kept it in her draw.

Epi freezes with unwilling face of abhigya.

if u find less swalak scene then and if u felt its bore then i’m really sooooo sorry.
pavani akka
sindu akka
thnq soooooo much for ur continuous support.

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