Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 6) (KKB, Swaragini)

Hi frnds this is AASTHA back with next epi of our salt & sweet love story. Frnds I don’t know y day by day I’m getting less cmnts. But its ok few of u giving continuous support. thnq so much frnds. Without ur cmnt am not able to write so plz cmnt. One word cmnts negative cmnts also welcomed. Plz cmnt me.

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Recap: saran n sara’s name ceremony.

prag : what celebration?
Neha : voh actually mam valentines day coming na? so…..
prag face goes little sad. Ok carry on.
ganesh : mam u must come.
prag : I’m sry I cant..
moh : y? u always avoiding functions. This time u have to come. That’s final.
vinega pleads finally prag accepts to come.

Today Is valentines day.

In that fine morning rag goes to her room after completing prepare breakfast. She opens the door. Room is fully dark.
Rag’s pov: who closed all windows……
Rag searches switch box but suddenly lights came, actually sanky opened the windows. Rag is in full surprise. The total room decorated by white rose. In mid of white rose there is heart design by red rose. Rose petals has snow in mid. Due to sun light snow glitters beautifully. (guys I now ur question y i mentioned white rose instead red bcos there is reason u’ll get this in next epi)
Someone hugged rag frm back. Ya its our sanky only. Rag turns towards san.
San: happy valentines day my princess.
Rag: I love u too my prince.
San comes closer to rag. Rag blush sanky…..what is this. U r dad for 2 babies.
San: so what ? my babies don’t have any objection. Actually they r praying to get romantic life partner like me………….
Rag: aa..haan….u r enough to spoil my child.
San: hey what r u talking on lovers day…..plz don’t forget that we r too love marriage…
Rag: hello Mr. Kishan who said our marriage is love marriage?
San looks somewhere like he don’t know anything.
San makes pout face. I’m disappointed on u. I made this all for u but u r not allowing me to give single kiss.
Rag murmurs he is really gone mad…..he is wasting time on blabbering. If he really wants kiss then he can na…idiot….
San: what did u say?
Rag: nothing.
San: I’m gone mad……he goes very closer to her n pins her into wall. I’m wasting time in blabbering?…..he pecks on her lips. She feels his deep love. (suno na sang song plays in bg) (kaadhal sadugudu from alaipayudey plays in bg)

She hugs him very tightly….sanky plz don’t leave me at anycost….. I cant live without u.
San: no my dear I wont leave u till my last breath. Water drops escapes from her eyes. She becomes very emotional.
San wipes her tear. Hey my sweet heart. Life has two taste. One is SALT & another is SWEET. Its OUR SALT & SWEET LOVE STORY. We already faced many salty incidents. We overcame that so it’s the time to sweet. He feeds her fav sweet which is he kept in near by table.

Scene shifts to swa’s home.

Swara is looking very dull.(evano oruvan song from alaipayudey plays in bg) (hamari adhuri kahani plays in bg) She is expecting someones call eagerly. Diya watches her from her room. (I told u na diya staying in swa’s house till exams end) at the same time lak sees swa in same condition. He feels very hard in his heart. Diya didn’t notice him. Lak went from there. He didn’t enter into home.
After sometime she gets call. We can see thousand wats bulb in her face. A wide smile came in her face. She lifted the call.
Swa: do u know how I missed u? cant u call me properly? On valentines day too r made me wait……
Caller: I love u my sweety.
Swa: don’t talk to me..am angry on u….
Caller: I love u my sweet heart…
Swa: I said i….before she completing her sentence he kissed.
Swa: u idiot…..
Caller: sry baby I made u wait a long…..
Swa: its ok my dear. This call is enough for me. When u will come to meet me? Really I missing u….
Caller: soon I’ll
Swa: all times u r saying this only…..its ok I love baby…
Caller: I love u too baby. He hanged the call.( thangame vairame song plays in bg) (saiyare song palys in bg)
She jumps in floor like kid. Just then lak enters the house. She ran n hugged him.
Swa: lak do u know after a long time he called me. Really I’m peak of the world. Still she is hugging him. Lak tries his best to act like he is happy for her.
Diya is in total confuse. Bcos she thought lak is her lover but someone else wishing her valentine. So many qns raises in her mind….she loves some other then who is lak? What is the connection btw them? (not only diya u also having same qns na? soon u will get answers for this qns)

Scene shifts to clg its evening time.

moh comes there in grey court suit. He is looking nyz.
Party started. Pragya comes there in pink colour netted saree. She looking awsm. Moh gets mesmerized to see her beauty.
vinega welcomes her. How is the decorations mam.
prag : ya nice. U all proved u r my students by giving beautiful decoration.
neha : vikram play the songs.
He plays the all love songs. Mohan gets prepare to propose. He holds a rose in his hand.

Anbe anbe song frm idhu kadhirvelan kadhal played.


When pragya hears this line water drops comes frm her eyes. But she manages.

(meaning of the line is, I cant sleep peacefully, when I heard that word “ love” i remembers u only. I cant enjoy the word without u)

ganesh : mam plz come on to stage.
prag : no way.
Neha : mam plz u don’t want to dance too. Just stand there idle. Plz.
Pragya goes to stage. Lights gone. We can only see shadows. A boy walks on stage. He has rose on his hand. He simply kneel downs by one leg n forwards the rose towards pragya in proposing manner.
The boy : will u marry me?
Pragya takes the flower frm his hand n hugs him. Light comes. Vinegar is hpy to see them. We can able to see only the boy’s back pose.
On the other side a rose falls frm one’s hand.
pragya realised the hug n break the hug. The boy’s face is shown. He is our handsome heart rob ABHI
pragya : Abhi….u? here ?how?
abhi : how many qns u will ask in at a time?
Mohan was broken. Ya the rose fallen frm his hand only.
Abhi : look this is valentines day party so plz don’t spoil others mood by ur stupid qns. Now this is dancing time


(spot light fixed on them. He forwards his hand)


(She gives her one hand n puts another hand in abhi’s shoulder. Abhi places his hand on her soft waist)


(they matches their steps then she spins around abhi. They ends the dance by madubala pose)

This is for tamilians


(spot light fixed on them. He forwards his hand)


(She gives her one hand n puts another hand in abhi’s shoulder. Abhi places his hand on her soft waist)


(they matches their steps then she spins around abhi. They ends the dance by madubala pose

Every1 claps.

@ clg gate.

Prag : vinega u 3 know abt his arrival?
vinega : no mam we just know him b4 one hour.
Alia comes there.
alia : bhaiya u came straightly here? What is this? U forgot me?
moh gets confused.
abhi : sry my dear choti. Ok lets go to home. Guys meet u all nxt time bye. Come dear.
Abhi , pragya n alia goes to mehra mansion.
Every1 welcomes him. Hugs him.

Screen freezes with happy face of mehra family.

Precap: Flash back of our all three leads.

Guys I know ragsan n swalak fans are in full angry on me bcos I didn’t gave u much scenes of them. Actually kkb fans missed their abhi a lot so I thought to dedicated this epi for them. They supported till now without their abhi. Really thnq soooooo much for ur continues support frnds plz support me like this. Really sry for mohan’s state. I cant give more importance to him but I wont leave him as this. Sure he will unite with megha for that stay tuned on. By urs loving AASTHA.

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