Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 5) (KKB, Swaragini)

Hi frnds this is AASTHA back with next episode of salt & sweet love story. Thnq soooo much for ur response. Plz keep supporting me like this. Rasha dear sry I’m unable to cmnt u in previous epi. Thnq soooo much 4 liking my ff. for some days I forgot to thank some important persons ya its silent readers thnq soooo much try to cmnt if u r able. I think I talked too much now lets go to the story.

Previous part

Recap: rag’s delivery , a boy talks cheaply towards swa. Moh is abt to propose prag.

Episode starts with laksh calls his frnd. He asks abt the details of that num. he says the location. He reaches there.

Lak sees there grp of boys standing, n asks abt the street name. they said this is that street. Then he asked who is Vishnu? One boy said I’m Vishnu. What do u want ? who r u ? y r u asking abt me? B4 he completes his questions lak punches on his nose.
All boys comes forward to help him but lak points his index finger in don’t dare manner. He continues his beating. That boy tries to protect himself but his efforts goes vain. Lak’s beating sound echo in bg.

While beating lak says how dare u to talk cheap words abt MY SWARA? He holds his collar n asks u didn’t born with sister? Ur mom also a woman na? again he continues beating. His frnds efforts goes vain infront of lak power. Diya watch this frm long.
Suddenly someone beats lak……….

Scene shifts to coffe shop.

moh is abt to propose suddenly pragya’s phone rings.
prag : excuse me. She lifts the call. Ohh sry dear I forgot. Wait I’ll join in 5 mins
prag : moh extremely sry now I want to go my sis is waiting for me. Bye
moh pov…..y god u always takes her away from me? One soft & sad music plays in bg.

Screen shifts to rag’s home.

San: mmmm…..what a smell?…….yammy…… dear I’m very hungry soon serve me.
Rag: ya….wait 2 mins.
San suj RP starts to eat, while rag serves to all.
RP: en pera pullangaluku enna per vakka poring? (what do u decided abt my grand children name)
Suj: I decided this already.
San: what maa?
Suj: swarna….n……vignesh…
San: maa…this is very old….(sry guys if anybody in this name)
Rag: ya maa meri bachoko asi naam pasand nai…..(these names r not nice to my children)
RP: appdina ni un pasangaluku name select panta…( then u selected names for ur children)
Rag gives a wide smile. San: hey u didn’t told me? Now say what is the name?
Rag: SARA and SARAN.
Suj: what is this sara bura…..
RP: hey u didn’t understand the reason behind this names? This the letters of their name. sa from san and ra from rag.
San looks at her lovingly.
Suj: now I accept that my daughter also has some brain. That’s also she is with me na? she have to…..
Rag: maa….she makes pout face.
RP: soon we will celebrate their name ceremony.

Screen shifts to road

Suddenly some one beats lak. Diya was dazed…… ya the beating person is diya’s bro. he don’t know y lak beating Vishnu.
Lak n diya’s bro karthick fights………how dare u to touch my frnd? Lak: do u know what he done?……
Diya n Vishnu both dazed. (diya told Vishnu to scold swa. His bro is very strict)
Lak told that what happened…but kar is not ready to believe in lak’s words.
Lak: if ur frnd didn’t done anything how I know his num n his name……kar was dumb. Accidently lak says swa is working in st. mary’s scl……then he sees diya who try to hide herself behind piller.
Kar: what did u said? St. mary’s scl? Hey …..diya come here…..she is in full nervous….hey Vishnu tell me what happened? Don’t try to save her…..he tells everything.
Kar is in peak of anger n slaps diya very hardly. N asks sry to lak.
Lak is little clam……its ok now but it happened again to MY SWARA….i wont leave…..he leaves from there.

Scene shifts to hostel

Ram : hey lak how was the coffee day? She accepted ur proposal?
moh : y r u adding fuel into fire?
Ram : y dude what happened?
moh : frm when she I’ll come to know I’m in love with her. I asked her coffee day b4 6 months now only she came at correct time her sis collapsed every thing.
Ram : don’t wry be positive.

@ diya’s home

Karthick drags her n scolds her. U don’t need to go scl……n locks her in room.
Diya mom: what happened?
Kar: she know na maa how poor we r? but still for her sake we r giving education to her….but she is not worth for it…….

Scene @ swa’s home.

Swa: hey where u went? U said hungry……
Lak: important work came so…..
Swa: r u trying to hide smthng?
Lak gives a fake smile….can I do that to u…….

One week passed.

After one week diya came to scl. Swa notice that she is not behaving closely like b4. In staff room swa asks to diya’s frnd…
Swa: what happened to diya? Y she seems like disturbed?
Frnds: we don’t know miss.
Swa: ok call her here. I’ll talk to her.
Diya comes there….swa asks what happened?
Diya: y ? u don’t know……ya I accept that I done mistake……..but ur LOVER is beated my bro’s frnd. Bcos of u only now my mom n bro treats me like criminal……
Swa: what r u saying I cant understand?…………..(swa don’t know abt that incident)
Diya leaves frm there n stays as puzzle.
Then swa gets call frm rag……
Rag: hi dear. Where r u?
Swa: I’m in scl only y?
Rag: actually me n san came to ur home to invite u & lak for our babies name ceremony.
Swa: hey y this formalities?
Rag: u r saying na its formality so we have to….
Swa: Its ok. Now u told na that’s enough. Sure tmrw me n lak will be there.

@ mehra mansion.

Sunaina: pragya beta…..what r u thinking?
Prag: nothing ma…I’m just happy that’s it.
Sun: happy? What is the reason?
Pra: my students got their place…..they proved they r not loosers…….they won champion ship in cultural.
Sun: this is very old news na……
Pra: haaan maa….now they proved their strength in ACADEMICS. All toppers frm my cls only….
Sun: wow beta…..such me yeah acchi bath. Tk nichey sub dining hall me wait karaye….

@ ni8 swa’s home

Swa is in deep thinking……..lak asks something but there is no response. He shakes her.
Swa: haan…..what?
Lak: what r u thinking……..
Swa: nothing just abt diya…..
Lak: y did she done anything again? (in angry tone)
Swa: wait a minute….1st of all how do u know diya…..what is the meaning of ur question? Without hiding plz tell me.
Lak tells everything. Swa gives stern look.
Lak: y r u looking me like this.
Swa: some days ago what u said? U cant hide anything from me? I think u r hiding some big thing that’s y its easy to hide.
Lak gets tensed…..y……no ….not like that my dear…..

Next day,

Lak: get raedy soon…..otherwise their function will be end.
Swa: hey idiot wait 2 mins….
Suj n RP wecomes prag n her family.
Pra hugs rag. N caress child face.
In road …actually that’s not a main road……there is no people.
A boy: hey dear…y r u dull?
Diya: everything bcos of that swara. I just hate her.
Boy: hey just cool. The boy holds her hand. Then he tries to kiss her. But she says b4 marriage don’t take advantage.
Swa says, lak stop the bike.
Lak: what happened?
Swa: I heard diya’s voice.
Lak: swa plz don’t take her name.
The boy tries to misbehave with diya. She shouts help. Swa rushed towards them n tries to help diya but the boy pushes her. She gets lite injure in head. Lak gets angry n beats the boy. The boy runs away. Diya cries n hugs swa.
Suj: mugurth time is getting over shall we start function.
Pra: maa u start….swa will be in traffic.
Function starts they named the children.

Another some days passed. Diya n swa bonding is good. Diya’s board exams r near so swa taught diya in swa’s home. Diya stays in swa’s home. Now its feb month,

vik : this time we want celebrate in big level.
prag : what celebration?
Neha: mam….valentines day celebration mam.

episode ends with smiling face of vinega.

Precap: valentines day celebration.

guys how is the epi? i hope now u understand my posting days. i’m posting wednesday then saturday and sunday.

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